Season 2

Skin and Bones

#201 Skin And Bones – More Information »
The aliens try to clean up the loose ends created when Michael was forced to kill Agent Pierce.

The rift between Max and Michael grows as Max reluctantly accepts his new role as leader and orders everyone to lay low, angering Michael who believes they should be actively seeking other aliens – whether they are good or evil.

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Ask Not!

#202 Ask Not – More Information »
Max has to asset his leadership after the enemy aliens kill Nasedo.

After learning of Nasedo’s death, Max, Michael, Isabel and Tess take his body to the pod chamber where they attempt to use the healing stones to revive him. Unsuccessful, they watch Nasedo turn to dust and realize they are now on their own to face an unknown enemy alien.

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#203 Surprise – More Information »
Isabel’s surprise birthday party is interrupted when she must rescue Tess, who has been captured by one of the Skins.

Isabel shows up at the Crashdown where she discovers Max has planned a surprise 18th birthday party for her. When the geologist Grant Sorenson shows up a few minutes later with an armful of roses, Isabel explains to Max that the two of them had a date. Isabel then notices Grant has a small cut on his neck, which he says he received from an accident on a dig earlier that day. Isabel then has a flash of red pulsating letters she tries to ignore and feeling out of place, Grant leaves telling Isabel he’ll talk to her later.

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Summer Of ’47

#204 Summer Of ’47 – More Information »
Michael meets an old man who tells him about the government’s cover-up of the alien landing in 1947.

Behind on his schoolwork, Michael is given the assignment of interviewing WWII veteran Hal Carver, who worked on the Roswell Army Air Field military base in 1947. Through Hal, Michael learns the story of what truly happened the evening of the supposed crash. As the story begins, Michael thinks back in time picturing himself as a young Hal Carver. Hal and his buddy Richard Doty, played by Max, learn of the crash and are told by to drive a troop truck back to Hanger 20 by Captain Sheridan Cavitt, played by Alex.

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The End Of The World

#205 The End Of The World – More Information »
A Max Evans from the future returns to the present and helps Liz break up the couple so that the world can be saved.

Fourteen years into the future we discover Max and Liz are together, but saying goodbye. A future Max then uses the Granilith to go back in time. He appears to Liz in present day and tells her that fourteen years from now they are taken over by their enemies. He goes on to say that because the two of them had gotten together, Tess, who ended up being critical to their survival, had left town. Future Max begs Liz to help present day Max fall out of love with her so they can change the events of the future. Once Liz realizes how many lives are at stake, she agrees to help.

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The Harvest

#206 Harvest – More Information »
Congresswoman Whitaker’s death leads the teenage aliens to a gathering of the Skins where they plan to take on new bodies.

The kids learn someone is covering for Whitaker’s death when they witness a television report about her being killed in a recent car accident. While searching through Whitaker’s office for clues, they find a letter from Copper Summit, Arizona from the Universal Friendship League. The letter states if the League doesn’t hear from Whitaker, they will terminate her membership. Max decides some of them should go to Copper Summit, while Michael and Maria stay behind to learn more about Courtney who they know now is a Skin.

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Wipe Out!

#207 Wipe Out! – More Information »
The Skins come to Roswell and cause all the humans to disappear so that they can hunt down the royal aliens.

When Max and Isabel’s mother disappears in front of their eyes, the two discover all of the other humans are gone as well. Max then makes a call to Michael, who is helping Courtney put on her new husk, to tell him to meet at the Crashdown. At the same time, Liz and Maria have returned from running an out of town errand for Liz’s dad to discover the entire population of Roswell missing. When Liz finds a piece of alien skin on the ground, she and Maria run to the Crashdown where they tell the others what they found.

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Meet The Dupes

#208 Meet The Dupes (1) – More Information »
The four aliens from the second group of pods come to Roswell to meet their counterparts and enlist Max to help them in a meeting with the leaders of the planets in their home star system.

Walking through the streets of New York, we see what looks like punk versions of Max, Michael, Isabel and Tess discussing an upcoming alien summit, and the Royal Four. The punk kids later steal a Trans Am, and change the license plate to New Mexico.

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Max In The City

#209 Max In The City (2) – More Information »
Max and Tess travel to New York City in order to attend a meeting of the leaders from their home star system.

Max and Tess arrive in New York with Lonnie and Rath. Unbeknown to Max, Nicholas is also there and we discover already knows the Dupes. The Dupes take Max and Tess to their pad, where Lonnie reveals Max will have to pass a test in order to prove he is the true King. Meanwhile, in Roswell, Maria tells Liz there is a rumor going around that she slept with Kyle. Liz tells Maria the rumor is true, and Maria gets upset that Liz wouldn’t share something so personal with her. Liz then finds Ava sleeping in the ally behind the Crashdown.

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A Roswell Christmas Carol

#210 A Roswell Christmas Carol – More Information »
When Max fails to use his powers to save the life of a man who died while rescuing his daughter, Max is haunted by the man and must find a way to make amends.

As Max and Michael look for the perfect Christmas tree, they witness a man pushing a little girl out of the way of an oncoming car. As the man is then hit a crowd immediately gather, and Max makes the decision not to save the man’s life. Later at home while Isabel, the Christmas Nazi as they call her this time of year, is ranting at the pathetic tree Max picked out, he sees the ghost of the man who was hit sitting across the room. The ghost, John, then questions Max’s reasons for not saving his life. Max in turn goes to Liz telling her he needs a friend. The two then talk about why Max didn’t save the man, and Max realizes what he needs to do is restore the balance.

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To Serve & To Protect

#211 To Serve And Protect (1) – More Information »
Isabel receives flashes from an unknown girl who has been buried alive somewhere near Roswell.

