Cut scene from “Heat Wave” – for the M&M fans

As we make our way through this period of reruns, here are some cut scenes for your reading pleasure. Some help clarify plot points. Some are just cute. These are scenes that were in the final shooting script, but never aired. Whether or not they were ever filmed is unclear.

Right now, these are exclusive to “Crashdown”. If you see these someplace else, please let me know. If you’d like to use these on your own site, CONTACT ME first.

We were talking about this cut bit in the chatroom last night, and how much it helps explain Michael’s actions toward Maria in “Heat Wave”. So this is for all the M&M fans out there.

When the episode aired, the scene ended at Michael’s like, “That just being who I am is going to hurt her.”

		She wants us to go to this party 

		The thing at the old soap factory?

		Right, like suddenly the eraser room isn't
		enough. I can't let this become a public
		thing. She should know that.

	Max looks at him, nods. Michael continues, takes a chance.

				MICHAEL (cont'd)
		And I've just had this weird feeling all
		week. I don't know, like I'm going to
		hurt her or something. That just being 
		who I am is going to hurt her. She's 
		this innocent girl, she's so... her eyes,
		her lips are so... And I'm just this...
		visitor, you know? I can never be what
		she needs.

		Maybe you're wrong. Maybe you can be.

		I don't think so, Maximilian.

	Michael smiles, then walks out, leaving Max thoughtful and we