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This comes from UTV…

Shows On The Brink
Tue, Apr 18, 2000 01:45 PM PDT

The numbers are rolling in and they aren’t good. Ratings for “Jack & Jill,” “Popular” and “Get Real” are down. “Freaks and Geeks” has been yanked by NBC. “Felicity” and “Roswell” recently swapped timeslots, but their ratings have shown little improvement.

Which doesn’t mean the shows aren’t good. But The WB may choose to drop at least one of its dramas to make room for new series; FOX may get rid of “Get Real;” and although the Peacock has not officially cancelled “Freaks and Geeks,” chances are slim that the dramedy will return on NBC.

Here’s your chance to vote on the show you most want to see continue on TV. UltimateTV will tally the results and forward your responses to network executives.

Right now, Freaks and Geeks Is Ahead In The Poll followed by Felicity..