Bored one night, Isabel dreamwalks Kyle. While in his dream, she receives disturbing visions of a young girl in trouble. Feeling what she saw was real, Isabel and Max go to Sheriff Valenti for help. He is skeptical at first, but Max explains it was Isabel’s visions that helped them find Tess when she was kidnapped earlier this year. Although he feels it will be hard to investigate, Valenti says he will look into the matter.

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We Are Family

#212 We Are Family (2) – More Information »
Sheriff Valenti loses his job when he helps the kids search for Laurie Dupree.

Valenti, Max and Isabel are questioned separately about the incident with Laurie Dupree. When their stories don’t match, Judge Lewis informs Valenti he has to turn in his badge and gun until the town council can have a hearing on the matter. Later, FBI Agent Suzanne Duff shows up at Valenti’s home to tell him the FBI is investigating Laurie Dupree’s interstate kidnapping case. She explains she is heading the investigation and in order to solve it, she needs his help. Meanwhile, Michael and Tess go to the hospital to check on Laurie and discover she’s human. Michael tells Tess he wants to meet Laurie but when they enter her room, they find her missing.

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Disturbing Behavior

#213 Disturbing Behavior (3) – More Information »
After Laurie Dupree escapes from two medical attendants, she grudgingly joins Michael and Maria to search for clues to her past.

While staking out the Sheriff’s office, Michael and Maria discuss the possibility that Laurie Dupree may be a descendent of Michael’s human DNA donor. When they see Laurie being taken off in an ambulance, they follow after her and eventually witness the ambulance crashing. As they pull Laurie from the wreck a sniper fires bullets at them, and in order to escape Michael has to use his powers in front of Laurie.

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How The Other Half Lives

#214 How the Other Half Lives (4) – More Information »
Laurie finds her family, but her kidnapper finds her and Michael must defeat the alien crystals in order to save her.

While the mysterious kidnapper breaks into Michael’s home to steal a photo of Laurie Dupree, Michael and Maria break into the Dupree home to find Laurie both scared and unstable. When they are caught by Laurie’s Aunt and Uncle, they are escorted off the premises. Meanwhile Sheriff Valenti and Agent Duff pull over Grant Sorenson and serve him a warrant to search his car. When Grant is unable to explain a pair of gloves and a few scratches on his neck, he defends himself by telling Duff Valenti has been persecuting him since day one.

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Viva Las Vegas

#215 Viva Las Vegas – More Information »
Feeling sullied by the fifty thousand dollars given to him by the Duprees, Michael and the gang head to Las Vegas to blow it all.

When Michael begins having nightmares about keeping the bribe money the Duprees gave him, he tells Max he needs to get away to clear his mind. When Max asks where, Michael says Las Vegas so he can get rid of all the tainted Dupree money. Later at school, through a series of miscommunications, Isabel, Alex, Kyle, Liz, Tess and Maria all decide they are going to Vegas, too. While Max creates a cover plan for them, Maria uses some of the money to make extravagant accommodations and transportation.

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Heart Of Mine

#216 Heart Of Mine – More Information »
With the prom approaching, the hearts of Roswell High’s students lead them in unexpected directions.

The onset of junior prom stirs up emotional tumult as Liz tempts fate by asking Max to be her date, Isabel decides Alex is the man she’s been searching for, and Michael  tells Maria he won’t take her to prom.

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Cry Your Name

#217 Cry Your Name – More Information »
When Alex is killed in a car crash, the gang tries to come to grips with how and why he died.

Per the advice of Maria and Liz, Alex blows off Isabel in order to keep an upper hand in the relationship. When Alex’s take-out food arrives, Liz and Maria leave. Alex then asks the delivery boy why everything in life has to be a lie. After Sheriff Valenti stops at a car accident later that night, he goes to the Crashdown to inform the kids that Alex is dead. Max then tries to revive Alex, but is unable to bring him back to life.

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It’s Too Late & It’s Too Bad

#218 It’s Too Late and It’s Too Bad – More Information »
Liz investigates Alex’s death, with alien foul play her leading theory.

Liz and Maria are in Alex’s room. Liz, intent on finding the truth about Alex’s death, searches his computer for clues and unlocks a file which reads “Leanna is not Leanna.” The next day, Liz corners Derek, a kid from Alex’s computer class, and asks him the meaning of the binary code from Alex’s food receipt. Max interrupts and tries to make peace with Liz. It doesn’t go well and the rift between them widens. Maria doesn’t want to be involved with Liz’s investigation. Instead, she focuses on making a yearbook collage in remembrance of Alex. Michael offers to help.

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Baby, It’s You

#219 Baby, It’s You – More Information »
Max learns that Tess is pregnant, while Liz, Maria and Michael learn what Alex did while he was supposedly in Sweden.

The morning after Max and Tess make love, Max wakes up feeling awkward. When he takes her home, Kyle sees them kiss. Valenti then comes in and sends Tess to her room where she realizes something is happening inside of her.

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Off The Menu

#220 Off The Menu – More Information »
After an accident causes Larek’s memories to intrude upon Brody’s mind, he goes crazy and takes several people hostage at the UFO Center.

When Brody uses an alien abduction simulation program to recover lost memories, an electrical problem enables him to remember his body being used as a vessel by Larek. Meanwhile, Tess arrives at the UFO Center to tell Max there’s a blackout in Roswell. A now confused Brody comes out and says he remembers them all being in New York.

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The Departure

#221 The Departure – More Information »
The aliens learn who is the real killer. 

In a few hours the four aliens will leave planet earth forever. They say goodbye to their friends and family, while Max looks out for Alex killer who is still out there and threatens the live of the friends. But only Liz, Maria and Kyle can expose the killer. Now, it’s up to them to save the life of their alien friends…

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