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Roswell – The Behr Necessities

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ROSWELL: The Behr Necessities
An interview with TV`s alienated teen Jason Behr.
Author: Edward Gross
Date: 4/10/00

In the midst of all the press generated by a shift to Monday nights (beginning tonight) from Wednesday, plus the tabasco-mailing campaign to save the show, actor Jason Behr, who plays alien high school student Max Evans on the WB�s ROSWELL, admits he is stunned by the sheer number of websites devoted to the show in general and to him in particular. “I think it�s a reflection of the hard work and dedication that everybody puts into the show,” he says. “The Internet reaction is very flattering. It�s not something you expect going into it, but the thing you have to remember is that the fans don�t have to do it; they don�t have to invest their time and energy to create these websites. But they do it because they�re passionate about the show. It�s very flattering and something that�s very appreciated.”


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