Season 1


#101 The Pilot – More Information »
Liz Parker is an average teenager, until one day she is shot during an altercation at The Crashdown café, – the restaurant Liz’s father owns in Roswell, New Mexico. A fellow classmate named Max Evans rushes to her side and miraculously saves her from death. Liz later learns that Max, along with his sister Isabel and their friend Michael Guerin, are not really from around here. To be exact, Max, Isabel and Michael are aliens, who are survivors of the 1947 UFO crash in Roswell, New Mexico. But, Max, Isabel and Micheal’s secret is not totally safe, as the local Sheriff, Jim Valenti is beginning to suspect something is amiss.

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The Morning After

#102 The Morning After – More Information »
Max and Liz are in love. But after this intensive connection, which developed from the healing of Liz, they have to accustom the situation. And there’s still Kyle, the son of the sheriff and Liz’s boyfriend of last summer… Michael is researching like blazes to find out about a further alien, who has been in Roswell in 1959. But actually they have to be more than careful, because the new guidance counselor is a little to much interested in Michael. Sheriff Valenti, who has personal reasons for the hunt of aliens, doesn’t like the intervention of the FBI into his determinations. Anyhow, Michael steals a key from Sheriff Valenti that might hold the secret to the aliens’ past.

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#103 Monsters – More Information »
Maria, the best friend of Liz, makes the new alien-are-amoung-us-knowledge rather nervous. Isabel is concerned and she has large fear that Maria could betray them. Therefore she walks into Marias dreams to find out. Then, the sheriff wants to talk to Maria. Will she reveal their secret to Sheriff Valenti? In the meantime the new teacher and guidance counselor, Kathleen Topolsky, asks the pupils after their career aspirations. Max starts working in the cities UFO Center. The owner is possesed about Aliens…

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Leaving Normal

#104 Leaving Normal – More Information »
Liz beloved grandmother comes to visit her son and his family in Roswell. After a heart attack she gets to hospitalise. Liz can’t help herself she pleas Max the heal her grandma. But Max wants to stay away from Liz – especial after the incident with Kyle’s friend which have beat him up – for fear of breaking his secret… but of cause, he can’t regard how much Liz suffers. Michael uses his alien powers to revenge Max.

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#105 Missing – More Information »
Liz gets into panic, when her journal disappeared without a trace. After all, she entrusted her journal everything about Max, Michael and Isabel and how Max used his alien power to save her life. Wrong accusations and suspicions are hurting feelings, but at the end a good friends brings Liz her diary back… Michaels recurring visions are getting more and more clear. Do they contain the answers about the forth Alien?

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258 South

#106 285 South (1) – More Information »
Michael believes, that he has discovered the place he sees in his versions. In order to find the mysterious geodesic dome, he steals the car of Maria and he kidnaps the girl involuntarily, thereby. Liz, Max and Isabel are going on a Michael & Marias chase. At the same time a team project work arranges some trouble at school, with Max and Kyle, Liz and Isabel and Maria and Michael in working-groups….

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River Dog

#107 River Dog (2) – More Information »
Someone broke into Max and Isabels home and stole all the documents they found in the dome. Only a necklace with a symbol, which they all seem to know, can be rescued. In order to find out what’s behind this symbol, they drive into the Mescalero Reservation. There, an old indian, named River Dog, gives them some information. The Sheriff finds a connection between a disappeared writer and an unidentifizierten body with an extraterrestial silver handprint on his cheast – while Michael and Maria continue their awkward flirtation attempts.

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Blood Brother

#108 Blood Brother – More Information »
Liz finds herself forced to decide between her love for Max and her friendship to Alex. The things are getting more complicated after Max gets entangled into a car accident and he and Liz are broght into hospital. Finally Max’s blood test must be exchanged with a human sample. Since they need a male sample Alex is the best candidate. They exchange the blood samples with success but Alex is hurt after Liz doesn’t want to tell him the truth about this action…

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Heat Wave

#109 Heat Wave – More Information »
It’s getting hot in Roswell! The relationship of Michael and Maria gets more closely and Isabel falls in love with Alex and Max and Liz are together, too. A party got out of control and Alex and Liz get arrested. Alex is still hurt because of Liz’s weird acting. He threats to tell the sheriff about the blood test. Finally, Alex learns the truth about Liz’s three new friends.

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The Balance

#110 The Balance – More Information »
Michael finds out that Max never told him about the trip with Liz into the Mescalero reservation. This makes him furious and he goes to meet River Dog by himself. After the attendance in River Dogs holy ritual, Michael finds himself in a frightening, hallucination condition. The friends are working together to find a way to rescue Michael.

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The Toyhouse

#111 The Toy House – More Information »
A fire breaks out in the kitchen of the Evans. Max is forced to use his power to save his mother. She gets suspicion and asks thronging questions, because she alreday noticed his special abilities before. Max is afraid that she finds out the secret and he turns to Isabel and Michael. It becomes still more complicated when Sheriff Valenti comes around and asks questions, as well. After the breakup with Max, Liz goes to Kyle. In the meantime Michael selects a quite strange way to thank Maria for saving his life.

