Cut scene from “Missing” – Max loses his temper!

As we make our way through this period of reruns, here are some cut scenes for your reading pleasure. Some help clarify plot points. Some are just cute. These are scenes that were in the final shooting script, but never aired. Whether or not they were ever filmed is unclear.

Right now, these are exclusive to “Crashdown”. If you see these someplace else, please let me know. If you’d like to use these on your own site, CONTACT ME first.

This seemed to be the scene that everyone wanted to see the most, so here it is! Max’s even demeanor finally explodes. When the episode aired, the scene ended after Max’s line, “I wasn’t dabbling in the arts.”


		But what? You can take chances, but I
		can't? You can roll the dice with our 
		lives, but if anyone else does anything--

		No. I saved someone's life, Michael. I 
		wasn't dabbling in the arts.
		And whatever trouble I cause, I got us
		out of it.

		Well, I haven't gotten us into any

			(growing edgy)
		Not yet. But then what happens? What
		happens when it hits the fan? What are
		you gonna do then? 

	Max is clearly projecting his "diary" frustrations.

		I'll figure something out.

		You'll call me is what you'll do. You'll
		call your friend Max for help. And
		suddenly it won't just be your problem.
		It'll be my problem. Well, you know
		what, I don't want any more problems, 
		Michael. I have enough. So why don't you
		do us all a favor and give your budding
		art career a rest? Before it's you and
		me behind that glass case and not your 

	Isabel looks on, a little stunned at Max's explosion.
	Michael just stares at Max, then turns and walks away. Max
	looks sheepishly at Isabel.

				MAX (cont'd)
		A little much?

		A smidge. 

	Max thinks.

							CUT TO: