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#101 Pilot
#102 The Morning After
#103 Monsters
#104 Leaving Normal
#105 Missing
#106 285 South – 1
#107 River Dog – 2
#108 Blood Brother
#109 Heat Wave
#110 The Balance
#111 The Toy House
#112 Into the Woods
#113 The Convention
#114 Blind Date
#115 Independence Day
#116 Sexual Healing
#117 Crazy
#118 Tess, Lies and Videotape
#119 Four Square
#120 Max to the Max
#121 The White Room – 1
#122 Destiny – 2
#201 Skin and Bones
#202 Ask Not
#203 Surprise
#204 Summer of ’47
#205 The End of the World
#206 Harvest
#207 Wipeout!
#208 Meet the Dupes – 1
#209 Max in the City – 2
#210 A Roswell Christmas Carol
#211 To Serve and Protect
#212 We Are Family
#213 Disturbing Behavior – 1
#214 How the Other Half Lives – 2
#215 Viva Las Vegas
#216 Heart of Mine
#217 Cry Your Name
#218 It’s Too Late and It’s Too Bad
#219 Baby, It’s You
#220 Off the Menu
#221 The Departure

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The Story – Joan’s Guide to Roswell

Compiled by Joan Pickering

This guide is unofficial, unauthorized and is in no way connected to The WB (or it’s affiliates), Jason Katims Productions (or it’s affiliates) nor Melinda Metz. It is my own personal interpretation of the show and it’s characters. You may print this guide for personal use only.

The time is 1999. Three 16 year old sophomores, attending Roswell High School, in Roswell, New Mexico, are more than what they seem. These three, Max Evans, Isabel Evans and Michael Guerin, are actually aliens from another planet. They do not know where they are from or who they really are. They awoke, at the age of six, in human form, inside incubator like pods. They have no idea when they arrived. They may have been part of the 1947 reported crash or part of an unreported crash in 1989. Max and Isabel found each other first. Wandering around naked in the desert outside Roswell, they eventually found Michael. Max and Isabel took to each other right away but Michael was less trusting and when a car approached he stepped away. Therefore, Diane and Phillip Evans only discovered Max and Isabel, whom they later adopted. Michael did not see Max and Isabel again for three years. They have learned over these last ten years that they have special abilities or powers that humans do not. They can manipulate molecular structure (change an item’s color or shape, heal bones and tissue – which leaves a temporary silver hand print on the body, dissolve metal, unlock doors without keys, etc.), dreamwalk (visit people in their dreams), receive visions by holding objects connected to the vision, send telepathic visions to others of their own thoughts and use telekinesis (move objects with their minds); they do not all have the same proficiency with these powers. They do not know if their human appearance is natural or if their molecular structure was manipulated. They do know that they have the same emotions as humans and are going through the same confusing changes as human teenagers.

When Max witnesses the accidental shooting of Liz Parker at the Crashdown Café (a girl he has secretly loved since childhood), he instinctively goes to her aid, using his healing powers to remove all traces of the bullet and wound. Max’ act of selflessness changes his, Isabel’s and Michael’s world forever and completely, as they now have to elude investigations by Sheriff Valenti and the FBI. When Liz asks Max why he risked so much to save her, his response “It was you.” sets the tone for the whole series.

This is a love story but it also is a story about the journey of discovery. Max, Isabel and Michael are on a quest to discover their past and we, the audience, are invited along to watch as they learn who they are, where they are from and how to deal with their alienation as teenagers and as aliens.

Cast of Characters – Joan’s Guide to Roswell

Compiled by Joan Pickering

Max Evans: (Jason Behr) Max is a natural leader, to whom the others turn for advice and guidance. He is very methodical and likes to think things through. He is a bright, conscientious and dedicated student. He has few, if any, friends besides Isabel and Michael, loves his parents, and is fairly content with his life in Roswell. He seems to be the most proficient with the aliens’ special powers (he is the best at healing). He knows Liz is his soul mate but the uncertainties in his life (how long he will live, where he will live – will he have the opportunity to return to his home planet, can he consummate a relationship with a human, etc.) cause him to hesitate in involving her in his life, thinking it would be unfair to her.

Isabel Evans: (Katherine Heigl) Isabel has two sides to her personality which are polar opposites. To the outside world she is an elitist snob who hangs out only with the “in” crowd, wouldn’t be caught dead doing a “service oriented” job and is only interested in the latest fashions. In private, she deeply loves her family (her parents, Max and Michael) and is a caring, loving individual who will stick by you through thick and thin. She is very bright and does well in school but would not be considered an overachiever. She would like to be a supermodel but her career placement profile says she should choose a care-giver field. She mainly uses her powers for recreational purposes and enjoys dreamwalking. When she walks into Alex’ dream she learns how he feels about her and is pleasantly surprised. Isabel loved her life in Roswell and is very upset that her little world has been disrupted. She partially blames Liz for this disruption and, although she considers her an ally she has not yet bonded with her as a friend.

Michael Guerin: (Brendan Fehr) Michael is a loner; a rebel with a cause. He never had a trusting nature and being raised by an alcoholic, uncaring foster father (Hank) did not alleviate this problem. He is very impulsive and often acts without thinking things through. Michael hates his life in Roswell and is looking for any excuse to leave and find something better. Out of the three, he is the one who most wants to find a way home, wherever his “real” home may be. He wants Max and Isabel to join him but he will do it alone if he has to. Michael had no other friends besides Max and Isabel. When he meets Maria, he starts having feelings for a human that he never had before, which he finds confusing and unsettling. Michael desperately needs Maria’s approval but at the same time fears her ability to penetrate his stonewall facade. Although he is very bright, he is a very poor student. Of the three, Michael has the least control over his powers; they are very erratic and sometimes backfire. He has the most success with receiving visions when holding objects with a story to tell. Michael was emancipated and is now totally responsible for his own livelihood and his actions.

Liz Parker: (Shiri Appleby) Liz is similar to Max in that she is very methodical and likes to be in control of every situation. She keeps a journal in which she chronicles her daily life. She is an excellent student and hopes to be head of molecular biology research at Harvard someday. She lives above and works before and after school in the Crashdown Café, which is owned and operated by her parents and is the local hang-out. When Max saves her life and she learns his secret, her world starts to spiral out of control. Everything has changed but it also feels as if her life is just beginning and she wants Max to play a major part in her new life. She too knows that Max is her soul mate and is willing to wait for him to resolve his uncertainties.

Maria DeLuca: (Majandra Delfino) Liz Parker’s best friend and co-worker at the Crashdown Café and the second human to learn the aliens’ secret. Maria is funny, flaky and quirky and provides much of the comic relief for the show. Her solution for most problems involves herbs or some “new age” mysticism. Maria is a very passionate individual who is not afraid to speak her mind. Her relationship with Michael is a textbook case of opposites attracting. When they are together, sparks fly; both the bickering kind and the romantic. When Michael’s fears cause him to push her back she responds with an “I’m teflon babe” attitude, as if the hurt just slides right off, which in reality it doesn’t. So, when Michael does something sweet and endearing, she once more gets “sucked into the alien abyss”.

Alex Whitman: (Colin Hanks) Best friend to both Liz and Maria and the last human to learn “the secret”. Alex is sweet, caring and funny (he also provides comic relief for the show) but might be considered a borderline nerd. His sense of humor and musical ability (plays guitar in his own alternative rock band) keep him from crossing that line but he’s not quite mature nor sophisticated enough to be part of the “in” crowd. He worships Isabel and is reveling in the fact that he is now part of her circle and hopes someday she will consider him as more than just a friend. Due to his interrogatory nature, his career placement profile indicates he should be a psychologist.

Jim Valenti: (William Sadler) Town sheriff. Jim is a dedicated, second generation, law-enforcement officer. His suspicions that Max is an alien jeopardize his reputation and his obsession with finding the truth consumes so much of his time that he has very little left for his son, Kyle. Jim is learning that he is following in the footsteps of his father in more ways than by just becoming the sheriff and it worries him. He also must come to terms with the fact that if he does find proof that Max is an alien, what then? Max is just a boy and has done no one any harm, why should he be persecuted? When Jim is not pursuing “the truth” he is romantically pursing Amy DeLuca, whom he once arrested, many years ago, for civil disobedience during her hippie protester days because she was “cute”.

Kyle Valenti: (Nick Wechsler) Ex-boyfriend of Liz and son of the town sheriff. Kyle is an all American high school jock who would like to play left field for the Houston Astros but whose career placement profile says he should go into law enforcement. His life changes when he first loses Liz, then his father, to Max. Kyle was hurt and confused by Liz’s sudden abandonment. He has old fashion values and saw himself as Liz’s protector. Because of his father’s interest in Max, Kyle also thought that Max was a danger to Liz and that he needed to come to her rescue. He is now trying to adjust to his new role of friend. Both Kyle’s over-protectiveness and attempts at friendship have provided comic relief for the show.

Amy DeLuca: (Diane Farr) Many of Maria’s new age philosophies come from her mother, Amy, a former hippie. Amy is a single mother who does many odd jobs to support herself and Maria. So far we have learned that she makes and sells alien swizzle sticks, alien blow up dolls and pies, organizes alien take-down wrestling matches for the UFO conventions and sells herbs in her shop. Her romantic involvement with Sheriff Valenti is unsettling to her daughter Maria. Does he really care for Amy or is he just using her to find out what she knows about Max, Isabel and Michael. Amy has had many failed relationships in the past (including Maria’s father) and Maria does not want to see her get hurt again.

Diane & Phillip Evans: (Mary Ellen Trainor & Garret M Brown) They found Max and Isabel, when they were six years old, wandering around the desert and later adopted them. Diane has seen Max do things that appear paranormal but when she asked him to explain his special abilities he became so upset she dropped the questioning. Phillip, a lawyer, assisted Michael in his emancipation.

Nancy & Jeffrey Parker: (Jo Anderson & John Doe) Parents of Liz and owners of the Crashdown Café. Like most parents of teenagers, they are feeling as though they are losing touch with their daughter as she spreads her wings and steps into womanhood and independence.

Jim Valenti Sr: (John Callum) Former sheriff of Roswell. His obsession with finding out the truth about the alleged UFO crash in 1947 eventually cost him his job and his family. He is currently living in a nursing home and his mind has a tendency to wander. Jim Jr had not visited his father in years but recent events have brought up memories of his past and he now has a fuller understanding of what his father went through and is more easily able to bond with him. With Jim Valenti Sr’s help, Jim Valenti Jr is uncovering the truth of what happened in the past and learning that it is connected with the present.

River Dog: (Ned Romero) Elder Native American from the Mesaliko Reservation outside of town who, when he was just a boy, saved the life of another alien living in the area back in 1959. He called the alien Nasedo, which means visitor. He has not seen Nasedo since 1959 and, because he saw a man named Atherton die at the hands of Nasedo, he is uncertain whether his intentions are good or evil but he decides to help Max, Isabel and Michael find him anyway. He shows Max a message on a cave wall, left behind by Nasedo and, when Michael comes down with the same illness that almost killed Nasedo, River Dog heals him using the crystal rocks Nasedo also left behind.

Milton: (Steve Hytner) Owner of the UFO Center museum and Max’ boss. Milton is a UFO/paranormal fanatic and has an archive of information on all things extraterrestrial (most of which he can recite off the top of his head). He dreams someday of meeting an alien face-to-face and has no idea he works beside one everyday. Milton provides a great deal of the comic relief on the show.

Kathleen Topolsky: (Julie Benz) Undercover FBI agent who posed as a Roswell High School guidance counselor to gather information about Max, Isabel and Michael. Her cover was blown by Sheriff Valenti and Alex Whitman.

Owen Blackwood: (Michael Horse) Town Deputy and Native American from the Mesaliko Reservation outside of town. (Note: not positive on characters name)

Hank: (Robert F Lyons) Michael’s alcoholic foster father who only kept Michael around for the monthly check. He told the sheriff he was leaving town without Michael but was actually killed by Nasedo.

Nasedo: (various) Shapeshifting alien who was involved with the deaths of at least three people (James Atherton, Sheila Hubble, and Hank) if not more. Are his intentions good or evil? Does he hold the key to Max, Isabel’s and Michael’s past? Only time will tell.

#101 The Pilot – Synopsis

Compiled by Joan Pickering

Liz Parker is on the roof of the Crashdown Café, outside her bedroom window, writing in her journal that five days ago she died. Cut to the interior of the Crashdown Café where Liz and Maria DeLuca work as waitresses. Maria mentions to Liz that Max Evans is watching her again. Liz denies it but is pleased by the possibility, even though she is dating Kyle Valenti. Two of their customers start an argument, which escalates to the point where one pulls out a gun and the other makes a grab for it. In the struggle the gun goes off and Liz, in the line of fire, goes down. Max sees this and rushes to her aid, fighting off his friend, Michael Guerin’s, attempts to stop him. He kneels down over Liz, blocking the view of the others in the Café. He tells Liz she needs to look at him and then he places his hand over the bleeding wound. While he is healing her he sees visions of her memories as a child. When he removes his hand the wound has healed. Max throws his car keys to Michael who runs out to get the jeep. Max then breaks a bottle of ketchup and pours it over Liz to hide the blood on her uniform. He asks her not to say anything and then runs out of the Café and into the waiting jeep. Liz is stunned as she watches him leave.

Liz explains to her father that she is fine, that she just fell and broke a bottle of ketchup. Larry, a tourist, points out to Sheriff Valenti – if Liz didn’t get hit, then where’s the bullet. Liz goes upstairs to her bedroom. Seeing the bullet hole in her uniform, she takes if off and puts it in her backpack, then notices in the mirror that there is a silver hand print on her stomach, right where Max put his hand over the entry wound.

The next day in biology class, the teacher asks her students to take a scraping from inside their cheek to examine under a microscope. Liz’s lab partner, Max, panics and asks the teacher for a bathroom pass. Liz looks at her own cells and then gets curious. She takes a pencil that Max had in his mouth and removes the saliva to look at his cells under the microscope. The cells are not normal. After class, Liz catches up to Max and says she must talk with him. She confronts Max with the hand print and her knowledge of his cell structure. He admits that he is “not of this Earth”. At first, he is relieved to finally get it off his chest but as she starts to leave he realizes he must convince her how important it is that she not tell anyone his secret and tells her “Now my life is in your hands.”

Isabel Evans and Michael are having lunch with Max. Isabel is upset with Max for breaking their sacred pact by using his powers to heal Liz. She and Michael panic when they realize he has told Liz the truth. Michael thinks they should leave Roswell. Isabel is resistant to that solution because she doesn’t want to leave her family and Max agrees they should wait. Michael points out he doesn’t have anything holding him back since his foster father only keeps him around for the monthly check. Isabel agrees that they need a better plan than Max’ of just acting normal if they want to keep from being picked up by some government agency to be poked, prodded and exterminated.

Liz has been avoiding Maria, who catches up with her in the girls’ room , holds up Liz’s order pad, covered in Liz’s blood, and demands an explanation. Liz avoids the issue.

That evening Liz’s boyfriend, Kyle, brings Liz home after their date and notices the silver hand print on Liz’s stomach but she ignores his questioning look. Later, Max visits Liz. He mentions that when he healed her he felt a connection and got a rush of images and her feelings associated with them. He suggests they try to make the connection in reverse so she can see and feel his thoughts and memories. Liz is able to feel Max’ loneliness; she sees when he and Isabel were found by Phillip and Diane Evans in the desert and when he was watching her as a child from a distance; she also sees herself through his eyes and, in his eyes, she is beautiful.

Liz and Maria’s friend, Alex Whitman, confronts Liz with the information Maria told him about finding Liz’s blood on Liz’s order pad. She assures him that everything is fine.

Sheriff Valenti pulls Liz in for questioning. He shows her pictures of a corpse with no apparent cause of death except a silver hand print on it’s chest. Liz notices that the file is dated November 16, 1959. The sheriff says Kyle saw a similar mark on her stomach; she denies it and he insists that she show him her stomach. The mark is gone but he admits that the mark faded on the corpse as well. He then asks her what she knows about Max Evans. She says she doesn’t know him well and denies he was at the Crashdown when the shooting occurred. The sheriff then returns her backpack saying someone turned it in. She now knows the sheriff has her uniform with the bullet hole and blood on it. Liz goes to find Max.

Sheriff Valenti presents his findings to FBI Agent Stevens, who dismisses his suspicions but keeps the evidence. The sheriff says he is not going to walk away from this and Agent Stevens reminds him that his father’s obsession cost him his career. The sheriff says with this new evidence, he’s not so sure his father was wrong.

Liz is concerned that these aliens may be killers, so she confronts Max and tells him that if he doesn’t answer all her questions, she will tell Valenti all she knows. He tells her about waking up in incubation pods and that Isabel and Michael are also aliens. He demonstrates how they manipulate molecular structure by changing a clay bust in the art room from carved to smooth back to carved with a pass of his hand. He tells her that no one else knows their secret, not even his parents, because their lives depend on the secret not getting out. When she asks why he risked everything by healing her he responds “It was you.” She tells him about the photo Valenti has from 1959. Max is incredulous. She also tells him that Kyle saw the hand print on her, that Valenti has her uniform and that Valenti suspects him. Max takes off.

At home Isabel is getting into her costume for the Crashdown Festival (an annual event celebrating the alleged 1947 crash of a spaceship in Roswell, NM) and Max tells her to forget the Festival, it’s time to leave. They pick up Michael and plan their escape. Michael is excited that there is a 4th alien who may be able to tell them about who they are and where they are from. Isabel reminds him that the 4th alien may be a killer.

Maria confronts Liz about telling her the truth or she will go to Valenti with what she knows. Liz relents and Maria freaks out. Maria and Liz are driving in Maria’s car and pass Max, Isabel and Michael in the jeep. They turn around and give chase and corner them in an alley. Liz tells them they shouldn’t leave because it will make Valenti more suspicious. Max offers to turn himself in so Isabel and Michael can escape. They refuse to leave without him. Liz says she has a plan to divert Valenti’s suspicions. Isabel wants to know her plan.

Liz asks Kyle to meet her at the Festival in half an hour. Michael wears the same costume as Kyle. The sheriff confronts Max at the Festival and asks if he was at the Crashdown the day of the shooting. Max admits he was but denies doing anything to Liz. The sheriff doesn’t believe him and handcuffs him. When Max asks if the sheriff is going to read him his rights the sheriff says “Do you have any?” Isabel pretends to hit Maria with her car and Michael bends down over Maria and touches her, then takes off. The sheriff, with Max in tow, goes to see what the commotion is about and sees someone in an alien costume touch Maria and take off. He goes to Maria, makes sure she is OK, sees a silver hand print on her upper chest, touches the print, then chases after the suspect, who he temporarily loses in the crowd. When he spots him again, he grabs him, and turns him around. The suspect removes his mask and reveals that it is Kyle. The sheriff then notices he has silver paint on his fingers. Meanwhile, Michael ditches his costume in a portable toilet. The sheriff returns to Max and confronts him once again. Max denies knowing anything, saying he ran away when the gun went off. The sheriff removes the handcuffs but warns Max that this is not over. He intends to discover the truth.

Max, Isabel and Michael watch the “re-enactment” of the 1947 crash, with alien bodies burning in the debris. Max spots Liz and goes to her. He tells her he wishes they could be more than friends but he doesn’t think it’s safe because of their differences. Liz doesn’t care about the safety issue but respects his decision. She then thanks him for saving her life.

Liz writes in her journal that 5 days ago she died but then an amazing thing happened, “I came to life.”

#102 The Morning After – Synopsis

Compiled by Joan Pickering

Liz is wondering if Max is as sleepless as she over recent events. Cut to Max sleeping soundly until Michael makes a clumsy unannounced entry through Max’ bedroom window. Michael can’t sleep either and can’t believe that Max can, knowing there is a 4th alien out there who could hold the key to their existence.

Sheriff Valenti has the only key to the 4th alien (the photo of the corpse with the silver hand print), so the next morning Michael goes to check out the security at the sheriff’s office.

At the Crashdown Café, Maria points out that they know nothing about these aliens so why should they trust them. They could be green and slimy and use their powers to “poof us into oblivion”. Liz warns Maria that she should not be referring to them as aliens in public so Maria switches to Czechoslovakians. Alex overhears their conversation about the Czechoslovakians and wants to know what they are talking about but they blow him off.

At school, Kathleen Topolsky, substitute geometry teacher, questions Max about Michael’s whereabouts, since he’s not in class. Liz is suspicious of Topolsky’s interest. Maria fuels the fire by thinking she must be a spy. Maria wants to tell Alex about the aliens to get his input but Liz says no.

The FBI assigns Agent Hart to observe goings on at the sheriff’s station and the sheriff tells him to leave.

Liz tells Maria she’s no longer interested in dating Kyle and she doesn’t think he considers their relationship serious. He indicates otherwise when he tries to get an explanation of why she was late meeting him at the Crashdown Festival. Liz blows him off then accidentally bumps into Topolsky and makes her drop the files she is carrying. While helping her pick up the files, Liz notices that one of them is for Michael. Liz goes to tell Michael about Topolsky’s interest, meeting his foster father Hank in the process, who appears to be drunk in the middle of the day.

The sheriff calls the FBI for an explanation of why an agent was assigned to observe his station but they hang up on him. The sheriff pulls the file with the photo of the silver hand print and removes a key attached to the file and hides it in the cap to his thermos, which he places in his desk drawer.

Michael tries to use the ploy of selling candy for charity to get inside the sheriff’s office but it doesn’t work so he tries to convince Max and Isabel to help him break in. Isabel points out she likes her life and doesn’t want to miss next Friday’s date because she is running from the law. Max is interested in Michael’s plan but eventually sides with Isabel.

The next day at school, Liz catches Topolsky in a geometry error, increasing her suspicions. Liz explains her suspicions to Max and when he sees Topolsky with the sheriff he becomes concerned.

Liz receives a note from Max to meet him in the 2nd floor eraser room. Maria does not think Liz should go because the eraser room is where the students go to make-out and it could be dangerous to kiss an alien. Liz says she doesn’t think that is why Max is asking her to meet him. It’s not, and Liz is obviously disappointed. Max has discovered that he can see into Topolsky’s office through the vent in the eraser room. While they are waiting for Topolsky to come to her office so they can spy on her, Liz questions Max some more about his past and learns that he does not know where they are from or what happened before they woke up in the pods as six year olds in 1989 and that they have always had human form. When Topolsky returns to her office, they overhear her tell someone that she is going to Michael’s home to find out about him.

Agent Stevens visits the sheriff and denies there is any blood on Liz’s uniform. However, he is there to confiscate all of the sheriff’s files on UFO and paranormal phenomena. Michael witnesses the files being removed.

That evening, Liz asks Maria to cover for her at the Crashdown and while there Alex confronts her and Maria about the rumors he’s heard about Liz being shot and Maria being run over by a car and why they keep talking about Czechoslovakians and why they keep changing the subjects of their conversations whenever he approaches them. Liz and Maria say they’ve been discussing their cramps but if Alex wants them to include him in the conversations they will be happy to oblige. Alex declines their offer.

Michael tells Max about the files being removed and that they need to act now. Max doesn’t want to do anything that will jeopardize his life in Roswell any further. He tells Michael about Topolsky and that he should not go home, he should go to Max’ and stay with Isabel. Max and Liz take off in the jeep and Kyle, seeing them, follows. They park outside Michael’s trailer park home and wait for Ms. Topolsky to show up. Liz wants to know how Michael’s life turned out so differently than Max and Isabel’s but Max does not explain. Ms. Topolsky arrives and knocks on Michael’s door. Liz drops her ring on the jeep floor near Max’ feet and bends down to pick it up. Seeing this from behind, Kyle thinks something sexual is going on and races up to them to intervene. The commotion he causes draws the attention of Ms. Topolsky and she sees Liz watching her.

Meanwhile, Michael decides to break into the sheriff’s office by using his powers to unlock the security bars on the 2nd story back window. Michael does not have control over the force of his powers and he nearly falls from the impact. Max brings Liz back to the Crashdown Café and runs into Isabel who tells him Michael never showed up. Max knows he must be at the sheriff’s station. When he and Isabel get to the station they see the sheriff returning. Isabel goes in to distract the sheriff by asking him to help her with a flat tire. Max goes around to the back of the station to find Michael. Michael has discovered that the file drawers have been emptied so he searches the sheriff’s desk drawers and finds the key. When he picks it up he receives a vision, a quick flash of a geodesic like structure. The force of the flash knocks Michael over and the noise causes the sheriff and Deputy Blackwood to run to the sheriff’s office. Max arrives, tells Michael the sheriff is back, re-locks the security bars and they jump into a dumpster below the window just as the sheriff and deputy arrive to find nothing amiss. Later, back in the jeep, Max and Isabel each hold the key but do not see anything.

The next day at school, Ms. Topolsky tells Liz she is not a substitute teacher but the new guidance counselor, that Michael is in danger of being expelled from school and as his friend she hopes Liz will convince him to come see her.

Liz’s voice-over is heard through the following scenes: “Ever since I found out about Max and Isabel and Michael, I’ve been thinking a lot about secrets. That for everyone who has a secret, there’s someone else who needs to know what that secret is (Sheriff Valenti discovers the key is missing from the thermos.) How, sometimes secrets keep people from feeling like they belong (The Evans family is enjoying a game of basketball in their driveway while Michael watches from a distance.) and sometimes secrets make you feel like you do belong (Max and Liz spying on Topolsky from the eraser room.) And now, even I, Liz Parker, the smallest of small town girls with the simplest of lives – even I have something to hide.”

#103 Monsters – Synopsis

Compiled by Joan Pickering

Isabel’s jeep breaks down and Maria, passing by, offers her a ride. Isabel makes herself comfortable by using her powers to fix Maria’s air conditioning and radio, which freaks out Maria. Maria asks Isabel if her mother knows that she and Max are “different”. Isabel’s response “You mean horrible disgusting creatures from outer space who sneak into your room at night and perform excruciating experiments?” shocks Maria to the point that she rear-ends Sheriff Valenti’s car.

Ms Topolsky announces to their class that she will be conducting interviews in her office over the next few days to discover their dreams for the future.

Maria tells Liz about rear-ending Valenti’s car and Isabel’s behavior. Liz says she will speak to Max about Isabel.

Topolsky begins her interviews by asking the students what their dream job would be and where they see themselves in ten years. She then continues with a relationship game, showing them pictures of children playing and asking which best describes them. Isabel says she never played well with others and Max says he would be the child behind the tree. Toplosky encourages him not to get stuck behind the tree and to get out into the world. In her notes, next to Max’ name, she writes “has secrets”.

Max runs into Liz and they discuss Isabel’s behavior with Maria.

At lunch, Max tries to convince Isabel to go easy on Maria but she thinks it’s a good idea to keep her frightened. Michael wants to discuss the key he found in Valenti’s office. He thinks it may belong to the corpse in the picture from 1959.

Topolsky, interviewing Liz, discovers that Liz likes to be in control of things and likes to plan her life, not take it as it comes.

At the Crashdown Café, Isabel comes in and Maria confesses to Liz that she’s afraid of her. Liz tries to convince her to get to know Isabel. Valenti comes in to get Maria’s insurance info. Maria is very nervous around him. Valenti notices and tells her he is there to protect her. From anything. Liz breaks up their conversation. Later, Max comes in when Maria is working alone. A customer leaves without her change and Max offers to return it to her. He follows the woman and her children into the UFO Center Museum. Milton, the owner, is conducting a tour and discussing sightings in the area. He is fielding questions and hears Max ask about 1959. Milton asks Max to come back tomorrow and he’ll show him something interesting.

That evening, Max and Isabel discuss the possibility that they may have parents waiting for them somewhere out there. Max thinks they should be searching for answers to their questions instead of cautiously waiting; that they are not moving forward, as if they were stuck, and he doesn’t want to be stuck anymore. Isabel is afraid and thinks they’ve gone too far already. She also does not think they should be trusting Liz and Maria. She decides to “visit” Maria in her dreams to see what she’s thinking. She does this by touching a picture of Maria. Maria is dreaming about working at the Crashdown Café. Max and Isabel are there and look like alien monsters to her but normal to Liz. The real Isabel speaks to Maria, telling her she is visiting her dream so they can talk. Isabel sees Michael dressed in a tuxedo and Maria explains she is less afraid when he’s dressed like that, then he turns into a monster, wrapping a tentacle around her neck. Maria screams for the sheriff. Isabel asks what she will tell the sheriff. Maria replies “You guys are disgusting horrible creatures from outer space.” The sheriff ignores her. Maria falls out of bed and wakes up.

Topolsky interviews Max about his past and any identity issues he may have due to his being adopted. She tells him that sometimes it’s hard to move forward with your future until you can figure out your past.

Max goes to the UFO Center to see what Milton has to show him. It’s a dead end, just a picture of Milton as a child in 1959, with a shadow in the background he thinks is an alien. Milton thinks Max is a true believer and offers him a job, letting him know that he would have access to Milton’s archive of information on all things extraterrestrial.

The next day at the Crashdown, Valenti comes in for breakfast. He asks Maria how her neck is after getting hit by a car at the Crashdown Festival and mentions she’s had a lot of accidents lately. He then asks her to come by his office tomorrow morning to talk. Isabel overhears their conversation.

In science class, Max asks Liz if Maria can be trusted not to say anything to Valenti. Liz assures him that Maria is very trustworthy, she will be fine tomorrow, Liz will make sure of it. Max emphasizes how important it is and Liz promises that everything will be fine.

Topolsky gives the students the results of their career placement computer profile. Isabel, who wants to be a supermodel, is surprised that the profile suggests she should be a care giver. Topolsky indicates it is because on her profile she put family first and craves stability and security. Topolsky tells her there is nothing wrong with being normal.

Liz and Maria rehearse what she will tell Valenti but Maria thinks the sheriff will see right through their story and maybe she should just tell him the truth.

Maria and Isabel meet at the repair shop to pick up their cars. They do not speak.

At school, Liz tells Max and Michael that she is not sure what Maria will tell Valenti. Liz apologizes to Max and says she never should have told Maria in the first place. Max says she trusted Maria and needed someone to talk to; it was only natural. When she asks why he told her he replies “It was only natural.”

At the sheriff’s office, Valenti tells Maria he thinks someone is controlling her through fear and reminds her that he is there to help her. He wants to know why Isabel makes her nervous and how well she knows Max and Isabel. She denies that Isabel makes her nervous and says she doesn’t know them well. He says they have something in common; he never got to know his father well either. He tells her his father, the former sheriff 40 years ago, believed in aliens and lost his job and family over it. That he would hate to see that happen to any other family in this town. That both he and she have seen things recently that made them question their own beliefs. Maria is so scared she’s crying. He asks her where Max and Isabel are from and she replies “A very nice family. And like you said, Sheriff, we wouldn’t want to destroy any other families in this town, would we?”

Isabel’s jeep has broken down and Maria pulls up to help her. She tells Isabel she lied for them because when she was so scared with Valenti she suddenly realized what it was like for them.

Maria and Isabel walk into school together and meet Liz, Max and Michael, while Liz’s voice-over states that what makes life more interesting is keeping yourself open, letting new people in, changing your mind and not being afraid of the unexpected.

#104 Leaving Normal – Synopsis

Compiled by Joan Pickering

Liz is writing in her journal “can life ever go back to normal.” Cut to the Crashdown Café where Liz and Maria are contending with an orthodontist convention. Liz tells Maria that her Grandma Claudia is coming for a visit. Maria is excited because she has been going through Grandma Claudia withdrawal. While serving customers who are asking to see her “wonderful overbite”, Liz notices Max come in and sit at a booth. Her voice-over states that part of her wants safety and to go back to how things were, and the other part of her wants to go into the unknown. As Liz takes Max’ order, two teenage boys, sitting at the counter, notice them and say “That’s him.” The Crashdown closes and Max leaves. While walking home he is met by four boys who block his way, tell him to “stay away from her” and proceed to beat him up.

Michael learns that Kyle’s friends beat up Max, whose face is a mass of cuts and bruises. Michael wants to retaliate but Max says no, that would just escalate things out of control, that people would talk and his involvement in the shooting at the Crashdown might come up again and they could get exposed. He warns Michael not to do anything to those guys and says he will stay away from Liz.

The next day at school, Liz asks Max what happened to his face and he tells her he fell, then brushes her off. Kyle reminds Liz that they are watching a video that evening. Michael “accidentally” bumps into one of Kyle’s friends that beat up Max and then surreptitiously watches as the guy starts itching and scratching all over as he’s trying to talk with a cheerleader.

Later, at the Crashdown, Liz and her father greet Grandma Claudia. Liz wants to know if she has finished writing her book but Claudia wants to know what’s happening with Liz. They go up to Liz’s bedroom and Liz tells her about Kyle, that he’s not her true love but they have a good time together. Claudia says everyone wants to find their soul mate but it’s nice to have someone to have fun with in the meantime. Liz implies that there might be someone else but it is very complicated. Claudia says if it’s not complicated then he’s probably not a soul mate. Maria comes in and reveals that Max is the mystery man in Liz’s life.

Max is working at the UFO Center when Isabel comes in to talk to him. She doesn’t believe his story of falling while playing basketball and wants to know what really happened. Max tells her about Kyle’s friends and that he has decided to stay away from Liz. Isabel wants to know why he hasn’t “healed” the cuts and bruises and he replies that they have to heal normally, everything has to be normal.

Liz and Kyle are returning from the video store when they see an ambulance outside the Crashdown. Claudia is being taken to the hospital. While waiting at the hospital, Liz phones Max and leaves a message on his answering machine. She tells him about her grandmother, that she’s not sure why she called, maybe just to hear his voice but that he shouldn’t come to the hospital because everyone is there. Max has been listening to the message as she’s leaving it. The doctor comes in to tell them that Claudia has had a stroke, she’s stabilized but that it’s still too early to predict the outcome. Max comes in. Liz is surprised and pleased that he came by. She introduces him to her parents. The moment becomes awkward and Max says he is there to see a cousin who was in an auto accident and leaves. Kyle, who is not pleased that Max came, confronts him in the parking lot. Kyle tells Max he appreciates that Max helped Liz calm down after the shooting at the Crashdown but he doesn’t appreciate it that Max is continuing to stay in the picture. He tells Max that he likes Liz a lot and doesn’t want Max around her. Max tells him he can see that and drives off. Later at home, Kyle tells his father that Liz’s grandmother had a stroke and that Liz seems to have someone else on her mind. Valenti guesses that it’s Max and warns Kyle to stay away from him.

At school the next day, Michael’s class is taking a test. One of Kyle’s friends turns in his paper just before Michael and Michael waves his hand over the guy’s paper and changes all his answers.

Liz meets Max at his locker and thanks him for coming to the hospital, apologizes that it was so awkward and says perhaps she shouldn’t have called him. He agrees that it was a mistake for her to call and reminds her they had an agreement. He walks away and into the boys’ room, punches the wall of one of the stalls, which falls on Michael who is inside. Michael points out that “Ghandi’s” frustration is due to the fact that he’s in love with a girl who is with another guy. He says he has something to show him that will cheer him up and brings him in view of Kyle’s locker. Kyle is unable to open his locker. Michael is pleased with his handiwork but Max is angry and drags Michael into an adjacent, empty classroom and demands to know what Michael is doing. Michael says helping out and Max says this is not helping and that he promised not to do anything. Michael says he promised not to hurt them. Max tells Michael he is putting them in danger and Michael reminds him that it was Max who put them in danger when he saved Liz. He pokes Max on the shoulder and says “You’re the one who screwed up.” Max overreacts, grabs Michael and shoves him against the wall saying he’d save Liz again right now; then he realizes he’s pinning Michael against the wall and steps back. Michael says lets hope we can trust her and Max assures him they can. Michael looks Max in the eyes and says “Well I don’t trust anyone these days.”

Maria asks Liz why she is at school. Liz says her parents wanted her to take a break and they would page her if necessary. Liz tells Maria that she thinks Max is avoiding her. Maria reminds her they had agreed to stay apart but Liz says his tone with her was more like he was treating her as an enemy. Liz says she will see Maria at work and Maria insists that Liz go to the hospital – she and Agnes can handle the orthodontists alone. Cut to the Crashdown where Agnes is no help and Maria is unable to handle things alone. Maria sees Isabel and, in desperation, asks her to help wait tables. Isabel thinks Maria must be joking and tells her that she is not service oriented. Maria hopes to elicit sympathy by saying she’d be doing it for Liz whose grandmother is in the hospital. Isabel says “Since you put it that way, no.”

At the hospital, Jeffrey and Nancy are regaling Liz with one of Claudia’s heroic exploits that made national news when they hear over the speakers that she’s gone code blue.

At school, maintenance opens Kyle’s locker and Kyle discovers it was melted shut.

Isabel walks into Max’ bedroom dressed in a Crashdown Café waitress uniform; Max says “No way!” and then realizes she’s covering for Liz. She tells him Liz’s grandmother is not doing well and perhaps he should talk to Liz; that since Liz called him from the hospital she obviously needed his support in this and that if something similar happened to one of their grandparents she wouldn’t want to be kept away from someone she needed.

At the Crashdown, Isabel uses her powers to cook underdone burgers and reheat coffee. Maria really appreciates her help. Isabel’s friends remind her that “image is everything” and if she’s seen doing this they will all suffer. She tells them to “chill out”.

Liz visits Max at home. She tells him that the reason she called him from the hospital was that she was listening to her heart, not logic and her heart told her he was the one person in the world she really wanted to talk to. Then she says she’s really sorry for asking, but could he use his powers to help her grandmother. He tells her he’s not capable of healing Claudia’s illness, that he’s not God.

The next day at school, Kyle learns from his friends that they beat up Max. He is very angry with them. That evening, at the hospital, Kyle apologizes to Liz for his friends beating up Max and swears he had nothing to do with it. Liz is very angry when she learns how Max really got hurt. Kyle thinks she and Max are together. She denies it but says they are not together either. Kyle warns her that Max is trouble and his father is watching him. Liz goes back to her grandmother and suggests to her parents that they take a break and get some air. Max comes to her grandmother’s room. He says he can’t stop what’s happening but maybe he can help her say goodbye. He touches Claudia and she has an out-of-body experience; both Max and Liz can see her. Liz tells her how much she means to her. Claudia asks Liz to promise her to “always follow your heart, no matter where it takes you.” Liz agrees. Claudia’s heart monitor flat lines and she is gone. Max drives Liz home. Crying, Liz thanks Max, says goodnight and turns to go into the Cafe. Then she turns back and they embrace as Liz’s voice-over says “the difficult part is, when you follow your heart, you leave normal; you go into the unknown and once you do, you can never go back.”

#105 Missing – Synopsis

Compiled by Joan Pickering

Liz is walking home and thinking how familiar surroundings can suddenly seem strange and ominous and you start wondering if maybe it’s you that’s changed but then something happens to make you rethink the whole thing. Liz gets home and discovers her journal is missing. She goes to Maria’s house and tells her that the journal is missing and that she wrote everything in that journal, including everything about Max.

Michael wakes up suddenly and starts to draw. He wakes up Max by knocking on his bedroom window, tells him he dreamt of the vision he saw when he held the key he found in Valenti’s office (which he hasn’t been able to remember) and shows Max his drawing – it looks like a semi-circle. Max isn’t pleased that he was awakened at 3:00 in the morning because Michael is dreaming of semi-circles but he tries to be patient as he can see that Michael is very excited about this. Max suggests they discuss it in the morning and Michael stays over.

At school, Maria suggests to Liz that they reconstruct the crime of her missing journal; who has motive and opportunity. Liz does not want to think that anyone took the journal but admits that Alex was alone in her room when they were studying together. Alex becomes Maria’s number one suspect. He has a motive because they have been so secretive around him lately and now she knows he had an opportunity. Liz wonders aloud to Maria how she is going to tell Max. Maria suggests “over drinks.”

Max is at a vending machine that won’t give him the product he bought so he uses his powers to “loosen” it and a veritable feast drops down. Liz comes up and asks him if he’s hungry. She wants to know if she can ask him something. He says “Sure, but I have to be honest with you Liz, at this point, I don’t think I have any more secrets left.” Michael rudely interrupts and Liz leaves. Max reminds Michael that he said he would be nicer to Liz and Michael reminds Max that he said he would stay away from Liz.

Liz is in a dark, empty classroom thinking. Ms Topolsky finds her, wants to know if something is wrong and assures Liz she can talk to her as a friend. Liz tells her everything is great.

Maria asks Alex if he had anything to do with the missing journal. Alex is very hurt that they would think he would do such a thing. Later Topolsky sees him hitting his locker in anger and asks him to come to her office to talk. She learns that Liz’s journal is missing and she calls “control” for back-up.

Michael shows up for art class, surprising his teacher who hasn’t seen him in over a week. Michael starts to draw his vision.

At the UFO Center, Milton finds Max going through his library and recommends he read James Atherton’s “Among Us”. Liz drops by and asks if she can talk to him privately. She tells him about the missing journal and he is concerned but agrees when she asks for one more day to find it.

At home, Liz is thoroughly searching the living room when her mother comes in and mentions that Alex called, adding “although I’m quite sure that you are in no great rush to speak with him.” Liz, not remembering telling her mother about not talking to Alex lately, becomes suspicious, thinking perhaps she has the journal and starts to cross exam her mother. Nancy is confused by Liz’s behavior, Liz apologizes and her mother goes out.

At the Crashdown, Max is engrossed in Atherton’s book but ridicules it’s contents. Michael is drawing his vision and Isabel is upset that he’s doing it in public. She tries to get Max to agree with her but he just tells Michael it’s getting pretty good. Kyle comes up to Max and tells him “I’m on to you.” Max goes upstairs to Liz’s to tell her he thinks Kyle has the journal. She tells him Kyle couldn’t have the journal because he hasn’t been to her house in over a week and, since he thinks Max is responsible for their break-up, he was probably referring to that. Nancy returns and Liz pulls Max into her bedroom so her mother doesn’t see him. Max picks up one of her CDs and gets a flash of Kyle; he tells Liz Kyle was there.

Michael is alone in the art room working on his painting. It’s starting to take shape and has a geodesic look to it. When Michael doesn’t like a paint stroke, he waves his hand and removes it with his powers.

Kyle is playing basketball with some friends and Liz comes by. She thanks him for the CD, he tells her her father let him in. Liz starts to quiz him to see if perhaps he took the journal. He tells her he has no secrets from her but wants to know what she’s so afraid of him finding out and does it have anything to do with Max and the shooting at the Crashdown. Liz now thinks Kyle has the journal.

Michael’s painting is on display for the whole school to see. Isabel is very upset. Since they do not know what this painting represents, they may be inadvertently revealing a secret to others. Michael is just very proud of his accomplishment and the fact that his teacher told him it’s the best thing to come out of his class all year. He’s hurt that Isabel and Max are not more supportive.

Topolsky meets with two agents and tells them about Liz’s missing journal and that she thinks it will contain proof of alien contact. She tells the agents she thinks she knows where the journal is because Liz is having trouble with her boyfriend.

That evening Liz and Max go to Kyle’s house to investigate. The lights are off but they find the front door ajar and it seems as if no one is home. They go to Kyle’s room; they do not see a shadowy figure in the hallway. They search Kyle’s room but do not find the journal. Max thinks he sees movement outside Kyle’s room and goes to investigate, just as Kyle pulls up in his car. Max and Liz run out the back but do not see the shadowy figure hiding in the bushes.

In art class, Michael is drawing his favorite subject. His teacher tries to encourage him to draw something else besides geodesic domes. Michael asks him what a geodesic dome is and the teacher explains that it’s a type of house – post modern architecture. His teacher tells him that an artist of his talent should try to draw other things and suggests the nude statue the other students are working on. Michael draws a stick figure and his teacher tells him to stick with the dome.

Max tells Michael and Isabel about the missing journal. That evening Michael goes to the Crashdown after closing. Liz is there alone. He tells her Max told him what happened and he wants her to know that it wasn’t smart for her to write all that down. She says she knows and he tells her he knew it a week ago when he saw her writing in it at the Crashdown. He had to know who his friends were and what the risk was so he had to know what was in the journal. He returns the journal and tells her “It’s nice to know we have at least one friend in this town.” He asks her not to tell Max that he had the journal. She asks him why he didn’t destroy the journal “because anyone that found this would know all about you.” and he replies “No, they’d know all about you, Liz. Thank you for giving me one more reason to envy Max Evans.” He advises her to get better locks for her window and leaves.

Liz drops by the UFO Center to tell Max that a “good friend” found the journal at the Crashdown and returned it. Liz tries to explain why she wrote about him in her journal; that she had to find a way to put into words the way he touched her. He asks if he can see what she wrote but she doesn’t think it’s a good idea and he realizes it’s because then he’d know how she really sees him.

At lunch, Isabel asks Max why he is still reading Atherton’s book and he replies that it is a “guilty pleasure.” She wants to know why he’s in such a good mood and he the tells her and Michael that a good friend returned Liz’s journal; Michael smiles. Isabel starts flipping through Atherton’s book and notices, and points out to Max and Michael, a picture of Michael’s dome on the back flap of the book cover.

