An overview of all three seasons and the episodes with air date and production number.

The Roswell timeline.

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Take a look at short summaries of the seasons and find links to the episodes, trivia, memorable or funny quotes, synopsis, reviews, the played music and more.

Episode Hashtags
You are re-watching “Roswell”? We decided to use unique episode hashtags on social media!

The Complete Primer
The WB presents Roswell S1 + S2

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Fan opinions about the episodes

Entertainment Weekly ‘Roswell’ Recaps
Jen Winkler highlighted the 12 most essential episodes in order to introduce the show to a new generation of fans and to remember this gem of TV

Joan’s Guide to Roswell
Read Joan’s synopsis of season 1 and 2 as well as character descriptions

Cutting Room Floor
Here are some cut scenes for your reading pleasure.