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Into The Woods

#112 Into The Woods – More Information »
The Annual Roswell High Father Camping Trip takes place. Although Liz didn’t want to participate she finally agrees because of her farthers pleasant anticipation. And actually, the weekend proves as more exiting than expected! Liz and Maria are helping to find out what’s true about the recent rumours about an UFO sighting in the woods. Sheriff Valenti must decide between job and family, when he gets suspicon against Max and the others during this camping trip.

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The Convention

#113 The Convention – More Information »
The “10th annual UFO conventions” takes place in Roswell. It’s Max function to take care of the wishes of main guest Jonathan Frakes. At the same time he tries to keep out of a couple’s way, that had seen him the day in the crashdown, when he saved Liz. Sheriff Valenti has problems as well: Everett Hubbel, the man which had ruined his fathers life returned to Roswell to take revenge…

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Blind Date

#114 Blind Date – More Information »
Maria announces Liz to a Blind Date Competition at the local radio station. When Liz goes on a date with the ‘perfect’ man, Max and Kyle are getting drunk together. In the meantime, Alex and his band get the chance to play at the radio station party. On the search for a singer he finally contacts Maria. Michael persuades Isabel to help him sending the forth alien a signal.

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Independence Day

#115 Independence Day – More Information »
Michael has more and more problems with his insupportable foster dad. It comes to a violent argument between the two and Max and Isabel try to merge Michael into their family. Then Michaels care father suddenly disappers without a trace. Liz and Maria are shocked after finding out that the Sheriff and Maria’s mother Amy are spending time together.

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Sexual Healing

#116 Sexual Healing – More Information »
Max and Liz get finally together after lasting for weeks. While a passionated kiss, Liz has visions of star constellations which perhaps help Max to find out more about his origin. With each kiss Liz sees more form the aliens past. The others push them to find out more, but Max doesn’t want to use Liz. On the search for more answers to Liz versions they drive into the country site. There, they find a strange thing buried in the ground. The next morning they return to Roswell, where they have to face up to their angry parents.

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#117 Crazy – More Information »
Agent Toposky recognized hat the Aliens are in danger and she returns to Roswell, in order to warn them. But Max and the others do not trust her. Despaired she asks Sheriff Valenti to protect the young people. After that Ms. Topolsky gets kidnapped. In the meantime Isabel befriends with the new girl at school. Michael and Max are thinking rather distrustful abouth this friendship, since they fear that Tess could uncover their secret.

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Tess, Lies and Videotape

#118 Tess, Lies and Videotape – More Information »
Max has very active daydreams of Tess and himself. He feels strangely drawn to the new girl and Liz has to see them kissing. After a telephone call with a doctor in the psychiatric hospital, Sheriff Valenti recognizes that the young people could actually be in danger. In the hope to get the confidence of the kids he gives them the disappeard alien thing back. Michael finds a hidden camera in his appartement. They ask Liz to put it into Tess’s house. All are shocked, when they see that Tess is an Alien. Is she dangerous?

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Four Square

#119 Four Square – More Information »
The young people belief that Tess is the shapeshifter Nasedo and they are afraid that she’s a real threat of their safety. Michael and Isabel suddenly have strange dreams. They are having romantic dreaming of each other. Both try to not develop this feelings. Isabel reacts on Alex advances and Michael wants a stronger relationship with Maria. But nevertheless their dreams continue. Max finally talks to Tess and she reveals the secret of their origin.

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Max To The Max

#120 Max To The Max – More Information »
It seems, that the destiny of the Aliens has already fate a long time ago. Tess explains that Michael and Isabel and she and Max are supposted to be a couple. Nasedo, the shapeshifer, was their protector. In the meantime, Nasedo shapeshifts to Max and kidnapped Liz. His goul: to get Agent Pierce to betray himself. Full of fear about Liz, Alex and Maria are going to the Sheriff. On an amusement park they find Nasedo and Liz. There, the FBI traps Max….

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The White Room

#121 The White Room (1) – More Information »
After Max was imprisoned by Agent Pierce and the Special Unit, he finds himself locked in an empty white room. By cruel torture methods Pierce tries to elicit hits true identitiy. Isabel finds Max whereabouts by dreamwalking. Together with Michael and Tess, Isabel set out for rescue him. From fear about Max live, Liz Maria and Alex decide to say Sheriff Valenti the truth and to ask him for assistance.

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#122 Destiny (2) – More Information »
The Sheriff is shocked, when it finds out that not only – as he had so far assumed – Max a Alien is, but also Michael, Isabel and Tess. After they could arrest and finally kill Agent Pierce, the Alien Nasedo shapeshifts to the Pierces body in order to be able to better protect them. With the help of the Communicators the aliens get in contact to Max’ and Isabels’ real mother. She tells them about their destiny. Liz heart breaks, when she must hear that there’s no place for her, because it’s Tess who belongs to Max. Liz cries and runs away…

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