Roswell Goes Comic – Interview With Velm

Just nine minutes after we shared our article Roswell Looks Amazing in Velm’s Comic Style, William Sadler reacted to the tweet which featured Velm’s digital painting of the cast in front of the Crashdown Café – but transformed to their comic-selfs. His comment about Velm’s creative interpretation: “Very cool.” In addition, the authors of the […]


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In The Bustle Booth At Sundance With Majandra Delfino»

Bustle caught up with one of the stars of “Band Aid”, Majandra Delfino at the 2017 Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah for the Bustle Booth On Location. Check out the Sundance Edition here: In The Bustle Booth At Sundance With Majandra Delfino Read What Happens When An All-Female Crew Makes A Movie? ‘Band […]

Mission C.I.N.D.Y. For B+T»

“Candies Implore Netflix (to) Descry (their) Yearnings” for B+T We have heard of the movie, “Mission Impossible,” how every type of mission was carried out with acute precision by the person who was assigned to carry it out. They always used clever tactics to successfully complete the mission. Some missions were somewhat easy; not as […]

Happy Belated Birthday to Gretchen J. Berg»

Happy belated birthday to Gretchen J. Berg! The writer celebrated her birthday on February 8th. In case you missed it, the former Roswell writer is currently working on the next chapter of a pretty cool sci-fi-ish project. Berg and her writing partner Aaron Harberts serve as showrunners on CBS’ “Star Trek: Discovery”. The show was […]

Netflix Confirms Not An April Fool’s Joke»

Netflix says farewell to Sci-Fi. If you just started your Roswell rewatch you need to hurry and finish all three seasons this March, because Roswell will definitely leave Netflix! We learned on March 6th, that our favorite show is set to expire on April 1st along with The WB shows Buffy The Vampire Slayer and […]