New Roswell Podcast “Illegal Aliens”

The new Roswell Podcast “Illegal Aliens” is now available at iTunes, YouTube, and Google Play Podcasts. Please check it out!

Press Release

Ontario, Canada, May 2017 — Illegal Aliens, (, a podcast about the 1999 TV series Roswell, has just been released and is available to listeners for subscription at iTunes, YouTube, Google Play, and many popular pod-catcher apps using those platforms. Illegal Aliens recaps each Roswell episode in detail and features discussion looking for theme, metaphor, and good science fiction. It’s geared towards Roswell viewers from pre-teen to senior, long-time fan to first-time watcher.

The most recent episode covered the third episode of the first season, “Monsters”, with a very positive opinion, and discussed the implications of Sheriff Valenti trying to turn Maria into an informant against her alien classmates, and the thematic contrast of control through fear.

Podcast co-host Chris Kelworth said, “It’s been a blast crash-landing the show and diving back into a show that I love so much. I really hope that other Roswell lovers will enjoy coming along on our search for metaphor in the Alien Abyss.”

Co-host Claire said, “I’ve enjoyed getting to talk about and analyze Roswell so closely and hope our listeners will find points if interest in our discussion, whether they’re card carrying Roswellians already or new to the show.”

Fans of the podcast can contact Chris via email at or Twitter @alienscast to provide feedback and ideas for the podcast.

To listen to the podcast and read the Illegal Aliens blog, visit

About the Illegal Aliens Podcast

Based in Ontario, Canada, Illegal Aliens serves listeners interested in the Roswell TV show. Hosted by Chris and Claire, the podcast is released weekly on Mondays, and is available at iTunes, YouTube, Google Play, and popular pod-catcher apps using those platforms.