Holiday Movies With The Cast – 2017

Get in the Holiday spirit by watching some of these movies with the ‪”‎Roswell‬” cast. Yes, the countdown to Christmas has started. the former Roswell cast starred in several holiday movies that will definitely get you into the spirit of the season. For all of you, who prefer a scary horror christmas flick. There are […]


SYFY for B+T!

Watch the teaser, enjoy the promo, and afterwards, it's your turn to express your desire to see that alien green light for this show to be made! Tag @SYFY and add #SYFYforBandT to posts & tweets. Read more: You want Sci-Fi? Tell SYFY!

About B+T

Roswell Real-Time Re-watch

Starting time: 5 PM EDT

Re-watch Schedule

The Pilot – #Silverhandprint
The Morning After – #WhoIsCzechoslovakian
Monsters – #BehindTheTree
Leaving Normal – Oct 27 – #AlienBlast
Missing – Nov 3 – #AmongUs
285 South – Nov 10 – #YoureAbductingMe
River Dog – Nov 17 – #DietaryQuirk
Blood Brother – Nov 24 - #HeardYouSavedMrEd
Heat Wave – Dec 1 - #oldsoapfactory
The Balance – Dec 15 - #IamTeflonBabe

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Watch “The Ugly Christmas Sweater” On Lifetime.com»

Brendan Fehr’s TV directorial debut aired yesterday on Lifetime. If you missed the premiere … or you want to watch it again, please head on over to Lifetime.com and watch the short online. (Subscribers only via TV provider). “The Ugly Christmas Sweater” is available until January 7th, 2018. You can also watch it on Lifetime […]

You want Sci-Fi? Tell SYFY!»

While much of the hype the last few days began with the news that a new series may be released based upon the ‘Roswell High’ book series, a great deal more attention and conversation centered around the original series based upon those books–‘ROSWELL’–and that found us once again discussing ‘Baron and Toluca!’ We can safely […]

“Friday Night Lights” Expires on Netflix US»

“Friday Night Lights”: Seasons 1 – 5 will expire on Netflix US. Whats On Netflix.com lists many more fan favorites in their article Titles Leaving Netflix in October 2017, as well but this doesn’t necessarily mean that this Jason Katims show will be removed from the streaming service on October 1st. Whats-on-netflix.com writes: Just because […]

Watch “Heat Wave” With Us! – Dec. 1st»

Our next episode in the #RoswellRealTimeRewatch is, “Heat Wave,” which aired on December 1, 1999. Use the hashtag #oldsoapfactory in your tweets and posts on social media and join us beginning at 5 PM EDT! For those of you also joining us on Twitter, please tag @crashdowncom and @theGranilith so that we may RT you […]