Liz is writing in her journal that she use to wish for a more interesting life but now she knows that the bigger her world gets the bigger her problems get. She then hides her journal behind a brick in her bedroom wall.

#106 285 South & #107 River Dog – Synopsis

Compiled by Joan Pickering

It’s nighttime. Michael breaks into the UFO Center to access Milton’s computer files on James Atherton. As he prints out, and collects the information, which includes Atherton’s address, Michael is startled to discover that Milton is asleep at his desk in the printer room. An alarm on the printer goes off, waking Milton, who demands to know what Michael wants. Michael says “nothing…it’s all just one big mistake”, backs up, then turns to run down the stairs but his path is blocked by Deputy Blackwood, gun drawn.

At school the next day in history class, the teacher explains that everyone has secrets and exposing those secrets is the job of the historian. The class must find out the secrets of an assigned classmate by having them answer survey questions, which, unbeknownst to the class, have been provided by Ms. Topolsky. Topolsky also is responsible for pairing Liz with Isabel, Maria with Michael and Max with Kyle.

After class a school administrator tells Max he has a phone call in the office. Later Max arrives at the sheriff’s station to discover that Michael broke into the Center and claims he invaded the premises of the Center at Max’ request. Max lies for Michael and says he leant Michael his keys to get some research for class. Michael says he lost the keys so he sneaked in; he was just doing Max “a favor”. Max says he will work off any damages and asks Milton not to press charges. Milton reluctantly agrees so the deputy releases Michael. In private, Max says to Michael “Don’t do me anymore favors.” The deputy gives Sheriff Valenti a copy of the information Michael took from the Center.

At school, Michael says they have to go now to Atherton’s dome in Marathon, TX. Max thinks they should wait but Michael says he’s connected with this, it’s not letting him wait. He asks Max for the keys to the jeep without success and leaves upset. Max says to Isabel that he won’t get far without a car.

Maria sees Michael and stops him to tell him about their assignment and starts asking him the questions. Michael is not interested until he learns that Maria has her mother’s car with her to make a customer delivery for her mother. Michael agrees to answer Maria’s questions if she’ll drive him to the highway.

Kyle and Max, and Liz and Isabel, are going over the questions at the Crashdown. Liz is concerned how Max and Kyle are getting along so she brings a bottle of ketchup to their booth as an excuse. Kyle asks Max question #8 “Have you ever been in love?” Liz is visibly crestfallen when Max answers no.

Maria stops at the Lift Off Gas Station to make her delivery. She is upset with Michael for not answering the questions honestly saying “You do not watch The View!” She gets out of the car and while she’s talking with her mother’s customer, Michael gets out, climbs into the driver’s seat and starts to take off. Maria sees this and runs in front of the car to stop him, gets in on the passenger side and yells at him for stealing her car. He tells her he’s only borrowing it and to get out. She tells him that if anything happens to this car, life as she knows it will be over, so wherever it goes, she goes. He says fine and they take off with Maria exclaiming that she’s being abducted. They turn onto the 285 South highway.

At the Crashdown, Liz gets a call on her cell phone. It’s Maria but she sounds strange. Cut to Maria’s car where she secretly called Liz on her cell phone and is trying to tell Liz what has happened and where she is without letting Michael know she is talking to Liz and not him. Michael gets suspicious, finds the phone and throws it out the window but not before Liz has learned that Maria is nervous about being in a car alone with Michael, heading south on the 285. Isabel overhears the conversation and tells Max they have to go. Kyle follows them out to their jeep. Isabel tells Max that Michael found a car, Maria’s, and that they are on the 285 South. They get in their jeep to follow and Liz insists on joining them. Max is reluctant at first but when Kyle comes up, asking what’s going on, he tells Liz to get in and they take off, but not before Max notices the man parked next to them. When they leave, the man gets on his cell phone and tells Topolsky that they just left. She tells him to follow them. Topolsky sends an encrypted message about “tension in the ranks” and waiting for them to “slip up” over her computer to a “Special Investigations Unit.”

In Maria’s car, Maria has learned they are headed to Marathon, TX (3 hours away), so she adds crossing the state line with a minor to the list of offenses for which Michael could be arrested, along with kidnapping, stealing her mother’s car and vandalism of personal property (her cell phone). She then reminds him that she told him not to drive the car over 80 mph because it couldn’t handle it. She asks him what’s so important in Marathon and he starts to tell her she wouldn’t understand, it could be the most important day of his life but he’s unable to finish because a highway patrol car is behind them, sirens blaring. Michael pulls over. Maria tells him he has 20 seconds to explain why this could be the most important day of his life. He shows her the information on Atherton and tells her that if he doesn’t get there quickly, the only link they have to their past could be gone. The highway patrol officer comes up to Michael’s window and tells him he was going 94 and asks where he is going in such a hurry. Maria tells the officer that she has to pee badly and he was just driving fast to get her to a restroom quickly. Michael is amazed and relieved by the story Maria concocts and that the officer only issues him a citation.

Sheriff Valenti comes home to find Kyle making phone calls to the Parker, Evans and DeLuca homes to find Liz. Kyle tells his father about Max , Isabel and Liz leaving so suddenly, that they are not home and have lied to their parents and he thinks something weird is going on. His father asks him if he knows where they went. Kyle hesitates, then says no. Kyle wants to know what his father knows about Max. The sheriff says they’ll talk about it later and heads back to his office.

That evening, at a convenience store, Liz brings coffee to Isabel and it spills all over both of them. Isabel uses her powers to remove the coffee from her clothes but leaves Liz dripping. Liz senses Isabel’s underlying resentment and tells her she is not trying to take Max away from her. Isabel says she knows. Liz asks her, if they find something in Marathon, would Isabel take Max away from her. Isabel answers by using her powers to remove the coffee from Liz’s sweater. Liz thanks her. Max comes out of the store and sees the agent has followed them and he uses his powers to flatten the guys tires.

Maria’s car develops problems and they have to pull off the road. Maria tells Michael to use his powers to fix the car and he has to admit to her that he’s not very good at it. He tries anyway and is frustrated and humiliated when he fries the battery. They broke down in front of a motel so decide to spend the night.

Liz receives a call from Kyle on her cell phone. He’s in his car at the 285 south entrance and is just checking to see if Liz will lie to him about her whereabouts. She does and he gets on the 285 south.

At his office, the sheriff learns from highway patrol that Michael received a traffic citation on the 285 south. He checks his map and sees that the 285 south leads to Marathon, TX.

Maria and Michael check into their room, which Maria describes as the “porno version of Aladdin”. Michael gets some food from the vending machine and Maria asks him if he gets any other “urges” besides hunger. He tells her “Not if you were the last woman on Earth.” Maria decides to continue with the survey. She learns that he can quote James Joyce’s Ulysses and that they have something in common – that they both believe there is a better life waiting for them outside of Roswell, NM. They decide to get some sleep. Michael indicates the bed and says “I don’t suppose we could share.” and Maria replies “Not if you were the last alien on Earth.”

Stopped in traffic from an accident up ahead, Isabel flirts with a highway patrol officer and Max apologizes to Liz for Michael and Isabel’s behavior, pointing out that they are not all the same. He also tells her it feels like his life didn’t even start until he told her the truth. Isabel comes back to the jeep and says the roadblock will be lifted in an hour, then she notices Maria’s car parked near the motel. Isabel uses her powers to unlock the motel door. Maria, startled awake, falls off the bed and on top of Michael, who was sleeping on the floor, causing Liz to momentarily think she’s intruding on a tryst rather then rescuing her friend. Michael asks Max if he is there to be supportive and Max replies that he is there to “clean up your mess as usual.” Kyle walks in on them. Michael tells him to get out and when he doesn’t he grabs Kyle and sends him flying across the room. Michael’s surprising strength causes Kyle to be even more suspicious. He tries to convince Liz to leave but he leaves without her when she convinces him she does not appreciate his heroic efforts. She then demands that Max tell her and Maria the whole truth of what’s going on and when he does she suggests they get going and they continue their journey to the dome. Michael tries the key in the front door but it doesn’t work. Max uses his powers to open the door. Inside it is obvious the place was abandoned years ago. With Maria’s encouragement, Michael holds the key again to see if he can get another vision and he sees a hidden room. They search for an entry and Michael finds a lock hidden behind a stone in the wall. The key works this time and opens a trapdoor in the floor. They go downstairs, closing the trapdoor behind them and find an office filled with papers, maps and pictures. They hear footsteps above them. Cut to the sheriff entering the dome home. The sheriff is looking around when he is struck from behind by Topolsky. The kids hear someone hit the floor. (End of 285 South episode and beginning of River Dog episode.) As they listen to footsteps up above, Michael starts searching through the papers in the office to find something that will help them discover their past. Up above, Topolsky has found the lock that releases the trapdoor and starts to pick it. Valenti comes to and sees Topolsky then pretends he’s still unconscious. In the basement, Liz discovers another exit, just as the trapdoor is released. The kids grab as much of the paperwork as they can and put it in a box. Isabel notices a broken necklace pendant with a symbol on it and grabs it too. They all scramble out the tunnel exit. Topolsky comes downstairs and emerges from the tunnel exit in time to see the kids drive off in their jeep.

They pick up Maria’s car and Michael drives her home. Maria mentions that she hadn’t realized before how many sides Michael has to his personality. Michael says whatever happened between them the day before is over now.

At home, Isabel finds a photo of a symbol she and Max drew in the sand at the beach when they were children – it’s the same as on the necklace she found.

At school, Maria tells Liz that she finds Michael interesting and that he communicates to her by “sending vibes out into the atmosphere.” She then tells Liz that Michael said they’d pick her up after school to go through the files and she’ll see Liz there. Liz seems surprised but says she’ll be there. Liz then goes to talk to Kyle to make sure he won’t tell anyone about last night. He tells her he won’t tell anyone anything “until I have something on him that will destroy him.”

Topolsky is on the phone with her supervisor, Agent Stevens, regarding her assignment to “covertly observe the subjects to determine whether or not the theories about them are substantiated.” Agent Stevens is angry that Topolsky knocked out the sheriff. He demands that she retrieve what the kids took from the house and he wants to know what they are doing at all times.

Valenti visits Milton at the UFO Center and learns that Atherton disappeared in 1959. Back at his office, he compares a photo of the corpse with the silver hand print (which he had hidden under his desk drawer) to Atherton’s picture on his book cover – they match.

Driving home from school, Michael tells Max and Isabel that he invited Maria to help with the files because he couldn’t help it; “she sends out these vibes.” Max says it has to be just the three of them and Michael is about to call Maria to cancel when they notice cop cars and a commotion in front of the Evans home. Max tells Michael to take off and he and Isabel learn from Valenti that their home has been burglarized. Max and Isabel head for his bedroom and discover the files are missing. However, Isabel is wearing the necklace, so it was not taken, and Deputy Blackwood recognizes the symbol as something he saw growing up on the Mesaliko Reservation, just outside town.

That evening, Michael is followed by the same agent as last night. When he meets Max, Isabel, Liz and Maria at the Crashdown, they go up to Liz’s living room to talk and he tells them about being followed. Max admits he saw the same guy the night before. Michael notices Isabel’s necklace for the first time and feels he’s seen the symbol before. Isabel tells them what the deputy told her. Michael wants to go to the reservation but Max says it’s too dangerous with someone following them.

The sheriff visits Topolsky to get her reaction when he mentions the break-in at the Evans home and that he “woke up with one hell of a headache.”

Liz visits Max, through his bedroom window, to tell him she’s going to the reservation and wants the necklace. Max tries to tell her no but she tells him she doesn’t need his permission and he relents.

That evening, she goes to the reservation and meets an elderly Native American who wants to know who else knows about the necklace and was she followed. He tells her the symbol on the necklace is dangerous – “it brings death.”

The next day at the Crashdown, a guy named Eddie brings Liz the bottom piece of the pendant from River Dog – it matches perfectly. He tells her to meet River Dog at 10:00 tonight at the reservation and to come alone.

To avoid being followed, Max and Liz pretend to go to the movies and go out the back, where Maria gives them her car. In the meantime, Michael and Isabel in the jeep act as a decoy so Topolsky will follow them and not Max and Liz. The sheriff pulls Topolsky over for blowing through 3 red lights, 2 stop signs and doing 70 in a 30 mph zone. He tells her she is a “walking, talking, moving violation” and that he could bring her in and do a background check to find out what she’s really up to or they could just have a nice conversation.

Max and Liz arrive at the reservation and meet Eddie, who is upset that Max is there but tells him if he passes the test, River Dog will answer his questions.

Maria, Michael and Isabel meet at the Crashdown to wait for Max and Liz. Michael helps himself to some cake and puts Tabasco sauce on it. Maria asks why they put Tabasco sauce on everything and Isabel says it’s a dietary quirk – they like things extremely sweet mixed with things extremely spicy. Maria and Michael are making eye contact and making little remarks to each other so Isabel accuses them of flirting and leaves saying “God, could my life get an worse!”

Eddie leads Max and Liz to a cave and leaves. When they go into the dark cave, someone grabs Liz and Max uses his powers to create a light to find Liz. River Dog tells him he passed the test.

At a bar, the sheriff tells Topolsky he knows she is FBI and that she is the one who knocked him out; he’s just giving her a heads up before notifying her superiors that her cover has been blown. She suggests they could work together by sharing information. He says he’ll think about it.

River Dog tells Max he knew someone like Max but hasn’t seen him for 40 years. The man was a loner but trusted Atherton and gave him his necklace; he also killed him. It was in November 1959. River Dog was too far away to see how it happened but when he reached them, Atherton was dead.

At the Crashdown, Maria is freaking out because Max and Liz are taking too long and she thinks they’re in trouble. She’s also upset with Michael because he’s not doing anything to calm her down. Michael gives her a tender, romantic kiss and tells her it was to help her calm down. She thanks him and they step apart.

River Dog shows Max and Liz a cave painting of symbols the man left. The man was afraid he was close to being found out and that they would kill him. He told River Dog some day someone would come but he made River Dog promise not to show the message to anyone who didn’t pass the test. No one else had come before Max. Max recognizes the symbols but can’t remember what they mean. Max asks River Dog if they can come again and River Dog replies that he has completed his promise, there’s nothing more he can tell, nothing more they can learn. He pulls Liz aside and says “Make sure he deserves your trust.” Max holds out his hand and says “Liz, let’s go.” She goes to him, takes his hand and they leave together.

#108 Blood Brother – Synopsis

Compiled by Joan Pickering

At school, Max tells Liz that their teacher for 4th period is out sick and asks her to skip class with him so he can show her something. They are driving on the old highway to Albuquerque in the jeep when a horse runs out on the road. Max swerves to avoid the horse and crashes the jeep in the brush. Liz is OK but Max is unconscious. Cut to Liz and Max in an ambulance going to the hospital. Back at school, Maria runs into Michael and asks him why he is avoiding her when her cell phone rings. It’s Liz, telling her about the accident. At the hospital, the doctor orders blood drawn for a trauma panel. At school, Agent Topolsky is notified of the accident, calls her operative and tells him to go to the hospital, “We might have an opportunity.” Michael and Isabel arrive at the hospital. The nurse drawing Max’ blood tells them they can’t stay so Michael charms her into letting them stay. When she leaves with the blood, he follows her. Liz asks Isabel what they’ve done before and Isabel says “Nothing like this has ever happened before. We don’t get sick.” Isabel tells her they need to find a guy so they can switch the blood. At school, Alex is talking with friends, trying to organize a garage band, when Maria pulls him away. In the lab room, the nurse leaves Max’ vial with others. Michael comes in, starts looking for the vial and hides when he hears someone coming in. It’s the FBI agent, dressed in hospital garb. He starts looking for the vial. Maria and Alex arrive at Max’ hospital room. Liz tells Alex she needs a huge favor, she needs his blood. The nurse returns to the lab room and asks the “medic” what he’s doing there. He says “Sorry” and leaves. Isabel draws Alex’ blood. The nurse in the lab room pulls out Max’ vial, places it on her desk and, while her back is turned, Michael comes out of his hiding place and pretends he’s just come in. As an excuse for being there, he asks “Susan” out on a date. She is flattered, replies he’s a little young for her and goes into an adjoining room to check something under a microscope. Liz sneaks up behind him and hands him the vial with Alex’ blood. While Susan is still using the microscope, Michael switches the vials, all the while telling her age doesn’t matter to him, etc. Susan tells him she appreciates the thought but she can’t do it and asks him to call her when he’s 18. He agrees and leaves with Max’ vial. The FBI agent sees him leave. Maria, Alex, Liz and Michael are in the waiting room. Liz suggests to Alex that he go home. He replies “Liz, what I just did I could get arrested for and that’s all you have to say to me?” Michael says “She said go home.” and Alex replies “Great new friends you’ve made, Liz.” then leaves. Liz follows and tells him to wait. He says “I’ve been waiting, Liz and apparently I’m not going to get an explanation.” Liz says “It’s complicated, OK?” and he replies “No, it’s not OK, none of this is OK.” He surmises that it’s about drugs, that Max was wasted when he had the accident and Michael is just as high so they couldn’t use his blood, so she calls him because he’s so loyal a friend he’ll do anything she says even when she lies to him and uses him. Liz lets him believe it’s drugs so she doesn’t have to tell him the truth. Alex, very disappointed in her, leaves. Isabel comes out to tell them Max is awake.

In Max’ room, the doctor tells Diane that Max is fine but he’d like to keep him overnight to run tests in the morning. Max assures his mother that he is fine and pleads with her to let him go home. The doctor and Diane relent when Max promises to take it easy and let them know if he feels any dizziness. The doctor leaves and the others come in. Max introduces his mother to Liz. Later, as everyone is leaving, Maria realizes she left her purse in Max’ room. Michael goes back for it and sees two FBI agents going through the trash and Max’ chart. He recognizes one of them as the guy that followed him to the Crashdown and the other as the one who was in the lab room. Later, in Max’ bedroom he tells Max and Isabel what he saw. Michael says they need to find out what they can about them, that he wants to know his enemy.

Topolsky has a clandestine meeting with the agent who posed as a medic, who tells her that the blood test came back normal but he thinks they switched samples with Alex’ blood.

At school the next day, Alex sits with Kyle for lunch and learns that Liz has been lying to him too. Kyle doesn’t believe that Liz didn’t let Alex in on “her little secret.”

At school, Liz tells Max how scared she was when he was hurt and he thanks her for her help. She tells him it was Alex that helped and sensing that she wants to tell Alex the truth, Max reminds her that they can’t but says that they have to tell him something. She tells him that she told Alex it was drugs and she thinks he believed her. Max apologizes for making her lie for him and she tells him “I guess these are the things you do when you feel a certain way about someone.”

in Maria’s car, Isabel, Michael and Maria follow one of the FBI agents to a motel, where they wait for him to come out again. When the agent leaves his motel room, Michael and Maria break into his room while Isabel acts as lookout in the car. Maria comments that this is the 2nd time he’s dragged her to a cheap motel and Michael replies “Well don’t spread it around, it will ruin my reputation.” Michael tells her they are looking for ID, something to tell them about this guy. He heads for the bathroom and she, not impressed by his detecting abilities, points out they would have better luck checking luggage tags, the phone message pad and the trash, rather than the guys toiletries. They have success in the trash, finding something with the name Moss and a phone number. Maria picks up the phone and dials the number. Topolsky answers by saying her name. Maria hangs up and says either Toplosky takes her job way too seriously or she’s not a guidance counselor.

At school, Topolsky comes up to Alex, who’s having lunch. While he’s not looking, she puts something in his drink. She starts asking him about Max and Liz interrupts. Topolsky asks Alex to stop by her office later and leaves. Liz starts to apologize, and tries to make sure he hasn’t told anyone, when Alex develops a nose bleed and leaves for the boys’ room. When his nose stops bleeding, he throws the tissue in the trash and leaves. Topolsky goes into the boys’ room and retrieves the tissue.

At the Crashdown, Michael tells Max and Isabel what happened at the motel and Maria tells Liz. Michael’s version makes it sound like he was the master detective, not Maria. They are all concerned about what Alex will say to Topolsky. Michael says “Stick a fork in us Maxwell, we’re done.”

At school, Alex goes to Toplosky’s office. She tells him she knows he switched blood for Max, that she wants to help him, that the sheriff won’t get involved and it won’t appear on his record. She wants to keep him safe from Max and asks him to write out a statement and sign it. When he hesitates, she tells him to think about who he’s protecting, “What friend would put you in a position like this?” She tells him she has friends who can help him. When he asks who they are she says “People you can trust, like me.” Alex leaves her office and goes to his locker where he meets Max. Max says they need to talk about what Alex did for him at the hospital. He tells Alex that he saved his life and Alex replies “Yeah, well, you screwed up mine.” He tells Max that if he’s there to threaten him into not talking he’s too late, Topolsky already knows. Max asks if he told her and Alex says that she told him and asked him to sign a confession. Max asks if he did and Alex avoids the question and says “Now you know what it’s like being in the dark, Max.” Max says “Alex, I’m trying to protect you.” and Alex replies “I didn’t know so many people cared.” and leaves. Liz comes by and slips a note in Alex’ locker. Later, Alex meets Liz at the Crashdown. She tells him she needs him to believe in her even though she can’t tell him what he wants to know. She tells him there is a right side and a wrong side and if he chooses the wrong side, something terrible will happen to all of them. She asks him to remember their 5 year friendship and trust her when she says she’s on the right side.

At school, Alex goes to see Toplosky. He tells her he’s worried about Liz and wants to know what her friends would do to Liz if he gives her what she wants. She says Liz would be questioned and that they would run medical tests to make sure she wasn’t harmed. Liz comes in and asks if she can speak to her in the hallway. She tells Topolsky that Alex has been acting paranoid and hurt since she’s made new friends. Meanwhile, Alex is at Topolsky’s computer trying to break into her e-mail files. Topolsky realizes that Liz is just stalling her and goes back to her office. When she opens the door, Alex turns the screen towards her and reveals the FBI seal. Topolsky says “If you think you’ve just helped yourself your wrong. This isn’t going to end just because you know who I am. I was on your side, I just hope your friend Max doesn’t end up in the wrong hands without me here.” She packs up her laptop and leaves. Alex tells Liz that she either tells him the truth or it’s the end of their friendship. Liz is devastated but tells him she can’t. Alex leaves.

#109 Heat Wave – Synopsis

Compiled by Joan Pickering

At the Crashdown, after closing, Maria is alone, sweeping the floor. There’s a heat wave and perspiration is glistening on her body. She looks up and sees Michael standing at the door. She unlocks the door and steps back to let him enter. When he does, he takes her in a torrid embrace, kissing her passionately. He picks her up and sits her on the counter, oblivious to items already there. Liz, who is upstairs, comes down to the Crashdown kitchen for a drink, where she sees Michael and Maria making out on the floor.

At school the next day, Michael and Maria are making out in the janitor’s closet. Liz runs into Kyle and his new girlfriend Vicky, who tells her about a party on Friday at the old soap factory. Sheriff Valenti questions Alex about Agent Topolsky. Liz sees Max and tells him she saw Valenti with Alex, that Kyle has a new girlfriend and about the party on Friday. She asks him if he’s noticed Michael acting different around Maria. Concerned, Max asks if there’s something going on between them. Liz says “No…would it be bad if there were?” Max says “Yes, I mean…I don’t know.” Amy is making a scene at the principal’s office because she was called in by Topolsky, who has supposedly “disappeared”. Valenti sees Amy, flirts with her and makes a joke about her staying out of jail. Liz sees Alex and tries to talk to him. He says “What do you want from me: More blood? A urine sample? How about my kidney?” She says she wants to be friends again and he says she’s only interested in protecting Max. He tells her he use to feel he could trust her with his life and now it feels as if he doesn’t even know her. She tells him she wants to tell him but it’s not her secret to tell and asks what he said to Valenti. He replies that it’s not his secret to tell.

In the girls’ room, Liz comments on Maria wearing a turtleneck when it’s 105° and then gives her some make-up to cover up the hickey. She tells her she saw the two of them at the Crashdown. In the boys’ room, Max asks Michael if there’s anything going on between him and Maria and he says just kissing. Max reminds him they agreed to discuss things before acting on any urges. Michael replies “Well, I hate to tell you this, Max, but when I have urges, you’re not exactly the first person I think about.” Max warns him not to let things spin out of control. Michael admits “It feels so wrong, but it feels so good.” In the girls’ room, Liz is trying to reason with Maria and asks if the two of them even talk. Maria says “Of course we talk.” Cut to Michael and Maria making out in the eraser room and Maria saying “Shouldn’t we like, talk or something.” While kissing each other on the neck, etc., they exchange pleasantries and then she asks him if he’s going to the soap factory party. He says he doesn’t know, “Friday’s like years from now.”

At the Crashdown, Amy is selling alien cocktail stirrers to Jeff. Valenti comes in. He apologizes to Amy for arresting her when she was 18 for protesting the destruction of a 200 year old piece of Native American architecture. He was just doing his job but he singled her out “Cuz you were cute.”

Liz and Isabel are outside painting their toenails. Liz asks her why she tends to keep things platonic with guys. Isabel asks her if she’s afraid to let someone in, to let them see who she really is. Liz says yes and Isabel says “Well, multiply that by about a million.” Isabel then uses her powers to change the clear nail polish to the blue of the Liz’s sandals, and says “At least we can do cool stuff like that.” She asks Liz whether she thinks Alex will “cave” and when Liz says she wishes she knew what was going on inside him, Isabel says “I’ll look into it.” Cut to Isabel preparing to visit Alex in his dreams. Alex is in a ballroom dressed in a tux, with his dream date – Isabel, who is in a red gown. Alex tells dream Isabel “I think that underneath that beautiful exterior is an even more beautiful interior. But I have a feeling that not too many people get to see that interior, do they? He tells her not to be afraid to show him the real Isabel. They dance elegantly. The real Isabel is touched by what she has seen and heard. The next morning, Max is angry at Isabel for invading Alex’ dream but wants to know what she learned. She tells Max that Alex is a complex individual and he asks her why she is blushing. She says it’s the heat and tells him she found out that, of all the people involved, she is the one who can control him, with “just a little old fashion charm.”

In the boys’ room, Michael tells Max that things are getting complicated with Maria. That she wants to have conversations, talk about his feelings and now wants to go to a party together. “Like suddenly, the eraser room’s not enough.” That she should know it can’t become public and all week long he’s had this weird feeling that he was going to hurt her. “That just being who I am is gonna hurt her.”

Max finds Liz in the biology lab trying to get two slugs to mate. Liz tells him she is hurt and wants to know why it’s OK for Michael and Maria to be together but not them. He tells her he’s afraid of it working out really well because he knows it’s not meant to be and he couldn’t bear for her to get hurt. She let’s him know she’s willing to take the risk and he’s about to kiss her when the teacher comes in and asks Liz how she is doing with her mating ritual. Liz responds through gritted teeth “I was doing just fine!”

Isabel sees Alex in the hallway, flirts with him and tells him to meet her at the party at 8:00. At the party, Liz is looking for Max and Maria for Michael. Alex sees Isabel and comments on her outfit; she is purposely wearing red. She suggests they find someplace to talk. One of the guys at the party starts hitting on Liz and Max rescues her. Liz says she was afraid he wasn’t coming and he says “I’ve been waiting for this a long time.” They head for the dance floor. Maria finds Michael and tells him she doesn’t understand why he’s avoiding her and that it hurts. He says “Sorry, I can’t get this involved. I’m alone and that’s the way it’s gotta be. Maybe we should’ve never started this.” Maria leaves to “get some air.” Isabel tells Alex that she likes that he’s not like the guys who try to maul her, that she thinks she knows how he feels, that she can trust him, that they all can trust him. He realizes she just wants to know what he said to Valenti and gets angry, saying he was such a fool for believing she would actually be interested in him, then walks off. The hook ups for the music are overloading the circuits and we see smoke.

Amy and Valenti are having dinner together. She’s telling him how she and Maria aren’t as close as they use to be, that Maria use to tell her every detail of her life but now she’s so guarded. That Maria and Alex use to be so close but now they hardly speak. Valenti is interested in the Alex situation but his questions are interrupted by a phone call about a disturbance across town, which requires his attention.

Liz and Max go outside for some privacy. They are about to kiss when Kyle spots them and asks if they are enjoying the party. Sirens are heard and then fire trucks and police cars arrive. Max and Liz go back in to find the others. Liz runs into Alex and tells him they have to leave. One of the organizers of the party hands them liquor bottles. Valenti sees them and places Liz, Alex and the organizers under arrest. In their cell, Liz tries to apologize to Alex but he’s not interested in talking to her. The party organizers are released when their parents come and Valenti tells Liz and Alex their parents agreed with him. “Some time in jail might make the two of you remember what your priorities are.” He then adds “Or maybe even just one of you.” and leaves them alone. Liz tells Alex they need to get their stories straight. Alex shouts back, “I’m now in jail! I’m through lying!” Outside, Max and Isabel overhear the organizers tell their parents that the others weren’t released. Isabel thinks they’re screwed and that they should have told Alex. Back in the cell, Alex tells Liz he’s done protecting her or anyone she associates with and he’s going to tell Valenti everything he knows. Liz realizes she has to tell him the truth. She tells him that Max, Isabel and Michael are different and not from around here. She points upward when he asks where they’re from and he thinks she means they are illegal aliens from Canada, so she tells him about the 1947 crash, the incubation pods, that they are under suspicion by the FBI, that Valenti knows she’s involved and she’s sorry but now he is too. She tells him it’s been torture not being able to tell him and promises never to lie to him again. Valenti comes to talk to Alex and asks him about his involvement with Max, Isabel and Michael and what happened to Topolsky. Alex asks him what a 16 year old sophomore in high school could possibly have to do with Topolsky leaving. He tells him he knows they are not being held because of the party and says “I want out of here, right now. I demand it or I’m going to get a lawyer and I’m going to sue for abusive treatment or a minor. I may be 16, but I know my rights.” Valenti releases them. Liz asks Alex how he feels about what she told him. He says he’d like some of the hallucinogens she’s been taking, that he doesn’t believe in aliens but he believes that she believes.

Max visits Liz on her balcony. He fears that just knowing him has screwed up her life. She tells him it’s just the opposite and he thanks her. He tells her that he better go because if he doesn’t things will change. He’ll have to touch her hair and tell her that no matter what they go through it’s all worthwhile for him because they’re together. And then I’d have to do this.” and he kisses her passionately.

#110 The Balance – Synopsis

Compiled by Joan Pickering

At the Crashdown, Liz is euphoric and having a great day, Maria is not. Max and Michael come in. Michael doesn’t want to be there because he and Maria broke up, at least he thinks they did, however he’s not sure, “it’s confusing.” The girls bring over some drinks, Liz says to Max “It’s on the house” and Maria says to Michael “Yours is $1.25.” That ends the confusion so Michael gets up to leave and accidentally spills his drink and knocks Max’ books to the floor. When he picks up the books he finds a drawing Max made of the cave painting River Dog showed him. Michael wants to know what he’s hiding from him. Later, Alex sees Maria sticking toothpicks into an alien doll and says “Anyone I know?” He still doesn’t quite believe what he’s learned about the aliens and asks Maria why she believes. She tells him Max, dissolving the bullet and healing Liz, made her a believer so he decides to speak to Isabel to learn more.

At home, Max tells Isabel and Michael that he drew the symbols from memory, based on what he saw on the cave wall. He didn’t tell them about it because the FBI was following them and he was afraid Michael would do something rash. Max asks Michael to leave it alone for now, they’ll talk more about it when he gets back, then leaves to take Liz out for Chinese food. Michael ignores Max and goes to the reservation, meets Eddie and tells him he’s looking for River Dog. Eddie tells him River Dog is involved in a sacred ritual, a sweat, an “intense spiritual cleansing” and leads him to the tent.

At the Crashdown, Alex asks Isabel to explain how they have human form and what their purpose is on Earth. Isabel responds “To wipe out the world, one annoying teenager at a time.” She tells him they came out of the pods in human form, they have emotions, feel pain and have more questions about themselves then he does. They are just as human as he is except that they can manipulate the molecular structure of things and demonstrates it by changing ketchup in a bottle to mustard. She shows Alex the drawing Max made from the cave painting and tells him it’s the closest connection they’ve ever had with their home.

At the sweat, several Native Americans are chanting, sitting around a fire, shirtless. Eddie and Michael remove their shirts and sit in the circle. Eddie tells him not to talk, just follow the chant. River Dog drinks from a bowl and passes it around the circle for each participant to do likewise, including Michael. He throws something on the fire causing sparks to fly and Michael to have a coughing fit so severe he has to leave the tent. Eddie says “I told you it was intense.” and Michael says “What the hell was that?”

At the Chinese restaurant, Liz and Max play pool, have dinner, and dance. Liz mentions her parents are on a camping trip to observe Venus in the morning sky. Max says “I thought she was right in front of me.” They are about to kiss when Maria interrupts to bring them back to the Crashdown, where Michael is lying on the floor, his head in Isabel’s lap. He looks feverish and Isabel is very concerned. Cut to the back room of the Café, where Michael has recovered, he insists he’s fine and he, Max, Isabel and Alex leave. Maria and Liz go up to Liz’s bedroom and over ice cream, Liz admits to Maria that she and Max kissed the other night. Maria wants to compare notes and going first says “It was explosive. Like every cell in my body found the same cell in his and started heating up.” Liz agrees and says she got dizzy and Maria says she gets dizzy just thinking about it. Liz says she didn’t have any of those feelings with Kyle and Maria says “Doug Sohn in the 8th grade, amateur. Michael is the real thing.” Liz wonders if they are feeling this way because of their non-human status and Maria wonders if they’ve ruined it for them with anyone else, especially since now, Michael wants no part of her life. Liz says he’ll change his mind but Maria doesn’t think so and it’s just as well because she doesn’t think a human/alien relationship will ever work and warns Liz not to get too involved. She refers to herself as “Teflon” and says Michael can’t hurt her but Liz and Max have the whole “look into my eyes, soul mate thing” so she’s more concerned for her.

The next day, Alex shows Isabel an exhibit at the UFO Center that has symbols similar to the ones she showed him last night. Isabel dismisses it as a hoax. Alex commits a faux pas by mentioning her home planet within hearing of others, causing Milton to berate him for joking about his beloved UFOs and Isabel to berate him for being so careless. There is a commotion elsewhere in the Center. Isabel, Alex, Max and Milton all rush over. Michael is on the floor, burning up, shivering and asking for Max. Max kneels down and sees that Michael’s eyes have turned completely white. He puts sunglasses on him, explains to Milton that it’s just a migraine and he, Isabel and Alex bring Michael to the Crashdown, through the back. Maria asks what’s wrong with him and Isabel says they don’t know, nothing like this has ever happened before. They bring him up to Liz’s bedroom. His temperature is 112°. Maria gets ice and towels to cool him down. Michael starts to chant then says “River Dog”. Max and Liz go to the reservation. Eddie tells them River Dog is angry at them for telling someone what they found there, that River Dog tested him and he failed the test. Max wants to know what River Dog did to Michael. He says “I want answers before my friend dies.” Eddie tells them he’s is not there so they decide to wait for him. Max tells Liz about how they all met in the desert the night they came out of the pods. He and Isabel met first; they communicated without speaking and they felt Michael’s presence. Michael was afraid to approach them at first so he just watched. When he revealed himself, he was standing on a rock “Just like you’d expect from Michael – here I am, deal with me.” He told them that trusting them was the hardest thing he ever had to do. They all saw the headlights; Isabel took Max’ hand and Max held out his other to Michael but he wouldn’t take it. They didn’t see him again for 3 years. Max wonders if what’s happening to Michael could ever happen to him. “What if it’s just our life cycle. That maybe this is how we die.”

At Liz’s, Isabel and Maria argue about Michael’s care and Isabel screams at Maria and Alex to leave; that Michael needs her, not strangers. Later, Maria brings her something to eat, with a bottle of Tabasco sauce, and tells Isabel she cares about Michael too. Michael goes into convulsions and Isabel tells Maria to get Alex. When the convulsions stop they give him some water and Michael starts having a vision. It’s daytime; he’s standing in the desert and the symbols from the cave painting are all around him in the sand. He looks up into a night sky and sees a V shaped constellation. He looks down and it’s daytime again. He’s standing on a rock, looking down into a crevice and sees a body covered in cobwebbing.

At the reservation, River Dog comes up to Max and Liz and tells them to bring Michael there “they may not have much time. They go back to Liz’s and discover that Michael’s body is covered in cobwebbing. At the cave, Michael has been placed in the center of a circle and the five of them are directed to stand at the end of each line that leads to the center. River Dog tells them about the man who referred to himself as a visitor, which in River Dog’s language is Nasedo, so that’s what he called him. He participated in a sweat and his reaction was the same as Michael’s only much quicker, which is why River Dog thought Michael was not another visitor. River Dog, who was only a boy, followed Nasedo to the cave and found him dying. Nasedo had to trust him with his secret so that River Dog could heal him. River Dog gives each of them a crystal like stone and tells them the stones are from Nasedo’s home and they carry an energy inside them, the same as in Nasedo’s body; “He called it The Balance” and that the heat from the sweat disrupted it in some way. Nasedo told him to hold the stones until his own energy activated them and the balance would be restored but warned him there was a risk. “The balance can pull you in; it’s a force that can change both your body and your mind unless you navigate it properly.” He tells them to clear their minds and gives them a bowl of water that they each should drink from to begin the connection. When he reaches Liz he tells her he senses her fear, not of the healing, but for someone she cares for deeply. River Dog asks her to step back. He starts the chant and they all join in. The stones start to glow. Michael has a vision. He’s in the desert, standing in the center of a circle with 5 spokes. At the end of each spoke are his friends. Alex steps forward and shakes his hand, Maria kisses him, Isabel hugs him, Max approaches, sees Liz enter the circle and smiles. Michael is on the rock looking at the body in cobwebs and sees that it’s himself. Then it’s Isabel and Max on the rock looking down at him. They all switch back and forth between being 16 and 6. Max reaches out his hand towards Michael, who breaks the webbing apart and reaches up. Their hands meet and Max pulls him up. The three of them walk off, hand-in-hand. The vision ends and Michael breaks free from the webbing and says “I went someplace, Max and I saw things.” Isabel hugs him. He thanks Max and says “No more running, no matter what.” He asks them all to give him the stones, goes to the cave painting and places the stones in holes in the wall. The stones light up and display the same V formation as the constellation. He says “It’s a map.”

Max visits Liz on her balcony and tells her that he can’t keep pretending that he’s normal and says “We don’t belong together.” Liz is devastated. He says “Ever since we kissed, I’ve been off balance. He tells her they need to take a step back to find their balance again. Liz kisses him goodbye.

#111 The Toyhouse – Synopsis

Compiled by Joan Pickering

Max and Diane are in the kitchen; he’s teasing her about going wild adding garlic to the meal she is preparing; she is quizzing him about his lab partner Liz. Diane unknowingly tips over a bottle of vegetable oil. The oil travels across the range top towards the open flame and then the entire cooking surface bursts into flames, shooting towards the ceiling. Diane falls back and Max uses his powers to extinguish the flames, then throws a pot of water on the debris to hide his actions. Diane did not have a full view of what Max did. The security system alerts the fire department and Sheriff Valenti, who is skeptical that Max put out the fire with one pot of water. Later, Max tells Isabel he doesn’t think their mom saw anything but he thinks their mom may be Valenti’s next project. They also discuss his decision to back off his relationship with Liz. Isabel thinks it was a very good idea. Max is still trying to accept that he made the right decision. At the Crashdown Café, Liz tries, unsuccessfully, to convince Maria that she is OK with Max’ decision to cool their relationship.

At school, Michael learns about what Max did and tells him that she can’t find out, “adults are the enemy.”

At home, Diane is watching a video of Max and Isabel when they were six years old, chasing birds in the park. Diane starts asking Isabel about why Max is so secretive and if she’s ever noticed her brother do something she couldn’t explain. Isabel says no and leaves for the high school basketball game. At the game, Isabel pulls Max aside to tell him about their mother’s suspicious questions and that she thinks she was looking for something in the video. Isabel wants to tell her the truth. Michael interrupts and says no way and Max agrees with Michael. Liz distracts Kyle while he’s playing and he trips and breaks his ankle.

The sheriff visits Diane and brings up the shooting incident at the Crashdown and Max’ possible involvement, of which Diane is unaware, but he does not elaborate. He then gives her a pamphlet on household emergencies, says he highlighted the section on grease fires, and leaves.

At school, Michael is watching Maria trying to make a napkin holder for her woodworking class. It’s not going well and he comes over to give her some advice, which she doesn’t want. She continues to snap at him and he asks what he’s done to make her so mad and she explains it’s what he hasn’t done. That after all she went through to help him when he was so sick, he never even said thank you. He says “Thank you.” and she tells him it’s too late.

Liz, feeling responsible for Kyle’s injury, brings him a pie and study notes. He’s not friendly so she leaves.

That evening, Max is painting the burn marks on the ceiling. His mother tells him the pamphlet explains that water does not put out a grease fire, it makes it spread. She wants to know how he really put it out. Isabel interrupts their conversation and she and Max go out. Isabel tells him they have to tell their mother the truth, that he doesn’t understand how important it is to her to be honest with her mother. She feels that the truth will bring them closer together but Max disagrees. Isabel says “What are you saying, that if we tell Mom the truth about us, she won’t love us anymore?” Max replies, “I’m saying we’ll never know the answer to that question.” Isabel tells him it’s not just his decision. He says he knows, she says “Do you?”

The next day at home, Diane asks Isabel what she remembers before they were adopted. Isabel tells her she remembers being at the orphanage and the day they came to pick them up. That Diane was wearing a yellow sweater and she represented the sun to her. She tells her “The day that you and daddy came for us, that’s when our lives began.”

At school, Michael tells Maria her “tactic” to get him to feel indebted to her will not work. He grabs her napkin holder and tells her he will use his powers to improve it and call it even. She tries to take it back and it breaks. He wants to know what her problem is. She replies “It’s cheating. You can’t just wave your hand over a problem and make it go away.” And she asks him “Why can’t you just piece together an apology like any normal human being…oops, maybe that’s the problem.”

Kyle comes to the Crashdown on crutches and apologizes to Liz for making their break-up more difficult. That after watching a segment on Sally Jessy about exes on a rampage, it gave him some perspective and he is hoping they can be friends. Liz is pleased with his change in attitude. He then requests something high in both fat and cholesterol and lacking any nutritional value for lunch. Max sees them bonding, through the window of the Café, and changes his mind about going in.

The sheriff asks Diane to come down to the station. He shows her the report on the shooting at the Crashdown and tells her that two tourists said they saw Liz get hit with the bullet and Max heal her.

At home, Diane is playing the video again and she shows Max where in the video he picked up a bird with a broken wing, healed it just by holding it and released it to fly away. She tells him she always wondered about that incident but since there was no way it could be explained she tried to forget about it. The kitchen fire brought it all up again. Max feels cornered and doesn’t know how to explain it without telling her the truth so he lashes out at her – “You’re suppose to be my mother, you’re not suppose to investigate us.” She pleads with him to just tell her. He shouts back “Mom, no!” and leaves.

At a quarry, Max tells Isabel and Michael about healing the bird in the video. Michael wants to destroy the video, that it will be her word against theirs. Isabel reminds him he’s referring to their mother and he reminds Isabel that she’s not her mother. Isabel says if there’s any adult they can trust it’s her and that perhaps it would be good to have an adult on their side. Michael tells her that if she learns the truth she won’t be on her side because there’s no such thing as unconditional love. Max says they are not telling her and Isabel tells him to stop speaking like he’s the final word on everything. Max says “Michael’s right, she’s not our mother. We are alone here; we always will be. Stop pretending it’s different.”

At school, Maria finds a very nice napkin holder in her locker with a note – “Handmade by Michael. Thanks.” Maria is very pleased. Michael comes up to her later and asks how she did on her assignment. She tells him she flunked. He is incredulous because he worked very hard on the napkin holder and felt he had done a very good job, that “it redefined the term napkin holder.” Maria tells him she didn’t use his napkin holder for her school project because she kept it for herself, then says “Thank you.” He is pleased but then tells her that if anything happens to him again, she should not help him. He can’t get entangled and indebted, he has to be a stonewall and when he’s around her he doesn’t feel like a stonewall, he feels confused. Maria says “Like, human?” and he replies “Yeah, and I don’t want to feel that way.”

Max goes to the Crashdown after closing to tell Liz that he saw her with Kyle and it’s OK with him if they are getting back together. She tells him they’re not but if they were she wouldn’t need his permission. He tells her she sounds like Isabel telling him he’s controlling. Liz replies that he is controlling. Max, losing control, shouts at her “I am what I am. I’ve got a lot going on and I’m trying to make things work.” Liz tells him he puts everything on himself and that he needs to have more faith in the people around him.

