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“Roswell High” El Secreto – Book Release in Spain

The “Roswell High” book has been released in Spain. David told us via’s “Roswell, New Mexico” Facebook account Roswell Rewind back in January and he just bought the first book and shared some photos with us.

He wrote:

Hi there, greetings from Spain once again.

I’ve already purchased the spanish reedition of the first book (first edition here in Spain EVER), here you have some pictures. As you can see, it’s no longer a “Pocket Book” 😛

The copyright is owned, as you can see, by Gallery Books that, as far as I know, owns the original editor Pocket Books (both are divisions of Simon & Schuster)

Hope you have soon your own reedition on your country!

Thank you David!

Some more photos David shared with us:


Watch a little teaser clip here:

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