20 Things You Never Knew about Roswell

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From Twist Magazine: January 2000

20 Things you Never knew about Roswell
Heard About Roswell?

If you haven’t been watching Roswell, you must be living on another planet! Why? Cause it’s awesome! And we know after you read this, you’ll be an even bigger fan.

by Kristen Shaw

1. It’s not deja vu! if you’ve heard of Roswell before, maybe you’ve seen the book series Roswell High. The TV show is based on it.

2. Roswell was supposed to air on Fox. But then Fox wanted to change the whole show to be soap-opera-y like 90210. The Roswell peeps said “no way” and went with the WB instead.

3. Shiri Appleby, who plays Liz, is no alien to TV stardom. She played Teri Hatcher’s daughter on the TV sitcom Sunday Dinner, and had a recurring roll on Xena: Warrior Princess.

4. Shiri’s super smart (for a human, that is) She takes classes at the University of Southern California while filming Roswell. (She’s an English Major)

5. On the show, the teen aliens have a way-weird diet. They dip cookie in wasabi mustard and put Tabasco sauce in their Cokes.

6. But Brendan Fehr, who plays the alien Michael, says he can handle the Tabasco. “Instead of spankings, my mom would make us stick our tongues out and pour Tabasco on them.

7. Brendan broke into the biz after he dropped by a modeling agency to ask for work- they told him to try acting instead. One week later, he got a guest role on the series Breaker High.

8. Before Roswell, Brendan wanted to be a teacher. But his mom encouraged him to put off college and go after his dream of becoming a star.

9. When Majandra Delfino- the chick who plays Maria- was 15, her ‘rents told her she had six months to get an acting job, or she would have to totally concentrate on school. Luckily, she landed roles right away.

10. Majandra was in a band called China Doll, with Samantha Gibb, the daughter of Bee Gee Maurice Gibb.

11. He’s being low-key about it, but Colin Hanks- the guy who plays Alex- is Tom Hanks’ real life son.

12. Colin says he doesn’t know if he wants mega-stardom like his dad’s because he wouldn’t want to go through everything his dad does.

13. Jason Behr, you know, the hottie Max, may look familiar. That’s because he played Chris, a friend of poor ill-fated Abby’s, on Dawson’s Creek.

14. Jason says he skipped out on Dawson’s because he was unsure where his character was going. But the sky’s the limit on Roswell. After all, his character Max is from outer space.

15. Before landing the Dawson’s gig, Jason ruled the tube with roles on Buffy, 7th Heaven, Cracker, and step by step.

16. Jason says he felt a little, well, alienated in high school because his voice sounded like a girl’s.

17. Katherine Heigl (Isabel) modeled for the Sears Catalogs, which she says was demanding, and after doing a few TV commercials, she decided she liked acting tons better.

18. As a teen, Katherine was an expert TP-er. She would buy 48 rolls of toilet paper and then attack a neighborhood house with her friends.

19. Talk about zero gravity- Katherines big bro. used to hang her over the staircase banister by her feet.

20. Roswell rumor: Isabel, Max, and Michael are gonna be spending time looking for a fourth alien- the one who may hold the secret to the gang’s cosmic past!


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