15 Years Of Roswell – What Fans Say – Ashley

Ashley: “I was hooked to Roswell the moment I watched the preview for the pilot. In those days I would have cheer practice at the time that the show was on so I had to record them on my VHS player. Yes a VHS. I remember coming home and making a ramen noodle soup and […]


“State of Affairs” Premieres Tomorrow – Nov. 17th»

Katherine Heigl is pretty busy promoting her new TV show “State of Affairs”. She visited the “Today Show”, “Kathie Lee and Hoda” the “Sirus XM” radio station and some more talk shows. Please head on over to www.kheigl.com and check out some clips and photos from her guest appearances: Weekend Today Interview – A Normal […]

15 Years Later: Where Is The Pod Squad Today?»

I do know that I am not the only Roswellian that has ever wondered where the Pod Squad is today, or where they have been all these years, after they left their hometown Roswell in that small van. I know they were books written after the show was over and I respect them, but I […]

Parenthood – Only Six Episodes Left…»

Only six episodes left… “Creator Jason Katims touched on if the 100th episode will contain some milestone moments, saying, “The 100th episode is even more realistic. It’s an usual episode. It deals with [...]“ Read more: The Cast of ‘Parenthood’ Reveals Their Dream Endings and What to Expect In the ‘Cathartic’ Finale “Parenthood” airs on […]

Crashdown.com: What Fans Say»

The wonderful comments by Roswell fans inspired us to continue with celebrating the show’s 15th year anniversary. Please see a collection of all “What Fans Say” posts on this page: Why Is Roswell So Special… New posts will be released every Monday and Friday. You’ve got the chance to join us and submit your own […]