Film Location

Written by Lena

Vasquez Rocks is a 745 acre (3 km2) Los Angeles County Park. The Natural Area Park is located in Agua Dulce midway between Santa Clarita and Palmdale.

The rock formations have been used a lot in the series. The pod chamber as well as the Granilith are located in a cave which location shots were made in this ara.

The Natural Area Park offers its visitors activities like hiking, climbing as well as room for picnics and camping.

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The picture on the right shows Adam Rodriguez and Nick Wechsler on the rockformation at the finale shooting of “Graduation”.

This photo is shown on Crashdown by special/exclusive arrangement with the photographer Christina Radish and may not be copied or reproduced elsewhere for any Roswell, or non-Roswell related usage.

More pictures of the “Graduation” set visit in March, 2002 can be found in the gallery.


Written by Curly (additions by Lena)

Covina can be found approx. 20 miles beyond LA – the City of Angels and the rich and beautiful. But as beyond as it sounds it is not that far away at all. It is so close to Los Angeles that it smoothly could be a district.

The town is located at the north side of Los Angeles near the San Gabriels Mountains. The inhabitant are said to be very loving to the constantly visiting fans. Some of them are even set to chat a little bit with them and they enjoy to watch the shooting as much as the fans did.

The city was built up on a terrain of 2000 ha, which was bought by the Hollenbeck holdings 1882 and J.S. Phillips. The town Covina got the name by a young engineer called Frederick Eaton, who worked for Phillips and had the order to research the terrain.

Taken by the valley of the San Gabriels Mountains and the natural cove around the vineyards, which were constructed by the first residents of this region, Eaton connected the words (cove) and (vine) to Covina.

Once, Covina was the center of the “Southern California Citrus Belt” and for more than 50 years the cultivation of oranges and lemons was the main source of the city.

Scenes were taken in the downtown area on North Citrus Avenue as well as City Hall, Charter Oak High School and several other businesses and residences.

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