Roswell Turns Twenty

Happy Anniversary! We are looking for your stories, photographs, memories, dedications, thank-yous, you name it or can think it up, we want it! On October 6th, 2019 we kicked-off the 20th Anniversary of “Roswell”, but we want to go down memory lane with major special features and not just on that particular day. We don’t want anyone to miss to share your memories. Crashdown Wants Your Memories!

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Premiere Dates

USA: October 6, 1999 (The WB)
France: January 28, 2000 ( Série Club)
Germany: October 7, 2000 (Sci-Fi Fantasy, Pay-TV), February 3, 2001 (Pro7, Free-TV)
Italy: September 20, 2000 (Rai 2)
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Roswell – In Its Original Form

All about the music. You will surely agree that the music on The WB/UPN’s ROSWELL is special and truly an uncredited leading character of the show. Please join Leonard and discover in depth information on the changed music and the way ROSWELL was meant to be. This article was pre-released in July 2019.

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Happy 20th Anniversary, Roswell!!!

Here at we are having an out of this world time hearing the stories of how ‘Roswell’ has impacted your lives. (We’d love to hear more so please continue to share with us: Crashdown Wants Your Memories) In honor of the Pilot episode airing this week, we thought we would share one of our favorite stories.
One of our favorite stories was sent to us from our fellow Roswellian, Erin, who shared with us not only of her love for the show and characters, but also how that mutual love forged a friendship that has now spanned over twenty years! In honor of the 20th anniversary of the airing of the ‘Pilot’ episode of ‘Roswell,’ the story through which our fandom began, we invite you to read how Erin’s friendship began–and grew just as fervently as our mutual love for all things ‘Roswell!’ Click “Read more” to read Erin’s story

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Interview With Nova Sparks

“Sci-fi has always been in my life and I’ve always been in love with it.“ told Nova Sparks to in an interview. It looks like writing in the sci-fi genre was something that suggested itself for the independent author. She is currently finishing her book trilogy and was happy to discuss her books with us. And of course we talked about our mutual love of ‘Roswell’! But what other shows did we discuss, and why did she put salt in her yogurt? For these questions and more, please check out our interview with Nova.

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