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An Update on Colin’s Documentary, “Nos Amis”

By • Oct 24th, 2017 • Category: Colin Hanks, Leading

UPDATE on Colin’s documentary, “Nos Amis,” (Our Friends) As previously reported, our own Colin Hanks directed a documentary to recount the events of the terrorist attack on November 13, 2015 at the Eagles of Death Metal concert in Paris, France. Including reflections from members of the band and survivors of the attack, Colin says that […]

Get On Board Roswellians – Let’s Talk About Ships

By • Oct 22nd, 2017 • Category: Lead Story, Roswell

With additions by Krista You say, “Dreamer, Candy, Stargazer, Lamptrimmer”… we say, “Roswellian!” Frequently, once you discover that a new friend also loves a television show close to your heart, among the first questions you’ll ask them is, “Which couple do you ship?” To the outside observer, this may sound strange. “Ship?” Well, perhaps we […]

Join The THUNDER! – You want Sci-Fi? Tell SYFY!

By • Oct 20th, 2017 • Category: Uncategorized

Let’s make it easy: please tell @SYFY that B+T is an original show with a unique idea, suitable for not only TV viewers who enjoyed Roswell in their teens/early adulthood, but also for supporters of shows with sci-fi elements, and even those who just love a good character driven show with a centralized love-hate relationship […]

TVFanatic’s Article Focuses On The Fandom’s Conflicted Feelings

By • Oct 19th, 2017 • Category: CWRoswellNM, Roswell

“Roswell: Do We Really NEED This Reboot?!?” is the headline of latest article on The CW’s new alien drama, which is currently in development. (Read more: The CW Develops Show Based On The “Roswell High” Books). TV critic Jasmine Blu is focusing on the fandom’s conflicted feelings of the ‘reboot’ and she makes some […]

Emilie de Ravin Is Taking A Stand Against Bullying

By • Oct 19th, 2017 • Category: Emilie de Ravin, Leading

It’s October 19th: Spirit Day. Emilie de Ravin is taking a stand against bullying in support of LGBTQ youth and shared “I’m against bullying! Take the #SpiritDay pledge and follow @glaad if you are, too! Wear purple with me!” She added later: “… wear something (anything! socks, hair tie!) purple now to stand against bullying. […]

You want Sci-Fi? Tell SYFY!

By • Oct 19th, 2017 • Category: Baron And Toluca

While much of the hype the last few days began with the news that a new series may be released based upon the ‘Roswell High’ book series, a great deal more attention and conversation centered around the original series based upon those books–‘ROSWELL’–and that found us once again discussing ‘Baron and Toluca!’ We can safely […]

Monsters – Roswell Real-Time Re-Watch (Oct. 20th at 5 PM)

By • Oct 18th, 2017 • Category: Roswell

On October 20th, 2017 we are going to watch and live tweet the third episode of Roswell during our Roswell Real-Time Re-Watch. You’re cordially invited! Watch the episode on that day whenever you’ve got time to or join us at 5 PM EDT and share your thoughts about the episode “Monsters”. We are going to […]