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Shiri On Roswell Movie Revival

An hour ago, the Exclusive Q&A Session with Shiri Appleby has been released on As mentioned earlier, the questions were submitted by fans and the team of the website. Of course there is one question that is in the mind of most “Roswell” fans, who are following the career of Shiri since the good old The WB days:

What does Shiri think about a Roswell Movie campaign?

In representative for all fans of the show, we are very excited and honored, that Shiri answered our question at the end of a very, very entertaining Q&A with well thought through questions. Shiri obviously took a lot of time to answer each question at full length, which is brilliant since she is a working mom as well.

Please read our Roswell question and Shiri’s answer below:

[…] Finally, we have one question submitted from that we could not resist asking: A few months ago, about 55,500 people donated $3.6 million to the Kickstarter campaign for a “Veronica Mars” movie, based on the cult TV series of the same name. With the success of this crowd sourced project many Roswell fans have felt the desire to follow the same path and attempt to bring the show back as a movie. For all Roswellians out there, we need to ask if you would you be interested in seeing a similar campaign for Roswell and in addition, what would fans need to do to make a movie possible?

Shiri Appleby: Honestly, I had the same reaction that the fans had to the Veronica Mars campaign. How could I not? What they achieved was inspiring. I began to wonder if a Roswell movie was possible and asked some people I worked with what they thought it would take to make it a reality.

I know Jason Katims involvement would be incredibly helpful to getting the project off the ground. I haven’t reached out to him as I know he is busy with 2 television shows and his family but if he was interested in continuining the story that would definitely help matters as he is the genuine voice of the show. After that, getting 20th Century interested in the idea would be core since I believe they have the rights to the series – I’m not quite sure about the book and how any of that really works… as of yet.

I have put some documents together that can show everyone’s passion for the show even all these years later and it’s as thrilling as ever. Do I think a movie is impossible? No. Do I know the best way to go about it? No. It would be a process, that I know for sure.

Many thanks to Shiri Appleby and thanks so much to!