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HUGE Cut Scene from “Monsters”

As we make our way through this period of reruns, here are some cut scenes for your reading pleasure. Some help clarify plot points. Some are just cute. These are scenes that were in the final shooting script, but never aired. Whether or not they were ever filmed is unclear.

Right now, these are exclusive to “Crashdown”. If you see these someplace else, please let me know. If you’d like to use these on your own site, CONTACT ME first.

This is the scene where Liz is preparing Maria for her meeting with Valenti, but in the shooting script the scene started earlier, and went on much longer. The part that aired is in yellow [blue], the cut sections are in white. Check out Liz’s meltdown, and more on the colored charts! And it has a great last line.


              Liz prepares a glass of Alka-Seltzer for Maria who looks
              about twelve years old in the conservative clothes
              and hairstyle that Liz has made her wear. No make-up either.

                        Okay, one more time.

                        I feel like a nauseated nun.

              She drains the glass.

                        Exactly the image we want to portray.

              Liz hands her some papers.

                        What's this?

                        Your script. I thought you might need
                        some help with the questions Valenti
                        might ask you.

                        How about, "Is your best friend a couple
                        sandwiches short of a picnic?"

                        Please, just stick to the story we came
                        up with the night of the Crash Festival,
                        and I know you'll get through this.
                        You got tapped by that car, blacked out
                        and didn't see a thing that happened
                        after. Now let's pretend I'm Valenti.

                        What did you see in the parking lot that

                        Nothing, just headlights.

              She burps, hands the glass back to Liz.

                        Perfect. And how did that handprint get
                        on you?

                        I don't know, I was unconscious.


                        Wrong. This is ludicrous. The sheriff's
                        smart, Liz. He's going to find out the
                        And maybe that wouldn't be so bad.
                        He's Kyle's dad. He said he was here
                        to protect us.

                        Do you really think we need protection
                        from Max and Isabel and Michael?

                        (serious now)
                        Yes. Maybe. I don't know. . . I just
                        wish you'd stop trying to control the way
                        I feel. I'm not you, Liz.
                        I have to do what I think is right.

              Off Liz as she suddenly realizes that Maria might tell
              Valenti everything.

                                    MARIA (cont'd)
                        I have to go.

              Maria stops at the schedule board on her way out and erases
              her name.

                        What are you doing?

              She writes her name in another slot, changing things around.

                        Patty and I switches shifts in case I end up
                        in prison for the rest of my life.

              Liz grabs the pen and eraser from her, a little more upset
              than she ought to be.

                        The schedule is here to keep things under
                        control. If people just go around
                        changing the schedule whenever they feel
                        like it, then we've lost control.
                        (she starts erasing)
                        I mean, we might as well all go through
                        life blindly, never knowing what's going
                        to come next, just waiting to have the
                        rug pulled out from under us any second.
                        One minute, everything's fine and the
                        next minute, I've put everyone I care
                        about in danger and I can't do anything
                        to help them and their whole lives could
                        just disappear, just like that, because
                        I couldn't keep everything under control!

              She looks at the empty board, realizing what she's just done.
              Maria is suddenly calm after watching her friend lose it.

                        You're just as scared as I am, aren't

              Liz finally realizes it herself.

                        You're my best friend, Maria. And look
                        what I've done to you.
                        You're right. I can't control what you do.
                        But if I thought for one second that Isabel
                        or Michael or even Max could hurt you, I
                        would march into Valenti's office myself
                        and turn them in.
                        They're not monsters, Maria. They're kids.
                        And they're just as scared as we are.

              Off Maria, the decision before her.