The next day, Max finds his mother at the park. Diane asks him if he ever thought of finding his real parents. That maybe she and his father are not enough for him. With tears in his voice, Max tells her he doesn’t think he’ll ever find his real parents, maybe it would give them some answers but “Please don’t ever think that you’re not enough…without you I don’t know where I’d even be.” She tells him “Nothing you are could ever turn me away from you…I love you and you’re my son, do you understand that? He does so she asks him why he can’t tell her his secret. He hands her a toy house that she had given him when he was first adopted because he was homesick. She had told him it was a magic house and if he held on to it, it would take him home. He tells her it could never take him home because he doesn’t know where home is. He pleads with her not to ask him about it anymore. He says “It’s nothing bad, it’s nothing dangerous. I beg you to trust me. I mean, you’re my mother. Please Mom.” She hugs him.

Max meets Isabel at the quarry. He tells her everything is going to be OK with their mom. She asks if he told her and, when he says no, she breaks down crying. He holds her and tells her they’re going to be OK, they have each other.

#112 Into The Woods – Synopsis

Compiled by Joan Pickering

Out in the woods, a young couple are making out in the back of a pickup when they are interrupted by a brilliant flash of light. The charge from the light causes a surge in the electricity in town.

At the Crashdown, Jeffrey mentions to Liz that they don’t get to talk anymore and suggests they go to the school sponsored father’s camping weekend. Liz is reluctant, feeling she has outgrown it. Milton rushes in and asks Liz where her “boyfriend” Max is and says “There’s been a sighting!”

At the UFO Center, Milton shows Max on a map where the sighting occurred – Fraiser Woods, near the reservation. He’s sure it’s not a hoax because 5 people saw it and the sheriff’s dept is taking it seriously.

At school, Maria garners a lot of attention from the boys by wearing an aqua bra, which enhances her physical attributes. Alex is passing out flyers for the father’s camping weekend and gives one to Isabel. He asks her if aliens like the cinema and then apologizes for using “the ‘A’ word”. He asks her if she would like to go to a Fellini retrospective on Friday and she says no. He’s disappointed but then she suggests that they go to a regular movie instead and he is elated. Isabel leaves to meet Max and Michael in the eraser room. Max tells them about the information he got from Milton on the sighting, that it’s near the cave, and suggests they need to get there before Sheriff Valenti, in case there is something to find. Max suggests that he and Isabel go on the camping trip as a cover. Michael says “Guess that let’s me out.” and leaves.

At home, Liz’s father convinces her to go on the camping trip so they can spend time together and so he can meet Max, Isabel and Michael. Liz says she doubts they will be there.

Michael has an argument with Hank about there being no milk; Hank tells him to use beer. Michael starts to take off, then sees River Dog, who asks Michael if he saw “it” and tells him it was real because he’s seen it before.

At the Crashdown, Liz tries to convince Maria to come with them on the camping trip because she doesn’t want to spend the weekend alone with her father asking her all kinds of questions about Max, Isabel and Michael. Maria relents only when Liz offers to pay her and do her math homework for a week. Liz, coming down with a cold, sneezes and Maria offers her some echinacea. Liz’s father sees Liz passing Maria money and Maria passing Liz “drugs” and gets suspicious.

Kyle goes to the sheriff’s station to meet his father so they can go out and get a new tent for the weekend but his father tells him he needs to find any evidence at the sighting before anyone else does so he won’t be able to go. He suggests that Kyle still go with Coach Clay. Kyle is disappointed that his father considers the sighting more important than spending time with him, since they spend so little time together as it is.

At the Crashdown, Michael tells them what River Dog told him and speculates that maybe River Dog is Nasedo and also their father because he knows so much about them and he “remembered” how to heal Michael after all those years. Alex tells Liz about his pending date that night with Isabel. He tells her “It’s totally amazing…it’s too amazing. Oh God, it’s a joke, isn’t it. It’s a practical joke. You two are in on it, you bastards!” Liz tells him his “paranoid schizophrenia” is kicking in. Alex agrees and says he’s going to the restroom to have a little talk with himself. Max and Michael go up to the cash register to pay their bill and Maria suggests to Liz that they make it appear they have moved on with their lives by lying to them. She tells them that she and Liz have dinner dates with college guys that weekend. Max and Michael leave. Maria sees Alex go sit with Isabel and says “Oh great, another one being sucked into the alien abyss.” Isabel tells Alex they have to cancel their plans because her father is insisting they go on the camping trip. Alex is disappointed but recovers quickly and says he was about to tell her the same thing.

Alex meets his father, who is totally unprepared for the trip and amazed that Alex wants to go, in the school parking lot. Phillip is also surprised that Max and Isabel want to go camping but he’s glad they are joining in on a school activity. Maria and Liz see Max and run behind one of the buses to come up with an alibi. Maria suggests they tell Max the guys had to cancel but they’re meeting them next week in Albuquerque. Liz is not happy that Maria has got her involved in this fantasy life. Valenti surprises Kyle by coming after all. Max sees Liz and Maria and teases them about their alleged dates.

At the camping grounds, Alex and Sheriff Valenti purposely choose sites near the Evans family and then Valenti invites the Parkers to join them. That evening Kyle tells Liz and Maria a UFO story he heard from his grandfather. Jeffrey, Phillip, Max and Alex’s father play poker. Max uses his powers to change his cards to let Jeffrey win. Isabel points out the various constellations to Alex. He tells her that looking at the stars with her is so much better than seeing a movie. She is touched by this but when Alex talks about their date being canceled, Isabel realizes he’s reading more into their relationship than she and explains that she can’t date him, they can only be friends. Liz acts polite but not friendly around Max so he tells her he just wanted their relationship to slow down, “not screech to a halt.” Liz tells him she knows he’s there because of the sighting and asks why he isn’t including her.

River Dog goes to Michael and tells him “It’s time.” Back at the camp grounds, Jeffrey finds the pills in Liz’s bag and asks her what they are. She explains and he tells her that he feels he’s not a part of her life anymore. Later that evening, after everyone has turned in, Isabel and Max leave for the cave. Liz sees them and follows. Max notices and tells her to go back. Liz pleads with him not to leave her out of it. Maria finds them and thinks Max and Liz are there for a romantic tryst and is surprised to hear the sighting was real. Max and Isabel take off. Liz tells Maria she’s going with them. Maria says to Liz “You can’t let go of him, can you.” and Liz replies “I don’t want to.” Maria agrees to go with her. Valenti is following the four of them. An hour later, they run into one of the police investigation groups using search dogs. Liz and Maria stay behind to act as decoys so Max and Isabel can continue to the site.

Meanwhile, River Dog is escorting Michael to the site. He trips and breaks his ankle. Michael asks him why he doesn’t heal himself and River Dog says “You think I’m Nasedo?” Michael points out all he knows about them and asks “Why would you want to help us if you weren’t…” River Dog replies “I’m sorry Michael, but I’m not your father.” Michael is disappointed but acquiesces. He puts his hand on River Dog’s ankle to heal it and while doing so sees visions similar to those he had when River Dog was healing him. When the ankle is healed, River Dog tells Michael “Now we’re even.” and Michael replies “I don’t think we’ll ever be even.”

An officer brings Maria and Liz back to Jeffrey and Phillip asks if he saw Max and Isabel but he says no. In the background, Milton is being hustled into a police car exclaiming that he’s a scientist and they are all in grave danger.

Max and Isabel get to the site. Valenti is watching them when Kyle comes up to him. He wants to see what is more important to his father than him and wants to know why his father is hunting Max. Kyle points out that he is playing the same role his father played when Valenti Sr was obsessed with chasing spacemen. Kyle says “Now I know why you never wanted to see Grandpa again because to him, you were just a low priority.” Kyle leaves. Max and Isabel meet River Dog and Michael. They find a symbol, like one in the cave, burned into the grass. When they put their hands over it, it glows. River Dog tells them it’s a sign, meant for them. Michael says it means Nasedo is back. Valenti approaches. Michael stops him and Valenti tells him to get out of his way. River Dog tells Michael to do as Valenti says and Michael steps back. Meanwhile, Max uses his powers to remove the symbol from the grass. Valenti knows something was there and asks what they were looking at. Max replies that they’ve been lost for hours and thanks the sheriff for finding them, then Max, Isabel and Michael leave.

At a health care institution, Valenti observes his father from the doorway of the visiting room then goes in to talk to him. They discuss that it’s been a long time. The sheriff tells his father “Maybe you were right all along and I’m sorry.” His father is having difficulty eating his meal so he helps him.

#113 The Convention – Synopsis

Compiled by Joan Pickering

Roswell 10th Annual Convention – Day One. The festivities are in full swing, carrying over into the street outside the UFO Center. Someone in an alien costume is on the street handing out flyers. The alien is observing Liz, who is serving customers seated outside the Crashdown Café; we hear heavy breathing.

Sheriff Valenti goes into his office and finds Everett Hubble waiting for him. Valenti tells Hubble he’s not welcome there. Hubble sees a picture of Kyle on Valenti’s desk and comments that he is a bachelor with no kids. He then tells Valenti to give his father his regards and leaves. Deputy Hanson asks “Who was that?” and Valenti replies “a bonafide alien hunter.”

Inside the UFO Center, at the Convention, Michael and Isabel see the alien from outside come downstairs saying “Save me, I’m a human trapped in an alien body.” He then removes his alien head and Max is revealed. Isabel says “You realize that we’ve just lost our last shred of dignity.”

Inside the Crashdown, Liz waits on Larry Trilling and Jennifer Catler, the two tourists who were at the Crashdown during the shooting and saw Max heal Liz. Larry asks her what really happened that day.

At the UFO Center Max asks Michael how he deals with Maria because he can’t stop thinking about Liz. Michael says it wasn’t easy for him either, that Max needs to throw himself into something to get his mind off it. Later, Max tells Milton he would like to take on more responsibilities for the Convention.

Michael sees Maria hanging a sign for the Alien Takedown wrestling match that her mother sponsors. Michael refers to it as a “freak show”, within earshot of Amy, who takes exception to his remark, saying the “freak show” keeps the two of them “off the streets”. Maria introduces them and Amy leaves. Maria says “Great first impression.” and Michael replies “Why would I want to make an impression.”

Milton introduces Max to Hubble as a legend who has made direct contact. Max asks what the alien looked like and Hubble replies “You, or me, they’re not little green men you know.” then leaves. Milton tells Max to try to convince Hubble to speak at the Convention.

Valenti is going through his father’s old belongings, which include a Dec 8, 1972 newspaper with the headline: Roswell Sheriff Taken In For Questioning For the Silo Murder.

Max is manning the information booth at the Convention. He is watching Liz descend the stairs. Michael notices and tells him to think of mud when he’s with her, that it helped him. Liz says she needs to talk about the luncheon they are catering. She tells him that Larry and Jennifer are back and that Jennifer has become a permanent fixture at the Café but Max isn’t listening. He’s just watching Liz, as if she was in slow motion. Max says “Mud” then covers himself by saying he was thinking of mud pies for the luncheon.

Valenti comes up to Hubble outside the UFO Center and accuses him of pushing his father over the edge and being responsible for Valenti Sr’s commitment to a mental institution. He demands that Hubble leave. Hubble reminds him that, because of his father’s diminished capacities, he is Valenti’s only link to what actually happened at the silo; he was there. He says they can help each other. Max overhears them.

Day Two of the Convention. Michael asks Max to introduce him to the “real guys” who might have information about their past. Max says there are no real guys and avoids introducing him to Hubble. Max looks up Hubble on the computer and finds information about a drifter being killed at a silo.

Valenti visits his father at the hospital and asks about Hubble’s involvement at the silo murder. Valenti Sr says “He couldn’t let go of his wife, that was his problem all along. His wife and his kid.” Valenti says “He didn’t have a wife and kid.” His father’s mind drifts off the subject.

At a Convention conference, Larry steps up and begins to tell the story of the Crashdown shooting. Michael steps forward and pretends to bump into Larry. Larry starts itching and scratching all over and looks and acts like a fool, causing his story to lose all credibility. Larry is dragged out screaming that Max is the guy. Hubble comes up to Larry outside and says “Tell me what you saw.”

Day Three of the Convention. Amy is frantic; she is on the phone with Ernie, one of her wrestlers, who is canceling an hour before the event. She tells him half her annual revenue is tied up in this and if he cancels she’ll be broke. He hangs up on her. Michael overhears the conversation. Amy leaves crying.

At Valenti’s home, Hubble shows him several pictures he’s collected of corpses with a silver hand print on their bodies. Unexplained murders occurring across the southwest for the last 40 years. He tells him his father wasn’t crazy he was just trying to catch a killer. He says they should band together to stop this killer and asks him about Max.

Alex, who has been following Isabel around, visits her at home to bring her a book on constellations. Isabel tells him his obsession with her is suffocating so he leaves. He goes to the Crashdown and asks the ladies if they think men are obsessive. Liz, Maria, Amy and Jennifer all express their views. Milton comes in to ask Amy why she isn’t at the match, which is almost over. She rushes over thinking Ernie came through for her. She gets to the ring and the winner is bragging about his easy conquest. Amy and Maria go to the wrestler lying on the mat to see if “Ernie” is OK but it turns out to be Michael, who says he’s just resting. Amy calls him a “dear, dear boy”, gives him a hug and leaves. Maria smiles at him and he tells her “It was easy money.” Maria gives Michael a tender kiss, which he starts to respond to but then pulls back and says “Mud.” Maria says “What?” and Michael says “Mud, I’m thinking about mud.” Maria replies “Why do I even try?”

At his office, Valenti is going over the photos Hubble gave him and he notices a license plate number on the car next to a woman’s body. He looks it up on his computer and discovers the car was registered to Sheila Hubble in 1970. Valenti goes to his father and tells him he knows that Hubble’s wife was murdered by a drifter who left a silver hand print on her body, just like the corpse of 1959. He learns from his father that he helped Hubble find the drifter but thought he was only going to question him, not kill him. He tells his son not to trust Hubble.

Hubble tells Max he will speak at the Convention but he needs a ride to his motel to pick up his slides.

Michael learns from Larry that he told Hubble what he knows about Max and Michael sees Max leaving with Hubble.

In the jeep, Hubble tells Max how much he loved his wife, that when they kissed it was like fireworks on the 4th of July. Max admits he had a similar experience. Hubble says that for his first anniversary he was going to surprise his wife with fireworks and they stopped at Pepper’s Café for matches. Hubble asks Max to pull up to the abandoned Café and they get out of the jeep. Hubble tells Max that he lost his wife and unborn child that day, all because of him. He pulls out a gun and accuses Max of being the shapeshifting alien that killed his wife. Max is terrified and tries to convince him he’s not the same guy. Hubble tells him that Valenti told him about the healing and the hand print. Michael calls out, distracting Hubble and Max tackles him to the ground, causing him to drop the gun, which he reaches for. Max uses his telekinetic powers to move the gun out of reach, just as the sheriff pulls up. Hubble throws Max off of him and goes for the gun. Valenti approaches, gun drawn, and tells Hubble to drop his gun. Hubble tells Valenti he saw Max use his powers, that he is going to kill Max and nothing is going to stop him. He tells him “Your father couldn’t do it and neither can you.” Valenti shoots and kills Hubble. Valenti tells Max he didn’t realize Hubble was this dangerous. Max, losing control, lashes out saying “What did you tell him? Why did he come after me? You’re the sheriff, you’re supposed to protect me but all you’ve done is go after me. You believe all these crazy things, you’re just like Hubble! You want me? Well here I am! Take me.” Michael tries to calm him down but he brushes him off. Valenti says “Son…” and Max asks “Would you treat your son this way?” Valenti tells Max and Michael to go. He says “You were never here.” Michael tries to convince Max that Hubble was crazy but Max thinks Nasedo may have killed a lot of people.

#114 Blind Date – Synopsis

Compiled by Joan Pickering

At the Crashdown Café, Alex tells Liz and Maria that his band, the Whits, is auditioning for the KROZ Blind Date Concert.. The KROZ DJ comes into the Crashdown and announces the winner of the Blind Date contest is Liz. She was unaware that Maria entered both of them in the contest and is not very pleased, so when the DJ asks what’s going on in her mind right now, she replies “Nothing I can say on live radio.”

At school, Liz and Maria notice Alex posting a notice for a new singer for his band because his regular, Wendy, has mono and they need someone for the audition. Maria volunteers. Alex is hesitant; he wants someone with more experience than Karaoke but he tells her to come to that afternoon’s practice session. The girls at school crowd around Liz to congratulate her for winning the contest. Kyle comes up to Max, who is watching Liz, and tells him he knows his pain. Max says he’s fine and Kyle says he was in denial too when they first broke up. Max says they didn’t break up because they were never together. Kyle says “She really did a number on you didn’t she.” and then equates Liz to a man-eater.

Maria arrives at Alex’s practice session and gives them sheet music for her songs, which are pop songs, and they play alternative music. She tells them if they want to pass the audition they need to play what the radio station likes. They don’t appreciate her telling them what to do but agree to hear her sing.

At the Crashdown, Michael tries to convince Max and Isabel they need to use the map in the cave painting to find Nasedo. Max is against the idea because he doesn’t think they should be trying to find a murderer. Michael leaves and Isabel tells Max he shouldn’t destroy Michael’s hope, it’s all he has. The radio DJ conducts an interview to determine Liz’s criteria for her blind date, which ends up sounding a lot like Max – a serious, dark haired, mystery man from an exotic place.

Behaving like a prima donna, Maria is late for the audition and then tells the auditioners that it’s her band, which upsets Alex.

Liz is dressed for her blind date and is doing a final check in her mirror (she looks beautiful), when she sees Max on her balcony. She goes out to him and he tells her “I couldn’t just let you find another guy. I love you, Liz.” They kiss lovingly. Then car horns down below break her reverie and Maria comes in and tells her “true love awaits”. Liz comes downstairs and meets Doug Shellow, a very attractive college student. Max is listening to the DJ describe the meeting then turns off the radio. Kyle stops by Max’ with his friends. They’ve all been drinking. Kyle wants Max to come with him to check out Liz’s dream date and he tells Max he’ll either have to drive them or let them sleep on his lawn. He takes the car keys.

Liz and Doug are having dinner while the DJ gives a play by play of their conversation. They both admit they were hoping for a normal date. Many townfolk, including Max and Kyle, are outside the restaurant watching through the window. The DJ asks them to kiss and Doug dips Liz back and kisses her while the townfolk cheer. Max looks stricken. Doug whispers to Liz “Out the back, through the kitchen on three; they’ll never catch us.” and they take off. Kyle offers Max a drink from his flask. Max tells him he doesn’t drink but Kyle convinces him and he takes one sip. He becomes drunk immediately. Kyle calls him a wussy so Max challenges him to a race, then takes off before Kyle is ready.

Michael comes for Isabel. He tells her he figured out how to read the map. They drive to the library. He tells Isabel that the constellation he saw in his dreams is Aries the Ram and when Aries is directly over Roswell all the symbols on the cave wall take on locations. He has chosen the symbol that is the library.

Kyle finds Max sitting on the roof of a building and tells him to get down before he gets hurt and everyone blames him. Max tells Kyle he’s glad he got drunk because now the real Max can come out. He admits to Kyle that he and Liz are in love but doesn’t know why they’re not together. Kyle says they are both losers and Max suggests they try to win her back by showing her how they feel about her. Kyle asks how they are going to split her up “Every other week? Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and alternate Saturdays?

On the grass in front of the library, Michael lays out some rope in the shape of the symbol and pours gasoline on it. Isabel tells Michael she’s afraid if he finds Nasedo he won’t need her and Max anymore. Michael tells her that’s impossible, then ignites the rope.

On Liz’s balcony, behind Kyle’s back, Max uses his powers to draw a heart shape with an arrow and his and Liz’s initials on her wall. Kyle turns and sees the heart and says “Nice. Girls always like that meaningful stuff. I suck at that.” Kyle wants to know how far he got with Liz and Max tells him “We saw into each other’s soul.” then sighs. Kyle says “second base”; Max replies “Well, we can’t win them all.” Max is about to leave when Kyle stops him. They can’t leave because they’re at Mecca – Liz’s bedroom.

Liz and Doug go to the Crashdown so they can talk without a crowd. A while later, the KROZ van pulls up to the Crashdown so Liz and Doug run upstairs. In Liz’s bedroom, Max uses his powers to change photos of Alex and Maria into himself in a picture on Liz’s desk. Kyle is going through her underwear drawer. Liz and Doug come in. Max tells her that he and Kyle are really, really drunk. Doug asks Liz who they are and Kyle says “the exes, the rejects.” Max says they are there to win her back. Liz asks Kyle “What did you do to him?” and Max tells Kyle not to tell her anything they said tonight because it’s private. Kyle says his secret is safe with him. Liz tells Kyle that everything Max told him tonight was a lie because Max makes things up when he’s drunk. Max says “But this is the first time I’ve ever been drunk.” Liz takes Max out onto the balcony and Kyle prevents Doug from following. Max shows her the heart; he touches it and it lights up. The radio DJ and crew come up to the bedroom to see Kyle wrestling with Doug on the bed, the heart on the balcony wall and Liz and Max going down the balcony ladder. Liz tells Max to stop running. Max tells Liz “Let’s just keep running. You and me; away from here, away from everything….As long as we’re together, nothing else matters.” Liz points out that Max is drunk and nothing he’s saying is true. He tells her “It’s all true; it’s how I really feel. It’s all just magic when I think about you.” Max touches a lamppost and the lights dance around like in a ballroom. Liz is afraid someone will see. “and when I’m not with you, I go crazy.” He touches a car and the alarm goes off. “When you’re here…” The alarm changes to music box music. “You’re my dream girl, Liz.” Liz says “And what if I believe you tonight?” Max replies “Then we will live happily ever after.” Liz says “And then what about tomorrow when you go back to realizing who you really are and all of your fantasies go away?” The ballroom lights stop. Max says “I’ll still have you.” Liz says “This could never be normal, Max.” Max touches the parking meters one by one and they turn into sparklers. He says “What’s so great about normal?”

At the library, the signal has burned out and Isabel removes the marks. Michael is discouraged and says “Forget it, he’s not going to come.” Isabel says “Maybe not tonight.” and Michael says “Not ever; no one ever comes for me.” Isabel says “I will; whenever you need me.” They walk off arm in arm.

Liz is at a pay phone calling for a taxi. She tells Max to “stay” but he ends up flagging down the KROZ van. At the concert, Maria and Alex’s band come out on stage and Maria walks right off again. She is suffering from stage freight. Alex tries to calm her down. The KROZ DJ arrives and comes out on stage with Liz, Doug, Kyle (who he keeps referring to as Lyle) and Max. The DJ tells the audience that it’s the strangest blind date he’s ever been on because Liz’s two ex-boyfriends joined it. Max points at Doug and says “I think you’d look better as a blonde.” and Doug brushes Max’ hand away just in time. The DJ wants her to choose one of them and asks each guy to speak up for himself. Doug says “I thought you just wanted a normal date.” Kyle says “I’m just happy to be nominated, and I think I’m going to puke.” and he leaves the stage. When it’s Max’ turn, he takes her in his arms and gives her a very romantic kiss. We see visions of their times together. Max sobers up, says he’s sorry and leaves the stage. Liz goes after him and asks him if he meant everything he said tonight. Max says he can’t remember what he said and hopes he didn’t ruin her night, then leaves. Maria and Alex go on stage and perform “In the Air Tonight”. We see a flashback of Liz and Max under the lamppost with the ballroom lights flashing. Then we see Max up on Liz’s balcony, alone, touching the heart to light it up.

At the library, a man in a trench coat goes to the spot where the signal was, waves his hand over it and it re-ignites. He takes a photo of Max, Isabel and Michael and places it in the flames. Then he walks away.

#115 Independence Day – Synopsis

Compiled by Joan Pickering

At school, Liz is waxing rhapsodic about her kiss with Max. Maria gives her a “grief relief” herbal remedy that “shocks the body into reality when the mind goes into overload.” Max approaches Liz but Isabel interrupts, says that Michael went into the restroom purposely to avoid her, and she wants Max to go see what’s wrong. In the restroom, Michael, avoiding Max, goes into a stall and tells Max to leave him alone. Max pretends to leave and when Michael comes out of the stall, Max sees he has a black eye. At the railroad tracks, Michael explains that Hank was drunk; it’s not the first time but it never left a mark before. He asks Max to heal it because he wasn’t able to. He tells Max he doesn’t want anyone else to know

At the Crashdown, Maria compares the charms of Max and Michael to a drug and tells Liz they “have to just say no.” Amy comes in with pies for the Crashdown. Sheriff Valenti flirts with her and convinces her to bake him a pie for this evening. Max tells Isabel about Michael’s abusive situation but tells her not to let Michael know he told. Michael comes in and sits with them, senses immediately that Isabel knows, gets angry and leaves. They follow him. Isabel mentions that her father, a lawyer, once helped a minor get permission to live on his own. Michael says getting the courts involved will bring them too much attention. She suggests he use his powers. He reminds her he doesn’t have control over his powers and he’s afraid, if he tries, he’ll kill him. She convinces him to stay with them until Hank calms down. Later, at dinner that evening, the atmosphere is tense. Michael’s table manners are not the best and when Phillip and Diane quiz Michael about Hank, Isabel keeps fielding the questions, prompting Phillip to tell Isabel to let Michael speak for himself. Michael has nothing to say.

Maria and Liz, coming in through the kitchen, see the remains of pie for two, the sheriff’s hat, and hear giggling from the living room. They panic, then Maria calls out to her mom that she’s home. Amy comes out to the kitchen, obviously flustered. Maria is shocked and asks her mother if she will be going to bed “alone” soon. Valenti comes out to the kitchen with lipstick on his cheek and his shirttail out.

The Evans family and Michael are playing Monopoly. It’s not going well for Michael and he doesn’t understand why Phillip won’t bend the rules for him since it’s just a game. Phillip says “In this house, we play by the rules.” Michael quits the game and leaves. Isabel goes after him and tries to convince him to speak up and tell her father the truth. Michael says he doesn’t want to be a poster child for domestic abuse. She tells him he has to do something, he can’t just pretend it didn’t happen. Michael leaves and Max comes out and tells Isabel to stop pushing Michael. That one evening can’t make up for what he hasn’t had in a lifetime. Isabel says she knows, she’s just really scared for him.

Amy comes to Maria’s room and says she needs her space. “I can’t feel like you’re judging me all the time.” Maria tells her she doesn’t trust Valenti. Amy reminds her there are very few eligible men in the area and Jim is a nice guy, with a good job and he’s fun. Maria says he’s the type that has to be tough all the time, can’t open up, show emotions or admit that he needs you and those are the most dangerous ones. Amy tells her not to worry, “Michael will come around.” Maria denies she was referring to Michael, she meant hypothetically. Maria says “Just take it slow, once they get physical, once they get what they want, they disappear.” Worried, Amy asks if she’s speaking from experience and Maria says “Just yours.”

Michael goes back to his trailer home and gets into a shouting match with Hank over laundry. Isabel and Max come in when they hear the yelling. Hank starts leering and making a pass at Isabel. He offers her a drink. She throws the drink in his face and screams at him “If you ever hurt Michael again, I will kill you.” Hank says “I don’t think so.”, grabs his rifle and points it at the three of them. Michael uses his powers to stop him, but they’re erratic so other things go flying across the room before he is finally able to point the rifle away from them. It goes off, Hank drops it in fright, calls Michael a freak and stares at him in terror. Max, Isabel and Michael leave. Outside, Michael tells Isabel she made it worse, now Hank knows. Isabel says he was too drunk to remember anything. Michael says now he can’t go back, it wasn’t much but it was all he had. Max tells him to come back with them and Michael points out that would only be a temporary solution and he doesn’t belong there; he doesn’t belong anywhere. Isabel says “Would it kill you to ask for help just once in your life?” Michael says “Yeah, you know what, it would.” and takes off.

Maria is sitting, looking out her bedroom window at the rain when she notices Michael standing there, looking very forlorn. She takes her “grief relief” and puts a few drops on her tongue, then takes the bottle and gulps it down. She looks out the window again and says “What are you doing out there?” He steps forward and she says “No, you can’t come in, no. I know why you’re here, I know what your plan is, I know what you want but it’s not going to work, mister, OK. No matter what you say. My answer is no. No, No, No, No, No!” He looks at her pleadingly. Cut to Maria towel drying Michael’s hair in her bedroom. She says “God, you could get pneumonia. Here, take your shirt off., you’re shivering.” As she continues to dry him off with the towel, she notices his face is wet, not just from the rain, but from tears and gently wipes one away. He is trembling from the effort to hold them back. She leads him over to her bed and he lies down. She gets on the bed and caresses him from behind, stroking him and softly saying “Shhh, it’s OK. You don’t have to tell me, it’s OK.” He continues to try but fails to hold back the tears. The next morning, Amy comes to get Maria and finds them sleeping peacefully, with Maria lying across Michael’s back. She screams “Oh my God!”, throws Michael out and orders Maria to the kitchen. Maria tells her nothing happened, they just slept. Amy is skeptical. Maria reassures her, saying that Michael was very upset and sex was the last thing on his mind. Amy tells her she still shouldn’t have let him stay over, that she doesn’t want Maria to make the same mistakes she did, she wants a better life for her than she had.

In class, Michael is picked up by a deputy and taken to the station. Valenti tells him the neighbors heard an argument and gunshots, that Hank never showed up for work and that Michael was the last to see him. He then adds that the neighbors later heard “more sounds, screaming, crying, tortured sounds like an animal, almost inhuman.” Valenti asks Michael “Where were you, son?” Michael says “Out.”

At the Crashdown, Isabel comes in and asks Liz and Maria if they’ve seen Michael. She tells them about Hank’s abuse and that she’s really worried about him. Maria tells them he spent the entire night with her, he never told her what was wrong, they just slept, he took off when her mom found them and she hasn’t seen him since. Max comes in and tells them Hank is missing and Valenti is holding Michael.

Maria tells her mother about Michael being held because he won’t tell Valenti where he was last night and asks her to tell Valenti where he was. Amy does and Valenti releases Michael. Later, Amy tells Jim she needs to pay more attention to Maria right now and can’t afford distractions and he is very distracting.

At the railroad tracks, Michael tells Isabel and Max he needs to find his family so he’s leaving to find Nasedo. Max thinks Nasedo is dangerous, a shapeshifting killer, who could be anyone, and they need to stick together now, more than ever. Isabel is upset that Michael does not consider them as his family and lashes out at him as he leaves “Go on, run Michael, it’s what you do best.”

That evening, Max goes to Michael’s home and finds him packing. Max tells him he can’t say goodbye, that he, Isabel and Michael belong together, they are a family and no matter where Michael goes, they will always be connected. He gives Michael a package and tells him “Isabel and I wanted you to have this, it means nothing without you. Michael leaves and hitchs a ride from a guy in a pickup. He opens the package, finds the crystal stones River Dog gave them, picks them up and receives flashes of images of himself, Isabel and Max together. The next morning, Michael is making breakfast for the Evans family. Isabel tells him she didn’t know he could cook and he replies “There’s a lot you don’t know about me.” Michael asks Phillip to help him live on his own and Phillip agrees to help Michael file a Petition for Emancipation. He goes with him before a judge, who makes sure Michael realizes that he will be completely responsible for his “financial, medical and educational decisions” and then grants his petition.

Hank comes to see Valenti to explain away his absence and the gunshots. He tells him he’s leaving town without Michael and wants to know if he has to sign anything. Valenti says it’s already been taken care of. That night, Hank drives into a wooded area, opens the back of the station wagon, drags out and buries the body of a man that looks just like him, gets back into the car and shapeshifts into a Hispanic male.

#116 Sexual Healing – Synopsis

Compiled by Joan Pickering

Liz is in the shower of the girls’ locker room at school. Suddenly, Max walks in and they stare at each other passionately. Cut to the Crashdown Café where Maria wakes Liz from her reverie and she tips over a bowl of strawberries. Max comes in and helps her pick up the strawberries and follows her into the back room. He questions her to find out if she’s upset with the way he behaved while drunk and wants to know if they are still friends. He wants to be more than friends, so he grabs her in an embrace and kisses her more passionately than ever before. Liz sees a vision of a star system while kissing. She is totally blown away by the experience and has trouble putting it into words when explaining it to Maria shortly after.

At school, Max too seems blown away by the whole thing as he relates the experience to Michael. Max goes into his science class, sits next to Liz and passes her a note to meet him in the eraser room at 6th period. Liz purposely drops her pencil so Max can pick it up and while down there he touches her hand, causing her to have flashes of the star system and to experience orgasmic pleasure, which does not go unnoticed by the rest of the class nor the teacher, who gives them both detention in his class after school.

Maria meets Michael and asks him if he’s heard of Liz’s flashes. They decide to do some “experimenting” of their own. Maria tells Michael that she sees a sunset near the rings of Saturn. Michael tells Maria that he saw her as a little girl trying to tie her shoelaces on red sneakers. Maria remembers the sneakers.

Max and Liz are making-out. Max is seeing flashes of Liz as a child playing dress up, then is momentarily startled. Liz is hurtling through space and crashing to Earth. Their passionate outcries are overheard and they are discovered when the eraser room door is opened. The Principal has summoned their mothers and informed them of Max and Liz’s very vocal make-out session in the eraser room. Liz’s mother tells her she is to come straight home after her last class and Liz has to tell her she has detention after school.

Isabel is having lunch and burns the roof of her mouth with her pizza. Alex comes by and mentions he’s heard about the flashes and offers his services, in the interest of science. Isabel declines his offer.

Liz reports for detention and is examining a poster of a star system on the classroom wall. The teacher identifies it as the Whirlwind Galaxy. When Max arrives, the teacher hands them their detention assignments and leaves the room. Max and Liz kiss and then she points out the poster and tells him it is what she saw in her vision and that she thinks she saw the crash.

Nancy comes into Liz’s bedroom to talk with her about boys and sexual intimacy and she tells Liz that she never has to lie to her about these things. Liz assures her that she and Max have not had sex.

At Michael’s new apartment, Isabel is putting away groceries and Max is telling them about Liz seeing the crash and that he is seeing Liz’s memories. Michael and Isabel ask him how he knows they’re real and he says he doesn’t. Michael wants to know what he’s seen but Max says it’s private. Isabel suggests he ask Liz to confirm they are real but he says he doesn’t want to embarrass her. Michael says Max needs to find out and, in the meantime, he’s going to pursue his own avenues.

Michael and Maria are making-out when Maria, feeling guilty, confesses to him that she faked the flashes she said she had before. Michael gets mad at her so she tells him that if he wasn’t so defensive and didn’t shut down all the time maybe it would happen. He tells her he lied about the flashes he had of her.

Maria and Liz are in the girl’s locker room, heading for gym class, when Maria notices something on Liz’s neck and tells her to check it out. Maria leaves for the gym and Liz heads towards the mirrors when she sees Max standing in the locker room. She asks him what he is doing there. He tells her he needed to find out if one of the flashes he had of her was real and looks towards the showers. Liz realizes he’s referring to her fantasy about his watching her in the shower and is embarrassed. Max explains he wasn’t sure if it was her fantasy or his own but he had never seen the girls’ locker room before so he wanted to know if it looked the same as in the vision (which would confirm it was Liz’s fantasy). He tells her that not only did he see the fantasy he also felt what she was feeling about him when she had it and he never thought anyone could ever feel that way about him. The gym teacher comes looking for Liz and they hide in one of the shower stalls. The teacher leaves. Max notices what Maria saw on Liz’s neck – a “glowing” hickey. Max touches her neck to remove the hickey and Liz has a flash of army troops in the desert.

At Michael’s apartment, he and Isabel are discussing Liz’s flashes and Michael hypothesizes that perhaps they find out who they are by connecting with humans. Max arrives and says Liz is coming over. Isabel and Michael prepare to leave and Max asks them why. They indicate they want Max and Liz to be alone to continue their research but Max doesn’t like the idea of using Liz for experiments. Michael points out that they wouldn’t be doing anything they didn’t want to do anyway. As they leave, Isabel snaps her fingers and produces mood lighting with candles. Liz arrives and shows Max that the hickey has returned only this time it’s not glowing, it’s more like a rash. Max uses his healing powers again and removes the hickey but as he touches her skin, running his hand down her arm, he causes her skin to glow. Liz suggests that he remove his shirt and tries to make his skin glow but it doesn’t work. Max tells her he’s glowing on the inside. They start to heat up with the passion they feel for each other and discuss whether it’s safe to give in to their feelings. They don’t know the answer. Max doesn’t want to hurt her but they are unable to stop. They begin to kiss passionately and move over to the couch. Liz hears a beeping sound and has a flash of the army troops near a transmission tower in the desert and something being buried. Maria walks in, looking for Michael, and finds Max and Liz lying on the couch in a passionate embrace. Maria drives Liz home and lectures her about not going too far with Max but Liz reveals that she wants to.

Liz climbs through her bedroom window and finds her mother waiting for her. They argue, with Liz asking her mother to stop trying to control her; that just because she’s always done everything she wanted her to in the past, she shouldn’t expect it to continue. Max comes by later to Liz’s rooftop balcony. She tells him about seeing something being buried near a tower and shows him a picture she drew of it. He recognizes it as an old radio transmission tower by highway 42, near the sighting of the 1947 crash. They decide to go that evening to see if they can find what was buried. They arrive at the tower and lie down on a blanket to do some more “research”. Max asks Liz if she is sure she wants to do this when Liz hears the beeping from her vision. They investigate and find the exact spot in her vision and start digging. They unearth a glowing orb with a symbol on it like on the necklace. They spend the night in the desert.

The next morning they are discovered missing. Isabel goes over to Alex’s and tells him to kiss her to see if she can get a flash of where Max is. It doesn’t work but Alex lets her know he’s available anytime for further experiments.

Max and Liz wake up to find Nasedo, who does not identify himself, watching them. He tells them they are on private property and should go home.

Maria visits Michael to apologize for telling him it was his fault they didn’t see the flashes; that it was her fault, she was afraid. She tells him she fakes all kinds of things, all the time, with everyone but he was the first one she admitted it to. Michael thanks her and tells her she was not the one that was shut down because she let him see her. He did see her tying her red sneakers and adds that they had a Kermit patch and blue shoelaces. He also saw her Dalmatian licking off her tears. She confirms that what he saw was real. That her dog died when she was 7, right after her father left. She tells him she didn’t care about the flashes, she just wanted to be close to him. Michael puts his arm around her, says thanks, and kisses her on the forehead.

Max and Liz’s parents are at the Crashdown Café discussing their behavior. Nancy suggests that perhaps they should be kept apart for a while. Max and Liz are parked outside the Café, kissing but neither of them has any flashes. Liz wonders if everything they felt was just about the orb. They start talking about their destinies and Liz asks Max “What’s my destiny?” and he replies “I only know the part I’m hoping for.” They then join hands and walk into the Café to find their parents waiting for them.

#117 Crazy – Synopsis

Compiled by Joan Pickering

At the Crashdown, Michael, working as a short-order cook, asks the girls to “push the special” because he’s “tired of flipping burgers.” Max and Isabel come in, Liz goes to Max and they kiss. Maria, envious of their relationship, says to Michael “Is that so hard? Acting like a real couple, kissing, arms around each other, actually excited to see one another.” Michael replies “Overrated.” Liz and Max make plans to see a movie and Liz asks Maria if she minds if she leaves early. When she steps away, Michael comments that they are just looking for a place to make-out and that he and Maria have his apartment for that. Maria and Michael exchange knowing looks and when Isabel says she’d like to order the special, they simultaneously say “We’re closing early.” Cut to Liz and Max, who have decided to forego the movie and are making-out in the jeep. Agent Topolsky bangs on the window. She is obviously distressed and says “You’re in danger, all of you. Best way to protect yourself is to just act like normal kids. I think I was followed. Don’t trust anyone. I’ll find you again.” She leaves. Max and Liz are stunned that she is back and by her behavior.

At Michael’s apartment, he and Maria are making-out on the couch, moaning each other’s name, when Maria says “Max.” Michael stops, looks at her and says “What!” She indicates that Max is standing over them. Michael is not pleased by the interruption. Max, Liz, Isabel and Alex are there. Max tells them about Topolsky. Liz says she thinks Topolsky was truly frightened and they should listen to what she has to say. Michael thinks it’s just a trap to get them to admit to who they really are. That they shouldn’t trust her. Max says whether they trust her or not they should still take her advice and act normal. They should refrain from talking about being aliens in public. He gives Michael the orb and says they should keep it there because it will be safer. Maria says she can’t believe Topolsky is back and it’s all starting again. Michael puts his arm around her to comfort her. Max comforts Liz.

At school the next day, Alex and Isabel are having lunch together and see Max and Liz being affectionate. Alex comments about Max and Liz and Michael and Maria having relationships and, all the kissing aside, it would be nice to have someone to hang out with that you share common bonds with. Tess Harding, a very attractive, new girl in school, asks if she can join them. Alex isn’t happy with the interruption but Isabel tells her to sit. Tess comments on how hard the first day at a new school is, that she’s been through it many times before, that the boys usually just want to jump her bones and the girls are afraid she’ll go after their boyfriends. She indicates that Isabel probably has the same problem and they compare notes. Isabel notices Tess adding sugar to her yogurt and Isabel says she does that too. They are obviously bonding over their similarities.

At Max’, Michael is telling Max that Maria wants more romance and he wants to make her happy so he asks for advice on what to do. Max suggests that he treat her like she’s the only girl in the room, leave her little surprises like notes in her locker, or give her a rose in the middle of the day, take her someplace nice. Tess walks in and asks Max how he knows women so well. Isabel comes in, introduces them, gets a couple of drinks for her and Tess and tells Tess she’ll meet her back in her room. Max and Michael are upset that she brought a stranger home. Michael points out she could be a plant. Isabel brushes off their concerns and says not to worry, she’s not going to “fall in love with her, tell her our secret and compromise our very existence.” She reminds them they are supposed to be acting normal.

At the Crashdown, Liz receives a delivery of flowers with a note saying “Meet me at Senor Chow’s in one hour. Alone.” Liz and Maria assume they are from Max. Liz says “He’s so romantic. He wants me to meet him at the restaurant where we had our first date. He just keeps on getting more and more wonderful everyday.” Cut to Liz entering the restaurant, being seated and waiting for Max. Topolsky, wearing a wig as a disguise, sits across from her. She is just as agitated as the previous night. She tells Liz that she has been to Hell and has learned and seen things no one would believe. She is there to warn them that there is an alien hunter working with the FBI, who answers to no one, that he will stop at nothing to get what he’s looking for and he’s looking for Max and everyone involved with him. All six of their names are on his list. She tells Liz “You have to believe me.” and Liz replies that she does. Topolsky feels as if she was followed so she tells Liz she will meet her tomorrow night behind the theater at 8:00. She’ll know more by then.

At school the next day, Liz tells Max about Topolsky and that all their names are on the list. Cut to the quarry where all six are discussing what to do. There is dissension in the ranks. Liz and Alex think they should meet Topolsky. Michael doesn’t believe there is an alien hunter and thinks that it’s a trap. Isabel believes there’s an alien hunter but doesn’t trust Topolsky and doesn’t think their human friends have as much to risk as they do. Maria suggests they put it to a vote. Max sides with Michael and Isabel. Michael assumes Maria will side with Liz and Alex and is pleased and surprised when she sides with him.

That night, when no one shows, Topolsky goes to Sheriff Valenti’s home. She tells him she knows he killed Hubble to protect Max, that she spent 4 weeks being debriefed by Agent Pierce, head of the special unit of alien hunters, and, after what they did to her, she’d hate to think what they’d do to an enemy. She was told that now that she knew about the unit she was in it for life. But she doesn’t want to be a part of it, she didn’t join the FBI to kill people. She warns Valenti that he is on their list too and he could be destroyed. She says if he doesn’t believe her he should try to ask Agent Stevens what happened to him when he tried to get out. “Pierce made an example out of him for the rest of us, piece by piece.” She tells him he has to get the kids to trust her, “it’s the only way.” She leaves and Valenti tries calling the Bureau to talk to Stevens and is told that he no longer works there. He calls Stevens’ home number and his distraught wife tells him he’s dead.

Valenti visits Max at the UFO Center. He reminds Max that he protected him against Hubble. He wants him to know he is there to help and that he can be trusted. He tells Max that if anyone bothers him or any of his friends to let him know.

At the Crashdown, Michael suggests to Liz that he and Maria double date with her and Max tonight. Later, Liz and Maria are getting ready for their dates when Alex shows up with a video for their evening together. They explain they are going out with Max and Michael so when the guys arrive with Isabel, Alex goes to talk to her. Max gives Liz a gift of bubble bath in a gift bag, Michael gives Maria a gift of an economy size bottle of shampoo and conditioner in a paper bag. Maria tries to act pleased. They leave for their date. Alex and Isabel talk about what’s going on and Isabel is surprised but pleased that Alex wants to protect her. He says “I’d do anything” and Isabel says no one, besides Max and Michael, ever said that to her before. Alex tries to convince Isabel that it’s easier to deal with things when you have someone to talk to. Tess, once again, interrupts. Isabel and Tess have plans so Alex leaves. While he’s walking home, a car with black tinted windows pulls up beside him. The passenger in the back rolls down his window a crack, just enough to talk. He says Topolsky sent him and tells Alex to get in the car. Valenti pulls up and the car drives away. Valenti offers to drive him home, “No questions asked.”

