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UPDATE: Save Roswell campaign

In an update to a previous story, those at the Save Roswell camp have
issued a change in strategy: don’t go after the network, go after the

Though in a recent press conference, WB network CEO Jamie Kellner admitted
the immense impact of this year’s Tabasco Save Roswell campaign, the group
organizers are going a different route for the second round of attack.

One of the group’s organizers, told that the network
informed them that they should at least wait until the season was in
progress before inundating their mailboxes. Therefore, their present goal
is to raise awareness and eventually ratings by spreading the word out to
the media. Presently, the new “Silver Handprint” campaign is directed
towards TV Guide and People Magazine.

To get more information on what you can do, go to the Save Roswell page!
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