Cut scene from “Leaving Normal” – Michael’s powers

As we make our way through this period of reruns, here are some cut scenes for your reading pleasure. Some help clarify plot points. Some are just cute. These are scenes that were in the final shooting script, but never aired. Whether or not they were ever filmed is unclear.

Right now, these are exclusive to “Crashdown”. If you see these someplace else, please let me know. If you’d like to use these on your own site, CONTACT ME first.

There has been a lot of questions about why Michael seems to have less of a grasp of his powers than Isabel or Max. This doesn’t answer that question, but it does give some more insight.

Everthing in black is what was seen when the episode aired, everything bold was cut.

	Max enters. Frustrated, he smashes his hand into the side of
	the stall, and the stall collapses. After a moment, a toilet
	flushes and Michael emergers from the collapsed stall. Looks
	at Max. 

		Ghandi feeling frustrated?

		Shut up.

		Let me guess. You're in love with a girl
		and she's with another guy.

	Max looks at him, and says nothing.

				MICHAEL (cont'd)
		I'm glad we had this chance to talk.

		You realize you're really annoying,

		Max, something's happening to me. Check
		this out.

	Michael takes an abandoned cup of coffee that's sitting on
	the windowsill. He puts his hand over it.

				MICHAEL (cont'd)
		Those guys beating the hell out of you
		got me angry, and suddenly I'm able to do
		all this stuff I never could do before. 
		It's like I'm you or something.
	Michael turns the cup over. First dry ground coffee comes
	out. Then sugar. Then he pours the rest out -- water. 

				MICHAEL (cont'd)
		I can separate things.

	Max looks at what Michael just did, amazed. . .

		You're getting good, grasshopper.

		I've got something else that's gonna
		cheer you up.

						 		CUT TO: