Crashdown Exclusive

A Day on the Set was on the Roswell set during the final day of filming on location for the Season Finale, “Graduation”. The features below are nearly spoiler free, but the text of the feature story does give the names of three of the scenes that were filmed.

Writer/producer Garrett Lerner, and the winner of the ebay auctioned set visit were also on the set that day. The winner, who is also a member of the FanForum/Crashdown community has written about his experiences. There are no direct spoilers in that feature, but it also has information about the final episode of the season.

Roswell: The final day on location

A story about the final day of filming for Roswell’s season finale “Graduation”. NetRanger, site administrator, and Christina Radish, staff photographer, visited the set at Vasquez Rocks, and interviewed Jason Katims and several cast members and production staff.

An Interview with Jason Katims

The complete transcript of the Katims interview. He discusses the fan involvement with charities, campaigns, and the future of the show.

Cast Member comments

Read what Shiri Appleby, Jason Behr, Adam Rodriquez, William Sadler, Garrett Lerner, and Nick Wechsler had to say to the fans.

Set Visit Photo Album

View all of the pictures taken by professional photographer, Christina Radish, during the Crashdown set visit.

Ebay Auction Set Visit

The winner of the Ebay Auction shares his experiences on the set and interacting with the cast and crew.