Crashdown Wants Your Memories

We are looking for your stories, photographs, memories, dedications, thank-yous, you name it or can think it up, we want it!

On October 6th, 2019 we are celebrating the 20th Anniversary of “Roswell” and its premiere. We want to go down memory lane with major special features and not just on that particular day. We don’t want anyone to miss to share your memories. Since we might make additions and answer questions here, please share the link to this post everywhere.

Did you work on the show? Please contact us, if you would like to share stories, rare pics or videos for the show’s 20th anniversary. Maybe you are available for an interview? If there is anything you’d like to share or if you would like to submit a message, please contact us. Send us a DM on social media or write us:

There is nothing like a Roswell fan and this awesome devoted fanbase. Please join us and share your memories with us. You want to know what we are talking about?

Here are some suggestions…

  • You saw something that reminded you about Roswell or the cast? Take a picture. Tell us the story behind it.
  • Tell us what Roswell means to you. Why was Roswell one of TV’s best shows ever?
  • Did you attend the 15th Anniversary at the ATX Television Festival and met the cast? Maybe you want to talk about this special experience?
  • Fans, best friends? Did you met your special someone or BFF because of Roswell? Tell us about it!
  • You visited the studios while Roswell was filmed? Got an exclusive look at the sets? Maybe even took photos? It’s time to scan and share them with us!
  • Were you a part of the campaign team that developed ideas for the “save our show” campaigns?
  • You love Roswell and you love talking about it even more? What do you think about picking a Roswell related topic, talk about it … maybe with your friends, record it and create a 2, 3 part podcast?
  • Are you a Crashown- or Roswell Party-Goer or anyone who was involved with the Roswell Party?
    We bet you know something you would like to share with the fandom, about the party itself (the auction, the raffles, meeting other fans among other things)
  • It could be about going to events, or talk shows, about meeting the cast, any after-party activities, hotel roommate stories, other events, …
  • Still have the Crashdown yearbook or other rare items?
  • Show us your Roswell collection you kept in a memory box.
  • You bid and won cloths, scripts, Crashdown decoration items after the show ended and want to show us how you added them to your home?
  • Do you remember wild fan theories and misleading spoilers?
  • Maybe you want to tell fans, who discovered Roswell during re-runs or streaming about that time when Roswell was on its way to become a cult hit?
  • Were you posting shipper ideas or even came up with a Roswell shipper name? Or can you recall how a shipper name was found?
  • You visited Covina or want to visit the filming locations in the future? Film it. Take pictures. Write about it!
  • You’ve got old promotional clips, photos, scans?
  • Did you make your own Crashdown Uniform? Maybe even used the Teresa’s tutorial? Show us a picture.
  • Are you a fan of conventions and met Crashdown waitresses at the event? Maybe you dressed up as a character from Roswell for a con or Halloween? Show us pics, tutorials, …
  • Did you get autographs from any of the cast members?
  • Did Roswell inspire you to write a poem, a song, …?
  • Where are the characters now? Write up where Max, Liz, Michael, Isabel, Maria, Kyle, Jim are in 2019.
  • What do you want to tell the cast and crew 20 years after the premiere of Roswell?
  • Did you start writing Roswell fan-fiction and now you are writing on your first novel? Tell us about it!

  • … you get the idea!


Be sure to be as detailed as possible.

We want as clear and concise information as possible so that the misfortunate others who couldn’t make it to that event or found out about the show later can relieve every moment and share some of your memories and experiences with you and everyone else.

STAND UP AND BE COUNTED!! Let your voice be heard loud and clear.

Please be as original as possible.

The more unique your submission the better. Wanna make captions for your photographs, go for it-have a collage you made and want to share it, send it in. Made a video? Bring it on into our mailbox or send us a link via WeTransfer!

The Roswell Anniversary will rock. Be a part of it and make it extra special!

Have a special thank-you you want to say to the cast and/or crew (individually or as a group) but just didn’t know how to, send them in. If you want to thank someone special (whether it be your roommate for the weekend, a poster, party planners, admins, moderators on fan boards or fan pages on social media etc.) please send in whatever you like.

The more the merrier in fact!

You’ve got an idea, but need some help? Contact us!

Any and all submissions will pretty much be guaranteed to be used. Just no foul language and keep it clean. It’s got to be able to be read by individuals of all ages. If you send in photographs to be posted, please let us know who all is in the photo so it can be labeled properly. Please also tell me your real name (first name if you want) along with your Twitter name, posting name or website so credit can be given where credit is properly due.

Send it to us at as soon as possible.

Time is a flying by!

Make Contact!

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We Need Your Help

  • You want to help us finishing? Do you have some time to help us examining articles, new content we might add for the anniversary to find and correct typographical errors or other mistakes? Your help is much appreciated!
  • Do you have the equipment and ‘the voice’ to help us with voice-overs to add the finishing touch to some videos? We’re looking for fans who’d like to help us with voice-overs for our upcoming clips. Please let us know!

Please make sure to add a Roswell related subject like “20th Anniversary of Roswell”. Thank you!