At dinner, Michael’s table manners are not the best and the others are visibly uncomfortable. When the checks arrive, Michael hands his to Maria and tells her she’ll have to get this one because he doesn’t get paid till Tuesday. Maria leaves the table and walks to the other side of the room. Max kicks Michael under the table. Michael goes over to Maria and asks what he did wrong so she gives him a list of things, including thinking only of himself. He replies “What I want to know is, if I’m such a loser, then why do you want to be with me?” She doesn’t have an answer and he walks away. Cut to Michael coming home to find his apartment has been ransacked. Topolsky is there; she has found the orb. She tells him she knows what it is because there is another one that she took from the special unit evidence vault. It’s a communicator but it will only work with the other one. She asks if he’ll believe her if she risks her life to bring him the other one and she also wants him to promise that he will take her with him when his people come to get him. He tells her she’s crazy. She says “Michael, we are all going to die and it’s not going to be pleasant. We only have one chance. I will meet you tomorrow night at Buckley Point with the other communicator. If you ignore me this time, there won’t be a next time.” She leaves.

The next day, the six of them meet at the quarry. Alex tells them about they guy in the car and Valenti helping him. Max says there are five people in the world that he trusts and they are all standing right there. They can’t afford to let anyone else in, not Valenti, not Topolsky and not the new girl at school, no matter how tempting. They all agree to not talk to anyone. The others walk off, leaving Michael and Maria alone. Maria apologizes for trying to make him be the perfect boyfriend. Alex’ close call made her realize what was important to her and that he should go back to being himself. He hugs her then says “If anything happens, I mean to me, I just want you to know that…” She interrupts and says “I know” and they kiss.

Later that night, at the Crashdown, Maria catches Michael going through her locker. He tells her he’s borrowing her car. She tries to get her keys back and discovers the orb in his pocket. She realizes he’s going to meet Topolsky. He tells her not to tell the others. She insists on going with him and asks where the meeting point is. Saying she needs to get her jacket, she leaves a note telling where they’ve gone. Liz, looking for Maria, finds the note. In the car, Maria tries to convince Michael that it’s a bad idea and when that doesn’t work she switches tactics and tells him she’s changed her mind, she’s afraid and doesn’t want to go and he shouldn’t be putting her in danger. She tells him to let her out and he says he’s not going to leave her in the middle of nowhere. The others are following in the jeep. Alex doesn’t understand how Michael could do this after they all agreed. Isabel says “Because he’s Michael.” Max, who is very angry, says “Well, that’s no excuse this time.” Maria opens the car door, forcing Michael to stop the car. She gets out and he follows her. She says “Michael, it’s a mistake and if you’re too stupid not to protect yourself, I’m gonna have to do if for you.” He replies “It’s not your decision to make, this is mine.” Crying, she responds “It’s not just about you. What you do effects me, that’s how a relationship works and, whether you like it or not, we are in a relationship. OK, so go ahead and just hate me but I’m not gonna let you get hurt, all right. I care about you too much.” The jeep pulls up behind them and Max storms up to Michael demanding he give back the orb. Michael holds it out of reach and says Topolsky told him it was a communicator. Max punches Michael in the face, knocking him to the ground and causing him to drop the orb. Michael, shocked that Max hit him, gets up and advances towards Max ready for a fight. Isabel steps in between them and two cars approach. A distinguished gentleman gets out of the first car and tells them that Topolsky will not be meeting with them tonight or any other night. Valenti gets out of his car and tells them this is Dr Malcolm Marcolin and that he’s been treating Topolsky at a mental hospital in Maryland for 6 weeks. Marcolin tells them Topolsky is paranoid delusional, desperately afraid of things that don’t exist. Valenti tells them he verified the doctor’s story and it’s probably safe to disregard everything she told them. Marcolin says that Topolsky is on her way back to Maryland. Valenti and Marcolin head back to their cars. Michael starts to look for the orb but Max says they’ll get it later. Valenti sees it and picks it up. Max says “Nice job Michael” and walks off.

Marcolin pulls into a gated area, shapeshifts into a hiker/prospector and leaves the car, carrying his gear. Cut to Topolsky who is at the meeting point and is abducted by the ones she had been trying to avoid.

#118 Tess, Lies and Videotape – Synopsis

Compiled by Joan Pickering

At the Crashdown, Max and Liz are flirting, much to the chagrin of Isabel. Sheriff Valenti comes in to refill his thermos with coffee. Max and Isabel try to avoid looking at him but he looks right at them and says “You folks have a nice night.” and leaves. Michael thinks “he knows” because he has the orb. Max blames Michael for that. Liz says “Even though he has it, he doesn’t know what it is. Right?” Max says “We don’t even know what it is.” Tess walks over and wants to know “what what is?” They change the subject. She sits and Max starts to stare at her. He has a vision of the two of them together, holding hands, in the desert, standing amid the symbols from the cave wall; of a child in an incubator like pod; of something in a larva like stage of development. Liz, Isabel and Tess are all aware of Max’ trance like state. Tess breaks his reverie by asking if she has something in her teeth. Liz goes to get Tess a drink and Max accompanies her out to the back room. He kisses her and says “I just really needed to do that.” The he kisses her again and he starts having flashes of Tess and suddenly he envisions he is kissing Tess and not Liz. Liz breaks his reverie and asks if he had another flash. Max is obviously unsettled by his experience. He apologizes to Liz and says he’s just tired. Liz goes into the kitchen and Max stares out the window in the door at Tess.

Valenti is on the phone talking to the hospital in Maryland, asking to speak to Kathleen Topolsky. He is holding the orb. He is unable to talk to Topolsky so he leaves a message for Dr. Margolin to call him.

At school, Alex says hi to Tess and Isabel as he passes by. Tess comments that Alex has it bad for Isabel. Isabel replies that “He’s sweet.” Tess asks “Sweet as in nice guy or sweet as in potential love connection?” Isabel replies “Sweet as in I don’t know.” She asks Tess who she’s interested in and Tess confesses that she’s bummed that Max is not available. Isabel says Max is so into Liz and their being soul mates that “It’s enough to make you gag.” Tess starts to say “That’s weird, I thought I felt him…” but doesn’t complete the thought. Cut to science class, where the teacher is discussing combustibility. Tess, sitting in front, turns and looks at Max sitting in the back and the flame on his Bunsen burner shoots up. The teacher asks Max to come sit with Tess to help her get caught up. He approaches Tess, then he picks her up and she wraps her legs around his waist and they begin kissing passionately. He lays her down onto the teacher’s desk and climbs on top of her. The entire class, including Alex, Maria and Liz, look on in shock. Tess starts saying “Max, you’re on fire.” over and over. His reverie is finally broken and he discovers the Bunsen burner has set his shirt on fire. He puts it out and sits next to Tess. Cut to the girls’ room where Maria is concerned about the way Tess was looking at Max. Liz says she has nothing to worry about. Cut to the boys’ room where Max is telling Michael that he’s worried. He tells him he’s been having daydreams about being “together” with Tess. Michael says “Guess you’re only human after all.” Cut to the girls’ room where Maria reminds Liz that Max isn’t human and what if “Czechoslovakians” can’t resist temptation. Liz brushes off her worries. Max tells Michael that something is happening to him that is out of his control; he can’t stop it. That it’s like Tess knows something about him that she shouldn’t and he worries who she is. Michael brushes off his worries and says they have more important concerns to think about, like Valenti having the orb. Max walks away, wondering aloud why he thought Michael would be any help.

At the Valenti home, Kyle is watching a basketball game when Valenti gets a phone call, causing him to switch the channel to a news report about a hospital in Maryland where six people perished in a fire. Valenti calls Dr. Margolin and is patched through to his cell phone. Dr. Margolin tells him Topolsky died in the fire and he doesn’t know who Valenti is because he’s never been to Roswell in his life.

The next morning, Valenti goes to the UFO Center to talk to Max. He tells him he knows how Max feels when you have something tearing you up inside and don’t have anyone to talk to about it. He tells him that Topolsky died in a fire in Maryland and that the Dr. Margolin they met was an impostor, possibly a shapeshifter. He asks Max what if everything Topolsky told them about Pierce was true and he just killed six people to get to Topolsky. He tells Max this is serious; that all their names are on Pierce’s list, including his own. They are all in danger and they all need to help each other. That Max needs to trust him because someone is out there watching them. Cut to Michael in his apartment being observed by someone watching a video monitor.

At school, Michael goes into the Administration file room and starts going through a file cabinet drawer. Maria follows him in and asks what he’s doing. He doesn’t want to tell her so she reminds him they are a couple and shouldn’t have secrets from one another. He tells her he’s looking up Tess’ files and she guesses it’s for Max. Michael leaves and goes to the address listed in the files and it’s an empty house. He hides when an Army jeep approaches. Two men and a soldier with an M-16 rifle get out. The men go inside and the soldier stands guard outside.

At the Crashdown, Liz is quizzing Max about whether he is Tess’ lab partner for the rest of the semester and that with an odd number of students someone is going to be without a lab partner. Max asks if they can stop talking about Tess, Michael comes in and says that’s a good idea and he and Max go over to Isabel at the counter to talk. He tells them about the empty house and the military. Isabel defends Tess saying they just moved here and she’s sure there is a reasonable explanation for the military. Max tells them what Valenti told him about Topolsky and that Valenti thinks everything she told them about the alien hunter is true. Michael wants to know why he didn’t tell them about it sooner. Max says he didn’t want anyone to panic. Michael says “I’m trying to figure out which problem to panic over. You having secret meetings with Valenti or your new girlfriend Tess bringing the Army into town.” Liz overhears the new girlfriend Tess remark. She looks at Max then walks away. Max is about to follow her when Valenti comes in. He places the orb on the counter and says “Before you can expect anyone to trust you, you’ve got to trust them first. Whenever you’re ready Max.” Then he leaves. Michael says they have to do something about Tess so Isabel volunteers to check it out. When Isabel gets to the house, the movers are there. Tess tells her they’ve been at a hotel all week, then introduces her to her father, Ed Harding. They have a lot of exotic artifacts which Tess says her father collected from all over the world. Isabel asks him what he does that brings him to such exotic ports. He says “If I tell you, I’ll have to kill you.” Isabel is stunned. Then he laughs; it was a joke. He works as a consultant for the Army. He and Tess start to direct the movers and Isabel, helping, picks up a box marked photos. Tess freaks and tells her to put it down. She tries to cover by saying Isabel is a guest and shouldn’t be lifting heavy boxes. She goes to get Isabel a drink and her father asks what Isabel is doing there.

It’s raining. Max comes by the Crashdown after closing to tell Liz that he doesn’t feel anything for Tess. He knows Liz is the person he is supposed to be with. He tells her “You’re the one, Liz. The only one. I could never be with anyone else.” Then he kisses her. When he leaves, he runs into Tess, whose car has broken down across the street. They are standing in the rain. He tells her she planned it. That she’s doing something to him. She denies planning anything; she just needs someone to help her with her car. He approaches her saying “I’m with Liz. We belong together. I don’t want anyone but her.” All the while he’s getting closer and closer until they’re inches apart and he kisses her passionately. Liz is watching at the Crashdown door. Max has flashes of the child in the pod emerging; then one of the Aries constellation. He stops kissing her. He’s breathing hard and asks “Who are you?”

At Michael’s apartment, Max comes in and Michael, irritated, says “What are you doing here?” Max is very agitated. He says “I’m in trouble Michael. I don’t know what’s happening to me. I kissed Tess.” Michael is shocked. Max tells him it was like something was controlling him, that something is going on. But Michael is just disgusted with Max. He says “First you talk to Valenti behind my back and now you’re kissing Tess behind Liz’.” Max says he didn’t tell Valenti anything and, since he returned the orb, maybe they should trust him. Michael says “I use to admire you. You were solid, someone I could trust, even more than I could trust myself. And Liz trusted you. I don’t know who you are anymore, Maxwell. So why don’t you get the hell out of my house.” He gives Max a slight push as he walks by him towards the refrigerator. Max wants him to listen so he grabs Michael and shoves him against the refrigerator, causing the items on top to fall over, exposing a tiny hidden camera.

The next day at the Crashdown, Max, Michael and Isabel discuss who could have planted it. Michael suggests Valenti but Max thinks the device would be too expensive for the Roswell PD. Michael suggests Mr Harding; Isabel starts to disagree, telling them about the hotel and Harding’s job and saying he’s dorky but normal but then she remembers the box. Liz walks by and does not say hi, so Max follows her into the back room. She tells him she saw him and, hurt, asks “How could you kiss her?” He replies “I don’t know. I don’t know what’s happening.” She asks if any of the things he said to her were true. He tells her she has to believe him. The way he is drawn to Tess is not just attraction, it’s something else. He asks her to have faith in him, in them, until he can figure out what’s going on. He tells her he had a flash when he kissed Tess and Liz is stricken. She says “I guess I’m not so special after all.” She runs upstairs. Maria finds her on her balcony, sobbing uncontrollably. Maria tells her that Michael told her she needed a friend. Liz tells her that Max kissed Tess. Maria can’t believe it and agrees with Liz when she says it’s so unlike him. She hugs her, tells her she will support her and asks “What are you going do?” Liz says “Everything I see with my eyes, tells me that he’s cheating on me but everything I feel with my heart, tells me that he’s not.” Maria advises her to go with her heart.

At the Crashdown, Alex, using a small video monitor, explains to Michael how the camera works. Maria asks what they are doing with it and Michael tells her they are going to use it to spy on Tess and her father because they think they are FBI. They discuss how they are going to get the camera in the house. Cut to Liz visiting Tess. She tells her they need to talk, that she’s in love with Max and saw them kissing. Tess says it came out of nowhere and will never happen again. Tess goes to get her a drink and Liz places the camera under one of the artifacts. She sees the box and goes through it, finding pictures of Max. Michael, Maria, Isabel and Alex are watching on a monitor from a warehouse nearby. They see Mr. Harding come in and startle Liz, who knocks over the artifact the camera was under, sending camera and artifact crashing to the floor. The signal goes out. Liz apologizes profusely for breaking the artifact. She offers to clean up the mess. Mr. Harding politely, but menacingly, tells her not to bother, they’ll get it later. Then he invites her to stay for dinner. The gang discusses what they should do. Michael wants to go get her but Isabel doesn’t think they should rush in, causing suspicion, if nothing is wrong. Michael says they can’t take the chance with Liz’ life so they leave to check things out. Liz, saying she is calling her mom, calls Max and cryptically tells him where she is and that he was right about them. He tells her he’s coming to get her. When the gang gets there they look through the window. Isabel says “What’s going on?” and Alex replies, “They are passing the mashed potatoes.” Mr Harding quizzes Liz and learns that her parents own the Crashdown and that she’s dating Max. Max arrives and argues with the others about going in to get her. Mr Harding starts to clean up the artifact when the doorbell rings. Mr Harding goes to the door and Liz retrieves the camera and places it in a dish with colored glass marbles. Max is at the door and says he is there to see Tess, that they need to talk. Tess says they have nothing to talk about, that what happened between them was a mistake. Liz tells Max that she and Tess have straightened everything out and they should leave. Mr Harding acts disappointed and says they should do it again sometime. When Liz and Max join the others she tells them about the pictures of Max. Valenti is in a car parked outside the house and he is taking pictures. Cut to the warehouse, where the gang is falling asleep waiting for something to happen on the monitor. Max thanks Liz for believing in him. She says she went on faith but she’s not sure there will ever be a good enough reason to explain his kissing Tess. On the monitor they see Tess dump the remnants of the artifact on top of the piano, then, use her powers to reconstruct it.

#119 Four Square – Synopsis

Compiled by Joan Pickering

There are stars in the background. Isabel says to Alex “I’m finally ready to let someone in and I want him to be you.” Alex replies “I’ve been waiting to hear that, Isabel and I want to be the one for you because you’re the only one for me.” They kiss and the stars in the background disappear and are replaced by a clear blue sky. They part and in the background Michael is standing on a rock formation, with his arms folded, watching them. The camera pulls back to reveal Isabel, wearing a black evening gown and pink ballet slippers, standing in the desert amid the symbols from the cave wall. It is obvious now that this is a vision or dream. Isabel is standing next to and looking down at the symbol that looks like an X with a square at each end. Michael is now down at her level and behind her. He holds out his hand to her. She turns and sees him and he calls her name. Then he turns into Alex calling her name. Cut to the warehouse where Isabel is asleep on Alex’ shoulder. Alex is saying “Isabel wake up, she’s moving around.” On the monitor we see Tess preparing to leave for school. Isabel picks up her cell phone and dials. Cut to Maria and Michael asleep in her car outside Tess’s home. Maria’s cell phone is ringing. Isabel tells her Tess is leaving now. Tess gets in her car and Maria says “We’re on it.”

At school, Liz and Max are talking about Nasedo using Tess’s body to manipulate him. Liz gets a call on her cell phone and tells Max that Tess is on her way inside. Tess heads for the girls’ room. Liz follows her in but Tess is no where to be seen. Then she suddenly appears, startling Liz. Tess is confused. She says she thought they had settled everything last night and were now friends, so why is everyone following her.

The six of them are sitting on a non-working carnival ride discussing Tess. Liz doesn’t think she knows that they are on to her. Michael says she’s the 4th alien they have been searching for and they should trust her. Isabel says she doesn’t think that anyone who would disguise themselves as a teenage girl to seduce Max is on their side. Max says Nasedo is a shapeshifter who has killed and no matter what they discover about themselves, they were raised human and he is an alien who has powers they do not; that Tess had some sort of power over him. Isabel agrees, she felt it too. Isabel reminds them that Nasedo may not be posing as Tess anymore. They all agree to keep watching her with the camera. Before leaving Isabel, having a flash of her dream, gives Michael a strange look, which is noticed by Maria.

Ed Harding sees Sheriff Valenti to tell him he found the surveillance camera in his home. Valenti learns that Ed works as a consultant for the Army and no one else has been in the house except for the movers and two friends of Tess. Valenti tells him the movers may have been staking out the place and he’ll look into it. When Ed leaves, Valenti pulls out the pictures he took outside the Harding home of the kids.

At school, Isabel tries to convince the secretary in the office that she’s part of the “Sunshine Committee” and they need information on Tess to help welcome her to the school. When the secretary leaves to get permission, Isabel uses her computer to print out Tess’ schedule and school records.

At the Crashdown, Liz, Max and Maria are discussing their surveillance of Tess. Liz asks Max if he is still drawn to Tess. He says no. Maria says they still shouldn’t let him be alone or Tess might work her voodoo on him. Max says he doesn’t need a babysitter. Liz agrees with Maria because Tess scares her. Max suggests they go watch Tess on the monitor and Valenti, coming up behind them, tells them that’s against the law. He places the camera on the counter and says they should stop hiding things from him because he always knows more than they think he does. He tells them that he knows they planted it in the Harding home and, since it’s FBI issue, the only way they could get one is if they found it when someone, probably Pierce, planted it to watch them. He reminds them that the more he knows, the safer they’ll be. He picks up the camera and leaves. Michael says “Don’t even think about it Maxwell.”

Isabel arrives home to discover Diane and Tess bonding over the family album. Tess tells Isabel that she’s lucky to have such a wonderful family and so many happy memories. Diane leaves to run errands and Tess tells Isabel that she feels close to her, that they share something special and she wants to be completely honest with her. She tells her she has “strong” feelings for Max and asks Isabel if she ever felt a connection with someone “like you and this other person are destined to be together?” Isabel flashes to Michael but answers “No.” Tess says that’s how she feels about Max. She asks Isabel “Are you sure you never felt that way about anyone?” She comes up behind Isabel and whispers in her ear “Pay more attention, Isabel. There are signs all around you.” Isabel looks behind her and sees 4 sugar cubes on the table. Later, Isabel says to Max “She really scared me Max. It was like I lost a few seconds of time and when it was over I wasn’t even sure if what I remembered had happened or not. Is that what she did to you?” Max says “It’s like she could make my mind go places I wasn’t taking it.” Isabel asks if he feels changes in his body like something waking up and he replies “Something primal?” Isabel says “Instinctive” and Max says “Something not human.” Michael comes to the window. Isabel had called him because she didn’t think any of them should be alone tonight. Later that night, Isabel is dreaming of being in the desert amid the symbols again. She reaches down and touches one of the squares at the end of the X and flashes to the 4 sugar cubes. Michael’s hand reaches down and strokes her hair. He cups her face with both hands and they kiss. The kiss becomes passionate and she jolts awake. Simultaneously, Michael, in Max’ room, does the same. Max asks what’s wrong and he replies “Isabel”. They rush to her room and she’s trying to catch her breath. She’s very upset but says “It was only a dream” and looks at Michael, who looks like he’s still in shock, and he echoes her. Cut to the kitchen, where they are looking at the drawing of the cave painting and they both point out the same symbol as being in their dream, as well as mentioning the rock formation. Max asks what they were doing out in the desert and they both look uncomfortable and say “Nothing.” Isabel says Tess made the symbol out of sugar cubes. Max is frustrated and says “I wish we knew how to read this.” Isabel says “Tell him Michael.” Michael says he thought he figured it out once but was wrong. Isabel says he used the V constellation to navigate the symbols. That the night Max was drunk they went to the library, where the symbol Nasedo sent them was supposed to lead and sent him one in return. Max is angry and blames Michael for leading Nasedo to them. That they no longer have control of the situation and are working under Nasedo’s terms not theirs. Michael thinks Nasedo could lead them to a better life but that Max is too happy with his life in Roswell to risk it. He asks him why he’s afraid of being alien. Max asks why Michael is afraid of being human. Isabel berates them for only thinking of themselves and reminds them that this is happening to her too. She says she thinks Tess has been making her have the dreams.

At school, Max and Liz look up information on the Aries constellation. They discover that on that day, 05/27/00, Venus will be in the right position to create the V shape. Liz notices Tess outside and asks Max what it was like kissing her. He tells her that it was upsetting. It made him feel things about himself that he never knew about before, things he didn’t like. They notice Kyle six next to Tess and are worried.

Michael seeks out Maria and tells her he’s been thinking about their relationship. Maria, shocked, asks if he’s OK. He says he didn’t get much sleep last night. Cut to Isabel pulling Alex into the janitor’s closet. Isabel says “You know how I said I wanted to take things slow? Alex replies “The word glacial comes to mind.” Isabel says “Maybe it’s time to melt the ice.” She tells him she’s ready for a relationship and wants it to be with him and no one else she knows. Alex says “There’s someone else?” and she replies “No, absolutely not, only you!” Cut to Michael saying to Maria that he thinks they should only see each other. Maria points out that they already are only seeing each other, unless he has someone else on the side. He quickly denies this and says he wants to make it official. She says “Like going steady?” He agrees and says “I just don’t want anyone to come between us.” Maria is very pleased and says he should have more of these sleepless nights. He says he doesn’t want to talk about last night. Cut to Alex saying “This is monumental. We’ve got to go about this the right way. You know, romance. How about tonight?” Isabel replies “How about right now?” and kisses him. Cut to Michael and Maria kissing in the hallway. Noticing that their classmates are all staring at them, they head for the janitor’s closet and open the door on Isabel and Alex. Isabel says to Michael “Alex and I are together now.” Michael says to her “Maria and I are going steady.” Maria looks at Alex and says “Must be something in the water.” Cut to Alex bringing Isabel home because she is very tired. She says she just wants to take a little nap, lays down on her bed and falls asleep immediately. Alex covers her with an afghan, tells her she’s beautiful, kisses her on the forehead and leaves. Isabel has the desert dream. She and Michael are passionately making out at the top of the rock formation. She has flashes of their cell structure and a fetus.

Michael is at home, going over the cave map. He looks up and sees Tess at his window. She breathes on it to fog it up and uses her finger to put 4 dots in the fog. Michael opens the window and says “What does that mean? Where is it?” She replies “You already know. You’ve been there before.” Michael has a flash of himself as a child, covered in an embryonic like substance, running past a sign that says “Pohlman Ranch”. When the flash is over, Tess is gone.

At the Crashdown, Klye comes in and Liz decides she’s going to try to warn him about Tess. Her attempts just make her sound jealous so she’s unsuccessful but she learns they have a study date that night at the library. That night, Max and Liz go to the library. Tess and Kyle come in and head for the ancient language section. She tells Kyle she needs a book on the top shelf and asks him to help her up. Max follows her and watches from another aisle. Her actions are out of view to Klye but Max can see her as she waves her hand over the wall, leaving a silver hand print. She puts her hand through the wall at the hand print and pulls out a book. On it is the same symbol that Nasedo left them. She gets down and she and Kyle leave. Max thinks Tess used Kyle as bait to lure him there so he would see her get it.

At Max’, Michael tells him the 4 square symbol on the map stands for Pohlman Ranch. That it’s where the crash took place but the government had it removed from maps. Max is concerned that if Nasedo had anything to do with Michael remembering the ranch they may not be able to trust it. Michael asks him what he learned at the library and Max says “Nothing.” Michael doesn’t believe him. Max suggests that Michael stay over and they can talk to Isabel in the morning. Cut to Isabel, who is dreaming of pushing a baby on a swing, then holding and playing with the baby; then Michael is holding and playing with the baby. They are a laughing, loving, joyous couple. Isabel jolts awake. Cut to Michael, who has also just awakened. He appears stunned. He goes to Isabel’s room; she is up and says “You’ve seen them too, haven’t you.” He replies “The dreams.” She says “The rock formation symbol”; he says “The two of us”; she says “The baby. I think it’s all true, Michael. I think I’m pregnant with your child. How can this be?” Michael responds “Something weird like this had to happen sooner or later.” They are looking out the window at the V constellation. “No matter what Max wants to think, we’re not human, Isabel.” Isabel says “Oh my God, Michael, what are we going to do?” They hug to comfort one another. Cut to Max dreaming of being in the desert, standing next to the 4 square symbol, holding Tess’ hand. He opens his eyes to find her leaning over him. She says “It’s time. You understand don’t you?” Max replies “Tell me. Tell me what I’m feeling.” She says “I’ll show you everything. Then you’ll remember.” She drives him to Pohlman Ranch. The rock formation from Michael’s previous visions and the dream he and Isabel shared is there and Max comments on it. Tess says “We’ve all seen it. We’ve all been here before.” There is a flash of three children walking in the desert. Max says “What do you mean we?” Tess says “Hold me Max, you’ll remember.” She goes to him but he pushes her away, accusing her of killing people. Tess has no idea what he’s talking about and denies that she ever killed anyone. He asks her if she’ll kill Alex, Maria and Liz. He is attacking her with his words and Tess is truly frightened. She says “No one has to get hurt, Max.” and he replies “Sure, until you get what you want.” Tess says “It’s not what I want. It’s what’s meant to be. It’s all in here Max. It’s our destiny.” She tries to hand him the book from the library but he slaps it out of her hand and says “No, I’m not like you. I live in this world. It’s all I know and I will not be a part of anything as evil as you.” He grabs her and says “Show me who you really are, don’t hide behind this face.” He throws her to the ground and pins her head down. Max screams at her “Show me! Shapeshift! Show me what you really look like!” What I really look like! Tess cries out “That’s not who I am! Think Max, you’ve seen my face before. You know who I am.” Max has a vision of the children emerging from the egg shaped pods, covered in an embryonic like substance. Max, Michael and Isabel all come out but Tess is still in hers. She appears to still be asleep. Michael goes to the cave wall, waves his hand and a silver hand print appears. He places his hand on the print, the wall opens and sunlight pours in. Michael leaves. Isabel beckons to Max. He turns and looks at Tess; he is reluctant to leave but eventually joins Isabel and they leave the cave. When the vision ends, it is daytime. Tess says “You know who I am now, don’t you. You understand our destiny.” Michael and Isabel arrive and Michael runs up and grabs Tess saying “What the hell did you do to him? To all of us?” Max stops him and says “She’s not Nasedo. She’s one of us.” The four of them are standing together and there is a flash of the 4 square symbol.

#120 Max to the Max – Synopsis

Compiled by Joan Pickering

Continuing from the last episode (Four Square). Max, Tess, Michael and Isabel are standing together at Pohlman Ranch, like the 4 square symbol. Michael says “What do you mean she’s one of us?” Instead of answering, Max runs to the rock formation. Michael and Isabel follow him. He stops at the rock wall and waves his hand over the wall, leaving a silver hand print. He places his hand over the print and the rock wall slides open. They go inside the cave and find the pods. Isabel says “What is this place, Max?” Tess comes up behind them and answers “It’s where we were all born.” Isabel flashes to the time she and the others emerged from the pods. She says “No, no. I don’t believe this.” and leaves the cave. Max tells Michael they have to go after her and leaves. Michael is still transfixed by what he sees. Tess goes up to him and gives him the book. She tells him that she knows he wants the answers and if he can convince the others that she is not their enemy then she can explain everything. Michael takes the book and leaves. Ed Harding shapeshifts from being part of the cave wall into himself. He is angry that she brought them up there when Pierce is so close. She asks “So why don’t you just kill him? According to Max you’ve done that before.” He asks if she’s going to trust Max over him and she says that Max, Michael and Isabel are her family. He tells her Pierce is dangerous and she’ll need him to survive Pierce. She asks why he’s more afraid of Pierce than the others and he replies “He’s smarter.” Cut to someone watching a video of the conversation Michael and Isabel had at his apartment about the visions Liz was receiving when she kissed Max and Nasedo’s possible involvement (Sexual Healing). Cut to Michael, Isabel and Max outside the cave, checking out the book (tablets connected by 5 rings). It’s engraved in a language they don’t understand but it also contains pictures of them, individually and paired together. Isabel is shocked by the pictures and says “How would they know what we would look like?’ Michael responds “Because we were designed.” Max says that’s impossible and Michael says “Whether you want to face it or not, we weren’t born, we were engineered.” Isabel says she thinks Michael is right and that the book is saying they’ve been paired up – Max with Tess, she with Michael. Max doesn’t want to believe it and says he belongs with Liz. Isabel says it’s about their destiny. Turning to Michael she says “You and me and the baby, that’s what this is.” Max says “The what?” Michael replies “Isabel thinks she’s having a kid.” Max is upset and Isabel explains they were never together except in the dreams. Max says you can’t get pregnant from a dream and Isabel asks “How do you know? We don’t know how we get pregnant. All I know is that something is happening inside my body and we don’t know what it is.” Michael says they should ask Tess. Max doesn’t want to but for Isabel’s sake he agrees. He says “I’ll go. Look at the pictures; if she’s going to talk to anyone it will be me.” Cut to Max coming up to Tess at school. He shows her the book and says “I want to know what’s in it. I want to know everything.” She suggests that they go somewhere to talk.

Deputy Dave Fisher knocks on Sheriff Valenti’s office door. He’s been sent down from Santa Fe as an addition to Valenti’s staff. Valenti tells him that request was for 6 months ago but they’ll straighten it out later. Fisher asks how he can help and Valenti tells him to clean out the coffee pot. When Fisher steps out, Valenti tells Deputy Hanson to “Get Santa Fe on the phone. He better be who he says he is.”

At the Crashdown, Michael is calmly washing pots and pans while Isabel is freaking out. She says “What if Max doesn’t find anything out, or what if he does and it’s worse than we thought?” Oh God, Michael, I’m so scared!” She’s also confused about their relationship and asks “Are you my brother or my mate? I can’t forget that dream. Can you?” Unseen by them, Maria walks into the back room and sees and overhears the rest of their conversation. “You were so happy, Michael. I’ve never seen you that happy. Michael replies, “Well, I’ve never been that happy before.” She says “What is this going to do to everyone else? Maria, me and Alex?” He says “Let’s not think about that right now. I just want you to know that I’m not going to let you go through this alone.” He strokes her hair then places his hand on her shoulder. “It’s my baby too. Maybe this is the way things are meant to be.” He hugs her. Maria, stricken, leaves.

Ed Harding heads down a side street, whistling. A “G-man” follows him. Harding pins him against a wall and tells him he needs to send a message to Agent Pierce. The man has a heart attack and dies. A hole has burned through the man’s jacket and shirt and there is a silver hand print on his chest.

Tess and Max are in a field. Tess is saying “I know it must have been a surprise, finding out about me.” She tells him how Nasedo was there when she came out of the pod. That he’s not her father but has taken care of her ever since. He has the ability to shapeshift because he does not have a human body, as they do. She’s never seen what he really looks like but he’s taken on many personas to hide from the FBI. She tells him he never lets her get close, that he doesn’t have a human side at all. Max asks what the pictures mean and she says “You know what they mean. You feel it.” He asks her if they were together, in a dream, is that how they mate. She laughs and says “No, we have to do it the human way. The dreams are to awaken us, to show us how it’s meant to be. Do you understand?” Max says “I think I do.”

At the Crashdown, Max comes in and heads for the back room. Liz is about to start her shift but Max wants her to leave with him. He tells her he’ll tell her everything later, it’s important. She agrees and they leave by the front door. He brings her to a sports car and tells her the jeep is in for repairs. They drive off just as Max pulls up in the jeep, drops off Tess and drives off. Max and Liz are on the highway. Liz sits very close to Max; asks him to tell her everything, like he said he would. He says “I just want you to know, Liz, that nobody will ever come between us; nobody.” She leans closer and says “Tell me something I don’t know” and kisses him on the cheek. Enjoying this immensely he says “If you keep that up I’m gonna have to pull over.” She asks if that’s a threat or a promise and kisses him again. He pulls the car off the road and brings it to a stop. They start to make-out and Liz has a flash of desolation, lightening flashes and Sheila Hubble. Liz backs off and he asks her what’s wrong. She looks disturbed but says “Nothing.”

In the alley outside the Crashdown, Michael is throwing trash into a dumpster when Maria comes out to ask him about “the baby.” He says “I can’t talk about that.” She says he owes her an explanation, that she thought he and Isabel were like brother and sister and now they’re sleeping together. He says they’re not sleeping together and she says “Then how’s there a baby?” and he says “I don’t know.” She asks “How do you not know?” Michael loses it and starts yelling at her “I just don’t know! I don’t know anything anymore. I don’t know what the hell it means. I don’t know what I’m feeling.” Maria interrupts and says “Wait a minute, what you’re feeling? Now you have feelings for her?” He says, “Maria, this isn’t about you or me or our stupid relationship. This is about Isabel. Something is happening to her and that’s all I care about.” Hurt, Maria walks away. Inside the Crashdown, Alex tells Isabel that Maria told him about her “situation”. She says “Maria knows!?” He tells her “I just want you to know that if you’re having trouble dealing with it, I’m here.” He asks if Michael loves her, she says it’s not that simple and he says it should be. She reminds him they are dealing with an alien pregnancy and he tells her he knows that, he’s known from the start that if he decided to go forward with this that things might get weird. He says “Look, you said that you were ready for a relationship and whatever is going on now, I know that you meant that, I know that it was real.” She replies, “It was, it was real.” He tells her “I’ll be here when you need me.”

Valenti finds Fisher going through the file cabinets. He angrily slams the drawer shut and says “What the hell are you doing deputy. That’s private.” Valenti checks out Fisher’s claim that he was color coding the files and says “Your Commanding Officer in Santa Fe said you were a bit of an overachiever. From now on, just do as you’re asked, nothing more.”

At the Crashdown, Max comes in and tells Isabel and Michael that Tess told him “The dreams are just to guide us in our destinies. She says the constellations have aligned and awakened our biological drives but the usual methods still apply. We can’t get pregnant from a dream.” Michael asks if they’re supposed to pair up like the book says. Max says he won’t let any book tell him what to do. Maria walks by and Michael goes over to her and tells her the baby was a false alarm. He says he’s sorry for calling their relationship stupid, he didn’t mean it and she says “Well then, you shouldn’t have said it.” Max is surprised that Maria knows about the baby and asks if Liz does. Maria says “You didn’t tell Liz?” Max replies “I haven’t seen her since this morning.” and Maria says “What are you talking about, you picked her up an hour ago.” He says he didn’t pick her up and they all exchange concerned looks.

Back on the highway, “Max” pulls the car over, stops, gets out and opens the trunk. Liz’ cell phone rings, she answers and Max says “Liz, it’s me.” She says “Who is this?” Nasedo/Max takes the G-man from the trunk and dumps the body next to the mile 67 sign. On the phone, Max is saying “Tell us where you are.” Nasedo takes the phone and hears Max say “Liz, are you there? It’s Max.” He shuts off the phone and says to Liz “Now you know.” He gets back in the car, smiles at her and pulls onto the highway. Cut to the kids who are discussing how they are going to find Liz. Max wants to go to Valenti so he can put out an APB. Michael is against telling Valenti the truth so Maria suggests they tell Valenti that Max has “taken” Liz. Cut to Valenti’s office where Maria and Alex tell Valenti that they got a phone call from Liz who said that Max was acting strange, scaring her and wouldn’t let her go home, as if he had kidnapped her.

On the highway, Nasedo calls the FBI to leave a message for Pierce. “Let him know I left him a little clue on Highway 380 to Hondo, near mile marker 67.” Liz asks if he’s going to kill her too and he says “Not as long as I still need you.” and smiles at her. She says, “Do you have to be Max?” and he says he likes it, likes being seventeen; besides, she wouldn’t have been as friendly to Ed Harding. She says “That was you?” He says he’s been lot of different people but Max Evans is his most important role. He’s using Max as bait to draw out Pierce and he’s using Liz as a hostage. She thinks Pierce would kill her but Nasedo thinks he would want her alive to answer questions about what Max did to her. He thinks she’ll come in handy and if she doesn’t, she’s been “fantastic company”. He says “Time to leave another clue.” He stops at a gas station, leaves a silver hand print on one pump, causes another to explode and drives off.

Michael grabs Tess as she’s walking down the street He forcefully puts her in the jeep and says she’s going to help them get Liz back from Nasedo. Cut to Fisher telling Valenti about the explosion at the gas station and the hand print. He says they’re faxing pictures from security cameras. Valenti heads out, Fisher follows and Valenti tells him to wait for the pictures. Max, Isabel, Michael and Tess are stopped by Fisher for speeding. He gives them a warning. When he gets the pictures, he sees they are of Max.

Nasedo takes Liz to a carnival. He tells her they’re waiting for Pierce. She tells him that Max will be coming for her because he cares about her. She doesn’t think Nasedo cares about anyone. He replies “All I care about is protecting them.” Cut to Valenti who sees the FBI at mile 67 and stops to investigate. Cut to the kids in the jeep. Tess is still trying to convince them of their destiny together. Max says “It’s not about the 4 of us right now; it’s about Liz.” Tess says “Liz is human, she has nothing to do with us.” Max replies “No, you have nothing to do with us.” She looks to Michael and Isabel for support but gets none. She is hurt by the rejection. They get to mile 67. Tess sees the agents and warns Max to keep driving because she recognizes the special unit. Cut to the carnival. Nasedo is telling Liz that “Tess and Max were made to be together.” Then he says ‘It’s time for another clue.” and he sends a signal light up into the sky of the Whirlwind Galaxy symbol. While he’s distracted, Liz slips away. Cut to Valenti, and the kids, who all see the signal. Tess thinks he’s leading Pierce right to him to kill him. They all head for the signal. Nasedo sees Liz and follows her into the Mirror Maze. Valenti arrives and sees “Max” go into the Maze. The kids arrive and split up. Max sees Valenti go into the Maze and follows him. They are all having difficulty navigating the Maze and their speed slows to a crawl. Nasedo spots Valenti and smiles, Valenti sees Max. Max runs into Nasedo who says “What are you doing? Get out of here.” Max says “Where’s Liz?” Nasedo replies “Pierce doesn’t care about her, he only wants me.” Max says “He wants her too. He wants all of us. I’m not leaving without her.” Liz spots them and calls out to Max. He runs to her but is stopped by a glass wall. She sees the agents come up behind him and calls out a warning. He runs off. Nasedo comes up behind Liz and takes her hand. Valenti sees Max and calls out to him. The agents and Fisher are behind Valenti. Someone shoots and Valenti returns fire. Mirrors are shattering everywhere. The agents corner Max and pin him to a wall. Valenti is helpless to stop them. Nasedo and Liz also see this. Nasedo takes Liz out of the Maze and into an empty bus parked nearby. Liz kisses him, gets the same disturbing flashes, backs away and says “You’re not Max.” Nasedo replies “No, I’m not and I’ve got to get him back.” He shapeshifts into a clown and leaves the bus. Liz follows and runs into Michael, Isabel and Tess. She is frantic, devastated and plaintively wails “They have Max, they have Max!” Michael hugs her. Cut to Max, who is in a white tiled room with no apparent doors or windows but the walls are in fact two way mirrors and he is being observed as he bangs on the walls and frantically tries to find an exit. An agent says “They want to know when you’d like to start the tests.” The other agent turns around; it is Fisher. He says “Tomorrow morning. Let him get some sleep.” The first agent replies “Yes, sir, Agent Pierce.” Max, with his back against the wall, slides down and sits on the floor, defeated.

#121 The White Room – Synopsis

Compiled by Joan Pickering

Max is sitting on the floor in a corner of the white room, wearing hospital garb. Pierce’s disembodied voice can be heard over a speaker “Good Morning, Max.” Max replies “Where am I?” and stands up. Pierce says “Someplace where no one can find you.” Max asks “Why am I here?” and Pierce says “That’s what I want to try to find out.” Max nervously wanders the empty room. He tells the voice that he’s made a mistake; if he wants to know who he is he should call his parents. Pierce says he knows who he is and Max can make this easy or hard. He asks “What is the name of your home planet?” Max replies “Earth.” Pierce says “All right, hard.” Four men, covered from head to toe in protective garb, enter the room and grab Max. His resistance is futile. They strap him to a table using metal restraints and draw some blood.

