A Day on the set: a Crashdown exclusive

The production office arranged for crashdown to visit the Roswell set during the last day of location filming for the season finale.

The visit took place on March 8th, 2002 at the Vasquez Rocks Park. NetRanger and Christina Radish went to the set to interview Jason Katims and several cast members, and Christina took lots of pictures.

This was also the day that the winner of the ebay auction to visit FSMA was visiting the Roswell set. We have just finished putting together a feature about the set visits.

You can read what Jason Katims and the cast and crew have to say about crashdown.com and the internet fans, our campaigns, and the future of the show. The auction winner also wrote up his experiences. All of these features contain pictures from Christina, and there is a cool gallery of her work which has a slide show.

You can view the feature by going to the link below:

Roswell Set Visit Feature