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Jason’s Florida Interview

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Jason in South Florida

Jason Behr visited South Florida 7/2-7/5/00. He was invited by WB affiliate station WB39 WBZL to make an appearance at “4th Along the Coast,” a beach party in Fort Lauderdale to celebrate Independence Day. Jason was dressed casually in khakis, a tee, and ball cap. A fan who saw him at the event later commented on the message board “Jason, you looked really hot…you are extemely easy on the eyes!” While at the beach event, Jason greeted 39 fans who won a “call-in-to-win” contest for a special VIP meeting and autograph session. There were MANY MORE who came by to catch a glimpse of Jason. He was very gracious to all his fans, braving the hot sun to sign autographs and pose for photos with all fans who were waiting for a chance to meet him. The crowd around Jason’s VIP tent grew so large, it prompted a news helicopter to buzz overhead to investigate the scene! Jason made a twilight appearance on the beach stage to enthusiastic fans who greeted him with some very artistic signs saying “WE LOVE YOU JASON,” and offered his favorite donuts. Jason introduced the local band, Aztec Satellite.

A trendy art deco South Beach hotel, known internationally by celebrities, supermodels, and “Hollywood types” was Jason’s home during his visit. Although he was kept busy with three different radio interviews, and several interviews with magazine and newspaper journalists, Jason did have some time for lunch on Lincoln Road (where we interviewed him) and for partying at the hottest South Beach clubs at night. Although he’s a star, Jason is a typical Midwestern “nice” guy, very easygoing, and friendly.

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