At the Crashdown, Michael, Isabel, Liz and Tess are worried about what might be happening to Max. Maria and Alex arrive. They are relieved to see Liz is safe but then Liz tells them about Max being taken by Pierce. Tess doesn’t know where Nasedo is so Isabel says that it’s up to them to rescue Max. Liz wants to go to Valenti because he has resources but Tess says so do they – their powers. Michael and Isabel tell her their powers are not advanced, that they do not use them much. Tess is confident in hers. Alex reminds Isabel about her ability to dreamwalk. Liz tells her she should do it to Max so he can tell her where he is. Cut to Max, all alone in the white room, still strapped to the table. A man in protective garb comes in. He uses a remote control to tilt the table Max is on. The man removes his head covering and Max recognizes Deputy Fisher. He removes the rest of the protective outerwear, revealing a G-man type suit. He pulls out Max’ X-rays, puts one on the wall, presses the tile and it lights up, exposing Max’ spinal column. He says there’s something strange about his X-rays because they are completely human – bone structure, organs, circulatory and pulmonary systems. He puts another slide up and says “But, these are your blood cells; completely not human. I know what you are, so now you’re going to start answering my questions.” He starts reeling off names of agents, dating from 1962, who were killed; their internal organs had reached a temperature of 180° F and a sliver hand print was found on the chest. Max says he doesn’t know anything about them. Pierce asks if it was one of the others. He tells Max there were 4 aliens that crashed in 1947. Two died and two were captured but one escaped – Nasedo. The other one they studied for 3 years, right there in that very room. Pierce spent his entire career studying the documents on these aliens. He shows Max the orb and says “Where’s the other one and what happens when you put them together?” Max says “I don’t know.” Pierce uses the remote to lower the table and two men, in protective garb, come in and attach an intravenous drip to Max, who is sedated almost immediately. Cut to Liz’ bedroom where Isabel is dreamwalking with Max. She’s in the white room; she’s disoriented and bumping into the walls, crawling on the floor. Max is tied, spread eagle, to a wall. She calls out to Max for help. He says “I can’t. They gave me something.” She goes to him and says “Tell me where you are.” He says he can’t and she tells him to think about how they brought him there. She sees his vision of being pulled out of the back of a van, being placed face down on a gurney and wheeled past a chain link fence, into a building with a star on the floor with an eagle in the middle of it, then pass a security point which scans your hand for access. She asks him who brought him there and he envisions Deputy Fisher, then Fisher in a suit as Pierce and Isabel realizes Fisher is Pierce. She breaks from the trance screaming Max’ name. She’s crying hysterically. Michael tries to calm her down so she can tell them what she learned. She tells them Max “is so scared”, that Fisher is Pierce and “he’s drugging him, hurting him.” Liz asks where he is and she says she doesn’t know but thinks she’s seen it before. Cut to the UFO Museum where they are looking at an exhibit of the Eagle Rock Military Base, where they took the aliens from the crash. It’s been abandoned for years. Isabel says “That’s where he is.” Since they need to use their powers to break into the base, Tess points out that, under the circumstances, the humans would just be a liability and Maria, Liz and Alex agree to stay behind. Cut to the military base. Michael finds an underground passage and they descend to the basement. They reach an area where further entry requires a hand scan. Isabel remembers it as something Max saw so they know he’s beyond that point. Cut to the white room. Max is too drugged to answer any of Pierce’s questions so Pierce tells the doctors to flush out his system; he wants him completely coherent for the next phase. Cut to the Crashdown where Liz, Maria and Alex are trying to convince themselves that everything is going to be all right. Valenti comes in and sits down with them. He says he’s been up all night, trying to figure out what happened at the carnival. He knows he saw two Maxes, that one of them is in the hands of Pierce and he’s hoping “it isn’t the one that we all care about. Liz, tell me, let me help.” There are tears welling up in her eyes but she replies “We don’t know anymore than you do, Sheriff.” He tells them Max is going to need more help then any of them can give him. When he leaves, Liz says she’ll never forgive herself if something happens to Max that she could have prevented by getting Valenti’s help. Maria suggests they give them to 4:00 to get back before doing anything. It’s now 11:23. Cut to a montage of the torture Max is going through – being held down while injected, being immersed and held down in a tub of ice water, hooked up to electrodes and being shocked – he is resisting and/or screaming in pain through all these scenes. Cut to Isabel, Michael and Tess. They see two men in protective garb pulling a gurney with a body on it under a sheet. They follow them to the morgue to investigate. Cut to the Crashdown. It’s 4:06 and Liz says she’s not waiting and goes to talk to Valenti. Cut to the base. When the men leave, they go into the morgue. They approach the gurney with trepidation, afraid they will find Max under the sheet. Michael finally works up the courage to remove the sheet. It’s the agent Nasedo killed the day before. They are relieved it’s not Max but then see the silver hand print and know that Nasedo has struck again. An agent walks in and says “What are you doing here?” Michael tries to use his powers to repel the agent but they are not under control so doors fly open and things go flying around the room. The agent, who is unaffected, raises his hand and sends an energy surge at Michael which lifts him off his feet and slams him into one of the open doors. Tess says “It’s you” and the agent shapeshifts into Ed Harding. He approaches Michael, who gets up and says “I’ve been looking for you for a long time.” Nasedo replies “Not as long as I’ve been looking for you.” He tells them they are not equipped to handle this situation and he needs to get them out before they get killed. He shapeshifts back into the agent and leads them out of the morgue. Cut to Liz entering Valenti’s office. She tells him he’s right, they do need his help, that Deputy Fisher is Pierce and he has Max. He asks how she knows and she says she can’t tell him and asks him to trust her. She tells him Max is in a lot of trouble but she knows where he is. Cut to the base. Nasedo and Tess have been checking out their escape route. Nasedo says “The most important part of the plan is timing. Set your watches; 5:47. He hands Michael the escape route and tells him to scan it into his brain. Annoyed that Michael can’t, he says “All right, you have 2 minutes to memorize it.” He says he needs help to get through the security door. He can’t handle the lock because it’s made of depleted uranium, a metal composed of heavy atoms, which can’t be manipulated. The FBI have been studying them for 50 years and are aware of their limitations. They added an x-ray to the fingerprint scan because they know his bone structure is not human. He says “I can change my appearance but not what’s on the inside. Your bone structure, on the other hand, is 100% human.” Michael, disappointed, says “So you’re different from me?” He tells them, since there are no women in the unit, Michael will go with him. Michael says he’s unable to change his fingerprints and Nasedo says “Yes you can, you just don’t know you can. Isabel and Tess will help from there.

Max is on the floor of the white room. He wakes up, senses he’s not alone and charges after Pierce, grabbing him by the lapels of his suit. Pierce smiles, shakes his head and says “Don’t even try to use your abilities, Max. The serum we injected you with…very effective in suppressing neurotransmitters in your cerebral cortex.” He tells him they discovered from the other alien that most of his powers came from there. Max’ energy is spent and he releases his hold on Pierce. Pierce gently sits him down in a chair and says “That’s not your real weakness though, is it? It’s not that you’re part alien, it’s that you’re part human.” He hits the remote button and metal restraints hold down Max’ arms. Pierce places a virtual reality scanner on Max and shows him pictures of his loved ones as he talks about his feelings. When he shows him a picture of Liz, lying dead and bleeding, Max freaks out, screaming “NO!!” over and over. Pierce tries to calm him down, telling him it’s not real. “I just wanted to show you what can happen, what will happen.” Max says “You’re evil.” Pierce says “I’m risking my life to save my country, my planet, from being colonized by alien life, by you.” He wants Max to tell him where the other orb is. Max doesn’t answer so he says he has 10 seconds to tell him where the orb is or which of his friends he wants him to kill first. He starts a countdown on the scanner and says “Maybe we’ll start with Liz”, showing the picture again. Max screams “OK, stop it. Stooop!” Pierce removes the scanner and Max, emotionally spent and close to tears, says “I’ll tell you where it is, just don’t hurt Liz.” Surprised, Pierce says “You do have feelings…just like us…whatever you are, you better tell me the truth, for Liz’ sake.”

Nasedo brings Michael back to the morgue. He tells Michael that humans are weak and wasteful, that their brains are incredible machines they haven’t even begun to learn to use. Michael and the others were engineered to use their brains to full capacity; that’s where their powers come from, everything they can do is human; they were just programmed to be several thousand years ahead of the rest of mankind. He holds up the hand of the dead agent, placing his index finger next to the dead man’s and says “You can do it Michael, the only thing stopping you is yourself.” Michael takes the hand and places his index finger next to the dead man’s and concentrates on them. Nothing happens and Nasedo says “Try again.”

Isabel, who will dreamwalk with Max, to give him the plan, asks Tess what she is going to do. Suddenly, an agent appears, grabs Tess, throws her over his shoulder and carries her off, while Tess is screaming. Isabel jumps up to give chase when Tess, behind her, says “It’s OK, I made you think something was happening right in front of you when it really wasn’t.” Tess says Isabel needs to get Max to clear the room and she will use the mind trick to distract Pierce so Michael and Nasedo can get Max out. Cut to Michael trying so hard a light explodes. He says “Damn it, I can’t do this!” Nasedo says he can and Michael screams back that he’s not helping. Nasedo asks if he’s going to let Max die. Michael grabs Nasedo and says “I am doing my best!” Nasedo says it’s not his best. Michael tells him to give him a pointer. Nasedo says it’s in his programming. Michael says he didn’t get the manual. “All this time I’ve been alone. Where the hell have you been?! Why did you let this happen to us, to me?!” Nasedo replies “Emotions are a weakness, Michael. Focus.” They hear footsteps approaching. Nasedo says he’ll have to kill the agent if Michael can’t do it. Michael tries again, the pressure is mounting. Suddenly, his fingerprint changes. He says “I did it!” Agent Matheson walks in and Nasedo places his hand on his chest and kills him. Michael screams “Noooo!” and asks why he killed him. Nasedo intends to take his identity and he can’t afford to have two of himself out there. Michael wants to know how he can kill so easily. Nasedo doesn’t answer. Michael says “You don’t care, do you?” Nasedo says “Michael, if you want to survive, if you want to get back home, you have to be willing to fight for that. Michael says “You’re not who I thought you’d be.” Nasedo replies “Neither are you” and waves his hand, changing Michael’s clothes into a G-man type suit. He hands Michael a comb, says “It’s show time” then shapeshifts into Matheson. They exit the morgue.

Pierce comes into the white room with both orbs and tells Max to make them work. Max says “I don’t know how.” and Pierce has a surgical table brought in. He shows him the scalpels and says “I can take you apart, piece by piece, and make sure you stay conscious enough to feel every second of it.” Max is very distressed and says “I can’t tell you what I don’t know.” repeatedly. Pierce says “Bring in the surgeons.” Cut to Nasedo and Michael reaching the scanner and Michael opening the door. Cut to Max on the surgical table. Pierce points to the surgeon with the knife and says “This man will hurt you.” He points to another with a hypodermic needle and says “This man will help you. Tell me what I need to know and he will take the pain away.” Max says “Who’s inhuman now?” Pierce says to the surgeon “Open him up.” Cut to Isabel who begins her dreamwalk. Isabel tells Max that Michael and Nasedo are on their way. He tells her that Pierce wants him to show him how the orbs work. Isabel says “Tell him anything” and to get Pierce alone in the room. The surgeon cuts into Max’ chest and he screams out “Stooop!” He tells Pierce he’ll show him how they work but only him, so Pierce tells everyone to leave. Cut to Isabel telling Tess about the orbs. She says she doesn’t know how they work and Isabel says she has to think of something. Cut to Max holding the orbs. Shaking, he tells Pierce it takes time. Impatient, Pierce is about to call back the surgeons when he sees the orbs glow. Michael and Nasedo are watching through the mirrored wall and notice Pierce’s rapt attention. They break through the mirror and grab Max. Nasedo tells Michael to follow the escape route, he has something to take care of. Michael reluctantly leaves with Max. Tess breaks the connection and Pierce is brought back to reality. He asks “Where’s the prisoner?” Cut to the morgue, where two agents, discover Agent Matheson’s body and run towards the white room. Cut to the white room, where Nasedo is about to touch Pierce when one of the agents calls out “Sir, stay back he’s not Matheson.” Pierce jumps out of the way and the agents shoot Nasedo, who goes down. Pierce tells them to lock down the security doors and they all run out. Michael opens the door but the lock down starts to close it again. Valenti comes and holds the door open so Michael can get Max through. Pierce arrives, gun drawn. Valenti shoots him and Pierce goes down. Valenti and Michael help Max out. Pierce gets up as the door shuts completely. He puts his bloody hand on the scanner but the lock down overrides it. He puts his hands on the glass door, smearing it with blood, and watches them escape.

#122 Destiny – Synopsis

Compiled by Joan Pickering

It’s nighttime. Michael and Valenti are helping Max out of the Eagle Rock Military Base. They meet up with Isabel, Tess, Liz, Maria and Alex. Valenti tells them they should split up, to make it more difficult for the FBI to follow, and meet at an old silver mine in Gallinas, to buy themselves some time. Tess asks “Where’s Nasedo?” Michael says “Just get in the jeep.” Max is with Liz in Maria’s car. He changes into the clothes Isabel gave him. The FBI are behind them, shooting at them with machine guns. Liz pulls over and they take off on foot, which is a struggle for Max who is still feeling the effects of his treatment. Cornered on a bridge, they climb on the railing, hold each other’s hand, exchange a kiss and jump into the water below. Cut to Max and Liz running through storm drains. They find an abandoned bus and use it as a refuge. Liz kisses Max and is horrified when she sees flashes of what Max went through at the base. Cut to the jeep, where Michael tells Tess Nasedo may not have made it. She says that Nasedo told her that if anything like this ever happened to him she should go to the pod chamber and insists they have to go there. The others disagree. They aren’t going anywhere without Max and Liz. They will go to the mine. Cut to the bus, where Max has told Liz about his destiny with Tess. Max wishes things could go back to normal and Liz wishes he never saved her when she was shot because that was the day his life ended. Choked with emotion, Max says, “No, that’s the day my life began.” He tells her that what got him through the torture was the thought of her; the way her eyes look into his, her smile, the touch of her skin, her lips. “Knowing you has made me human. Whether I die tomorrow or 50 years from now, my destiny is the same…it’s you. I want to be with you, Liz. I love you.” Liz replies “I love you.” and they kiss.

Valenti is at the mine when the kids arrive. They are concerned when they discover that Max and Liz have not yet arrived. Valenti says he needs to retrace their route to find them. Michael goes with him to help. Cut to Max and Liz. It is daybreak; they hear the sound of an approaching car and leave. Cut to Michael asking Valenti why he’s helping. He says there’s a right side and a wrong side and Pierce is not on the right side. They see Max and Liz running from the agents. Valenti stops and Michael gets out and uses his powers to send a blinding light at the agents, disabling them and their vehicle. Valenti looks on in astonishment. Max and Liz reach them and they all get in the car. Valenti says “What did you do?” and Michael says “I don’t know, just go.” They take off and return to the mine. Michael and Liz go into the mine. Valenti says “Tell me what just happened back there, Max. All this time I thought it was just you. It’s Michael too, isn’t it. Isabel? My God…man!” Max says “You swore to me that we could trust you. I need to trust you right now. It’s our lives, Sheriff; there’s no time for doubts.” Valenti says “It’s my life too and I need to know everything.” Max says “We don’t know where we’re from. We don’t know why we’re here. We don’t won’t to hurt anybody, Sheriff, we just want to stay alive.” Valenti says his father was right and Max says “But he would have turned us in. What are you going to do?”

In the mine, Michael says “I don’t know how I did it. I don’t even know what I was trying to do. It just happened.” Tess tells him it’s his own energy and how he focuses it. Isabel is concerned that Valenti saw him do it. Alex wants to know what they’re going to do and Max, entering the mine, says “We are gonna think this through and we’re not gonna panic.” Max wants to trust Valenti. Tess thinks the 4 of them should go to the chamber to be safe. That Pierce doesn’t want the rest of them. Max says “We’re not going anywhere. We’re taking our lives back.” He says they can’t keep running. They have to fight. They are stronger than Pierce thinks. “We may be even stronger than we think.”

Valenti is listening to the police scanner and hears Pierce talking to his deputy about his absence. Pierce says he has someone “checking on the Sheriff’s son.” Cut to Agent Samuels at Kyle’s saying his orders are to protect him from any harm and Kyle wanting to know if his father is in trouble. Cut to Michael and Isabel, in town, drawing the attention of Agent Bellow, while Tess does her mind trick on both Bellow and Samuel, making them think that Pierce is in front of them telling them to go to an abandoned gas station in Hondo and wait for him. Kyle asks Samuels who he’s talking to. Tess breaks the connection and Liz asks “Can you just do that with everyone, make them see things that aren’t even there?” Tess replies “Sometimes it’s easier to do that than to make someone see something that is right in front of her eyes.” Cut to Samuels saying “What the hell just happened here?” Kyle says “I was kinda hoping you could tell me.” Max comes in and knocks Samuels out with one punch. Kyle says “What are you doing, he’s an FBI agent!” Max locks Samuel in a closet, says Samuels is not what he seems, that he can’t explain anything right now but his father is safe, he doesn’t want him involved. Leaving, he tells him not to let Samuels out. As soon as he’s gone, Kyle tries to open the closet but Max welded the lock. He goes to the gun rack.

Valenti finds Pierce at the station wearing his deputy uniform. Pierce says “If you’re here to kill me, Sheriff, it won’t do any good. There’ll be a new man in charge of the unit in 24 hours.” Valenti tells him he’s there because he’s scared for himself, for his son, for everyone. Pierce says “You didn’t seem scared last night when you put a bullet 6″ from my heart.” Valenti says things are different from last night; he knows things he didn’t before and it’s “bigger than you can imagine. I heard them, I know their plan. Right now they’re disabling your agents, one by one. You don’t believe me? Get them on the radio.” Pierce tries and fails. He says “I want those aliens.” Valenti wants a deal – a clean record, a full pension for himself and his father and protection for his son. Pierce agrees if Valenti shows him where they are.

That evening, at the UFO Center, Valenti and Pierce watch as Isabel, Liz and Tess enter and go upstairs. Pierce says “As soon as we see them all, shoot to kill, Sheriff.” Valenti says “What about the civilians?” Pierce says “There’s always a price to pay for freedom, Sheriff.” The lights go out. Valenti shouts “Pierce!” There’s a struggle. The lights come back on and Pierce and Valenti are on the floor, Max and Michael have their guns and are pointing them at them. Cut to Max tying Pierce to a chair in the Center’s theater room. A slide show is projecting on the screen. Max goes up to Valenti and says “I can’t believe I trusted you.” Michael leads Valenti out of the room, leaving Pierce and Max alone. The roles are reversed now, Pierce is the captive and Max the tormentor. Cut to Michael saying to Valenti “I always thought you were out to get us…and I’m glad I was wrong.” He removes the handcuffs. Valenti says “I’ll take care of Pierce as soon as Max gets what he needs. Michael asks “What are you gonna do?” Valenti says he put a call into the Attorney General’s office. Michael is skeptical that the government will help because they’re in on it. Valenti says the government doesn’t tolerate secret government action, once the press gets a hold of it. “It’s time for this to be over.” Cut to Max, who, using words Pierce said to him the day before, softly says “Good evening Agent Pierce. You know who I am, I know who you are and now you’re going to tell me everything.” Pierce says “I’ve got nothing to say.” Max says “We can do this the easy way or the hard way. It’s up to you. What happened to Nasedo? Did you capture him? Did you kill him? Tell me!” Cut to another room where Isabel, Tess, Liz, Maria and Alex are waiting. Isabel is preparing to dreamwalk with Pierce while Max interrogates him to see if Pierce will visualize where Nasedo is. Cut back to Max intensely saying “Where is he? You know what I can do to you. Tell me what I’m asking or I will take you apart, piece by piece and make sure you stay conscious enough to feel every second of it.” Pierce says “Untie me and I’ll take you to him.” Max says “So you do know where he is.” Cut to Isabel visualizing Matheson/Nacedo being zipped up in a body bag. Pierce is saying “There is a helo meeting us a Jefferds airstrip out by Hobson. Hold the body there until I bring the others.” Nacedo’s body is placed in a van marked Kase Security. Isabel comes out of it and says to Tess “I’m sorry, it looks like he’s dead.” Tess says he can’t die because he can be brought back with stones he gave to River Dog. They tell her they have the stones. She says all they need is Nasedo and asks if she saw where he is. Isabel says yes. Cut to Michael asking Valenti if his contact at the Attorney General’s is coming there. Valenti says he doesn’t know and Michael realizes he never contacted him. Valenti admits that if he had he would have to turn them in too. He reminds Michael that Pierce is a killer. He killed Agents Topolsky and Stevens, the innocent people at the hospital and would have killed all of them. Cut to Pierce, alone in the theater room, until Kyle comes upon him. Pierce tells him that Max has his father and to untie him. He notices the gun Kyle has, tells him to give it to him and to leave. Pierce puts his hands behind his back so when Max, Michael and Valenti come in they are unaware that he is free and are surprised when he stands up and shoots. Valenti pushes Max and Michael out of the line of fire and shoots back. He hits the screen but not Pierce, who dived out of the way. Valenti needs to reload and Pierce is about to shoot him when Michael screams “No!” and sends an energy surge at Pierce that lifts him off his feet and slams him into the screen. Valenti goes to check on him and says “He’s dead.” Michael is visibly distressed. Valenti recognizes the gun Pierce had as his own and realizes Kyle must be there. He looks behind the screen and sees Kyle lying there bleeding and dying. The others look on in shock. Valenti is crying out “help me”. He turns to Max and says “Save my son, please.” Max lays his hand on Kyle’s wound and concentrates. There is a flash and when he lifts his hand the wound is gone. Kyle says “What the hell just happened to me?” Tears streaming down his face, Valenti says to Max “I don’t care who you are or what you are, I’ll be here for you. I need a moment with my son.” Max goes to Michael and says “You were just trying to stop him. I know you didn’t mean to kill him.” Michael replies “No, that’s just it. I wanted to kill him. I mean, that’s all I could think about. I wanted him dead, you know, and then I just did it, it just happened. What kind of person does that make me?” Max says “We would have been dead if you didn’t help us.” He’s not buying it. He says Max is a healer, he’s a killer; Max is good, he’s bad. Maria comes up to him and he tells her to get away from him because he’s not safe. He can’t control his abilities and he doesn’t want to take any chances with her; he doesn’t want her around for what’s going to happen. She says he needs her around now more than ever and he says he doesn’t. She asks how he can push her aside so easily and he says “Maybe because I love you too much. Goodbye.” Alex says to Isabel “I know what you need to do and I know that you need to do it alone.” She hugs him and they kiss. Max says to Liz “I can’t make you do this.” and Liz replies “You’re not making me do anything. We choose are own destines, remember?” They leave to get Nasedo. Cut to the airstrip where Michael, dressed as an agent, distracts one of the agents guarding the van. Isabel knocks him out with a 2 X 4 and Max does the same with the 2nd guard. They climb into the van and drive off. Cut to the chamber. Max, Michael, Isabel and Tess are kneeling around Nasedo, holding the stones. Liz is observing. The stones and Nasedo start to glow. Nasedo’s body changes back and forth between his Matheson persona, his Harding persona and his true self (similar to the small gray aliens with the big eyes at the UFO Center). It ends with the Harding persona, he awakens and stands up. Smiling, Tess says “I knew you wouldn’t leave us.” He replies “You’re not ready to be left alone.” Michael says “You’re right, we need you. Show us how the orbs work.” He says “It’s not my job to show you. My only job is to keep you alive.” Max says “You’re job?” Michael realizes that the orbs communicate with their home planet and asks “Why don’t you want us to contact them?” He says that they have no idea who else they may contact and lead straight to them Max realizes Nasedo doesn’t know how to use the orbs or he would have already, and, if he’s only there to protect them, then he’s not their leader. He asks “But if you’re not the leader, who is?” Nasedo turns and looks straight at Max. Realization comes to the others who also look at him. Nasedo says he can’t stop them from trying to make the orbs work but they do so at their own risk. Max tells him that as their protector he needs to make sure no one is hunting them. If the FBI find out Pierce is dead, they will replace him, unless they do it first. Nasedo shapeshifts into Pierce and Max tells him he’ll find his agents in Hondo. Nasedo leaves. Max picks up an orb and says “I want to know. Maybe if we focus like Nasedo always said.” Michael picks up the other orb. Max and Tess hold one together, Michael and Isabel the other. They concentrate and a light emanates from the orbs, goes through an opening in the chamber to the sky. A ball of light appears and transforms into the shape of a human woman. She says “If you are seeing me now, it means you are alive and well. I take this form because it will be familiar to you and it will help you to understand what I am about to say. You have lived before. You perished in the conflict that enslaved our planet but your essence was duplicated, cloned, and mixed with human genetic material so that you might be re-created into human beings. My son, you were the beloved leader of our people. I have sent with you, your young bride. My daughter, the man you were betrothed to and your brother’s second in command.” Isabel says “Oh my God, Max, our mother.” Their mother continues “Our enemies have come to the Earth. You will know them only by the evil within. Learn enough to use your skills, your knowledge, your leadership to combat the enemy so that you can come back and free us and that I may, once again, hold you both in my arms. I live for that moment. Help us. I love you.” The image fades and the light goes out. Michael says “I always knew there was something out there but I didn’t know how important it was.” Max says “Things will never be the same but whatever happens, we have to stay together. It’s the 4 of us now.” Tess puts her arms around him and says “I knew this was meant to be.” Max tells Tess “No” and goes to Liz, who is starting to leave. He takes her arm and says “Everything I told you before is still true.” Liz says “Max, you do have a destiny, you just heard it. I can’t stand in the way of it.” Max looks pained and says “But you mean everything to me.” She kisses him and says “Goodbye Max.” and leaves. Max goes after her and calls her name. She turns and he can see how much pain she is in. Then she runs off. Michael stops Max from following and says “You gotta let her go.” Tess says “What happens now Max?” We can hear a beeping sound. Then we see a hand holding an object with 5 blinking, lighted triangles. Then we see flashes of light at various houses across the land. The man holding the blinking object says “It has begun.”

#201 Skin and Bones – Synopsis

Compiled by Joan Pickering

Daytime, in the desert. We hear a beeping sound; a man is using a metal detector. The beeping accelerates, he puts the metal detector down and starts to dig. In a voice over, we hear a man say “I feel as if you’ve buried something.” Cut to Max quietly sitting on a couch in a therapist’s office as the therapist tells him that his parents are deeply concerned about him, and that what he is going through is all normal teenage stuff. He asks Max “Can you try and tell me what’s been going on?” Max takes a deep breath and replies “Well, I guess the natural place to start is… that I’m an alien. A hybrid, actually. You know, human DNA mixed with alien DNA… that kind of thing. Oh, I almost forgot, my sister Isabel and our friend Michael are also a little green around the gills.” (There is a ! flash of Max, Isabel and Michael emerging from their pods.) “We didn’t know where we came from, who sent us or why. For the past 10 years we’ve been aging much like humans, (flash of Max, Isabel and Michael walking hand-in hand in the desert as six year olds and as teenagers) “but clearly, there are differences.” (Flash of Isabel changing ketchup to mustard.) “From the beginning we had the instinct to keep this to ourselves, to hide in plain site.” (Flash of Valenti watching Max at the annual Crashdown Festival.) “But one day last fall, everything changed.” (Flash of Liz getting shot at the Crashdown Café and Max healing her) “The six of us were connected by the secret we shared.” (Flash of Max, Isabel, Michael, Liz, Maria and Alex standing together at the quarry.) There also was Tess; a hybrid like us, part human, part alien. (Flash of Tess at school) “And then there was Nasedo, (flash of Nasedo emerging from the wall in the pod chamber) he’s a shapeshifter, which mean! s he can take on any human form. A skill that can really come in handy, since… there are people out there who would do anything to find us… and if they found us, there was no limit to what they would do.” (Flashes of Max and Liz being chased by the FBI and Max being strapped down in the White Room.) Fortunately, we used Nasedo’s abilities (flash of Nasedo shapeshifting into Pierce) to infiltrate the special unit of the FBI. Of course we had skills of our own (flash of Tess “fixing” the figurine) and as much as we tried to convince ourselves that we could live a normal life… we couldn’t, and to save our lives, Michael killed Agent Pierce of the FBI.” (Flash of Michael killing Pierce with the energy surge.) “And no matter how justified it was, the truth is… we killed a man, and that wasn’t easy… for any of us.” (Flash of Max, Michael and Valenti in the desert at night, standing by a hole dug in the ground; Valenti pours gasoline in the hole, tosses the container, light! s a match and drops it in the hole. The flames shoot up and reflect in their faces.) We hear the therapist’s voice saying “Max, Max.” Cut to Max coming out of his reverie. The therapist continues “Max, don’t you have anything to say? Anything at all?” Max shrugs slightly and replies “It’s like you said, just… normal, teenage stuff.” Cut back to the man digging in the desert. He uncovers what looks like a human arm bone.

In the back room of the Crashdown, Max, Isabel, Maria and Alex are watching a congressional subcommittee inquiry on TV. “Pierce” (Nasedo), who has not been in touch with them for 3 months, has discredited the special unit of the FBI and is being interrogated about its activities. Alex thinks this will solve all their problems. Isabel reminds him that they still have their enemies to deal with. Max points out that it’s been over three months and no aliens have shown up. That perhaps there’s no one out there and the war is over. He doesn’t want ! to live in fear like Michael. Isabel replies “Maybe he’s just preparing for the inevitable.” Maria brings their attention back to the TV by saying “They’re taking a vote.” A pretty young blonde waitress comes into the back room, notices what they are watching and says “You people are way too into C-SPAN.” Maria replies “Goodbye, Courtney” and Courtney leaves. The chairperson calls for a vote to disband the special unit and only one congresswoman (an attractive woman in her thirties) dissents. Alex recognizes her as their congresswoman, Vanessa Whitaker. She gets up to speak. “Members of the Committee, in 1972, the special unit of the FBI investigated a murder. Several curiosities surrounded the event; no murder weapon, no entry wound apart from the presence of silver markings left on the skin, which subsequently vanished. Yet the internal organs and tissues of the victim, were completely decimated. Now nuclear analysis of the victims bones showed traces of a substance dubbed C! admium X, an element which doesn’t exist on Earth. It is, simply put, not human.” The chairperson questions Pierce on this information, asking why there was no mention of Cadmium X in the records they appropriated from his offices. Pierce tells them that Cadmium X is a hoax that they invented. Whitaker looks surprised by Pierce’s response. Maria says that their thirtysomething shapeshifter “rocks” then asks everyone to leave so she can change for her shift. Everyone but Max complies. Maria explains that, although they “bonded over the summer” she’s not ready to undress in front of him. Max, somewhat uncomfortable, replies “No, I was just wondering if you heard from Liz yet.” Maria, having heard this question repeatedly tells him that if Liz went to visit her aunt in Florida for the entire summer and barely said goodbye to him, he should take the hint. “In layman’s terms, she blew you off, big time.” She advises him to stop groveling, play it cool and let Liz come to him, that’! s what she would do. Max says to her “Wait, didn’t you just tell me that you left like five messages for Michael in the past two days?” Maria replies “What’s your point?”

Alex and Isabel are in a booth at the Crashdown. Alex tries to interest Isabel in going to see a movie. She declines and says “Alex, I’m sorry. You know it’s not you it’s just that with everything that’s happening and everything on my mind, I can’t think about being with a guy right now; any guy.” A good looking guy in his twenties comes over, introduces himself as Grant Sorenson and asks them if they can direct him to the Sheriff’s office. Isabel is obviously pleased to meet him and asks why he’s looking for the sheriff. Grant pulls the arm bone out of his backpack. Cut to Grant in Valenti’s office handing him the bone. Deputy Hanson is observing. Valenti asks Grant where he found it. Grant replies “30 miles northeast of here, off the old Clovis Highway.” Valenti tenses slightly and says “Tha! t’s a pretty isolated place to be digging around. What were you doing out there?” Grant replies that he was doing a geological survey and adds that what surprised him was, he was using sophisticated equipment to detect metal so he can’t understand why he found the bones with it. Hanson says “OK, I just got goose bumps.” Valenti thanks Grant for bringing it to his attention and says he’ll look into it immediately. Grant leaves and Hanson says “You don’t even need to say it Sheriff, I’ll get an excavation team out there right away.”

At Michael’s apartment, with Tess’ encouragement, Michael is using his mind to make rocks explode. Max and Isabel walk in. They tell Michael and Tess that they think a geologist found Pierce’s bones. Michael is very upset. Max tells him not to worry, Valenti will take care of it. Michael want’s to tell Nasedo and Max reminds him that Nasedo told them not to contact him unless it was an emergency. Michael says “What do you call this? W! hat if this guy is not a geologist? What if he’s one of our enemies, Max?” Max says that right now there is no reason to doubt him and that he’ll decide when they call Nasedo. “Don’t do anything until I tell you.” Michael says “I’m not just going to sit around an d do nothing like we’ve done all summer.” Angry, Max yells back “Michael, we’ve been having this conversation for months, what are we supposed to do!” Michael sarcastically replies “You’re our leader… why don’t you lead us!” Losing it, Max shouts back “Fine, crack some more rocks!” Isabel interjects saying “Max!” Max calms down and says “Valenti has it under control. Let’s not panic. I’ll call you when there’s news.”

That night, in the desert, the excavation team is hard at work. Hanson, checking out the area surrounding the gravesite, finds a red pocketknife nearby. Michael is observing from a cliff up above. He hears a noise behind him and goes to investigate. Hanson goes up to Valenti and tells him about finding the pocketknife. Valenti reaches for it but Hanson says “I’m all over it Sheriff. I called the lab and I’m going to run it over right now and have it checked for prints.” Valenti is distressed but has no choice than to let him go. Cut back to Micha! el running after whomever he heard behind him. He trips over a rock and falls. The light of his flashlight shines on what looks like a piece of skin in the shape of an adult human hand. Michael picks it up and it completely disintegrates. Michael, amazed, says “What the hell?”

The next day, Max and Isabel are walking down the street in downtown Roswell discussing the geologist. Although Valenti has already checked him out, Isabel points out that Nasedo had a good cover story too so she thinks they should talk to him and offers to take care of it. Max is distracted when he sees Liz standing outside a storefront. He leaves Isabel and runs up to Liz. The meeting is somewhat awkward. Liz is very nervous through the entire conversation. Max is obviously hurt that her responses are polite and sincere but not overly warm, however, he keeps plodding along. He says he understands how strange everything got before she left, but since no aliens have attacked and Nasedo is! putting an end to the special unit, he thinks all of it could finally be over. Liz replies “Oh, I really hope that’s true; you know, for all of you.” Max continues by saying the whole Tess situation is definitely over. He has no feelings for her, he’s told her and she understands. He knows it’s probably irrelevant but he wanted Liz to know “just for the record.” Liz says “Right, you know I just want to get a fresh start.” Max notices she is dressed up and says “Anyway, you look… great!… different.” Liz replies “Oh, I have a job interview, actually.” Max says “Oh, what about the Crashdown?” Liz responds “Well, this really incredible opportunity came up, sort of out of the … ” She is interrupted when Congresswoman Whitaker approaches saying “You must be Liz Parker.” Liz turns and greets her, telling her “You know, you are a real hero to me.” Whitaker laughs and tells her there is no need to suck up, she has a paid staff for that. Liz, also laughing, asks if that me! ans she won’t be getting paid. Whitaker responds that they have a lot to talk about. Liz introduces Max to the congresswoman and then she and Whitaker go into Whitaker’s office.

At the Sheriff’s Station, Hanson has brought Michael into Valenti’s office. Valenti shows Michael the pocketknife. Pretending to interrogate him, he explains that his fingerprints are on it, that it was found out by the old Clovis Highway, and “reminds” him about the time he was picked up by Valenti because he and two of his buddies were out there drinking beer and taking pot shots out into the desert. He has a police report to go along with this concocted story. Valenti asks “Now… did you witness anything out of the ordinary that night, Mr Guerin?” Michael pretends to think about it and then says “No sir.” Valenti pretends to be disappointed in his reply then says “Listen, do yourself a favor; the next time you’re going off to break the law somewhere, don’t leave a calling card.” He ! tells Michael to “Get the hell out of here.” and Michael leaves. Hanson says to Valenti “I smell a rat.” Cut to Michael at a pay phone outside the station calling Nasedo and telling him “We have a code red. Get the hell out here,” Nasedo tells him “Don’t ever contact me again unless Max knows.” then hangs up on him. Michael hangs up saying “Great people skills.”

Isabel finds Grant out in the desert sifting rocks. She flirts with him and learns that he was hired, by a corporation planning to build a chemical plant, to test the area for radioactivity because there had been nuclear testing there in the 50s. Cut to Whitaker visiting Valenti in his office. Whitaker is saying “Well, let’s just cut to the chase, shall we Sheriff.” She plays a tape recording of a phone conversation she had with Agent Pierce when he first came to Roswell. We hear Whitaker’s voice saying “How’s it going there?” Pierce responds “Don’t know yet. My first note is to look into the sheriff he! re. I think he may be the key to everything.” Whitaker turns off the recorder and says “That’s the last I heard from him until he returned to Washington. That’s when he started lying to me.” Valenti says “Congresswoman Whitaker, I would strongly advise that you not spend too much more energy looking for aliens. I mean, you just might find yourself out of a job, like your friend Mr Pierce.” Whitaker responds “How odd. That almost sounds like a threat.” Deputy Hanson bursts through the door and blurts out the coroner’s report on the bones, so Whitaker hears that “they found something on the murder victim.” Whitaker says “Murder victim?” and Valenti says “There isn’t any murder victim. It’s some bones, that were dug up by a geologist. We don’t even know if they’re human.” Cut to the coroner’s lab where the coroner is saying “There’s no doubt the bones are human.” He says that the most unusual part of the skeleton is that the rib cage on the left side is fused together. Valenti po! ints out that the remains were in a fire. The coroner says “Well, fire or no fire, bone doesn’t melt. Only some bizarre form of radiation could do this.” Whitaker asks sarcastically “Any nuclear accidents in the area, Sheriff?” The coroner continues “What we have here was caused by a short and very contained burst of unthinkable energy.” Valenti, trying to take control, says “Well, I’m gonna start a full-blown investigation. Hanson, let’s get back to the precinct. (to the coroner) Bender, you’ll let me know the other test results? (to Whitaker) Why don’t you go back to your office and I’ll keep you informed as things develop.” Whitaker says she has no intention of leaving this situation in the hands of a county sheriff. It’s a matter of federal interest and she will be contacting the FBI. She says “I‘m not taking my eyes off these bones until I get an explanation.” Hanson says “Sheriff, based on this new information, maybe I should bring that kid back in.” Whitaker asks “What ! kid?” Cut to Michael, asleep in his apartment, when the sheriff knocks on his door and states “Open the door. Police.” Michael groggily walks to the door, thinking Valenti has come by to give him grieve about the knife. He opens the door and is stunned to see Valenti, Whitaker and two other G-Men standing there. Valenti turns him around and puts the handcuffs on him as he reads him his rights.

The next day at the Crashdown, Nasedo, as Pierce, walks in, looks around and says “You can never find those little pod people when you want them.” A customer recognizes him from the telecast of the inquiry. To avoid a conversation, Nasedo goes into the one stall restroom and shapeshifts into Ed Harding. He comes out, confusing the customer, and goes into the back room to meet the others. He sees the sheriff, goes to shake his hand and says “Sheriff Valenti, welcome to the ever- burgeoning ‘I’ve met an alien’ club.” Max asks Nasedo “How much do you know about Congresswoman! Whitaker?” Nasedo replies “I know her intimately.” He explains that they’ve been having sexual relations all summer. Maria says to Alex “I hope he’s using birth control.” Max tells him that Pierce’s bones were found and that some of them were fused in such a way that is not explainable in human terms. Nasedo wants to know who knows this information so he can exterminate them all. Liz, coming downstairs, overhears this last exchange and says angrily to Nasedo “Isn’t it murder that got you into this situation to begin with?” Nasedo responds “My job is to protect the Royal Four. Their survival is critical to the survival of an entire race.” Max interjects “No one’s gonna die. Killing people isn’t gonna solve anything.” Nasedo derisively responds “Oh my, a pacifist for a king. Shall we all just commit joint suicide right now or shall we wait for our enemies to show up and have a nice box lunch of us?” Max replies quietly but assertively “We’re not killing anyone. That’s an order.” Nasedo is unhappy about this but replies “As you wish.” He explains that the Feds know about Cadmium X so they cannot let them find it on the bones. He asks where the bones are and Valenti tells them that Whitaker took them but he doesn’t know where. Isabel say! s “Even if we knew where they were, what would we do with them? Hiding them isn’t going to solve the problem.” Max says “I know what to do.”

That evening, in Whitaker’s office, Liz is putting away files. Whitaker reminds her it’s way past time to go home but Liz insists she wants to complete her project. Nasedo, as Pierce, comes in and starts flirting with Whitaker. Liz excuses herself and goes to another room in the office. Whitaker is surprised to see “Pierce” and chastises him for not supporting her during the inquiry. He doesn’t want to discuss politics. She reminds him that politics was the reason he slept with her in the first place. He replies “Maybe at first. It’s more than that now. You showed me a side of myself I didn’t know existed.” He starts nuzzling her ear. Liz returns and they break apart. Whitaker says “Parker, can you, uh, lock up on your way out? See you tomorrow.” As she leaves Liz says “Yeah, have a good night.” “Pierce” whispers to her “O! h, we will!” When they are both gone, Liz goes to the back door and let’s Max in. Cut to Michael’s jail cell. Michael is sitting dejectedly on the edge of his cot. Valenti comes in saying he only has a few minutes to talk. Michael asks “What’s up?” and Valenti replies “I just want to make sure you don’t do anything like use your powers to try to break out of here. The best thing to do right now is to sit tight.” Michael says resignedly “You sound like Max.” Valenti says “Look, I know it’s hard for you to be locked up like this.” Michael replies “It’s not that bad. I killed a man, maybe this is where I should be.” Trying to reassure him Valenti sits next to him on the cot and says “Michael, you killed a man who killed Agent Topolsky and killed Agent Stevens and who knows how many others and he was just about to kill me.” Michael replies “Yeah, I’ve told myself all those things, but I still killed a man. (he pauses; he is very calm but you can hear the fear in his voice a! s he confides in Valenti) And the thing that I keep thinking about, is that what happened is just the tip of the iceberg. I’ve been trying to prepare myself for what’s about to go down and I have no idea what to do. I’m cracking rocks. I have no clue who or what we’re up against. And I’ve been so pissed off at Max for not leading, but he doesn’t know anymore than I do… none of us do. We are all in the dark, waiting to be attacked, and all I can think about, is what if I’m not strong enough.” Cut back to Max and Liz who are looking through the files for clues but are unsuccessful. Frustrated, Max deliberately knocks over some in-trays and shouts “Damn it!”, startling Liz. She says “So I guess it’s not all over.” Max calms down and tells her that it can be, that if they can just fix it, it can all be over and things can go back to how they were. Trying to be realistic, Liz says “I don’t think they can.” Max is hurt by her response. Liz continues, “So, I never really got the wh! ole story. Why are we looking for these bones. What exactly is Cadmium X?” Max replies “It’s an isotope of Cadmium that might have been created when Michael killed Pierce.” Clarifying, Liz says “Oh, so it’s like some sort of after effect, of Michael using his powers.” Max replies “Something like that and if we don’t get the bones before they are able to test for Cadmium X, Michael is screwed. We all are.” Liz asks “Well, did you check the Particle Physics Lab at Las Cruces University?” Max says “The what?” and Liz reminds him that Mr Seligman, their science teacher, told them about it last semester. “The new cyclotron can measure isotope ratios so, if Cadmium X is extraterrestrial, that’s where you would go to find out.”

Later that evening Max is walking down the street in downtown Roswell when Nasedo, as Ed Harding, pulls him into an alley. Nasedo asks what he found out. Max tells him the bones will be delivered tomorrow morning to the Las Cruces Universi! ty. Nasedo says “I’ll be there.” Max asks “So, did you have a good time distracting the congresswoman?” Nasedo replies “No comment. How have you and Tess been getting along?” Max says “Well, I haven’t performed any mating rituals, if that’s what you’re asking.” Nasedo reminds him that he knows his destiny. Max emphatically replies “I just want to get Michael out of jail and go back to my life. I am not a king and we are not at war.” Nasedo says “You’re the boss. I would just be careful not to confuse what you want to be true with what really is true.” Nasedo leaves him and heads for his car. When he gets to it he notices a large piece of skin on the ground. He blanches and says “Oh no.” and looks around.

The next morning at the Particle Research Facility, Isabel flirts with the guard to get him to leave his post and show her the way to the Student Union. Max uses his powers to get by the lock. Whitaker is in the control room and they are getting ready to start ! testing. Max calls Tess on his cell phone and tells her there are 8 people in the control room. She lets him know that Nasedo has not yet arrived. She also says that 8 people are a lot and that she will only be able to sustain the mind warp for a couple of minutes. Max says it will have to do and that he is counting on her to make sure that the people in the control room are unable to see him. She promises that she will not let him down. Max heads for the cyclotron chamber that contains the bones and Tess begins the mind warp. Whitaker looks out the window of the control room but is unable to see Max entering the chamber. Max drops down from the opening and heads down a corridor until he reaches the skeleton laid out on a table. Max reaches out to the bones. Cut to the control room where the technician says “Initiating accelerator.” and presses a key on his keyboard. Cut to the chamber where Max, caught in the stream of the accelerator, is thrust off his feet and down the corr! idor. He gets back up and fights the force of the stream to get back to the bones. Max waves his hand over the skeleton and uses his powers to manipulate the bones, while the countdown for the scan begins. He finishes and leaves just before the scan starts. In the control room Whitaker and the technicians go over the results of the scan. Whitaker is flabbergasted to hear that there is no Cadmium X and, in addition, the carbon dating showed the bones to have been buried 42 years ago, the same time nuclear tests were done in that area, which could explain the fused bones. Whitaker says “Something about this isn’t right.” Cut to the Crashdown where Max, Michael, Isabel, Tess, Alex and Maria have gathered and are sharing pizzas. Max is explaining “So I thought if I could age the bones, it would totally take suspicion off of Michael.” Michael thanks him. Max returns his pocketknife and says “Better sew the holes in your pockets soldier.” They all laugh. Courtney comes in from the b! ack room and asks what the celebration is for. Maria explains it’s tradition before school begins “Our last hurrah.” Courtney says “Cool” and heads for the door, saying “Hi Michael” and smiling as she passes. This does not go unnoticed by Maria, who then apologiz es saying she wasn’t aware Courtney was still there. Michael says they have to be more careful and walks over to the counter. Maria follows him and starts to flirt. Michael reminds her that it is over between them. She asks “Why, because you’re destined to be with Isabel?” He replies “No, I don’t buy that. Because I’m destined to be this soldier and a soldier can’t have some chick at home waiting for him.” Maria counters with “Michael, half the movies ever made are about soldiers with chicks waiting at home for them.” Michael says “Well, be that as it may… ” and walks away. She follows and says “I miss you Michael.” Michael pauses then replies “I know, but don’t.” Max leaves the Crashdown and runs into Liz outside. He asks her to pretend for one second that things could go back to the way they were and asks with hope in his voice “Could you and I go back too?” She replies “I can’t pretend Max.” He strokes her arm and she has flashes of their more romantic times together. She! smiles euphorically and Max says “What?” She’s still somewhat dazed by the effect but replies “Nothing. Goodnight.” Max says “Goodnight Liz.” and she heads for the door, turns, looks at him and then walks into the Crashdown. Max turns to leave, smiling enigmatically. Cut to Max in his bedroom. His shirt is off but he wearily lies down on his bed still wearing his pants and sneakers. He is annoyed when he hears a tap on his window, thinking it is Michael. He opens the window and is shocked when Nasedo, as Ed Harding, falls through the window and onto the floor. Max kneels down and rips open his shirt. Blood is pouring from Nasedo’s nose and there appear to be stars burned onto his chest. He reaches up, touches Max on the chest and weakly says “They’re among you now.” Max asks “Who is? Who is among us?” Nasedo replies “The Skins.” and dies. Max says “No, no!” puts his hand on Nasedo’s chest and tries to use his powers to revive him but to no avail.

