Meanwhile, while we know we can’t make all you Roswell fans completely happy, we’re continuing to provide you with a venue to speculate on the fate of Max, Liz, et al.: Want to talk about how much you hate us? That’s okay too — just keep it clean :- )

And we want to be sure you see all the Roswell stuff our dedicated web team has put together for you over the past two seasons while you still can. For instance, did you realize that there’s an exhaustive guide to Season 1, including lengthy episode guides, episode photos and video commentary from Jason Katims, at

Once you’ve committed that to memory, take a look at Season 2 — everything our Season 1 primer had, plus additional commentary from actors including Shiri Appleby and William Sadler. It’s at

And if you haven’t seen all of the unique Roswell site yet, now’s the time. It features really unusual material created especially for by the writers and producers of Roswell. There are interviews with the actors in character, some very interesting documentation about the aliens’ enemies and allies, prom photos and memories, and lots more to entertain and engage you. Putting it together was a labor of love for us, and we want to be sure the fans who really care explore every last pixel. Go check it all out at