Cutting Room Floor

Added by Liz

Here are some cut scenes for your reading pleasure. Some help clarify plot points. Some are just cute. These are scenes that were in the final shooting script, but never aired. Whether or not they were ever filmed is unclear.

Right now, these are exclusive to “Crashdown”.

#104 Leaving Normal

Cut scene from “Leaving Normal” – Liz & Kyle
Well, we didn’t actually see much of Liz and Kyle’s “relationship” on the show, but here’s a little more of it. Doesn’t look they were all that compatible, eh? At least not when it comes to choosing movies!

Cut scene from “Leaving Normal” – Michael’s powers
There has been a lot of questions about why Michael seems to have less of a grasp of his powers than Isabel or Max. This doesn’t answer that question, but it does give some more insight.

#105 Missing

Cut scene from “Missing” – Max loses his temper!
This seemed to be the scene that everyone wanted to see the most, so here it is! Max’s even demeanor finally explodes. When the episode aired, the scene ended after Max’s line, “I wasn’t dabbling in the arts.”

Cut scene from “Missing” – Alex and Liz
This is a great cut scene for you Alex/Liz friendship fans. Too bad it wasn’t in the epsiode.

#103 Monsters

HUGE Cut Scene from “Monsters”
This is the scene where Liz is preparing Maria for her meeting with Valenti, but in the shooting script the scene started earlier, and went on much longer. The part that aired is in yellow, the cut sections are in white. Check out Liz’s meltdown, and more on the colored charts! And it has a great last line.

Another Cut Scene from “Monsters” – Liz & Maria
This is an interesting scene, because it shows how Maria’s fear of Isabel was increased when she found Isabel in her dream, and shows the beginning of Liz’s worry that Maria might crack and spill the story after all.

Cut scene from “Monsters”
This is actually a scene and a half. The first scene was originally the start of the act, and explains why Max showed up at the Crashdown that day. The second part is the first part of the scene where Maria is the only one working, and ends up shortchanging the customer $10, causing Max to follow the customer over to the UFO center.

#109 Heat Wave

Cut scene from “Heat Wave” – for the M&M fans
We were talking about this cut bit in the chatroom last night, and how much it helps explain Michael’s actions toward Maria in “Heat Wave”. So this is for all the M&M fans out there. When the episode aired, the scene ended at Michael’s like, “That just being who I am is going to hurt her.”