#202 Ask Not – Synopsis

Compiled by Joan Pickering

Picking up from the previous episode (Skin and Bones), it’s evening and Liz, Isabel, Michael, Maria, Alex and Tess are still in the Crashdown having a little private party. Isabel uses her powers to play CDs without a CD player and she, Maria and Tess are dancing sexily to the music. Cut to Max running down the street with a bloody hand print on his chest. Cut back to the Crashdown, Michael is watching Maria dance and Alex is watching Isabel. Maria notices Michael and says to Liz “He’s watching, isn’t he?” Liz smiles and nods. Maria encourages Liz to get up and dance. She tells Liz she saw the way she looked at Max and asks if she got a flash. Liz smiles and Maria happily says “I knew it!” Cut back to Max running like his life depends on it. He crashes into a table, falls, ! immediately gets back up and continues running. He gets to the Crashdown, comes through the door, falls to his knees and says “Nasedo’s dead.” They all rush to him. Liz and Alex help him to a chair. You can see the terror in his eyes. Choking out the words between gasps for breath, he tells them “He came to me… injured. Said… said it was another alien and that we’re all in danger. He died… in my arms. He… he died in my arms.” Michael says “We have to get Nasedo to the pod chamber, use the healing stones to revive him. Max, where is he? Where’s Nasedo?” Max replies “In my room.” Isabel gets the keys to the jeep. Liz noticing that Max’ face is scratched, cups his face with her hands and says “Oh, Max, you’re hurt.” Tess steps in and heals the wound. Michael takes charge. Max is reluctant to leave Liz, but allows Michael, Isabel and Tess to lead him to the jeep.

At the pod chamber, Nasedo, as Ed Harding, is lying on the ground. Michael, Isabel, Tess and Ma! x (who has now donned a T-shirt) stand around him, holding the healing stones. The stones start to glow and then the light in them dims. They are unable to revive Nasedo. Tess wonders out loud why it’s not working. Max says “I think whatever happened to him is… something we can’t reverse.” Tess is very upset and Isabel puts her arm around her to comfort her. Michael asks Max to tell them exactly what Nasedo said before he died. Max replies “He said that we were all in danger… that the Skins were among us.” Michael tells them about finding the piece of skin by the gravesite. Isabel brings their attention to Nasedo’s body, which turns to dust before their very eyes. They look on, stunned, then Tess says “What do we do now Max?” and they all turn to him.

At the Roswell Bus Depot, Kyle gets off a bus and looks around. There are shots of time passing as Kyle waits and waits for his ride. Finally his father pulls up in the Sheriff’s patrol car. Valenti says “Welc! ome home Son.” And gives him a hug. He apologizes for being late and asks “How was football camp?” Kyle says it was great and points out that he is 2 hours late. Valenti explains that Nasedo was murdered the night before by another alien. Kyle replies “My strength fails. My vitality exhausted. I cannot find the bull. I only hear the locusts chirring through the night.” Dumfounded, Valenti says “What?” Kyle says he’s “not looking forward to dealing with all the little green men again.” Valenti reminds him that Max saved his life and Kyle says “Damn human of him. Of course, he is the reason I got shot in the first place, but what the hell. No conditions are permanent. No conditions are reliable. Nothing is self.” and walks toward the patrol car. Valenti is nonplused by this new Kyle.

At school, Michael is complaining to Isabel that he is unhappy with Max’ decision to have them return to school, where they will be sitting ducks for the Skins to find them. Angry, I! sabel slams her locker and chastises him for putting her in the middle of his conflict with Max. She tells him “If you have a problem, take it to Max. He’s the leader.” He’s telling her he thinks Max is going to get them killed when Max comes up to them. The bell rings and Michael uses it as an excuse to leave. Max sensing the tension, tells Isabel they are doing the right thing. Until they know more, they need to just stay low and blend in. Isabel replies “I hope so. I’m too young to be dust.” and leaves. As Max is walking down the hallway a special effect (similar to, but not exactly like, heat sensory vision) tells us that Max is being watched. Max can sense a presence behind him. He stops, flattens himself against some lockers and looks behind him. He sees the door to the storage room closing. He approaches the door with trepidation, turns the handle and swings open the door. He startles the person inside, who turns aiming a lit welding gun at Max. Max instinctively throws! his arm out in front of him, creating a force field between them, then, realizing there is no real danger, Max immediately removes the force field. The man inside raises his welding helmet and exclaims “What was that?” Max replies “What was what?” The man removes his helmet, looks at Max, then his helmet, then back at Max. Cut to Max, sitting in his history classroom. The teacher is saying “What does it mean to be a leader?” He is telling the class about John F Kennedy in 1962, during the Cuban missile crisis. He says “Now, this week as we study the missile crisis in detail, I want you to think of John Kennedy, the man. Think what it would feel like to hold the fate of an entire nation in your hands. Imagine what it would be like to come face to face with the very real possibility that your next decision could literally mean the end of the world.” His words are hitting home to Max.

That night, Max goes to work at the UFO Center. When he arrives he sees new thi! ngs being brought in by movers. A man comes up, asks if he is Max Evans, introduces himself as Brody Davis and says Max works for him now as he has just purchased the Center. Max is incredulous, saying Milton would never sell and never said anything to him. Max a sks what the new items are and Brody replies that he is making improvements. He tells Max he is not needed that evening and to go home. As Max is leaving he warns him “If anybody asks, you never saw any of this.” On his way home, Max goes through the park and sees Tess, sitting alone on a bench. He goes up to her and asks if she’s OK. She replies “No.” She says Nasedo tried to prepare her for when he would no longer be with her but she always assumed it would not be until they returned “home”. Cut to Maria and Liz driving down the street in the Jetta. Maria is telling Liz that’s it’s just a matter of time before she weakens because she loves Max and can not live without him. Liz reminds her that she is the one that walked away “from him, and her, and the entire situation.” Maria says “Her? There is no ‘her’. Max doesn’t care about Tess. He’s never gonna care about Tess. The only thing he’s interested in… (she notices Max walking down the street with Tess) Oh God!” Liz notice! s too and is devastated. Maria starts to say something and Liz interrupts with “Maria, whatever you’re about to say, just don’t, OK?” Cut to Max and Tess outside her home. Max is asking Tess if she remembers their world. She says not clearly just images, impressions and feelings. Nasedo taught her memory retrieval techniques. She offers to teach him. Max hesitates then says “Sure”. She counters with “Sure, Tess. As long as you keep your hands off me. It’s OK, I know how you feel about me… how everyone feels about me.” He tells her it’s not that he doesn’t like her. She says he doesn’t have to spare her feelings, that Nasedo taught her not to get wrapped up in her human side; that it’s not who she is and it’s not who he is. He tells her it’s all he knows. She reminds him that he lived before; a life completely different from this one. Stroking his cheek she says “A life… when you loved me.” He gently removes her hand from his cheek and softly, but firmly, says “I don’ remem! ber that.” She says “I do.” They hear something break inside the house and go in to investigate. Max chases an unseen person out the back door. Tess says hopefully “Maybe it was just a burglar.” Picking up a large piece of skin from the hedges outside, Max says “I don’t think so.” The skin disintegrates.

Valenti is doing paperwork at the dining table when he hears a noise outside his home. He gets his gun, goes to the door and throws it open, aiming his gun at Max and Tess. He apologizes for scaring them. Max says “We need your help.” Cut to Kyle’s clock radio going off at 7am the next morning. Kyle falls out of bed and immediately begins doing pushups. Leaving his bedroom in his boxers, he sees Tess sleeping on the living room couch in a man’s shirt and stops in his tracks. He calls out “Dad!” waking Tess, who gets up, drowsily says “Morning” and walks towards him. He asks “What the hell are you doing here?” She replies “I live here.” As she passes she snaps ! the band on his boxers and says “Calvin Klien! I approve.” He is flabbergasted and calls out “Dad!” once again.

Whitaker walks into the reception area of her office and asks Liz “Are there any messages? Did Mr Pierce call?” Liz hesitates then says “No.” Whitaker replies “Look at me… waiting for my boyfriend to call. Which one of us is in high school?” then goes into her office. Liz ponders for a moment then decisively goes into Whitaker’s office and tells her that Agent Pierce did leave a voice mail saying that he was going away and not coming back, that it was over between them. She tells her she erased the message because it was very harsh and cold. Whitaker is stunned and hurt by the news. Liz apologizes and leaves her alone. Cut to Max, once again in history class where the teacher is still discussing JFK and the Cuban missile crisis “Day 4 of the crisis. Kennedy is getting pressure from all sides. The military wants an attack. The diplomats want a blocka! de. So what is he supposed to do? One thing is clear: he’s running out of time. The missiles in Cuba will become operational any day now. Unless he acts… and acts soon, he runs the risk of allowing events to control him. So right or wrong, a choice has to be made, and it has to be made right now.”

After school, Max is at work, fixing one of the displays. He’s curious about what Brody has behind doors marked “Authorized Personnel Only! Keep Out” so he decides to investigate while Brody is away from the area. He uses his powers to get past the security system. Inside the room he sees several monitors displaying UFO information. He goes to one and presses the enter key on the keyboard. It brings up a star chart with the following information displayed: “Date: May 14, 2000… Pulse detected at 4:33 p.m., New Mexico time.” Max hits some more keys and it brings him to the location of the pulse – Roswell, New Mexico. Max says “Oh my God.” He looks around the room s! ome more and finds a pentagon device (see end of Destiny). It has symbols on it similar to the ones from the cave wall. He is about to pick it up when Brody comes in and says “Don’t touch that!” He asks Max what he’s doing in there. He picks up the beeper and asks Max if he recognizes it and why he was reaching for it. Max says he doesn’t know what it is, he was just curious. Brody tells him “It’s over Evans… go home, don’t come back. Your fired.” Max leaves.

In the reception area of Whitaker’s office, Maria is telling Liz she thinks Max was with Tess last night to act as a bodyguard in case the killer was around; he was just walking her home. Liz says she doesn’t have to make excuses for him and reminds her that she is supposed to be her friend. Maria says she cares about both of them and she just wants them to be happy and together. Liz asks her to keep her big fat nose out of it. Maria takes the hint and leaves, after making sure Liz didn’t mean the! big fat nose part. Liz hears the shredder machine working in Whitaker’s office and, curious, goes in to investigate. She finds Whitaker drinking alcohol while shredding the alien files. Whitaker appears to be drunk. She tells Liz she is shredding Pierce from her life. She asks Liz if she’s ever been in love and Liz says “Once.” They bond over their mutual misery and upon further questioning, Liz admits that she left the relationship when a girl from his past returned. Whitaker refers to her as a bitch and Liz says she’s not that bad. Whitaker gets her to admit that she hates Tess. The phone rings and Liz goes to answer it. A much more sober Whitaker puts down her drink and says “Tess!”

Kyle enters his bedroom to find Tess lying on his bed, wearing only his football jersey, flipping through his porno magazines. He says “Hey, this is my room and that’s my jersey.” She says “Sorry” and starts to remove the jersey. He averts his eyes and tells her to stop. She say! s “Kind of uptight about nudity, aren’t you, for a guy who reads Jugs?” indicating the magazine she’s holding. He grabs it saying “Give me that!” She says “Oh, the post-its… nice touch!” He says “OK, listen. I don’t know how you do things on planet Vulcan or whatever, but here on Earth we have this primitive human concept called privacy.” She responds “Keep talking to me like that and I’ll slag you with my death-ray eyes.” He’s speechless, not sure if he should believe her. She says “Kidding… you Buddhists have like no sense of humor.” He closes his bedroom door and says “How do you know about that?” She replies “Buddhism for beginners is also under your bed. How do you think the Buddha would feel about being sandwiched between Hustler and Busty Biker Babes?” He tells her “Look, you can’t tell anyone about that.” She asks “Why?” and he says “Because I have a certain reputation.” Tess replies “Of which, the less said the better.” Kyle says “I’m serious.” Not buying it, Tess! replies “Kyle Valenti, Buddhist.” He tells her he got into it over the summer. She sarcastically counters with “At football camp. They’re crazy about it.” Exasperated he says “Listen! This… this whole aliens-are-among-us thing… it really screwed me up … made me question stuff… life, reality, my place in this universe… and you don’t understand. You… you guys… you people turned my life upside down. I need a little clarity. I need a little peace of mind.” Tess replies “No, I don’t understand. I’m a girl from another planet. No family, no friends, only three other people like me in the world. And the man I grew up with, the man who raised me, he was just murdered. You’re right Kyle, what would I know about needing peace of mind?” She walks out of the room, leaving him speechless. After she’s gone he says “Sorry.”

On the bleachers at the park, Max, Isabel and Michael are discussing what he found in Brody’s room. He tells them the pentagon device was definitely alien. Michael is concerned that an alien device is in the hands of a stranger who is also interested in what happened on May 14th, the day they got the message from home. He is skeptical that Milton would j! ust sell his life’s work and he thinks it’s possible that Brody killed Nasedo and Milton. Isabel thinks he’s jumping to conclusions. He snaps at her “Will you wake up! Nasedo told us before we activated the orbs that we might be telling our enemies where we are.” Max interjects, telling him to keep his voice down. Michael sarcastically replies “Yes sir. What do you want to do next, fearless leader?” Max wants to ask Valenti to try to find Milton so they can ask him about Brody. Michael wants to break into the Center and steal the pentagon device. Max thinks it’s too dangerous and would risk exposure to the Skins. Michael wants to put it to a vote turning to Isabel for the deciding vote. Isabel says “Don’t put this on me Michael.” and Max says “We are not voting on this, Michael. I’ve made my decision. That is the end of it..” Michael faces him in a confrontational manner and says “You know, Maxwell, I don’t remember this other life we’re supposed to have lived, but I do! know I was your trusted second-in-command, and I am pretty damned sure that you used to listen to me.” He walks off.

That evening, Michael breaks into the UFO Center. He sees Brody and watches him. Brody is walking from his office holding the device when it starts to beep. He stops in his tracks. Suddenly an energy surge emanates from the device, passes through Brody (who jumps slightly but is unharmed) and hits Michael, lifting him off his feet and knocking him momentarily unconscious. Brody hears Michael fall and calls out “Who’s there? Stay where you are!” Michael comes to. He is in obvious pain but he gets up and hobbles out before Brody sees clearly who was there. Cut to Michael’s apartment. Isabel is touching his ribs saying “They don’t feel broken” Michael winces at her touch and says “Yeah, not to you.” Max starts to yell at him for what he did and Isabel interrupts saying “Knock it off, Max! All right? He’s been through enough. He doesn’t need a lectu! re.” Michael says “Thank you. Better late than never.” Max says he just doesn’t want anyone to get hurt. Isabel says that people are already getting hurt, that Michael was almost killed and Nasedo was killed. She thinks they have to kill Brody. Michael, amazed, says “Wow.” Isabel points out that he used an alien weapon and says “What human could do that? He’s a Skin… whatever that means. And he killed Nasedo and he’s been stalking the rest of us. We’re at war. It’s him or us, and I choose us.” Michael agrees.

In history class the next day, the teacher is saying “What will he do? An American spy plane has just been shot down over Cuba. The American pilot is dead. There is enormous pressure to strike back, but is it the right move? At the right time? Kennedy has no shortage of advice. His own brother Bobby is doubting him, but in the end, it’s his call, and whatever course he chooses, history will be his final judge.” Cut to Max and Maria sitting at a ta! ble outside of school. Max, indicating the book on Kennedy, asks Maria how he knew to be tough with the Russians early but later to hang back and play it safe, even after they shot down the U2. Maria says “I don’t know.” Max says “I don’t either. That’s the problem. I’m supposed to be this… this great leader, but I don’t know how to make these kinds of decisions. I don’t have that kind of insight. How am I supposed to know what’s the right course of action?” Maria picks up the book and says “I have a thought.” She repeatedly hits him with the book saying “What are you talking about?” Max grabs the book from her. She continues “Here you are giving me this history lesson. You haven’t even told me what the hell’s going on, Max.” He says he knows and apologizes. She understands that he’s trying to figure out how to be a leader but suggests that he shouldn’t use JFK as an example because he cheated on his wife, with tramps. She asks how Tess is and tells him she and Liz saw them ! together. He’s distressed to hear this. She asks him to explain and he says it’s a long story. She says “Oh, well, I certainly don’t want to hear a long story unless there’s a Kennedy involved.” He reminds Maria that he loves Liz. She advises him to show Liz how he feels and to “please, please, do it now.” As for his “Roswell missile crisis” she tells him “Try and follow your heart. I mean, isn’t that what the great leaders always do?”

Later that night, Max, Michael and Isabel go to the UFO Center. As they enter the Center, Max has flashes of the violent times in his life (Michael killing Pierce, Valenti killing Hubble, Liz getting shot, Pierce torturing him in the white room, and a partial image of a being (possibly an alien) seemingly covered in blood). He stops and turns to Michael and Isabel and says “We can’t do this… This isn’t us.” Michael says “Brody’s dead. End of subject.” and starts to proceed forward. Max stops him and Isabel with the force! field. Shocked, Michael says “What the hell?” and Isabel asks “When did you learn to do that?” He removes the force field and replies “A while ago. Just wait here.” Isabel asks what he’s going to do and he says “Face him… find out the truth.” Michael asks “And if he kills you?” Max replies “Then you can be fearless leader.” and goes to find Brody. Max comes up behind him in the secured room and asks “What are you doing in Roswell?” Brody wants to know if this is one of those ex-employee returns to murder his boss things. Max says he’d hate for it to turn into that. He tells him he knows he’s there because of what happened on May 14th. Brody says “You’re here because of this.” and reaches for the pentagon device. Max grabs his wrist before he picks it up and says “You’re one of us, aren’t you?” Brody replies “That’s right. I suspected we were alike but I wasn’t sure.” Max asks forcefully “Why are you here? What do you want?” Brody responds “What we all want. To re! establish contact, maybe even to go back.” He asks Max to let go of him. Max does but remains on guard. Brody says “Do you remember what happened?” Max replies “Not entirely.” Brody tells him that after 2 years of recovered memory therapy the only thing he remembers of his abduction is the color of the walls and the smell of burned hair. It happened seven years ago on the Massachusetts Turnpike. They took him, did something to him and the next thing he knew he was back in his car, in West Virginia, two days later. He would have considered the whole thing as an acid flashback accept that he had terminal bone marrow cancer at the time and it completely disappeared after the incident. But you can’t tell people you’ve been abducted by aliens because they will consider you a lunatic. Max has relaxed somewhat with this new information but is still unsure. He asks Brody about the pentagon device. Isabel and Michael are listening outside the door. Brody tells him he purchased it 3 yea! rs ago from someone who deals in supposed alien artifacts. He thought it was a piece of junk until May 14th when it sent out this pulse. He hired a team to check the entire radio telescope network for anything unusual, and they found a strange high-ener gy microwave signal coming from Roswell. He says “Do you know what this means, Max? Aliens. I mean, not like they’re walking among us or anything stupid like that, but they’re actually making contact with people right here in Roswell… So what about you Max, what’s your abduction story?” Cut to Max, Michael and Isabel leaving the UFO Center. They seem relieved by the turn of events. As they walk down the street, special effects tell us they are being watched.

At the Crashdown, Max and Isabel tell Alex and Tess what they learned about Brody. Alex asks where he got the money to buy the Center. They tell him that Brody became a millionaire by helping an Internet start-up company go public. When he started talking about his “abduction” he became a liability and he was bought out for $300 million. Alex and Tess laugh. Tess asks about the attack on Michael. Isabel says “Brody said the device just went off in his hand. It sent out a pulse without warning, so I think ! it was because Michael was near, but I’m not sure.” Alex asks Max “But why would it react to Michael and not to you?” Max replies “I don’t know.” Kyle comes in and, standing by the door, motions to Tess to come to him. Tess goes over and asks “So, what have I done now?” He tells her that since her living with them is a temporary arrangement, he has cleared his things from his room so she can have it and he’ll sleep on the couch. That “material possessions only clutter the mind anyway.” She responds “You tell ‘em Buddha Boy!” He smiles and starts to leave. She smiles and says “Hey… thanks!”. Cut to Courtney asking Michael “How do you feel about piercings?” He tells her he’s not into pain. Flirting she says “It only hurts once. Then it’s about the stimulation.” Maria purposely interrupts saying “Table four is waiting.” Liz comes in and walks by Max. He gets up and follows her, stopping her before she goes into the back room. She says “Maria tried to explain to me about you an! d Tess the other night… ” He interrupts saying “This isn’t about Tess. It’s about you and me. You think I’m gonna forget about you or get over it or something, but… but I’m not. I don’t… I don’t care about my destiny or my planet or anything else. All I care about is you. So just know this… I’m coming for you, Liz.” He leaves her and Maria comes over to Liz, who is somewhat stunned, and says “Now that is a great man.” Liz goes into the back room. Max returns to his table and Tess says to him “You realize our problems aren’t over, don’t you, Max? Whoever killed Nasedo is still out there… and he’s probably close by.” Cut to Courtney asking Maria to cover for her as she goes into the restroom. She locks the door, looks in the mirror and scratches her neck. Then she pulls at her skin, removes an entire layer in the shape of her face, flushes it down the toilet and leaves the restroom.

#203 Surprise – Synopsis

Compiled by Joan Pickering

Isabel, wearing a red strapless evening gown, is searching an abandoned electric power facility with a flashlight. She kicks open a door and sees Tess lying on the floor, her body covered with cuts and bruises. Isabel runs to her, helps her up and half carries her down a flight of stairs. Isabel hears/feels a presence, ducks into a room, settles Tess on the floor and locks the door behind her. She goes to Tess saying “Tess, stay with me… don’t die on me now.” She hears a strange noise and turns towards the door. There is a bright light shining from underneath the door, then the bars locking the door slowly slide back. Isabel stands to face the intruder. The door swings open and we see a bright light. The camera focuses on Isabel as she says “It’s you.”

Two hours earlier, in the evening, at the Crashd! own. Isabel, wearing the same dress approaches the doors of the Crashdown. The lights inside are off and you can hear voices whispering “Shhh, here she comes.” Isabel walks in, the lights come on and everyone yells “Surprise!” Max has thrown her a surprise birthday party; many of her school friends are there. She hugs, Maria, her mom, Michael and Max as she comes in. In the back room, Courtney uses her powers to change clear colored drinks to colas. She carries the tray of drinks out front and offers one of them to Isabel, who takes it. Maria asks Isabel if she was really surprised and she insists she knew nothing about it so they ask why she is so dressed up if she bought Alex’ story about needing to return a book to her. Just then Grant Sorenson, the twenty-something geologist she met a while back, walks in carrying a dozen sterling purple roses; rare, expensive and her favorite. He hands them to her apologizing for being late and saying he didn’t realize there was! a party. She explains that she didn’t either. Grant says he never had a surprise party and Diane, asks him when his birthday is. When he replies December 7th she says “And, what year might that be?” Embarrassed, Isabel says “Mom”! Just then Isabel notices a cut on his neck and mentions it to him. He says it must of happened when he slipped down a ravine earlier that day. Isabel takes his handkerchief and blots at the cut. She looks at the blood on the handkerchief and gets a brief flash of a red light. Feeling uncomfortable, due to the lack of a warm reception from Isabel’s friends and family, Grant suggests this is not a good time for their date and leaves. Isabel is disappointed. Diane tells her they will discuss this later and Max whispers “Ditto.” She notices Courtney watching her, then gets another brief flash of the red light, and Tess in a car with a cracked windshield. Isabel drops her drink and Courtney rushes over to clean it up.

Liz is in Congresswoman Whitaker’s office, listening to a CD of Run, Lola, Run while putting away files. Whitaker comes in and, hearing the CD, asks in a concerned tone “Where did you get that?” Liz says she found it on Whitaker’s desk. Whitaker tries to surreptitiously lock a file drawer but Liz catches it out of the corner of her eye. Whitaker tells Liz she loves the movie the CD is from, it’s the story of her life. She encourages Liz to call it a night and go home. Liz mentions that she wants to get to a party at the Crashdown and Whitaker invites herself, saying she’d like to meet some of her constituents. She excuses herself to go to the restroom to freshen her lipstick and Liz uses the opportunity to jimmy the lock on the file drawer to see what Whitaker is hiding. She finds a CD with her name on it and listens to it with headphones. It is a recording of a telephone conversation she had with Maria about not wanting to go places where she might run into Max a! nd that she misses kissing him. Whitaker comes out of the restroom and Liz removes the headphones.

Back at the Crashdown, Isabel comes out of the restroom to find that Max was standing outside the door, listening to her calling Grant. She’s annoyed by the invasion of her privacy. He’s annoyed that she might be letting someone new in and forbids her to see him. She tells him that, unlike him, she can date someone without telling them their secret. He tells her that was the past and they have to think about the future, the one their mother told them about in the message from home. Isabel replies “Right , right… the king. I’m sorry, how could I forget. All I know is Max, you may be king but I am not bowing down to you; not in this lifetime.” She gets a strong flash of a red electric sign with the letters R E D and a corridor in the electric power facility. She grabs her head from the pain that came with the flash. Concerned, Max asks “What is it?” and! she replies that she’s had a headache on and off all day. She assures him she’s fine. Maria comes into the back room and tells Isabel there is a policeman here to see her. Isabel is puzzled and Max says “You better go.” They all walk out to the front. The p arty guests step aside to reveal Alex in a policeman’s uniform. He swaggers up to a CD player, hits the play button and begins his outrageously funny/sexy strip tease dance. Isabel and the others are loving it. Diane, however, is shocked. Alex, unaware that Diane is there, freezes when he sees her and says sheepishly “Hi, Mrs Evans. Great party.”

In the kitchen, Michael is trying to stick a large candle in a lopsided cake. It falls over. Courtney comes in and tells him he should have used eggs. He says it’s his first cake. She is amused to discover that he put Tabasco sauce in the cake and says “I like that.” Continuing to flirt with him, she asks what a girl has to do to get him to bake her a cake. He replies “Nothing you can handle.” Maria interrupts asking how the cake is coming. Michael asks Courtney to finish frosting it and leaves for the front room. Maria tells Courtney to stay away from Michael, he belongs to her. Courtney isn’t buying it! . Alex comes in lamenting his embarrassment at having done a strip tease in front of Isabel’s mom and wanting to know why no one told him she would be there. Courtney and Maria are ignoring him as they continue to “discuss” ownership rights to Michael. He interrupts them saying “Are you listening to me?” and continues to explain that he spent $150 to rent the uniform then asks them “And do you have an idea how it feels to walk around all day with a thong up your ass!?” They simultaneously reply “Yes!”

In the front room, Kyle is sitting with Michael and some school friends telling them about Tess leaving her lingerie, etc hanging in the bathroom and how it’s like walking into Victoria’s Secret. Michael asks “So, what’s not to like?” Isabel comes up and asks where Tess is. Kyle replies “She went to Jensen’s to get your present.” Isabel leaves them and he continues with how Tess is using all his stuff and “if some chick’s gonna be yelling at me about keep! ing the toilet seat down she better at least be doing me.” Michael hits him to let him know that Diane is standing right behind him and he “clarifies” by saying “doing me… a favor”. Diane introduces herself to Kyle and Max comes up and tells Michael he needs him to back him up on something. Since Max has not been including him on decisions lately, Michael is reluctant, until he learns it’s about Isabel’s involvement with Grant. Cut to Michael and Isabel sitting in a booth and Michael saying “He gave you an order.” She says she doesn’t take orders from Max and he reminds her Max is their leader. She reminds him that he and Max are barely speaking and when they do they don’t agree. He says “Well, we agree on this.” Isabel says, “Oh, I bet you do.” She asks if he expects her to be alone for the rest of her life and not even talk to other guys. Michael says it works for him, that she doesn’t belong with Grant. She says that no, she belongs with him but neither one of ! them wants to think about that. Isabel stands and is about to walk away when she gets another flash of the sign, the power plant and Tess in the car. She grabs her head in pain and Michael asks what’s wrong. She’s says it’s just a headache. Max brings the cake over, with lit candles, and everyone starts singing Happy Birthday. While they are singing, Isabel sees Tess coming into the Crashdown, fighting to get through the guests, screaming for Isabel to help her. Isabel realizes it was a flash when the vision is broken by everyone clapping.

In the back room, Isabel tells Max and Michael about this last flash. Max asks who was the last to see her and Michael tells him Kyle said she went to Jensen’s to get Isabel’s gift. Isabel thinks she’s in danger and Michael agrees, saying Nasedo’s killer is “after Tess.” Courtney comes in hearing this last part and says “Trust me, nobody’s after Tess. All that blonde hair and eye shadow? She’s like Dolly Parton wit! hout the jugs.” Michael tells her to refill the ketchup bottles and she leaves. Max wants to check out Grant, saying the cut on his neck may mean he’s involved. Isabel is irritated and says Grant is not involved. Max says “I’ll be the judge of that.” Maria and Liz come in and Liz says we have a problem. Max tells them Tess is missing; Maria is not sympathetic. Michael tells them that Isabel had a vision that she was in trouble. Liz says they have another problem and explains about Whitaker recording her phone call and tells them she is there at the party. Courtney comes back in and says “So, the real party’s in here.” Maria tells her to refill the sugars and she leaves. Max tells Michael to check out Whitaker’s office, he’ll go get Valenti and check out Grant and Isabel should stay there and make sure Whitaker does not go back to her office. Isabel says she’s the one who had the visions and she wants to go help. Max insists that she let him handle it. He and Mich! ael leave and Isabel, Liz and Maria go out front. Liz introduces her to Whitaker. Diane comes over, introduces herself and tells Whitaker it’s an honor to have her at the party. She tells Isabel it’s time for her to open her gifts. They walk over to the table and Diane hands her an unmarked box. Isabel opens it and it’s a green plastic alien figure. Diane asks “Who’s the comedian” who gave Isabel the gift but no one confesses. Diane hands her another box and, as she is opening it, she gets another flash. This one is much clearer; she sees the RED’S sign and Tess in a car accident nearby. Diane asks her what’s wrong and Isabel says it’s just a headache and that she’s going into the back to get an aspirin. Liz and Maria follow her and ask if she got another flash. She says yes and wants to borrow Maria’s car. Maria is reluctant since the last time someone borrowed it the rear window was shot out. Isabel tells them about the Red’s sign and Liz says there is no Red’s ! in Roswell. Maria says she thinks she knows where it is and offers to drive her. Liz wants to go too but Isabel says she needs to cover for her.

Max is at Valenti’s home, checking through Tess’ things. Valenti, going through Tess’ address book, comments that she has few friends. Max agrees that the only one she got close to was Isabel. Valenti asks what about him and he says it’s complicated. Valenti says “She wanted to jump your bones, huh?” Max replies “Something like that.” Valenti says that screws things up every time and Max asks if it happened to him. Valenti replies “Yeah, in my dreams.” and they both chuckle. Valenti finds Tess’ cell phone. Max takes it, hits one of the buttons, it rings at the other end, a man answers and Max pretends he’s checking the service. He reads off the phone number and asks who it is billed to. The man identifies himself as Grant Sorenson. Cut to Michael in Whitaker’s office. He finds a file with pictures of Cou! rtney in it and takes one of the pictures. Whitaker arrives at the front door and Michael slips out the back. Cut to Maria and Isabel standing by an electric road sign that says FRED’S Diner 5 Miles, with the F burned out. They see Tess’ abandoned car and run to it. There is a piece of skin on it, which disintegrates when Isabel picks it up. Maria tries using her cell phone but is unable to pick up a signal. Isabel finds tire tracks and suggests they follow them. They lead to an abandoned Chavez County electric power facility. Isabel senses that Tess is there. Maria does not want her to go in alone but Isabel insists that Maria has to go back for Michael and she needs to help Tess now. She takes the flashlight and climbs through an opening in the fence that surrounds the complex, tearing her dress in the process.

Valenti and Max break into Grant’s motel room and are just starting to go through his things when Grant arrives. Valenti draws his gun and! shouts “Stop right there!” Startled, Grant puts his hands up and asks what they are doing there. Valenti asks when was the last time he saw Tess, and warns him not to lie. He says he barely knows her so Max asks why he called her cell phone. He says to get gi ft suggestions for Isabel’s birthday. He tells them that Tess said she was going to Jensen’s but, since he was going to be on a dig all day she suggested he get flowers and that purple roses were Isabel’s favorite. He demands to know what this is about and Valenti tells him Tess is missing. He suggests Valenti and “Deputy Dog” should be out looking for her instead of harassing innocent people and he doesn’t appreciate their accusations. He orders them to get out, since they don’t have a search warrant. Leaving, Valenti tells Grant to call him if he hears anything.

In the alley outside the Crashdown, Michael confronts Courtney. He shows her the picture and demands to know if she’s working with Whitaker and spying on them. She says she doesn’t have to tell him anything and tries to leave. He grabs her arm and says if she’s not working for Whitaker than why would a US Congresswoman be interested in a waitress from Roswell. She angrily replies “Because I w! as sleeping with her step-son, that’s why! He screwed his life up with drugs and I screwed my life up with him. When we got busted, do you know who went down for that? I spent two years in Buckman and the only reason why I got out of there was because I promised that bitch that I would never see him again. So, I guess that she is just making sure that I keep that promise.” Satisfied with her answer, Michael calms down and says “All right. Thanks.” Still mad, Courtney says “Thanks!?” slaps his face and calls him a jerk. Angry again Michael grabs both her arms, just as Maria pulls up in the Jetta. She leans out the window and says “Michael, we got to go. Isabel’s in trouble.” As Michael gets in the car, Maria looks at Courtney, concerned.

At the electric power facility, Isabel is searching the premises. She uses her powers to melt a hole in a metal door, then reaches in to release the lock. She hears Tess whimpering and heads towards the sound. She ! comes to a closed door and kicks it open. She sees Tess lying on the floor, covered with cuts and bruises and rushes to her. Cut to Maria telling Michael Isabel gave her no choice but to leave her. He uses the cell phone to call Max and Valenti. Cut to the Crashdown; Diane is asking Liz where Isabel is. Cut back to the power plant. Isabel helps Tess up and half carries her down some stairs. She hears a strange noise. Cut back to the Crashdown. Liz tells Diane that Isabel spilled punch on her dress and she was so upset she had to leave to take care of it. Diane replies “Sometimes, Honey, if one hair is out of place, she won’t leave the house.” Cut back to the power plant where Isabel is helping Tess down a dirty, grimy, wet corridor. They come to a room and Isabel brings Tess in, settles her on the floor and locks the door behind them. She goes to Tess saying “Tess, stay with me… don’t die on me now.” She hears a strange noise and turns towards the door. There ! is a bright light shining from underneath the door, then the bars locking the door slowly slide back. Isabel stands to face the intruder. The door swings open, there is a bright light which fades and Congresswoman Whitaker steps forward. Isabel says “It’s you.” Whitaker says “Impressive.” Isabel asks “What?” and Whitaker replies “You, coming here like this. I see my mistake, it wasn’t her (indicating Tess) I was looking for. Isabel asks “Then why did you take her?” Whitaker says “I thought she was you. But neither of you looks like you did in the other life. I knew I needed one of the female hybrids; it was a 50-50 chance.” Isabel asks what she wants from them and Whitaker asks “Where’s the Granilith?” Isabel says “The what?” Agitated, Whitaker replies “The Granilith. Don’t pretend you don’t know. We’ve been looking for it. We can’t exist here like you. Not in our natural state; we don’t have the DNA. All we have are these (pausing and saying with disdain whi! le pulling at her neck) skins. Our limit is 50 years. My time is almost up. I need to find the Granilith if it’s the last thing I do.” Isabel doesn’t know what she is talking about. Not believing her, Whitaker says “You’re hiding it. The four of you. The royalty they tried to save by sending you here. You’re gonna help us.” Isabel says “Never!” Whitaker says “You did before, you will again.” Isabel says “You killed Nasedo, didn’t you?” Whitaker replies “To save you.” Isabel asks “From what?” Whitaker tells her “The other three. You belong with us, our race. We’re in charge now. Your kind doesn’t rule anymore.” Disgusted, Isabel tells her “I’m not one of you.” Realization dawns on Whitaker and she says “You don’t remember, do you? Let me give you a piece of history, about your planet. Your name, was Vilandra, and you were beautiful. Even more beautiful than you are now. You had a great love. And for him, for us, you betrayed your brother, your rac! e.” Shocked and not wanting to believe what she is hearing, Isabel says “No!” Whitaker continues “You sacrificed him. You sacrificed everyone, even yourself, and history, my dear (she reaches out to brush a strand of hair from Isabel’s face), always repeats itself. Isabel pushes her hand aside, says “God, you liar! We’re leaving.” and picks up Tess. Whitaker uses her powers to thrust Tess out of her arms and onto a platform near the window. Isabel tells her to stop hurting Tess and goes to pick her up. Whitaker says “I’ll stop when you tell me what I want to know.” and does it again. Again, Isabel picks her up and, feeling trapped, jumps through the window, taking Tess with her. They land in another room about a half story beneath the one they jumped from. Whitaker looks at them from the broken window. Isabel picks up Tess and they take off. Whitaker takes a different route and cuts them off outside the facility near the fence. She grabs an electric cable and us! es her powers to send a stream of sparks from it, pointing it at Isabel. Max has arrived and calls out to Isabel. Whitaker threatens to destroy them all. Isabel uses her powers to send the stream back to Whitaker. Whitaker is surprised at Isabel’s strength and is unable to reverse it. The stream hits her and she explodes. There is a shower of sparks and when they die out you can see thousands of little bits of skin floating down like confetti. Max, Michael, Valenti and Maria come running towards Isabel and Tess but stop when they see the skin. They all stand there, momentarily mesmerized. Cut to them all walking out of the compound, Valenti carrying Tess to his patrol car. Max asks “What happened?” Stunned by all that has happened, Isabel replies “It was Whitaker. She killed Nasedo.” Max tells her “It’s OK” and she says “No, it’s not. It’s not OK” and hugs him for comfort. He tells her she was right about Grant and he’ll have to trust her instincts. Deeply dist! ressed she says “I didn’t know I was capable of this.” Max tells her she’s getting stronger, they all are. That they have to protect each other. “What you did for Tess, I know you would do for me. (Isabel looks unsure, doubts clouding her mind) And I would do for you. No one can come between us.” Isabel says “Max, she said things.” He asks “What kind of things?” She hesitates then says “Something about a Granilith.” Michael comes over and lets her know he’s there for her, as someone who has been through what she has, if she wants to talk. She says she needs to be alone and walks away from them.

Alone at the pod chamber, Isabel, who seems totally drained, wearily says out loud “Happy Birthday, Isabel. I’m 18 today, Mother… October 25th. At least, that’s the day we’ve always celebrated as my birthday. But you’re the only one who knows the real day. I guess that’s why I came to… to the place, the… only place, I’ve ever seen you.” Sh! e’s close to tears. “I hold… I hold on to that day but… but you disappeared, and… the picture of you is already fading, and it’s all I had.” She sighs. “I was so happy because you were beautiful and warm and I even thought I looked like you. But it wasn ‘t you. Not really. Oh, God, I don’t know what you look like. Maybe I’ll never know. It isn’t fair. God, It isn’t fair, I need you. I need you.” Letting her frustration and anger come out she starts yelling “Where are you? Oh God, it’s my birthday. We should be together. Why, how could you leave us? How could you tell us all this important information about destinies and saving the world and then just, disappear. She starts to cry as she says “I… killed… a person. A… an enemy… an alien. Does that make it OK?” Frantic she asks “Oh God, what… what was she talking about? What was she talking about? She said I be… I betrayed my family. Is it true? Oh, is it true?” Distraught Isabel whispers “Am I a terrible person? Answer me… (getting angry again her voice gets louder) answer me… come on (shouting) answer me!” To release her frustration she picks up a rock and throws it at one of the pods. It goes through the back and a light comes on. Isabe! l crawls through the opening she created in the back of the pod and sees a metal door. She stands up and walks towards the door. It slides open like an elevator door and behind it is a very large, metal, cone shaped object in a small decagon shaped room with a high ceiling. The power is on. Isabel stares at it in amazement and says “The Granilith.”

#204 Summer of ’47 – Synopsis

Compiled by Joan Pickering

It’s morning and Max, Michael, Isabel and Tess are entering the hidden room at the pod chamber, looking at the granilith. Michael asks if Nasedo ever mentioned a rock collection, Tess wonders if it can hear them, and Max studies it up close then says “We’ll come back after school.” Cut to Max and Michael walking into school. Max says “After 9th period, we’ll go back.” Michael ! responds sarcastically “Way to prioritize, Maxwell.” Maria stops Michael to ask if he got her message about Portishead tickets going on sale that day. Michael replies “Yeah.” and rudely walks away from her. Max is surprised by his behavior and says sarcastically “Nice.” Michael responds “Hey, our agenda involves the four of us; there is no time for distractions.” Liz comes up to them and asks Max what she should do about all the phone calls coming into Whitaker’s office. Michael rudely interrupts her saying “Not now!” Liz tells Max she’ll talk to him in trig and walks off. Max says to Michael “You know, mean people suck.” and walks away from him. Michael’s history teacher stops him to let him know that, after only one month, he is already failing his class – a new record. He tells him the 509th Bomber Group is in town for a reunion. He instructs Michael to interview one of the veterans about his experiences during WWII and have the paper on his desk by 5:! 00pm. Michael is not happy about the assignment saying “Old people creep me out.”

In a room at the Pineview Lodge, Michael is interviewing former captain Hal Carver, an attractive man in his seventies; the interview is not going well. Michael is being disrespectful and Hal is being curt with his replies. Michael asks Hal, what is different about Roswell now from the way it was during the war. Hal replies that he hasn’t been back since ’47. Michael asks why he left and Hal says “Don’t you know what happened that year?” Michael replies that he knows about the “aliens” but his behavior and tone imply that he doesn’t believe any of it. Hal tells him they weren’t crazy, they were lied to. Thinking Hal is just a crackpot, Michael gets up to leave. He stops when Hal says “They have black eyes, empty, vacant, ageless.” He offers to tell Michael what he knows and Michael, resignedly, agrees to hear him out. He was 21 years old, grounded at a desk job for ta! king a girl on an unauthorized plane ride over Hoover Dam, when the call came in about the crash. Cut to Michael’s visualization of Hal’s story. Michael, playing the part of Captain Hal Carver, takes the call. Cut back to the lodge where Hal is continuing his story while cleaning his revolver and Michael is half listening while drawing a cartoon of a WWI aviator flying a bi-plane. Hal is saying some people thought it was a glider or a test missile but he figured it was the Commies. He and his friend, Captain Richard Dodie, were sent out to the crash site, 30 miles from the base. He wanted to stop for a candy bar, to flirt with the salesgirl, so by the time they got there, the place was buzzing with activity. Cut to Michael’s visualization; Max is playing the part of Richie, who, we learn from Hal’s voice over, is a good guy but more rules oriented than he is. Looking at the debris, Richie comments that it looks too small to be a B-29 and Hal says it’s like no other pla! ne he’s ever seen. Colonel Cassidy, played by Valenti, comes up to them and wants to know why they are late. Hal tells him that Dodie was hungry. Hal asks what they are collecting and the Colonel tells him he’ll tell him when he needs to know. He orders them to check in with Smith and then help out with the clean up detail. Before he leaves he looks Richie in the eye and says “I’ll give you hungry.” Richie is not amused by Hal’s little joke. Hal is ticked off that, after all they did during the war, they are now being treated like maids. Richie says “Orders are orders.” Looking again at the debris he asks “Do you think it could be experimental aircraft?” Hal notices a small piece of metal fall from one of the boxes the soldiers are loading onto a truck. He picks it up and it easily crumples in his hand, but when he opens his hand it flattens out again, on it’s own, with no creases. Amazed, he says to Richie “Get a look at this. Betcha people would pay good money t! o see this.” Richie replies “Keep messing around Hal and neither one of us is going to see the inside of a cockpit again.” Richie tries to take the piece of metal but Hal pulls it out of his reach, then pockets it. Being a ladies man, Hal is distracted when he hears the sound of a ladies voice. Maria is playing the part of Betty Osorio, a reporter for the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. Hal turns to check her out and likes what he sees. Betty is trying to get to the crash site but has been detained by Deputy Valenti (played by Kyle). She demands to speak to whomever is in charge and Colonel Cassidy comes over. She asks him if he has any comment to the reports that it was a flying saucer that crashed there. Her photographer is trying to get pictures of the area. Cassidy tells her this is a restricted area, confiscates the camera and orders Deputy Valenti to remove them. She is outraged and protests vehemently as Deputy Valenti puts her in her car. Another car pulls up as ! Hal’s voice over says “Our senior counterintelligence agent, Captain Sheridan Cavitt, was known around the base as “Mr. Brain”, so I guess when you’re lacking in other assets, you’ve got to trump up the one you’ve got.” Alex, as Cavitt, gets out of the car and approaches Hal. He arrogantly orders Hal to get another man and take a designated troop truck to hangar 20. They are not to stop for anything, even if its a family of four bleeding on the roadside.

