ROSWELL 15th Anniversary Reunion Panel at ATX Festival

Jason Katims, Brendan Fehr, Nick Wechsler and Shiri Appleby are confirmed to attend the Roswell Reunion Panel at the third Austin Television Festival this June. The ATX Television Festival begins on June 5th, 2014 in Austin, Texas. Please visit the official website and social media handels for more information: www.atxfestival.com www.facebook.com/ATXFestival www.twitter.com/ATXFestival ROSWELL 15th Anniversary […]


“Fargo” Premiere – Aw Jeez, Here We Go Again‎»

“Fargo” premieres tonight, April 15th at 10 PM on FX in the states and on FXCanda. The 10 episode limited series is inspired by the movie “Fargo” and features an all-new “true crime” story and follows a new case and new characters. Billy Bob Thornton, Martin Freeman, Bob Odenkirk, Joey King, Allison Tolman, Susan Park, […]

“Reckless” – First Look & Social Media»

“Reckless” premieres Sunday, June 29 at 9/8c on CBS. The new show centers on Jamie (Anna Wood) a gorgeous Yankee litigator, and Roy a Southern City Attorney (Cam Gigandet), who struggle to hide their intense attraction while clashing over a police sex scandal. Adam Rodriguez plays Preston a well-respected police detective. The cast also includes […]

About A Boy/Parenthood Crossover»

In tonight’s episode of “About A Boy” Will throws a poker night for his friends. Dax Shepard from “Parenthood” is guest starring in the seventh episode of Jason Katims’ new show, which is based on the Nick Hornby novel with the same name. ABOUT A BOY “ABOUT A POKER NIGHT” 04/08/2014 (09:01PM – 09:31PM): FIONA […]

Blast From The Past – IN TOUCH Magazine»

Thanks to Meredith for the heads up! 2014 marks the 15th Anniversary of Roswell (on October 6th). The latest issue of IN TOUCH magazine features one page about “Roswell” plus some information* about the main cast are given. BLAST from the PAST! Roswell The hit supernatural teen drama premiered 15 years ago [...] IN TOUCH, […]