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Which Easter Eggs Are In The B+T Promo?

Netflix or BUSTYou might have watched the B+T promo more than a billion times by now and speaking along the words, right?

So, which Roswell easter eggs did you spot in the promo? Besides the Jetta and the 285 South sign? There were many in it and they came in such a funny and natural way that we just can’t wait this show to get picked-up. (Note: The promo release doesn’t mean that the show has been picked up. Majandra and Brendan need the help of the fans & dans to make it into a reality. Check and our social media pages for the latest news!)

Let’s go through the 5 minutes of candy-joy together and decode some easter eggs! Be sure to have watched the promo before you read on.

Do you think we missed something? Yes, we probably did. Tell us in the comments below or contact us on social media.

Roswell references

Roswell Easter Egg
1:13 min – Baron passes a street sign that says 285 South, which happens to be the ultimate Roswell episode for all the Candy shippers, where Maria and Michael are on the road.

Roswell Easter Egg

1:33 min – In Roswell Michael sat down on the side of a road before he was picked up by a truck driver in “Independence Day”. Poor Baron is sitting in the desert heat waiting for a ride.

Roswell Easter Egg

1:41 min – First appearance of The Jetta. On Roswell, Maria’s mom owned a VW Jetta, which was driven by Maria (or Michael sometimes) through all three seasons of Roswell.

Roswell Easter Egg

2:10 min – Toluca asks Baron what he’s listening to. Baron’s answer: Metallica. Brendan Fehr himself is a huge fan of Metallica and so is his Roswell alter ego Michael Guerin. Remember when Max messed up the order of the albums?

Roswell Easter Egg

2:10 min – Toluca Mendez wears a necklace with the name that says “Maria”. That could be her best friend, mother, sister … or even her middle name. Majandra’s Roswell character Maria wore a name necklace in several episodes.

Roswell Easter Egg

3:00 min – Familiar Candy-Fight-Feeling. Baron: “Never fails, just talk, talk, talk.” In the 285 South episode Maria calls Liz secretly on her cell phone and she starts talking to expose where she is when Michael asks her: “Do you always talk this much?” (Liz: Was that Michael? Maria: Liz says I talk a lot when i’m nervous. Very nervous.)

Roswell Easter Egg

3:14 min – Toluca: Not if you were the last [____] on Earth. (The subtitles in the promo on say “Man”.) On Roswell, Michael teased Maria in the hotel room and her answer was “Not if you were the last alien on Earth.”

Roswell Easter Egg

4:44 min – When Toluca locks the car doors again, Baron asks her “Wait are you kidnapping me?” and Toluca answers playfully “No, I am abducting you.” and laughs. In Roswell Maria’s line is: “Oh, my God. You’re kidnapping me. No, wait, you’re abducting me!” (285 South)

The spicy love-hate relationship – that we loved about the Candy couple – has been transformed in a marvelous way to B+T, as well. Not just the Candy Shippers will enjoy this hunt after references and according to Majandra the series is “going to be chock-full of Easter eggs. She told EW, “We’re going to get away with so many Easter eggs that it’s questionably illegal.”

We also love that Majandra and Brendan already have some casting ideas. Majandra who wrote the script and Brendan who directed the B+T promo don’t want to make promises … but: “Ideally, every episode will have someone doing something that’s very appropriate to who they were on Roswell. For the fans, and for Brendan and I personally, there’s going to be a lot of those nuggets.”, Majandra said in the interview which featured an exclusive first look at the B+T promo.

Brendan explained, “It’s fun for us because we’re like — what can we fit in here that’s really obscure that people will love?” and his hopefully soon-to-be-on-screen partner in crime Majandra revealed “Yeah, it’s our favorite thing. That’s what inspired the whole thing to begin with. It’s like a love letter to our fans, and I want to get that letter right.”

This 5 minutes already are a great love letter to the fans and they both enjoy the game obviously. We hope to get to see those two actors together on our TV screen very soon … and surprise appearances by familar actors in front or behind the camera would just be the honey on top.

When we were asked if the fish flask has any significance, we just can say “Maybe?”. The flask could be a metaphor for Baron stranded in the desert like a fish being thankful that Toluca picks him up because ‘hello air con’. (Yes, now you might have a scene from “Monsters” in mind and in minute 4:51 min Toluca says “Don’t touch the radio.” Sounds familiar?) We also heard the theory that the flask looked similar to a rocket during watching it for the first time. (Or he is drinking Snapple with some Tabasco in it as we read in discussions on Twitter already … We can’t wait to hear theories about that. Or could it just be an accessory, only?

Read the full interview here: Here’s your first look at Baron and Toluca, a Roswell-inspired sci-fi series
Watch the promo:

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  • Sue-Ann

    If you read Baron’s shirt, it says ” Stay Enchanted — New Mexico”. New Mexico’s state motto is Land of Enchantment. I’m one of the final scenes of the series finale Graduation, we see the license plate to the VW bus they’re driving away was originally a New Mexico plate with the motto. There’s also a sticker about Roswell next to it.

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