Set Visit: “Lucky”

As already reported, Colin Hanks joined the cast for the independent comedy “Lucky”. Cast and crew are filming in Iowa since September 8. Some set visit articles have recently been published online.

The Daily Nonpareil website wrote:

For “Lucky,” an independent dark comedy about a wannabe serial killer who wins the lottery and goes on to pursue his high school sweetheart, Wedberg checks the continuity of the film. Hanks portrays the would-be killer. Wedberg checks to make sure that if, for instance, Hanks picks up a phone with his left hand in one shot, he’s holding it in his left hand in the next.


The movie is expected to be finished and edited by February or March, said Murney. Since the film hasn’t picked up a distributor yet, the producers plan on hitting studios and the film festival circuit. Optimistically and with a sense of humor, Murney said the plan is for the film to create a bidding war before it gets picked up and sent to theaters.

You can read the full text here:
‘Lucky’ film being shot in 30 area locations

In addition, when the “Lucky” production filmed inside the 1892 German Bier Haus, a pub on West Broadway in Council Bluffs a writer from the World Herald Staff was among the people on set of Colin’s current project about a wannabe serial killer who wins the lottery.

On that location they shoot the party Hanks’ co-workers at an accounting office throw for him after he wins the lottery. Hence the bar location. Filming is expected to wrap by October 14, 2009. Producer Caitlin Murney said one final day of shooting will take place in Los Angeles, which will stand in for Hawaii. Post-production will continue through March. Make sure to read the full article on There you can find three pictures, too!

One shows the director taking with Colin during a rehersal sccene in “Lucky”. The second image shows the activity on the set as well the third one.