Cut back to the lodge. Hal and Michael are walking out of the room and Michael is saying “I know the rest. The Feds made Marcel the scapegoat, blamed the crash on a weather balloon and it was all Cavitt’s idea, if I remember correctly.” Hal asks where he heard that and Michael replies that he’ been reading UFO magazines since he was eight. As he’s lighting a cigarette Hal says “So you want to believe.” Michael tells him he shouldn’t smoke and Hal replies that his doctor has told him it doesn’t matter ! what he does. They sit on a bench and Michael asks why he returned. Hal replies that some of his best days were spent with the men he served with on this base and this was his last chance to say goodbye. Michael notices another old soldier trying to fit into h is old uniform jacket and asks Hal if he still fits in his. Hal replies that even if he did he couldn’t put it on “because everything I believe that uniform stood for died in ’47.” He removes a small piece of metal, which was hidden inside his lighter, and hands it to Michael. It easily crumples in Michael’s hand, but when he opens his hand it flattens out again, on it’s own, with no creases. Michael stares at Hal in amazement and Hal says “A little something from way back when.”

It’s nightime. Richie and Hal are in the troop truck, Hal is driving. Richie wonders if the reporter, Betty, is on to something. Hal says “She needs an exclusive, plain and simple.” Richie thinks there’s more to it if Cavitt is telling them to keep their mouth’s shut. He’s nervous that there might be something out there capable of destroying us. Hal is trying to reassure him he’ll live to get married and buy a house with a white picket fence when the truck starts to slow do! wn for no apparent reason. Suddenly there is a small bright lit figure in front of the truck, then it disappears under it. Hal swerves the truck off the road, upset that he may have hit someone. He and Richie jump out of the truck and run to the back. Hal checks the road and tells Richie to look under the truck. While he is there, Richie looks in the back of the truck, under the tarp. He sees glowing sacs and calls out to Hal. They both stand there mesmerized.

At a table in a bar, Richie, drinking a beer and obviously shaken is saying to Hal “They were… glowing, right? I wasn’t… wasn’t seeing things?” Hal replies that they should have asked what they were and Richie says “Before or after Cassidy bawled us out for being 15 minutes late? Maybe they’re waiting to see if they’re friendly.” Hal is against waiting and says they should blast them from the air right now. Richie says they have to wait for orders, then stumbles off to the restroom. Hal g! oes up to the bar to order more beers and notices Betty siting there. She recognizes him from the crash site and he identifies her as “that lady who got hauled off by the cops” but notes there are no cuff marks on her “pretty little wrists”. They introduce themselves and continue to flirt. She has overheard part of his conversation with Richie and tries to pump him for information. He replies “Sweetheart, you just had to go and ruin our fun.” then walks back to his table. Cavitt comes up to him and berates him for talking to a reporter. He reminds him what happened to Marcel and warns him to keep away from her. Hal tells him to go bother some dame and Cavitt leaves.

Isabel plays Rosemary, Hal’s 25 year old girlfriend who has already been widowed once and divorced twice. They are in her bedroom and he is watching her paint her toenails as he gets undressed. Hal’s voice over describes their relationship as one of “simple pleasure”. Rosemary tosses him a! pair of socks saying he left them there. Looking hurt, he tosses them back saying “They’re not mine.” He pulls the piece of metal from his pocket and asks if she’d like to hear about his day. She smiles sexily, replies “Absolutely not” ,comes over and sits on the bed with him. He takes her in his arms says “That’s my girl.” and they kiss passionately. Hal stops kissing her when he hears a noise and notices a man standing outside her bedroom window. He goes to the window and tells him to “Get on out of here!”

At the Crashdown, Michael and Hal are enjoying shakes and banana splits. Hal wants another split but Maria advises against it, since it will be his third. Michael, who is really interested in Hal’s story at this point, suggests they check out some of his old haunts. Hal asks if he has any wheels and Michael goes into the back room to ask Maria if he can borrow her car. She wants to know what’s with him and Courtney, saying she felt a need to spew! when she saw them together in the alley. He’s tired of her jealousy and says she has to accept the fact that their lives do not mix because he’s an alien and she’s a human. Maria tells him if he needs a ride to go find a spaceship. He appeals to her sensitive side by saying it’s not for him, it’s for Hal. She caves in, because she regrets never having a chance to say goodbye to her grandfather. He grabs the keys and as he’s leaving he tells her to put their food on his tab and not to forget the senior discount. She calls him a jerk, under her breath.

Betty walks into the bar and over to Hal. He wonders why she wants to meet in the bar instead of the coffee shop across the street. She brings him over to a booth and introduces him to Yvonne White, a base nurse played by Liz. Betty explains that Yvonne saw things she can’t explain and thinks they should compare stories. Hal is upset. He tells Yvonne he’s sorry but he cannot speak with her. He tells Be! tty not to call him again and turns to leave. Betty goes after him saying he should hear her out. Hal says “I came here because I thought this was a date.” He tells her it was just a weather balloon. She says she knows he doesn’t believe that and that if extra-terrestrials are here in Roswell, Americans have a right to know. He counters that she’s not patriotic, she’s just hard up for a front page headline, and leaves.

Hal walks into Rosemary’s bedroom saying “Babe, you wouldn’t believe… ” He stops in mid-sentence when he finds her sitting in her bed, pouring a glass of wine, with Deputy Valenti sitting next to her. She is in her slip, he is wearing his uniform. Hal very civilly says “Jim”, Jim replies “Hal.” Hal says to Rosemary, “Were the socks his?” She points out to him that her bedroom has been ransacked. She explains that the Military Police were there and Deputy Valenti was helping her clean up. She tried calling him but the switchboard wa! s busy. Cut to Hal, back at the base, brushing past Dixie, the Colonel’s secretary, played by Tess, and storming into Cassidy’s office. He demands to know why the MPs where at his girlfriend’s house. Cassidy warns him to drop that tone of voice and asks him where he went that morning, then lets him know he was seen at the bar. Hal is shocked that he’s being followed, saying it’s a violation of his rights. Cassidy reminds him he was told to stay away from “that reporter”. Raising his voice to a shout, he reminds him that there are plenty of lieutenants waiting to take his place in the cockpit of a B-29. That if he wants to get back in the air, he should shut up, stay on base and finish out his suspension in a compliant manner. He asks if he’s made himself clear. Chastened, Hal softly replies “Yes Sir.” Screaming even louder than before, Cassidy repeats “Are we clear!” and Hal calls out loudly “Yes, Sir!” Cassidy tells him to handle the telegrams and letters that need! to be sent to the families of two privates who were killed in an auto accident that morning. He dismisses him and Hal leaves and goes to his desk, outside Cassidy’s office. He’s fuming inside. He throws his hat on his desk so hard it bounces off, hits the window then falls to the floor. He angrily opens the file and starts to type. He stops, picks up his desk lamp and throws it against the wall. He tries to calm himself, them picks up the phone and calls Yvonne White. He tells her they should meet without the reporter. She tells him she’s been transferred to London and will be catching a bus at the airport that evening. He tells her he’ll meet her there.

It’s raining. Hal and Yvonne are sitting in his car. She has drawn a picture of a humanoid with big black eyes. With her voice quivering with fright, she explains that there were two cadavers that looked just like her picture. She was pulled in to help with the autopsy. The epidermis, hands and! organs were like nothing she had ever seen before – they were definitely not mammals. After the autopsy, a high ranking general told her not to talk about it. She called Betty because she had to talk to someone; she can’t sleep and she wants to get as far away from Roswell as possible and try to forget she was ever here. He wishes her luck and she gets out of the car and heads for the bus. He’s about to light a cigarette when he hears a woman scream. He jumps out of the car and runs for the bus. The driver and passengers seem totally oblivious that anything is wrong. He asks the driver “Where’s the girl? The nurse that was here?” The driver replies “There’s no nurse here, pal.” Hal gets off the bus looking somewhat dazed.

Hal walks into Cassidy’s office. Dixie has just placed a pile of envelopes marked CONFIDENTIAL in his in box. Hal asks her how he can locate a troop transport plane going to London. Dixie gives him a friendly warning to drop whatever he’s after. People are starting to say he has a screw loose. He thanks her for the heads up and offers to take her to Hoover Dam again sometime. She leaves the office for a hair appointment and he picks up the top envelope and opens it. He scans the repo! rt then pulls out a picture of a corpse of a young man with a silver hand print on his chest. Cut to hangar 20. Hal gets by the guard by convincing him Cassidy sent him but he’s stopped, before getting in, by Richie, who does have clearance to be there and knows Hal does not. Hal reminds Richie that they both know it wasn’t a weather balloon that crashed and tells him he’s seen a classified report. Richie tells him he has to leave. Hal asks him “What are you more afraid of, what you know or what they’re keeping from us?” Richie replies “I can’t go down that road with you Hal, I’m sorry. Just let me do my job.” He tells the guards that Captain Carver is done there. They block his way so Hal leaves.

In the desert, Betty gets out of her car and walks over to Hal in his. She apologizes for being late, blaming it on car trouble. He offers to take a look but she’s already taken care of it. She says “Cars are like men, Carver, give their cable a little jig! gle and they’ll be fine till morning!” Hal replies “I didn’t know you were so handy, Osorio.” They share information. Her contact at a funeral parlor told her the base mortician ordered four child size coffins. He tells her about the phony auto accident report on two privates who were actually at the debris site. “They stumbled upon two sacs 6 feet or so in diameter. Before they could notify a commanding officer, something came upon them. Now, one witness says it was two figures glowing white. The men tried to pull their guns and there was a blinding light.” Betty, shocked, says “Aliens killed them?” He explains that their families have a right to know what really happened and gives her the confidential file he took from Cassidy’s office. She asks him if he’s willing to go on the record and reminds him that after the story runs he’ll either be considered a hero or a traitor. As we dissolve into Michael and Hal leaning on the Jetta in the same spot in the des! ert, we hear Hal’s voice over saying “You can run fast, but time always has a way of catching up.” Michael senses that Hal is feeling rather down right now. He changes a bottle of soda, that he finds in the back seat of the car, into a bottle of beer and brings it to Hal, explaining that the owner of the car is “a little bit of a drinker”. Hal asks if it’s the “firecracker from the diner” and if they are going steady. Michael stumbles over his answer and finally says “Whatever there was, it’s over.” Hal replies “Not from where I was sitting. You know, I’d never been in love before but… but on that night, beneath the stars, and with that woman, and with all that we knew… I should have kissed her then.” Michael asks “Why, what happened to Betty?” Hal asks him if he has another beer.

Richie is at the bar, drinking a beer. It appears he’s had several. Hal comes up to him and asks “Tough day following orders?” Richie replies “I’m a coward, Hal. Don’t! rub it in.” Hal says “You’re drunk.” He asks him what’s wrong. Richie looks around then leans towards Hal and whispers “You were right. I saw stuff. I heard (looks around again) I heard what their plans were. I… I was a good soldier. I went along with it. I’m not… I’m not proud of myself. Makes you wonder if I’m on the right side. Are we on the right side, Hal?” Hal replies “It’s gonna be OK. We’ve got friends. We’ve got people who want to know the truth, just as much as we do. And by tomorrow the world will be one step closer to it.” He tells him to “check the morning paper, it will all be there.” He offers Richie a ride home but he declines. Hal offers his hand to shake; Richie hesitates, then reluctantly shakes hands. When Hal leaves, Cavitt, who was dressed in disguise as a civilian, comes over to Richie at the bar and says “Well done, Captain.”. He puts his hand on Richie’s shoulder and Richie shrugs it off, snarling at him “Don’t touch me!” Cavit! t leaves.

The next morning, Hal buys several newspapers from the PX but the story isn’t in any of them. He uses a payphone to call Betty at work and is told she isn’t in; he doesn’t leave a message. When he gets to his office, he notices discharge papers on his desk. He goes into Cassidy’s office and finds Richie there, who tells him he’s holding down the fort. Hal starts yelling at him, asking if he knew about the discharge, telling him he sold him out. Richie yells back that he had no choice, he was following orders. He tells him to sign the papers and make it easy; to pack his things and take the honorable discharge. Hal says “You’ll have to drag me off this base.” He starts to leave but stops when Richie says “You always were a punk, Carver. Why couldn’t you be a lazy, self-centered, son of a bitch this time?” Hal punches him and Richie hits the wall. Richie, barely keeping his anger in check, yells at him “A lot of people are very very up! set. They wanted to get rid of you but I convinced them to treat you like one of us. Sign the resignation, Hal, or they’re gonna change their minds and take it one step further.” He shows him photos taken of Hal and Rosemary in her bedroom. Hal reluctantly signs the papers and says “I hope you enjoy your white picket fences, Richie, because you sure as hell earned it.” and leaves.

That night, Hal goes to the bar and the bartender gives him a letter that came for him that day. He teases him that if he’s going to use the bar as an address for mail he’ll have to charge him rent. The note says “For safe keeping. Call when you get this. Betty 555-2136.” There is a key attached with a tag that reads “Bldg 7354”. Hal calls the number and Betty’s sister tells him that Betty died in a car accident the day before. Cut to Bldg 7354. Hal uses the key to open the door. He goes to the morgue and finds the sacs that were in the truck. They are glowing and! dripping fluids. There are two sacs with 4 pods each. On the floor are two dead medical technicians. They have silver hand prints burned through their clothes and imprinted on their chests. Leaning against the wall are 4 small coffins. Hal takes pictures of all of this. Suddenly he sees movement from behind a curtained screen. Two small, glowing white figures with big black eyes emerge from behind the screen. Hal stares at them in shock. Strange noises emanate from them. One of the figures raises his hand and Hal, frightened, ducks behind the table one of the sacs is on. He peeks out from behind the table and his voice over says “”Have you ever heard the sound a mother bear makes, when anything gets between her and her cubs? It’s something to be afraid of. Now, in that moment, though, I realized I’d been afraid of the wrong thing. It wasn’t us they wanted.” Hal backs away and says to the figures “Save them.” He leaves the morgue and starts down the hall when he! sees MPs about to enter the morgue. He pulls the fire alarm and calls out to them so they will follow him instead of entering the room. He takes off and they follow. He is stopped by a chain link fence that he has to climb in order to get beyond it. In the p rocess he drops the camera on the wrong side. He hesitates, wondering if he should go back for it when the MPs arrive and start shooting. Cut to Hal and Michael with the Jetta. Hal is using his revolver to shoot bottles off the roof of an abandoned truck. He asks Michael if he wants to try. Michael asks “What did you see? What was in those sacs?” Hal replies “I never planned on telling this much of the story, kid. I never have.” Michael beseechingly says “Please!” Hal reluctantly continues “They looked like human fetuses. There was four to a sac, eight total. That night I packed my things and never came back. The base was on full alert. There was no way anybody, or anything else, could’ve escaped. And that’s the story of Hal Carver; the only time I ever stuck my neck out to save anything, and it all went to hell.” When he finishes he goes to light a cigarette but stops in astonishment as Michael uses his powers to smash the remaining bottles on the roof of the ! truck. Michael turns to him and says “You saved me.” Then he snaps his fingers and uses his powers to produce a flame with his thumb, offering to light Hal’s cigarette. The cigarette drops from Hal’s open mouth. He shakes his head in amazement and then hugs Michael.

At school, Michael comes up to Liz and apologizes for his behavior earlier that day. She thanks him and asks if Max asked him to be nice to her. He says “No, I came up with it myself.” She tells him she likes it and he smiles, pleased with her response. Cut to the hidden room at the pod chamber. Michael has brought Maria to see the granilith and says “Meet the reason I haven’t been returning your phone calls.” Awestruck, Maria says “My God! What is it?” Michael replies “I don’t know. But eventually I’m hoping we can find out.” Surprised, Maria says “We? You didn’t even choke on that.” Michael responds “Well, today I had a little history lesson, and here’s the thing… I owe mo! re to you than I can imagine. To Liz, Alex, Valenti, to some old guy named Hal, who lives in Tampa and plays shuffleboard. I never realized it. So here it is… ” He holds his hands out to her and continues “thank you.” She puts her hands in his and says “Your welcome.” He seems troubled so she asks “What’s wrong?” He replies “You know those pods that housed Max, Isabel, Tess and me?” She says “Yeah, before you were born? He continues “Well, there’s another set of them, and they’re somewhere out there.”

#205 The End of the World – Synopsis

Compiled by Joan Pickering

Fourteen years into the future (2014 AD), minutes before the fall. Future Max helps Future Liz into the hidden room in the pod chamber; they are out of breath as they approach the granilith. Future Max doesn’t want to leave ! Future Liz but she insists that he must. He reminds her if he does this, he and she won’t exist as they are today. She reminds him that if he doesn’t do it they will all die. They hug one last time. He thanks her for all they’ve had together, she tells him she has no regrets. There is a concussion from an explosion outside that knocks them both to the floor; it is a reminder that time is short. He inserts an obelisk into the granilith; it powers up and sucks Future Max inside. They gaze at each other through the granilith and then Future Max is gone.

Present time (2000 AD), in the evening. Maria is driving Liz and Alex in the Jetta. Liz is confused because Max keeps coming to her window each night trying to convince her they should be together but she knows it can not be. Alex is depressed because Isabel only thinks of him as a friend. Maria declares “I have Michael Guerin. He’s mine. You should have seen his face when he apologized to me. His eye! s were practically begging me to take his sorry ass back. I have so landed him for once and for all… I think.” Maria is bringing them to a psychic her mom believes in. She tells them Madame Vivian will have the answers to all their questions. Alex learns that Isabel considers him a wonderful friend, her foundation, but they will never have a “carnal” relationship. Alex is more depressed than before. Maria learns that her relationship with Michael is volatile and will not endure. Maria says she’s not looking for marriage and asks how long the relationship will last. Madame Vivian says “48 hours, tops.” Maria is shocked then asks “OK, are they a good 48 hours?” Liz is told that Max will be a leader and Liz tells her that he has a whole other destiny that does not include her. Madame Vivian adamantly disagrees, saying that Max will choose her over his destiny. She tells her “The reading is clear. You marry your true love. You have happiness. The card here?! Intimacy, sex. You will not be left wanting.” Cut to Liz in her bedroom. She puts a large lace scarf over her head like a wedding veil, looks in the mirror and says “I, Liz Parker, take Max Evans to be my… ” She is interrupted by a sudden burst of light on her balcony; the concussion from the burst extends into the bedroom and Liz catches her mirror just before it falls. She turns and sees Future Max peering through her open window. Questioning what she sees, Liz says “Max?” Cut to Max, in her bedroom, with Liz, frightened, backing away from him saying “No, no, I don’t… I don’t know who you are, but you… you’re not Max.” Future Max tries to calm her down and says “Liz, I know this is all hard to believe… ” She asks “Wh-what? You expect me to believe that the… the granilith is like some sort of time machine?” Future Max explains “It wasn’t intended to be, but it does have an enormous amount of power, and we were able to modify it to artificially create a te! ar in time space.” Liz counters with “No! No! There is no such thing as time travel, OK… because it is against every rule of physics, of reality, of everything.” Shouting, she accuses him of being a shapshifter who has the ability to look like an older version of Max, with the beard and grey hairs. Slightly hurt, Future Max asks “Do you really see grey?” Liz tells him “This isn’t funny, OK!” and tries to get past him. He grabs her arms and she screams at him to let go of her. He pleadingly says “Liz, it’s me.” She calms down and says .”Please, just let go of me.” He does, then says “If I were a shapeshifter, there’s no way I could tell the future. In approximately 10 seconds, I will show up outside your window and begin singing to you… accompanied by a Mariachi Band.” Liz is slightly amused and says Max would never do anything that cheesy. Future Max counts down “three, two, one… ” Nothing happens, Liz rolls her eyes and says “Well?” and Future Max, c! hagrined, says “I said approximately.” Suddenly Liz hears music outside. Future Max tells her he spent a week learning the lyrics from Mr Delgado at the hardware store. Under his breath he starts saying the lyrics. Liz goes out onto her balcony. Max is down below with the Mariachi Band. He removes his sombrero and starts singing to her in Spanish. Liz is stunned, amused and pleased by this display. Max is holding a bouquet of red roses behind his back. Future Max comes up behind her but out of sight of Max. Aside to Future Max she says “Wow, that’s really embarrassing”, but she’s loving it. Future Max says “I know… but I had to do something to get your attention. You had shut me out.” Still singing, Max tosses the bouquet of roses to Liz. Future Max says “As I threw the flowers up to you, I remembered you preferred white roses.” and we see the roses change from red to white. Liz catches the bouquet. Aside to Future Max, Liz asks “Why are you here?” Future Ma! x says “I can’t tell you too much, Liz… only what you need to know… but 14 years from now, we are taken over by our enemies.” Aside to Future Max, Liz asks who’s taken over and Future Max says “Everyone. Earth. I need you to help me keep that from happenin g. We need to change the future. What we do here has to be precise and surgical. No one can know I’m here, especially not me… that is, my younger self.” Liz starts to ask him a question and Future Max interrupts saying “Not now, your father’s coming.” He hides behind a plant. Jeff comes out onto the balcony, asking if that is Max again. He approaches the railing telling Max it’s 11:00 on a school night. When he sees the band he laughs and shakes his head. Max and the band leave.

The next day in the Crashdown kitchen, Maria tells Michael they need to talk about their relationship, that a psychic told her the next 48 hours were critical. Courtney comes in asking if her order is ready. Michael says yes and points to it. Courtney is pleased with his prompt service on her large order and, before picking it up and leaving she pats him on the rump and says “You’re such a good boy.” Michael is stunned by her behavior and Maria is ticked off. She asks what! ’s going on and he says he doesn’t know but he doesn’t trust her. He says “I mean, there’s something going on with her. Another new face in town. Arrived this summer after the signal went out. Her picture was in Whitaker’s office. Constantly hanging around me, always giving me these looks.” Maria asks if he thinks she’s an alien. Michael replies “Or with the government.” Then shrugs and says “I don’t know.” Maria tells him what she knows is “The slut wants in your pants.” Michael contemplates this and then replies “That might work.” He’s distracted when one of his burgers starts to burn. Maria, shocked by his last comment says “What might work, Michael?”

Liz comes into her bedroom and finds Future Max looking at pictures of them together. She tells him she has some questions. She asks him why he doesn’t just go to Max to tell him what he needs from him. Future Max says he doesn’t understand it totally himself but Serina, a future friend of ! Liz’, told him that it has to do with quantum mechanics, and if a person were to meet themselves in another time period they would both be destroyed. He tells her “Liz, what’s about to happen over the next few days is critical to the history of this planet. Things between us are about to… change, grow deeper. We become inseparable, and nothing comes between us ever again, until… ” Liz finishes his sentence with “The end of the world?” He responds “That’s right.” She asks “What happened?” He replies “The closer that you and I grew, the worse it got with Tess, and eventually she left Roswell.” Liz asks “Because of me?” Max answers “Because of me, and how I treated her. And it turned out Tess was critical to our survival. The four of us – Michael, Isabel, Tess, and I… we made a complete unit. We all had different gifts, and with one of us missing, we weren’t as strong, and everything fell apart.” Liz says “So, um, you want me to help you and Tess get together?! ” He replies “Yes.” and she asks “Why don’t you just go to Tess?” He tells her “It’s you I trust. It’s you I have faith in, and because it’s not just about getting me close to Tess. I need you, to help me, fall out of love with you.” Liz is stunned by this information.

That evening, Michael gives Courtney a ride home on his motorcycle. She tells him she’ll be spending the night alone, with nothing to fondle but her remote. She asks him if he’d like to be her remote for the evening. Somewhat embarrassed, he declines, saying he should get home. She leans over and kisses him goodnight. He changes his mind, saying “What the hell.” and goes inside with her.

Tess uses her powers to redecorate Kyle’s bedroom. He comes in and says “I thought I told you I didn’t want you doing that Bewitched crap in the house.” She tells him to get out of her room and he reminds her it’s his room. She starts venting about being sick of everything; this place! , Max Evans, waiting for him to come to terms with his destiny. That she never asked to be his mate and he and the others can figure it all out for themselves. She tells Kyle they didn’t even know where the pod chamber was. She finishes by saying “I hate this life. (sigh) I feel better.” Kyle tells her she looks great when she’s angry and that he feels all this energy coming from her. He says “In order to trim the lamp of wisdom, we must attend to our bodily needs.” Tess steps up close to Kyle and says “Let me tell you something, Buddha Boy, I got a lamp that needs some serious trimming.” They are just about to kiss when the doorbell rings. Frustrated beyond belief, Kyle goes to the door to find Liz. She is there to see Tess. As Kyle passes Tess, they agree to finish trimming her lamp later. Liz tells her she wants to help her with Max. Tess doesn’t believe her saying she knows that Liz and all the others hate her. Liz says she’s doing this for Max because she kn! ows that Tess is his destiny, she’s known since the time she walked away but she can’t go on with her own life until Max comes to the same realization and moves on with his. Tess says she doesn’t need Liz’ help and if Max doesn’t come around on his own, he can just go to hell, for all she cares. Liz reminds her how hard it was for her to come there and tells Tess “I know that it is hard for you to admit that you need help, but you do. It’s up to you.”

Michael has removed his jacket and shirt and Courtney is giving him a back rub through his T-shirt, while he is seated on her bed. He asks her how long she’s been living in Roswell and what brought her there. She replies a few months and that she’s always been into the whole alien thing. She tells him that the “sight-seeing” has exceeded her expectations, slips around to his lap and kisses him. She asks “What now?” and he asks her to take a shower. She wants to take one together but he wants her to take i! t alone, saying he’s a “germ-a-phobe” and that “a clean girl is a sexy girl.” She agrees, saying she’ll play any game he wants her to. She starts to undress on her way to the bathroom and Michael sucks in his breath at the sight. As soon as she shuts the door, he gets up and starts searching her apartment. He opens a cabinet and finds it is totally full of skin lotion. He’s trying to fathom the reason when there is a knock at the front door. He opens it to find Maria. They are both shocked to see each other. She tells him she came to investigate because she discovered a picture of Max, Isabel and Michael, with Michael’s face circled, in Courtney’s locker. She asks “What are you doing here, hound?” He tells her he’s there for the same thing. Maria doesn’t believe him, calling him a “bastard”, after Courtney calls out from the bathroom “Maybe you should put on some tunes, baby?” Michael calls back “Good idea, baby.” and quickly explains to Maria that he had to! get Courtney out of the room somehow. Maria warns him “If you lay one hand on her… ” Michael says “No one is laying anything on anyone.” Courtney calls out “By the way, you are an amazing kisser.” Michael knows he’s dead meat now. Maria’s mouth drops open in shock, then she cuffs Michael on the side of his head and says “You obviously came here for two reasons, huh?” Courtney comes out of the bathroom, wearing only a towel, and asking “Is somebody here?” Maria throws a hair clip at Courtney saying she left it at work. She turns to Michael and tells him “Remember how I said we had 48 hours? That was… that was way too optimistic. We’re done.” and leaves. Michael turns to Courtney and says “I’m gonna go.” and leaves.

Tess is sitting at a table outside the Crashdown, reading a book. She’s wearing a low cut, tight fitting black top. Liz and Future Max are watching from the reception area in Whitaker’s office across the street. Future Max sa! ys “Good, you got her to wear that top.” He tells her they have to play every card they have. Max approaches. Liz, watching, says “Just don’t look at him, let him come to you. Show him the book. Make sure he sees it. Tell him Steinbeck’s your favorite autho r.” Max sits with Tess and Future Max excitedly says “You got him to sit down with her!” Liz sarcastically says “Rah, rah.” Max is laughing at something Tess is saying. Liz notices Future Max looking at her and asks “What?” Future Max says “Nothing. It’s just… seeing you at 17 again is, making it all come flooding back to me. How my stomach used to rumble every time I saw you.” Liz asks if they got married. He tells her they eloped at 19. She is surprised, saying that was too young. He says he agreed but she pointed out that Romeo and Juliet were even younger. They got married in an Elvis chapel in Las Vegas. Liz is disappointed that they didn’t have a real wedding. Future Max assures her they had a wonderful wedding. That Isabel, Michael, Maria and Alex met them in Phoenix and they partied all night. At the end of the night, a song they both loved, “I Shall Believe” came on the radio. They danced to the song alone, because the others had quit for the evenin! g. He tells her “Ever since then, it’s been our song.” Liz is saddened by the realization that “if this works” she will not have that day. She asks him what will happen to him. He replies “If we succeed in changing history, a different version of the future will take place. All the events that led to who I am 14 years from now will be different. The man I am now will… cease to exist.” Max tells Tess “Listen, I realize none of this is your fault. You just sought me out because it was your destiny.” She replies “Hey, I can only imagine if you thought you found the love of your life and someone comes to tell you that your meant to be with someone else.” He says “Exactly” and she tells him “You know, if things change, they change. If they don’t, it’s OK, Max.” Max kindly, but firmly, says “I don’ think things will change.” She replies “I know, but it takes two, and if Liz isn’t interested… ” Suspicious, Max asks “What do you mean, if Liz isn’t interested? You wer! e talking to Liz about this?” Tess says “Not exactly.” Max looks around and notices someone behind the blinds in Whitaker’ office. He goes over. Future Max hides in the back office. Max says to Liz “Were you watching?… So, it was all a set up.” Liz resignedly says “Yeah.” Max is incredulous saying “You tried to get Tess and me together?” Liz responds “I know you must hate me right now… I, um… ” Max is at a loss for words and then makes a decision. He cups her face in his hand and kisses her passionately. Future Max is watching from the other room. There are flashes of Max and Liz together; happy and passionate times together. Max steps back and says “I felt that… and I know you did too.” It is written all over her face that she did. “and I know you think that… that I need to let you go… for the sake of Michael, and Isabel, and my race… so you went to Tess. But she can’t be you. Tess can never be you.” Liz tells Max that they have to stop this. ! He begs her to go out with him, telling her he got Gomez tickets for next Friday. Her heart aching, she replies “No, no Max, I can’t go out with you, ever again.” She begs him to “please stop doing this.” Crestfallen, Max replies “I can’t.” and leaves.

Climbing through Liz’ bedroom window, Future Max berates Liz saying “You are supposed to be breaking up with him, not kissing him.” Liz reminds him that Max kissed her, not the other way around. He says “You’re only making me love you more.” She reminds him that she said no to Gomez. He tells her “You said no the last time too. I didn’t take no for an answer.” That was the night things between them were “cemented”, but they didn’t go to the concert. That night he came to her room and they made love. Liz doesn’t believe him, saying she is not ready to make love to him, or anyone else, at this stage in her life. She says she doesn’t even have protection and he says “I did.” She is shocked and says “Oh,! that’s great. There you are, Max the Saint, just walking around with a condom in his back pocket.” Future Max reminds her that he is just telling her what happened, that they have to change what happened and that, so far, they have failed. He says “Liz, it’s not just Max that’s the problem here. You are. You are not letting yourself change. Now you have to do something… before it’s too late.”

In the back room of the Crashdown, Alex comes upon Maria, who is crying as she tears up a picture of Michael. He asks what’s wrong. She tells him about finding the picture in Courtney’s locker, going to her apartment and finding Michael there with Courtney, who was dressed in only a towel. Alex hugs Maria to comfort her.

In his bedroom, with his shirt off, Max is doing pull-ups when he hears Liz at his window. She refuses his assistance as she climbs in, then, noticing his state of undress, asks him to cover up. He self-consciously puts on a T! -shirt. Liz asks him not to say anything because she has a speech prepared and she won’t be able to get through it if he interrupts. She tells him “OK, I… I just re-read “Romeo and Juliet”, and you know, the first thing that I realized is, that isn’t even the title. It’s called “The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet”. They die.” She says that the reason why people think that it’s such a romantic play is they don’t know what it’s like to be put in that position, but when your life, and other people’s lives are put at risk, there isn’t anything romantic about it. Max’ life will always be dangerous, and he can’t stop what’s happening to him, but her life doesn’t have to be. Her life is only in danger if she is with him and she wants to live to see her 21st birthday, get married and have children; and she wants her children to be safe. She tells him “You know, Max, if… if you truly love me, you’ll let me go. I may love you, but I… I don’t want to die for you.” Ther! e are tears welling in his eyes. Cut to Max and Maria, alone in the Crashdown. Maria thinks he wants her to tell him it will all be OK but Max says he wants to hear what she really thinks. She tells him he should leave Liz alone, that “none of us belong with any of you and I’m really sick of how much it’s screwing us up. I mean look at us… we’re pathetic.” Cut to Liz and Future Max on her balcony. She is sobbing uncontrollably. Future Max reaches for a tissue and she notices his hand pass through the box. She asks “What’s happening?” He replies that it must be working and that he’s leaving. She asks “So you’re going back to where you came from?” He replies “No, there’s no one to go back to.” Cut back to Max and Maria. Maria, seeing that she is not getting through to him, resignedly says “You’re not there, are you?” Max replies “I can’t help it… I love her. What can I say?” Maria responds “You’re hopeless.” Cut back to Liz and Future Max. Future Max notice! s a change in himself and reaches for the tissue box; his hand does not go through. He says “It didn’t work. We have to do something else.” Liz can’t. Devastated she says “Do you know how hard it was for me to tell him that I didn’t want to die for him? He’s the only reason that I’m alive right now. You… you’ve… you gotta come up with another plan. Please go to someone else. I… I just… I can’t do this anymore.” Future Max replies “Just 25 minutes before I came here, I held Michael in my arms… dead. Isabel died 2 weeks before that. Now you have to do this. You have to find a way. All of our lives depend on it.” Liz asks “How? What can I do that is gonna make you turn away from me?” Future Max says “I don’t know.” Liz continues to cry.

The next day, in the back room of the Crashdown, Maria asks Liz, who is looking depressed, what’s wrong. Liz tells her she can’t talk about it but that she heard about Michael and Courtney and gives her ! a hug. Maria tells her “What gets me is that… that Madame Vivian bitch was right. Granted, Michael is the world’s worst boyfriend. I know that. You know that. America knows that. But when I caught them together… that look of guilt on his face… I’ve ne ver felt so awful, Liz.” Liz says “Oh my God.” Maria continues “I know. I mean, I guess it’s a good thing, you know? Cuz… when I saw that, I realized there’s nothing he could do to make up for it. I know it’s over.” An idea forms in Liz’ mind. Cut to Kyle opening his front door to Liz. She says “I need your help.”

Kyle is in Liz’ bedroom undressing. Liz’ is in her bathroom, doing the same. Future Max, obviously jealous, is saying he doesn’t think it’s a good plan because he would never be jealous of Kyle. Talking through the door, Kyle is telling her what Buddhism is about. Future Max calls it a load of crap. Kyle asks if he should take his boxers off and Liz replies “No! Undergarments stay on!” Future Max says “If he tries anything… ” Liz replies “I’ve got it under control. Please stay out of earshot.” She goes out to the bedroom, dressed in a towel. Kyle says it reminds him of when they were at the “Y” pool, the summer before las! t. He tells her he has meditated on the situation and is at peace with it. He suggests they get into bed. She wants to make sure he understands the rules first and he says he knows there will be no consummating and no tongue if they kiss. He tells her “I’m here to help; my body’s merely a vessel.” They get into bed together and she removes the towel under the covers.

Michael is watching a game on TV when Alex knocks at the door. When Michael opens it he storms in, leaving the door open. He is very angry by the way Michael has been treating Maria. He tells him “Look, I don’t care that you’ve got 30 pounds on me or… or that you can kill me with some… some twisted alien power. I will not let you treat her like that. I… I don’t care that… that Isabel treats me like crap, but no one does that to Maria, all right? She’s not just some girl!” Michael starts to say there is nothing going on between him and Courtney when she shows up at the open door.! Alex sees her, then punches Michael, knocking him to the floor. Michael is surprised but understands and says “You realize that you just risked your life?… You’re a really good friend, man.” Alex, rubbing his sore hand and shocked at his own actions leaves, saying “Call me that again, and I’ll really kick your ass.”, slamming the door behind him. Courtney goes to Michael and helps him up. Their close proximity creates a “moment” and they start to kiss. The kissing becomes more passionate and Michael, rubbing Courtney’s bare back while pulling her closer, suddenly realizes that her skin is peeling off into his hand. He holds it up, questioning her in an accusatory manner “You’re a Skin?” She turns to run and he yells at her to stop while sending an energy surge in her direction. She crashes through the window and the surge misses her and hits the TV, causing it to explode.

In Liz’ bed, Kyle says “So Evans must’ve really pissed you off to get you to r! esort to something like this.” She says “I told you I don’t really want to talk about why I’m doing this.” He tells her they have something in common, they are the only two people, he knows of, that have died and been brought back to life by an alien. They both agree that they feel different. She asks him if he saw any flashes when he was healed and he says “No. But since he healed me, I keep getting these flashes of Max Evans naked.” She laughs and Kyle says it feels good to be able to make her laugh again. Max comes to her window, hearing her laughter and seeing them together; noticing too, Liz’ bare shoulders and a bare leg peeking out from under the covers. Liz sees Max and freezes, it is a painful moment for both of them. Max drops the Gomez tickets, backs away and leaves. Kyle says “I guess it worked.” and Liz nods despondently.

Max is sitting despondently on a park bench. Tess sees him and comes over. She asks if he’s OK and he says “No.” Sh! e sits next to him. Cut to Liz (now dressed in pants and a sweater) and Future Max on her balcony. Future Max says “I’ve fought a thousand battles… but watching you do that was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do.” He tells her it may be for the best, for her too; that she might be better off with a human and Kyle seems like a great guy. She says “Don’t you realize what you are to me… and you’re always gonna be? You’re the love of my life. Everyone else is gonna be second best. There’ll never be another you.” Cut back to Max and Tess. She asks him if he wants to talk about it and he says “No.” She asks if he wants her to leave and he pauses and then says “No.” Cut back to Liz and Future Max. Liz says that now, Max and Tess will be together and she will be alone. Future Max responds “Maybe. Maybe not. From now on, the future is to be determined. It’s what I’ve always said to you, Liz. We create our own destiny.” Liz asks him if he will dance with her, sh! e wants to have her wedding dance. He takes her in his arms and they dance slowly together, gazing into each other’s eyes. Cut back to Max and Tess. Tess puts her hand on Max’ shoulder to comfort him. Cut back to Future Max and Liz. He twirls her around; she is euphoric in the moment but when she finishes twirling, she discovers Future Max is gone. Feeling lost and alone, she looks up into the sky and sees a shooting star.

#206 Harvest – Synopsis

Compiled by Joan Pickering

It’s the next day, after the last episode (The End of the World). Maria and Liz are walking into school. Maria asks Liz if she’s OK, saying she looks as if her heart has been stomped on, like Maria’s has. Liz asks Maria if she’s seen Max. She says she can’t explain it, but she wants to know if he’s OK, without him knowing she’s a! sking. Michael comes up to Maria and Liz leaves. Maria tries to walk away but Michael follows, saying he has something to tell her about Courtney. She says she’s not interested but he insists she listen. She tells him “You listen to me. She made a play for you and you went for it. So what, now she’s screwed you over and you’ve come to realize she’s a cheap, manipulative tramp? Well this is not news to me.” He tells her Courtney is a Skin. Cut to Michael, Max, Isabel, Tess and Maria in an empty classroom. Michael is saying she knew there was something wrong with her, even before he found the photograph in Whitaker’s office. Max asks where she is now and Michael says “I don’t know. She went out the window. I tried chasing her but… ” Maria finishes his sentence with “But it’s hard to run, with your pants around your ankles?” Tess tells them to solve their personal problems another time and points out that Courtney was probably working with Whitaker. Isabel agree! s and says if they were working together then Courtney knows everything about them. Michael notices that Max isn’t paying much attention to the conversation, kicks his chair and says “Maxwell, are we disturbing you?” Tess tells him “Leave him alone… he’s had a rough night.” Michael says sarcastically “Really? Something you want to share with the class?” Max says “No.” and refocuses on the subject at hand. He says the first question is, does Courtney know that Whitaker is dead? Maria notices a news report, playing on the TV in the classroom, that is about Congresswoman Whitaker and says “If she didn’t before, she does now.” The anchor explains that Whitaker, who took over her husband’s seat in congress when he died, was killed in a car accident, yesterday, just outside her home town of Copper Summit, AZ. Shocked, Isabel says emphatically “She died 2 weeks ago; I was there.” Michael wonders how, someone who is dust, can die in a car accident. Tess wonders who is co! nveniently covering up her death for them. Isabel speculates that other Skins created the fake car accident so the Feds wouldn’t get suspicious and check her background.

At Whitaker’s office, Max, Michael, Isabel and Tess are going through her fi les while Liz is answering a phone call about Whitaker’s death, saying “Yeah, we’re in total shock. No, we haven’t set a date for the memorial service yet. Yes, I will let you know as soon as we do, of course. OK.” When she hangs up she says the phone’s have been ringing off the hook. Max wonders how the Skins found out about her death in the first place, in order to cover it up, and asks Liz what she’s been telling people. Liz assures him she told everyone who asked that Whitaker was on vacation, just as they agreed. She is hurt he suspected her for the leak. Tess finds a letter from the Universal Friendship League, postmarked Copper Summit, AZ and stamped Personal. No one has heard of this organization. Max opens it and reads the letter aloud “Dear Member, Your failure to report as scheduled, violates protocol. We must receive word by the 25th of this month or terminate your membership, effective that date.” The 25th was the day she died. T! he letter is signed T Greer, Senior Coordinator Vilandra project. Isabel inadvertently blurts out “Vilandra?” but denies knowledge of it when Max asks if it means something to her. Liz calls the number on the letter and tells the person who answers about Whitaker’s death. The person is suspicious and rude but thanks her before abruptly hanging up. Max decides they should go to Arizona to check them out. Michael says he wants to find Courtney first and Max agrees he should stay and continue to look for her.

That night, in the Jeep, Liz is driving. Tess is sleeping on Max’ shoulder in the back seat. Isabel is remembering Whitaker’s words to her about her past; that she is Vilandra and she betrayed her people, and herself, for the man she loved. She drifts off to sleep. Liz tells Max it’s OK if he wants to sleep too. He replies “I haven’t slept since I saw you with Kyle. Liz, I know you, and I don’t believe that you would do that to me. It doesn’t make! sense. Tell me what happened.” Liz remains silent.

Michael and Maria break into Courtney’s apartment. Maria is giggling outside the door, saying she feels like Scully and Mulder. They start looking around the apartment with the aid of flashlights. Maria scoffs at Courtney’s choice of CDs. Michael tells her to find an address book or something similar. Maria derisively comments that Courtney is not going to list her hideout in her address book. Michael asks if she’s just going to rag on him or help. She picks up something and asks “Michael, what is this?” Michael comes over to check it out and says “That’s why they call them Skins. She’s shedding.” Maria is totally grossed out and quickly drops the piece of skin she was holding with her fingers. She asks Michael how he found out Courtney was a skin. He replies “I saw part of her skin come off.” She asks accusingly “Which part?” Exasperated he says “When are you gonna get off this?” She’s says n! ot for a long time and he assures her there is nothing going on between him and Courtney. They continue to explore the apartment. Maria opens a closet door and screams. Michael rushes over to see what she screamed about. Inside is a shrine to Michael, with tons of pictures and some of his personal items. Michael points out a shirt he lost at work and asks “What the hell is this?” Maria replies “It’s Graceland, and you’re Elvis.” Amazed, Michael says “Wow!” Maria says “Wow!? Is that all you can say right now is, ‘wow’? She’s… she’s obsessed with you. She’s like an alien stalker. She’s been spying on you for weeks. She’s been dreaming about you, fantasizing about you… “. Michael interrupts her and points out that the pictures were taken from an apartment across the street from his building and waits for Maria to come to the same conclusion he did. Maria finally realizes this is where she does her spying and must be where she is hiding now.

The next morning, Max pulls the Jeep up to the Stagecoach Museum in Copper Summit, AZ. Copper Summit is a small, old fashioned, western town. They ask a young man, standing by the open doors of the Museum (which looks like a converted barn) where the main drag is and he says they are on it. He is somewhat standoffish, telling them they are in the middle of nowhere, but brightens when Max mentions the Universal Friendship League. He says “Here for the Harvest then?” He becomes suspicious, however, when Isabel says “Harvest?” He tells them the Friendship League is for members only and that they don’t like outsiders, especially with all the press around recently. Isabel gestures with the letter and tells him they’ve been invited. He’s not buying it but tells them where to find the building. As soon as they leave, he goes inside the Museum, uses his cell phone to make a call, and says “Four on the way. Nonmembers.”

