15 Years Of Roswell – What Fans Say – Heather

Heather: “Where to even start about Roswell… It’s been the only tv series I was OBSESSED with. My friends would always tell me that I’m the biggest fan! I even made a YouTube… Yes you heard that right a YouTube video on the show Roswell! (Here’s the link) and for one year for Halloween I […]


Live Facebook Q&A with Katherine Heigl»

Last week, Katherine Heigl announced that she will be doing a Facebook Q & A very soon. The details are now available on her official website. Get your questions ready! The Q & A session with Katherine gets underway from 5.00 pm EST on Saturday, November 1st. From www.kheigl.com: Monday, October 27, 2014 / 8:39 […]

15 Years Of Roswell – What Fans Say – Jyl»

Jyl: “I’ve been a huge fan since the beginning. I’ve also gotten my step daughter hooked. We both can’t believe it only lasted 3 seasons. The show premiered after my divorce and was there as a comforting friend every week. The love story has been imitated in Twilight and Vampire Diaries. Love knows no boundaries! […]

Peoples Choice Awards 2015 – Pick The Official Nominees»

Peoples Choice Awards 2015 is coming. Vote now to pick the official nominees. You can vote for up to five nominees! Starting on November 4th, winners can be selected. You can vote for Revenge (Nick Wechsler), The Night Shift (Brendan Fehr) and Parenthood (Jason Katims) in the “Favorite Network TV Drama” category. Once Upon a […]

Countdown To “The End of The World”»

Future Max came from 2014… what would you do to prevent the End of the World? Join us and post your ideas for the #CountdownToTEOTW! 10. Prevent Alex from going to “Sweden” 09. Prevention idea #9: Give Tess a chair before she demands it herself. 08. Save Zan (the dupe). 07. Take out the Skins […]