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“The Matrix” Reference in Roswell

By • Aug 22nd, 2019 • Category: Roswell

Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss are set to re-enter “The Matrix”. It was just announced that the two actors will reprise their roles as Neo and Trinity in a fourth film. Do you remember that there’s a Matrix reference in Roswell’s second season? “I’m now obsessed with this argument from a 2001 episode of the […]

TBT: If you could go back to 1999 and tell your best friend one sentence that …

By • Aug 22nd, 2019 • Category: Roswell

Happy ‘Throwback Thursday’ my fellow Roswellians! We’re curious: if you could go back to 1999 and tell your best friend one sentence that would change their future, what would it be? Do you think Liz would go back and warn Alex of Tess? Happy #TBT my fellow Roswellians! We're curious: if you could go back […]

Roswell 20: Roswell – In Its Original Form

By • Jul 8th, 2019 • Category: Roswell

Music not only supports a scene. Music amplifys feelings. Music evokes emotions within us. Music sets the mood, and it can boost our mood. Music affects our minds and souls. Music brings fans together. Music creates memories. It just takes four chords of Dido’s “Here With Me” and the opening theme of ROSWELL starts playing […]

Happy UFO Festival Weekend!

By • Jul 5th, 2019 • Category: Roswell

Today is the start of the Annual UFO Festival in Roswell, New Mexico! Nearly 75 years have passed since the infamous Roswell Crash and for over 20 years the town has held this Festival. It’s a highlight for the small New Mexico community and a bucket-list event for many an alien-conspiracy believer (like yours truly!) […]

No Angel (20th Anniversary Remix EP) Released

By • Jun 1st, 2019 • Category: Roswell

A remix EP of Dido’s debut album “No Angel” has been published in celebration of the album’s 20th Anniversary. Fans can find new remix versions of several songs on the EP. The “Here With Me” (Chillin with the Family mix) was already released on the Roswell soundtrack you might own, but there is a second […]

Happy Birthday “Here With Me”

By • May 18th, 2019 • Category: Roswell

“Didn’t realise I was singing Here With Me on the twentieth anniversary of its release when I was in Amsterdam last night!”, tweeted singer Dido today. “Here With Me” is the first single the singer released from her 1999 debut studio album “No Angel” and as Roswellians know, the wonderful theme song of “Roswell”. The […]

Roswell Couples Appreciation Month

By • Mar 31st, 2019 • Category: Roswell

Our #MAYbeROSWELL fun month is on the way, so let’s give it a proper entrance. With the Anniversary later this year, we will be spending time appreciating all there is to love about “Roswell:” The show itself, the cast, the characters, the fans, and of course, the couples! Spring is in the air and so […]