Max parks the Jeep outside the Universal Frie! ndship League building. Max tells everyone that they have to watch their step, not to trust anyone but each other and not to go anywhere alone. He and Isabel get out of the Jeep and head for the building. Tess and Liz stay in the back seat of the Jeep. Tess turns to Liz and says “So… you and Kyle?” Liz says yes, admits that Kyle mentioned the he and Tess were getting involved and apologizes. Tess says she shouldn’t worry about it, that “all you did was sleep with him.” and shrugs it off. She thinks for a minute then adds “How was he anyway?” Liz stumbles over her reply, then smiles, nods and says “It was great.” Surprised, Tess smiles, nods and says “Noted!”

Max and Isabel approach the building with some trepidation. Isabel knocks continuously on the door until Mr. T. Greer opens it. Isabel asks if they can come in and he tells them that the Universal Friendship League is a private organization and that they ask all visitors to avail themselves of ! all the tourist attractions in Copper Summit but to respect the League’s privacy. Max points out that there are no tourist attractions in town and Greer suggests they move on to Tombstone. He starts to close the door when Isabel asks “What’s the Vilandra Project?” He stops and stares at her, then says “I wouldn’t know.” Max tells him they are friends of Congresswoman Whitaker and would like to pay their respects to the family. He tells them “That’ll be the Crawfords. Two blocks down, turn left, red mailbox.” and closes the door as Max is trying to thank him.

Max pulls up to the red mailbox. Ida Crawford is outside picking up her mail. All four approach her. Liz, carrying a package, introduces herself and reminds her that they’ve spoken on the phone. Liz extends her sympathies to Ida for the loss of her daughter. Ida thanks her, then asks “What are you doing here?” Liz holds up the package and tells her she is delivering Whitaker’s personal items fro! m the office. Laying it on a bit thick, Ida exclaims “Oh, Honey, that is sooo sweet. Well you didn’t have to come clear up here; my gosh, it must be 400 miles.” She calls to her husband Walt and tells him to come out and meet their visitors. She asks the others if they worked for Vanessa too and Liz introduces them. Walt comes out and Ida explains why the kids have come. Walt says “Well, why didn’t they just send them?” Ida berates Walt for his insensitivity and then invites the kids inside. Cut to the living room. Tess, Liz, Max and Isabel are sitting stiffly on the couch, Walt is sitting in a chair across from them; there is an awkward silence. There is an old, country music song (Back in the Saddle Again) playing in the background. Finally, to break the silence, Walt asks Max which highway he took and suggests a better one. Ida comes in with some food and tells Walt the kids came for Vanessa’s funeral service. Liz tells Ida that Vanessa was special to all of th! em and Isabel adds “Like a mother.” Ida is impressed. Isabel notices a teenage boy (around 14 years), peering into the room and says “Hi.” Ida and Walt try to convince Nicholas to come into the room but he declines and leaves. Ida explains that he was very cl ose to his sister and took her death hard. Max suggests they leave to find a hotel and Ida insists that they have to stay with them and they will all go to the service together in the morning. Isabel notices Nicholas staring at her again.

That night, Michael and Maria are staring out his apartment window at the apartment window across the street. Maria is saying Courtney isn’t going to stroll up to her hideout while they are watching. Michael says it was her idea and she denies it. He resignedly says “OK, so now it’s my fault.” Maria replies “Yes, you know what? Just to make things simpler, from now on, you should consider everything to be your fault, OK? OK.” With futile hope, Michael says “Well, I know one way to make the time go faster.” Maria scoffs and says “Funny!” Michael says “I know.” Maria thinks Courtney left town and Michael says “No, no, she wouldn’t do that. She’s obsessed with me.” Maria replies “Well, I guess that makes two of you,! then, doesn’t it?” Michael says “She’ll show up sooner or later.” and they both jump and turn when Courtney, who has sneaked up behind them, says “How about sooner?” It’s her turn to jump when Michael instinctively raises his arm, ready to emit an energy surge. She puts up her hands and says “Whoa, hey, truce!” He keeps his arm up and says “Don’t move!” She replies “Don’t worry, I won’t. You’re watching the building? You figured out where I’d be from the pictures. That’s very good Mikey G; you’re everything I thought you’d be and more.” Maria interjects “Oh please, do your lips not get chapped from all the ass kissing!?” Michael tells her to sit down and when she does he finally relaxes and puts his arm down. Maria asks her why she is obsessed with Michael. Courtney replies “I’m not obsessed with him, OK? I follow him, in the political sense.” She explains that their planet was on the brink of a golden age but it all fell apart and a civil war resulted. A renega! de faction of the Skins felt Michael could have united the planet, pulling together the warring factions, and wanted him to take the throne. But he remained loyal to Max and it cost them (the Royal Four) their lives. She says “Please, just don’t let history repeat itself. You’re the one we need. You’re our leader, our salvation.” Michael is stunned and somewhat uncomfortable with this information. Maria grabs Michael and screams into his ear “Michael, if you can hear me now, over the sound of your rapidly inflating ego, could you please tell me that you do not believe what this, this Michael worshiper here, has to say?” Michael tries to process what Courtney has told him, then shakes his head and replies “No, no, no way. No, this is just part of your plan to divide and conquer.” Courtney says I knew you weren’t ready to hear this.” He asks her what’s in Copper Summit. She tells him he should stay away from there because there are no “Michael worshippers” there.

Tess picks up a picture of Vanessa Whitaker in the Crawford living room. Flashes of her experience in the power plant, with Whitaker and Isabel, come to her. Ida startles her when she comes into the room saying “A penny for your thoughts.” Tess asks Ida to tell her about Vanessa when she was Tess’ age. Cut to Liz wandering down the main street of Copper Summit alone. Max catches up to her, berating her for being alone. Tense, she says “Fine!” and starts to head back. He stops her and says “Wait!” Knowing what he wants, she says “Max, look there’s just… there’s nothing left to say.” Max replies “Except the truth.” Exasperated, Liz says “We have already been through this.” Angry and hurt, Max’ voice continues to rise as he says “So far all I know is what I saw. And what I saw can’t be true, because it means everything I felt in my heart for the last year, is a lie! And you owe me an explanation and I want it right now!!.” Liz replies “Please quit sho! uting Max. You’re scaring me.” Max counters with “That’s a lie too! You’re not scared… you’re hiding something.” Liz denies it. Max asks “What the hell is going on with you, Liz? We never lied to each other, never kept a secret from each other.” Liz replies “You know, you have got me up on this pedestal, Max, and… I’m not this perfect person. I made a mistake. Look, Kyle and I made love… the end. I’m sorry.” Devastated by her reply, Max walks away from her. Desolate, Liz watches him leave.

Isabel is going through her purse in Whitaker’s old bedroom. Nicholas comes in. He’s shy at first. Isabel breaks the ice by extending her sympathies and asking if he got to spend much time with his sister. He tells her he was planning on visiting her next year in Washington DC to see the Air and Space Museum, and that she would always make time for him when she had time to visit. She told him there was a whole wide world out there and didn’t want him st! uck in Copper Summit. She also told him stories “about this planet, in another galaxy, and how there was this war going on, like a revolution.” Isabel asks “Did she ever mention Vilandra?” Surprised, Nicholas asks “How do you know about Vilandra?” Isabel replies “Vanessa told me some stories too.” Tess comes in and Nicholas leaves. Tess closes the bedroom door and comes over to Isabel. She tells her that Ida told her that Vanessa was adopted. Isabel says that means Ida, Walt and Nicholas could be human. Tess continues, saying that the Friendship League is a civic organization, like the Elks, and that they are handling all the funeral arrangements. Ida and Walt haven’t even seen the body yet. Isabel says “Because there is no body.” and Tess replies “Right, but, as long as the League handles everything, nobody has to know that. What about the kid?” Isabel replies “I don’t know, you came crashing in before I had a chance to start a real conversation.” Tess looks hur! t at the rebuke.

In the Jetta, Courtney is telling Michael and Maria that going to Copper Summit is a mistake. Courtney tells Michael her people arrived in 1950 and that she didn’t spend 50 years looking for him so he could throw his life away due to misplaced loyalty. Maria jumps on the fact that she is about 70 years old, old enough to be Michael’s grandmother. Courtney tells Maria that “husks”, the skin she is wearing, don’t age, so she’s been a “babe” for the past 50 years. She asks Maria “What are you going to look like in 50 years?” Michael interjects with “Will you two, let it go! You’re giving me a headache. Now, what the hell is a husk?” Courtney explains that it is like a space suit, a shell that protects them from the environment. Earth’s atmosphere is hostile to their race. The husk is a lifeform technology that they can genetically manipulate to resemble human bodies. Their relationship to it is essentially parasitic. Their skin is alive,! like the trees are alive. Michael asks “So what’s with the peeling?” She replies “They’re good for… maybe 50 years. But the husks are dying.” Michael says “Well, if all the Skins in Copper Summit are about to die, then all we have to do is, wait them out. If the husks die, we’re home free, right?” Courtney doesn’t answer. Maria says “OK, what are you not telling us?” Courtney takes in a deep breath and then says “The Harvest.”

The next day Max, Isabel, Tess and Liz are in the Universal Friendship League building for the funeral. Many people are milling about, including some with TV cameras. Tess doesn’t understand why they are putting on such a big show and Max points out that after this there won’t be any questions about what happened to Whitaker. Nicholas is standing at the doorway and motions to Isabel to follow him. Max is unhappy about Isabel leaving, but doesn’t stop her. She follows him into the Stagecoach Museum and down into a hidden ro! om in the basement. There are several large, glass containers holding, what appear to be, human beings in upright positions. They are replicas of Ida, Walt and others. Isabel is mesmerized as she walks by each one. She stops in front of Nicholas’ replica. Sh e is startled when he appears behind her. He tells her that he’s glad she came, then sends an energy surge at her that knocks her to the floor. When she regains consciousness, Nicholas is gone but she sees a light coming from another room and heads towards it. When she opens the door, there appear to be endless rows of replicas in glass containers. Shocked, Isabel starts to back away and Nicholas comes up behind her and says “Hello Vilandra. It’s been a long time.”

At the funeral, Max, Liz and Tess approach Whitaker’s coffin. Her body appears to be intact and Tess says “Good looking pile of dust.” Liz says it can’t be possible and, with trepidation, reaches out and touches Whitaker’s hand. The fake skin collapses and leaves a hole, which Liz covers up with some flowers. Max notices Greer, peeling skin off his face. He slowly turns around, telling Liz and Tess under his breath “Let’s go.” As Greer eulogizes Whitaker, they head back up the aisle towards! the door, noticing that Ida, Walt, and all the other townfolk, including the cameramen, are scratching and peeling their skin. Liz whispers that the place is crawling with them and Tess whispers that they will never let them leave. Just as they get to the door, Greer notices the hole in Whitaker’s hand. He calls out to them “Leaving so soon?” and uses his powers to close the doors before they can leave. He sends out an energy surge that knocks them all to the floor; then pulls his arm back, causing Max to slide, on his stomach, all the way back to the coffin. With difficulty, Max, Liz and Tess get to their feet. Greer walks towards them, saying “You mustn’t be in such a hurry to leave us. It appears our long search for the Royal Four has finally ended. How convenient of you to deliver yourselves to us.” Max, backing away from Greer, indicates Liz and says “She’s not one of us, let her go.” Ida says “She’s a human who knows too much. It’s a darn shame ‘cuz she’s awf! ully cute.” Max has reached Tess and Liz, Ida; Walt and the Museum curator are behind Greer. The other townfolk are in their seats watching. Greer identifies Max as the former king and Tess as his bride. With disdain, Tess says “That’s right.” Greer says “You won’t remember me, but I remember you. This is a moment I’ve waited for, a long time.” He’s about to send out an energy surge, when Max stops him with the force field. Greer asks “How long do you think you can hold out against all of us?” Max replies “As long as I have to.”

As Isabel nervously and furtively looks for a means to escape, Nicholas explains about the husk replicas. He tells her “It’s taken 20 years, nursing them from spores to maturity, now they’re almost ready to harvest. Don’t worry, you’re safe here with us, Vilandra.” She replies “My name, is Isabel.” He tells her “For the moment, but when I looked into your eyes, it was Vilandra who looked back. Your destiny is with us, with! Khivar. He’s waiting to hear that we found you.” She says “I don’t even know… ” and he finishes “who the hell Khivar is?” With disdain he continues “The Royal Four… if only the people could see you now. Clueless teenagers groping for their own identities. You’d lose some of that legendary aura, that’s sprung up over the years.” She asks “What do you want?” He replies “It’s what you want, you just can’t remember. I’m here to take you back to him, Vilandra. The leader of the rebellion. The man who currently sits on your brother’s tarnished throne; the man for whom you sacrificed a kingdom; your lover, Khivar.” She says “No!” and tries to leave. He knocks her to the floor with an energy surge and says “You’re not going anywhere.” He stoops down to her and says “You know, on our world, I was considered to be something of a ladies man. I even remember you giving me the eye now and again. But after spending 50 years as a teenage misfit, and having all the women ! laugh at me, I’ve grown far less tolerant of the female sex.” As he’s “reminiscing” she spots a pipe on the floor and, out of his view, wraps her hand around it. He asks “Where’s the granilith?” and she replies “I don’t know what you are talking about.” Cut to Michael, Maria and Courtney pulling up to the Museum in the Jetta. They get out and run inside. Cut to Max still trying to hold off Greer and the others. More townfolk join Greer and add their strength to his. It’s becoming too much for Max to hold back. Tess leans in and says “I can help. Let my strength flow into yours.” Cut back to Isabel using the pipe to knock Nicholas to the floor. He recovers before she can escape and says “OK, now I’m pissed.” as he sends an energy surge out that knocks her to the floor. Michael arrives downstairs and sends and energy surge at Nicholas that sends him flying to the end of the room. Michael helps Isabel up and tells Maria and Courtney “Get her out of here.” Nicholas r! ecovers and approaches Michael saying “And who do we have here. That gleam of dull stupidity in the eyes… if I’m not mistaken, you must be the king’s second in command. I killed you myself in your last life… ready to die again?” Michael responds “Bring it on.” Cut back to Max and Tess unable to maintain the force field – it collapses. Greer says “Well, it’s time for this little game to come to an end.” Cut to Courtney sneaking back downstairs in the Museum. She picks up a pipe and breaks the glass of one of the instruments maintaining the husk replicas. Nicholas puts his hands to his ears and starts to scream in pain. Courtney runs back upstairs. Michael starts to follow but stops when he sees Courtney’s husk. The glass containers start to explode. Cut to the funeral. Greer and the others are falling to the floor, holding their ears and screaming in pain. Max, Tess and Liz use this opportunity to escape. Tess uses her powers to open the doors and they run ou! t and head for the Jeep. They meet Maria, Isabel and Courtney outside the Museum. Maria is asking where Michael is. Suddenly he appears, carrying a body wrapped in burlap. Courtney looks on with pleased amazement as he places the body in the trunk of the Jetta and Maria says “Is that what I think it is?” Michael, Maria, Isabel and Courtney take off in the Jetta; Max, Liz and Tess in the Jeep. The glass containers continue to explode and then there is a final large explosion. When the dust clears, the townfolk slowly approach the Museum. Inside, thousands of bits of skin flutter to the floor. When Greer realizes the husks have been destroyed he says “Well, that’s the end of it then. We’re all as good as dead.” and Nicholas replies “We may be as good as dead, but this is not the end.”

#207 Wipeout! – Synopsis

Compiled by Joan Pickering

It’s a Saturday morning.. A tour bus is driving down the highway. Cut to the Evans kitchen. Diane is very enthusiastic about serving a new dish from a recipe she got from her subscription to Martha Stewart’s magazine. Max and Isabel are less than enthusiastic about trying it and, when Diane goes to get Philip, Max suggests to Isabel that perhaps she should not have given the subscription to their mother. Isabel is not very talkative and Max asks why she is avoiding him. She tells him she is not avoiding him, she’s just trying to deal with the fact that they are responsible for the deaths of “a race of people.”

Jim and Kyle are fishing outside of town. Kyle catches a fish and they are both very excited about it. Jim says “Whoa, we’ll be eatin’ like kings tonight!” Kyle admires his catch, then places it back in the water and let’s it go. Jim lo! oks on bewildered. Kyle looks at him and says “It’s the circle, Dad. The circle of life.”

Maria and Liz are about 2 miles out of town, driving back to the Crashdown after running an errand for Jeff. Cut to a billboard advertisement for the UFO Center, also 2 miles out of town. There is a green rod sticking out of the alien’s stomach on the billboard. Suddenly, a green ball of energy emanates from the rod and explodes over the town of Roswell, creating a green glow, hovering over the town.

Back at the Evans kitchen, Max and Isabel are forcing down the fritatta while Diane asks Max why she hasn’t seen Liz around for awhile. To avoid the question, Max asks for more fritatta. Diane gets up to get it and vanishes.

Maria and Liz arrive in town and find abandoned cars blocking the streets. Maria swerves around the cars and hits a baby carriage in the middle of the road. She screeches to a stop. They both jump out and run to the now overturned carriage, horrified that they hit a baby. When they get to the carriage they discover it is empty. Liz notices a riding lawn mower, running in circles, without a rider, on someone’s lawn. Maria and Liz are both spooked by what t! hey see. Looking around, Liz asks “Where is everybody!?”

The tour bus arrives in town. The driver gets out and says “Welcome to Roswell, NM, folks. UFO capital of the world. The last stop of our tour. Everyone remember their sunscreen while you’re out and about.” All the passengers disembark, thanking the driver and getting their cameras out. Among the passengers getting off are Nicholas and Ida. Nicholas puts on his sunglasses and says “Let’s find some aliens.”

Jim and Kyle pull up to the UFO Center billboard. Jim sees the rod and calls the station to report the vandalism. While waiting for Deputy Hanson to respond, Jim tells Kyle he could have told him he didn’t want to go fishing. Kyle assures him he did want to go fishing, he just enjoys it from a different perspective now. Jim is frustrated and confused by Kyle’s recent behavior; hanging wind chimes in the backyard, burning incense in the kitchen and not having his fri! ends over to watch sports anymore. He advises him to lay off the mumbo jumbo if he wants to get a date. Kyle asks him if he’d like to point out any other areas of incompetence. Jim notices that Hanson is not responding and says into the radio “Hanson, if I get back to the station and find you sipping a damn frappuccino…” then drives off angry.

Isabel returns to the kitchen, saying their father is gone too, discovers Max is gone and starts to panic. Max comes in and tells her the neighbors are gone. She picks up the phone and calls someone but there is no answer. She slams the phone down in frustration and she and Max hug each other for comfort.

Courtney has just put on the new husk and is immersed in murky water in Michael’s tub.. She tells Michael the husk was not fully matured so she does not know how long it will hold up. She adds that he saved her life when he stole the husk and he acknowledges that she saved their lives to! o. Michael answers the phone. Max abruptly says “It’s me. Meet us at the Crashdown right away.” and hangs up.

Maria and Liz are walking through downtown Roswell. Maria notices an abandoned cup of coffee on an outside table and comments that it’s still warm. They jump at the sound of something crashing but see nothing when they turn to look. They are being watched. They start to run. Liz notices a piece of skin on the ground, stops to pick it up, and it immediately disintegrates. She says “This is not good.”

At the Crashdown, Isabel turns off the seltzer tap, which has been running continuously. There are partially eaten meals on the counter and tables. Max comes in from the back room and announces to Isabel, Michael and Courtney that no one is back there either. Isabel wistfully says “Everyone’s gone.” and Michael adds “Every human. Whoever’s doing this is trying to single us out” Just then Maria and Liz come through the ! front door, negating his theory. Maria rushes to Michael and hugs him. Liz and Max look at each other, relieved to see the other is safe, but unable to express it physically. Liz tells him they just returned from Dexter and asks what happened. Max explains that his parents are gone as well as all the humans in town. Liz wonders why she and Maria were not effected and becomes concerned that the others may be dead. Max says “We don’t know that. All we can do right now is focus on the fact that we have each other.” Maria tries calling Alex on her cell phone then notices his band’s new CD sitting on the counter and realizes he was there to give it to her. Isabel says they have to figure out who did this and Liz and Maria tell them about finding the discarded piece of skin. Courtney says “Nicholas”, Isabel says “This is our fault.” and Tess, coming in from the back, indicates Courtney and says “No…it’s hers.” Yelling, she continues with “You lead the Skins straight to Ro! swell, Courtney.” Michael reminds her that Courtney is with them. Tess asks her “What did your people do to the town?” Courtney says “They’re not my people.” Max interrupts saying “Stop pointing fingers. We’re the ones that destroyed their harvest. They’re here to settle the score with all of us.” Isabel, who has been looking out the door, tells them to hide in the bathroom, Nicholas and Ida are on their way. In the bathroom, Isabel tells Tess to use her powers to hide them. Tess mind warps Nicholas and Ida so that, instead of the bathroom door, they see a wall with a mirror. Ida heads for the back room and Nicholas goes to the counter and eats some of the abandoned food. He looks around, like he senses someone’s presence, and heads straight for the mirror. He touches it, as if to see if it’s real. Satisfied, he starts observing his reflection, scratching at a zit. He calls out “Mom” and Ida comes back into the front. She slaps at his hand saying “Don’t pick” an! d reports that there is no one in the back or upstairs. He points out how badly she is shedding and she complains that it’s the heat adding “Why couldn’t those brats be from Seattle?” He wants to get her back to the moister chamber then they will search the town, street by street, building by building, inch by inch. He says he will not stop until he finds them. They leave. The others emerge from the bathroom. Tess is totally spent. She says “I’ve never come up against power like that before. It feels like someone took a sledge hammer to my head.” Max strokes her arm in comfort. Liz notices and goes upstairs. Max follows her to her bedroom, where she is folding clothes. Elvis Costello is playing in the background and Liz comments that her mother always listened to him when she did the laundry. She tells him how scared she is. He says what has happened is all their fault. Trying to assuage his guilt, Liz says “We haven’t lost them yet. We have to stay strong.” M! ax agrees then, noticing her bed, flashes back to the night he saw her in it with Kyle. He excuses himself and is about to go back downstairs when Isabel calls out. They both run back to find Courtney on the floor, her head in Michael’s lap. Her skin is covered with bumps and blotches and she is in obvious pain. Michael begs Max to help her. Max suggests they bring her upstairs and they run a bath for her. Isabel notices that Max and Michael are standing in the doorway watching as the girls undress Courtney so she uses her powers to send and energy surge that pushes them out and shuts the door. They put her in the tub. Liz has deduced from what Courtney said that the husk is starving so Isabel suggests they find something to feed it. Maria pulls out a bottle of pills from her apron, naming them off as she pours them into the tub water – “gingko, bee pollen, echinacea, C, D, E, calcium, St John’s wort and Pamprin” The others look at her strangely, for having that supp! ly of herbs and vitamins at her fingertips. She responds “What, I was dating Michael Guerin.” and they all nod knowingly.

On Liz’ balcony, Max is using her telescope to check out the surrounding streets for Skins. Michael is pacing back and forth, worried about Courtney. Max comments that Michael and Courtney have gotten close and asks how Maria feels about that. Michael wants to know why he suddenly cares about his social circles and Max says he was never sleeping with the enemy before. Michael assures him he’s not now either and explains that Courtney was at his apartment this morning just to show him how the husk fit. Back in the bathroom, Courtney has made a remarkable recovery (the bumps and blotches are gone) and the girls are suspicious. Tess demands to know what the Skins did and when Courtney says she doesn’t know, Tess pulls the plug on the bath water. Courtney reaches for the plug and Isabel pulls her back saying “What happened to our families?” Courtney replies “Time exists in multiple subset dimensions on our planet. Nicholas must have the technology to impose one or more of these here. It’s like being on Pacific and Eastern and Central and Mountain time all at once. Human bodies can’t fun! ction, they simply disappear.” Liz asks where they went and whether or not they are dead. Courtney doesn’t reply right away and Maria reminds her the water is getting low. Courtney anxiously replies, trying to get the words out before the water runs out, “Somewhere…another dimension…another plane of existence …I don’t know where. They seem to have just… shifted” Maria asks “Can we get them back?” Courtney says she doesn’t know and begs Tess to put the plug back. Tess complies. Isabel asks why Liz and Maria haven’t disappeared and Courtney says that being out of town when it happened helped buy them some time.

Maria and Liz go downstairs to the Crashdown and run right into a Skin. Maria jumps into the kitchen through the opening where the food gets passed out and Liz tries to follow. She’s halfway through when the Skin grabs her legs. Maria has her arms and she and the Skin are playing tug of war with Liz. Liz kicks out with her feet and pushes ! him back. She gets through but he leans through and tries to grab her. Suddenly a bullet passes through him. He falls to the floor and Liz and Maria see Jim with his gun out. As Jim approaches, Liz calls out “Careful Sheriff, he’s a Skin!” The Skin jumps up and, being much stronger than Jim, tosses him against the counter like a rag doll. Jim collapses to the floor, the Skin jumps over the counter and runs out the door. Kyle runs to Jim, who is in obvious pain, and gingerly helps him up.

Courtney is helped downstairs by Michael and Isabel. Max asks her “If guns don’t work, how do we kill them?” She turns her back to the others and exposes a flap. Underneath, near the base of the spine, is a small metal rod. She explains that a severe blow at that point will break the seal on the husk permanently. Isabel asks her what Nicholas is capable of. She says he can do everything they can, times 1,000 plus he can perform mind rapes – stealing your memor! ies and thoughts, against your will. Jim says they need to move someplace safer. Max recommends the UFO Center, because it use to be a bomb shelter. He says to Jim “After we get everyone situated, you, me, Michael, Isabel and Tess will start picking them off, one by one.” Kyle says “What about me?” Max glances at Liz and replies “You’re not someone I trust.”

In an alley across from the UFO Center, Max suggests they go over in separate groups. He notices that Jim is rubbing his wrist and asks him if he is OK. Jim says “Yeah” unconvincingly, then tells Michael and Kyle to take Courtney as the first group to cross. When they are safely across, Jim takes Tess, Liz and Maria, leaving Max and Isabel to bring up the rear. As the others are crossing over, Isabel tells Max that he should go alone because she wants to go and find Nicholas, that Nicholas is after her. He asks her why and what really happened in Arizona. She doesn’t reply and he tells her! they are stronger together than apart. She agrees and he turns towards the UFO Center to see if the coast is clear. When he turns back to Isabel, she is gone. He runs down the alley after her. Isabel crosses the City Hall plaza and into the parking lot where the tour bus is parked. A remote control car is zipping around the lot and bumps into her leg. Nicholas steps out from behind the bus and says “Bam!”

In a back room of the UFO Center, Courtney is lying down and Michael brings her a bottle of water. The bumps and blotches have returned. He tells her they are going to pull together the ingredients for another bath. Weakly she gasps out “It won’t work. I’m dying.” Very upset, he tells her that is not an option and says there must be something they can do. She indicates there is but he won’t want to do it. He asks her what it is and she says “The granilith.”

In Brody’s secured room, Liz is checking the computer for inform! ation on what happened and Kyle is trying, unsuccessfully, to call outside of town. Liz finds something that indicates there was an electrical disturbance that leveled off at 10:30 that morning, just when everyone disappeared. They theorize that if the energy field was turned on then it can be turned off. They just need to find the source. If they can shut it off, maybe they can bring everyone back. Jim comes in and asks Liz if he could have a moment alone with Kyle so Liz leaves. Jim, speaking with difficulty, reminds Kyle of the night his mother left and how Kyle loaned Jim his “Mr Squishels” to comfort him. With affection, he tells him “You were worried about me, and you didn’t want me sleeping alone, so you did instead. That was a brave thing for a six year old to do and I was…and I was proud of you. I remember the first time you tied your own shoes and when we, uh…we took the training wheels off of your bike…” Kyle, thinking things are getting too sentimental sa! ys “OK, Pop, knock it off.” Just then, Jim collapses into Kyle’s arms. Kyle helps him up, asking him if he’s all right. Jim continues, as if anxious to say what he has to, before it is too late, “I’m in awe of you every day, Son, and I apologize, for not recognizing, the man that you’re becoming, because you’re a darn…” Jim vanishes before Kyle’s eyes.

Tess is sitting on the steps when Max descends them. She asks “Did you find her?” He shakes his head and asks where Michael is. She replies “He’s in the back.” and he heads for the back room. Maria is pacing back and forth. A Skin comes out of a display booth; Maria freezes and screams for Tess. The Skin sends an energy surge at Maria that knocks her to the floor. Tess comes up behind the Skin and kicks her at the base of the spine. The Skin disintegrates. Tess helps Maria up. Hearing the commotion, Max, Michael, Liz and Kyle come running in. Tess says “They found a way in. We’ve got to go.” ! Max suggests they move to the school and tells Kyle to get his father. Kyle despondently says “I cant. He disappeared right in front of me.” Liz points out that the time dimension must be catching up with them. Maria wonders aloud “Who’s next?” Kyle notices a postcard display that matches the billboard outside of town and it reminds him of what he and his father saw earlier that day. He tells them about the rod and states that the time field must be coming from the billboard. He says “I’m heading out there.” Max tells him “No, we stick together.” Kyle politely but firmly responds “Hey, I’ve been really nice about following your orders, Senor Presidente, but if I can do something to help bring some people back or to ensure that Liz, Maria and I live to see another day, I’m gonna do it.” Max acquiesces and suggests the best road to take to avoid being seen. He wishes them luck, looking at Liz. Kyle says to him “I’ll take care of her.” Kyle and Liz go up the stairs.! Before following, Maria goes to Michael and says “Um, I know how you hate when things get all goopy, so…” He says “Yeah, so I’ll see you soon.” She’s not so sure but he insists that they will see each other again. They hug and she goes up the stairs. Max, M ichael and Tess are about to head for the school when they notice that Courtney is missing.

In the tour bus, Isabel’s hands are bond in cuffs hanging from the roof and Nicholas is saying “I knew it was only a matter of time before you rejoined our side, Vilandra” Ida tells her “For trying to ambush my baby, I should pull out your filthy eyes and grind them into dust.” Isabel says she is there to make a deal. Nicholas asks what she has to offer and she says herself. He says “You always were a flighty little princess. Jewels before studies, that’s our Vilandra. We have you, you beautiful moron.” Isabel seductively says, “I think your the one who doesn’t understand.” and she glances at Ida. Nicholas tells Ida to leave. Ida is suspicious and reluctant but obeys him. Isabel tells Nicholas “The last time we were together, you awakened something in me. I remembered things from our past. You and me…” Nicholas interjects “Our forbidden meetings?” Isab! el continues “I came here for you. I know what’s hiding behind that husk.” Nicholas releases her bonds. She leans towards him, as if to kiss him, but pushes him onto the floor instead. She stands up, her back to the front of the bus. Ida comes up behind her and uses her powers to knock her back to her seat, unconscious. Nicholas cries out “Mom! What are you doing?” Ida indignantly replies “Saving you, Sir!” Upset, Nicholas lashes out “She was no threat. Damn it, now she’s no good at all. I’m sick of this!” Ida hugs him to comfort him and asks what he wants to do now. He replies “Kill every last one of ‘em.” They both leave the bus.

As they are driving to the billboard, Maria says if they get out of this she is going to appreciate her family more. Liz laments that she walked out on Max without explaining what happened between her and Kyle. Maria wonders what she is talking about and Kyle tells her they all have jobs to do and they can deal w! ith that when they are done. Liz is afraid he’ll never know and Kyle says “He’s Max, he’ll always know. Right?” As he finishes, Liz disappears. They arrive at the billboard and Maria is crying “Not Liz…I need Liz.” Kyle, to calm her down, puts his hands on her shoulders and says “Maria, Maria, look, she’s coming back. They all are.” Then, getting back to business he continues “All right, now Liz said something about generators and electric fields.” Maria says “So, how does electricity work?” Kyle responds “Why are you looking at me? We were both in the same remedial science class for three years.” Maria speculates that they have to “blow it’s fuse” and Kyle says that means they have to mess with the current. He asks her if she has jumper cables and heads for the trunk. Just then a Skin comes charging after Kyle. Kyle says to him “Buddha forgive me, but I’m gonna kick your ass!” He flips him over his shoulder and while the Skin is on the ground, he reaches into t! he car and pulls out “The Club”. When the Skin gets up, he uses it as a weapon against him and eventually hits him on his back near the base of the spine, causing the Skin to disintegrate. Immediately afterwards, Kyle disappears. Maria looks on forlornly, trying not to panic.

Courtney has been brought to Nicholas by his soldiers. Her skin has deteriorated to decomposing levels; she looks likes she’s on death’s doorstep. Nicholas wants to know where her friends are hiding. Remaining defiant to the end, Courtney replies “I think I see a chest hair, Nicholas. Way to go.” He tells her they’ll have to do it the hard way and puts his hand on her head. She cries out in pain. He sifts through her memories until he finds the one that tells him the others have gone to the school. Thinking she may have additional information, he probes further and sees Michael telling her “If anything happens to me, Max or Tess, I want you to be able to save yourself. Now! , if I tell you where the granilith is, do you swear not to tell anyone?” Nicholas says “The granilith! That’s a bonus. I hope he gave you detailed directions.” and puts his hand back on her head. She reaches behind her back and pulls her own plug, disintegrating under his hand. Impressed he says “Now that’s a soldier!”

At the school, Max, Michael and Tess find Isabel propped up against the lockers and run to her. As they try to revive her, Nicholas and the other Skins surround the Royal Four. Cut to Maria getting the jumper cables from the trunk of her car and heading for the sign. Cut back to the school. The Royal Four have been tied to columns placed in the middle of the entrance way. Nicholas goes up to Max and says “What happened to you, guy? You used to determine the fate of entire armies with the flip of a coin. Luckily for me, you continue to put your faith in the wrong people.” He walks towards Isabel and says “Does this scene feel fam! iliar, Vilandra?” then moves on towards Michael and says “And your trusted second; the boy who spilled the secret of the granilith to one of our exiled members.” Max turns and looks first at Isabel, then at Michael, in disbelief. Nicholas continues “Rule #1 of war – keep your big mouth shut. Courtney knew that. That’s why she killed herself before I could get it’s exact location.” Michael shows his relief at this news. Cut back to Maria, who is trying to clip the jumper cable grippers onto the rod but it’s too fat. Cut back to Nicholas asking Max “Where’s the granilith?” Max refuses to tell him so Nicholas uses his powers to cause Michael, Isabel and Tess to scream out in pain. Max calls out “Wait, I’ll take you there. Just you and me; this has nothing to do with them.” Isabel says “Max don’t!” Nicholas says “This is too easy. In the old days, I would have been no match for you, but, now…” He places his hand on Max’ head to perform the mind rape. Max grimaces in! pain as we see flashes of a highway, Liz, and the symbols in the desert. Nicholas tells him that either way he’s going to die so he might as well make it easy on himself. Max continues to try and fight him. We see flashes of the highway, the symbols and Isabel at the pod chamber. Cut to Maria. She tells herself “Keep it together DeLuca.” and clips the negative and positive grippers to each other; sparks are flying. Cut back to Max and Nicholas. We see flashes of the rock formation and the granilith. Tess starts to concentrate, trying to perform a mind warp. Cut to Maria looping the cables over the rod; she disappears, the rod explodes and the green glowing field over Roswell disappears. Cut to Tess, screaming like a banshee. All eyes turn towards her and we see a wall of fire building up behind her. The wall gets bigger and bigger and Nicholas and the other Skins start backing away in terror. The wall moves forward, past the Royal Four and towards the Skins. The w! all of fire hits the Skins, then disappears. In the aftermath we see that the columns the Royal Four were bound to are gone, as are their bonds, and all that’s left of the Skins are little bits of skin floating in the air. Tess is in shock and says “Wha…what just happened?” Max tells her “You saved us.” and hugs her to comfort her. They all hear a squeaking noise and go to investigate. Down the hallway they see the custodian, wheeling his cleaning cart, oblivious to all that has happened.

At the Crashdown, Alex takes a bite of his pancakes, and says in disgust “Hey, these are freezin’!” Jim comes in and calls out to Alex. Alex responds “Mornin’ Sheriff. Uh, skip the pancakes.” Jim is elated to see Alex and, in a gratuitous manner, puts his arm around Alex’ shoulders and asks how he’s doing. Alex does not know where this is coming from, looks at him strangely then responds “Good…you?” Cut to the Evans kitchen. Diane is washing dishes when Isabel! comes in. Diane says “How hard can it be to sit down to one breakfast, but no, everybody has to go running. Isabel, why can’t we be just like a normal family?” Isabel is ecstatic to see her mother and gives her a bear hug. Her mother protests slightly saying she’s dripping water on the floor but Isabel does not release her grip; her face is beaming with pleasure. Cut to the billboard sign; Liz and Maria and jumping up and down with glee and hugging each other. Kyle shows up and they have a group hug. Cut to Max and Tess, walking in the park. Tess, despondent, is telling Max “I just wanted to scare them with a mind warp. I thought if they saw fire…it was awful, Max, I lost control. I tapped into something completely different.” Max asks “You think you could do it again?” Tess replies “I don’t want to.” A teenager on a skateboard bumps into Tess as he passes by. Tess and Max stare after him, with concern.

#208 Meet the Dupes – Synopsis

Compiled by Joan Pickering

It’s nighttime in New York City. Four teenagers who are dressed as punks, have tattoos of the four square symbol and resemble Max, Michael, Isabel and Tess, come u! p from a subway station and walk by a fruit stand. Punk Max, makes a motion with his hand as they pass and the stand collapses, sending the fruit tumbling to the ground. The owner leaves the register to rescue the fruit. Punk Isabel takes money out of the register while the others steal some fruit, then they take off, smiling. They pass two more teenagers bouncing a basketball, one of whom calls out to punk Isabel “Hey, what’s up girl? You look good!”. The four stop. Punk Michael says “She knows it!” and asks him to pass him the ball. The other teenager does and they walk off with the ball, ignoring his requests to give his ball back. Punk Michael says to punk Max “They contacted us again last night. Same invite. We gotta tell ‘em something.” Punk Max offhandedly replies “Tell ‘em no.” Surprised, punk Isabel asks “Yo, you saying we ain’t going to the summit?” and punk Max replies “That’s what I’m saying.”! Punk Michael gets angry and yells at him “Yo, that’s messed up duke. This is the only time we’ve ever been contacted.” Not affected by his anger, punk Max replies “Whatever. That’s it.” Punk Tess pipes up with “We tell ‘em no, they won’t ask again.” but punk Max doesn’t care and says “Tell ‘em, hell no.” Punk Michael stops him, and in a confrontational manner says “What is up with you, man? I’m tired of you. I’ll go by myself.” Punk Max sneers at him and says “They don’t want the number two. They want the Royal Four.” Punk Michael comes back with “Why don’t we go and see what they gotta say? Why don’t we go and get the answers?” and punk Max counters with “What if it’s a setup?” Punk Michael says “It’s not a setup, they need us.” Punk Max gets in his face and says sternly “I’m the man. Don’t forget.” Punk Isabel interrupts, telling them to chill, before it comes! to blows. Punk Michael relents and they shake hands. They continue to walk; punk Max is feeling full of himself.

One week later, in science class, Mr Seligman is explaining that when a star dies it creates a black hole and that last week there was a spectacular, stellar implosion of a red giant; the first time a post, main sequence star, burning in it’s prime, suddenly exploded in a super nova of a 100 million degrees and disappeared. A process that normally takes thousands of years. He wonders what could have accounted for this remarkable loss. Liz and Max are very pensive upon hearing this information. Leaving class Liz goes up to Max and says it’s sad about the star, that it doesn’t seem like something burning so bright could just burn out. Max is reluctant to talk to her and replies “But it did.”, then walks off.

That night in New York, punk Michael goes up to a car, opens the driver’s door and pulls the driver out. Punk Isabel manipulate! s the license plate, changing it from a NY plate to a NM plate. The driver runs off calling for the police as punk Michael, Isabel and Tess get into the car and drive off. Punk Tess, sitting in the back seat, is despondent. She says “We were family. The four of us”. Unsympathetic, punk Isabel replies “Things change.” Punk Tess says “He was your brother, Lonnie.” Lonnie looks in the rear view mirror at punk Tess and says “That’s right. Zan’s my brother.” Indicating punk Michael, she continues “Rath’s my lover. But who are you? Why are you still living and breathing and riding in this car?” Punk Tess looks somewhat apprehensive at this last question. Lonnie continues “Oh, that’s right. You’re here because I love you. Ain’t that sweet.” and rolls her eyes. Rath smiles and punk Tess remains apprehensive.

That night in Roswell, Brody is working on his computer when Max arrives at the UFO Center. Bro! dy is very glad to see him and anxiously points out that there is “activity” in New York and Roswell. The blips appeared last week and he believes that someone is trying to make contact. Max is intrigued and wants to hear more, but Brody’s watch alarm goes off, reminding him it’s time for dinner. He ushers a confused Max, who had just arrived at Brody’s request, out of the room.

At the Crashdown, Maria is telling Michael not to forget the pepperjack because her customer is “nuts about his pepperjack”. She mentions that Max wants a meeting Saturday night and at first is pleased that Michael says he can’t make it, thinking he wants to go see her perform at the new performance space, next to the museum. She is disappointed and angry when she learns it’s because he wants to attend the dirt bike finals and he says “I’ve heard you sing before. What’s the big deal.” She grabs her take out order and stomps off. Cut to Brody at the UFO Cent! er, primping in front of a mirror. Maria walks in with his order. Brody is very pleased to see her. Maria is still agitated and brusquely asks “Is there pepperjack in that sandwich?” Brody checks and says no. Maria goes off on a tirade ending with “and that’s why a person who can’t even get the cheese right, does not deserve to live.” Brody is very sweet about the whole thing, saying he’s not concerned about the absence of the cheese, and tries to calm her down. She tells him he doesn’t have to pay for his order and he insists on giving her a tip anyway, handing her a bill. She says “That’s unnecessary, but thank you.” and leaves. Brody is disappointed at her early departure.

It’s evening. Rath, driving, looks in the rearview mirror and says “What’s your problem, Ava? You ain’t said nothing in two days.” She replies “You said you were gonna make him change his mind about going to the summit.” Rath tells her! they couldn’t convince him so they went with an alternative plan. That Zan could have been the leader of a planet but he didn’t want to deal so they are better off without him. Ava asks how he knows this other Zan is going to be any different. Lonnie, flipping through a yearbook with Max’ picture, reminds Ava that his name is Max Evans. She says they don’t know but they have to be smarter about it this time and find another way in. Rath adds “They don’t want to meet with just the three of us, they want the king. So all we gotta do is get him to the summit, and we’ll marinate on the rest later.”

The next morning, Isabel is out jogging and Max cuts her off with the Jeep. He asks her what she’s running from and she says she’s just getting in shape. He says “Since when? Your only exercise use to be the escalator at the mall.” She starts to walk away but stops when he calls her Vilandra. He asks her “Are you Vilandra?” She is distr! essed and conflicted, doesn’t know how to answer. He reminds her that they’ve always had a special bond, ever since they came out of the pods, and that they have to be able to be honest with one another. Isabel says she’s sorry and walks away. Max sighs deeply and drives off.

That night, Rath is speeding into downtown Roswell. Jim, in his sheriff’s patrol car, pulls them over. He starts asking for license and registration, “recognizes” them, laughs and says “Lord have mercy! What’s with the hair and the outfits?” Lonnie, playing along, tells him they are on their way to a party with a NY theme. Jim responds “You look like you’re from another planet…for once.” They all realize that the sheriff knows their Roswell counterparts are alien. He asks where they got the car and Lonnie, noticing his name tag, addresses him by name and says they borrowed it. Jim tells them “Hey listen. You’ll wanna slow it down a little bit. There’s no need to attract additional attention to yourselves, especially after what we’ve been through lately.” Rath agrees. Jim asks Lonnie “Where’s your brother?” and she tells him they were on their way home to pick him up when they saw a strange ! car in front of the house. Rath adds that it may be an alien hunter and she asks Jim if he could check it out to make sure it’s safe. He agrees, saying they should follow him to the house and he’ll wave them in if everything is all clear.

At the Crashdown, Max is sitting at a booth having difficulty concentrating on his homework. Liz comes over and says the kitchen is about to close. He starts to pack up his things. Liz tells him that she hates that they can’t even be around each other anymore. She reminds him that, long before they kissed, they were friends; they talked, they laughed. She asks why they can’t go back to that. Max is bewildered that she doesn’t understand and replies “We can’t. I can’t. I just…need time.” He gets up to leave and Liz says she can understand and respect that, but she just doesn’t want him to hate her. Max looks at her a long time, then turns and walks out.

At the Evans home, Rath, Lonnie and Ava get out of th! eir car as Jim drives off. They are derisive about the Mr Rogers quality of the neighborhood and thankful that they did not grow up there. Lonnie and Rath decide to go in, to investigate Max, leaving Ava to act as look out. They break in through Max’ bedroom window. Rath can’t believe Max’ wardrobe; Lonnie, finding his company ID, can’t believe he works at the UFO Center. Rath finds a picture of Liz in his sock drawer. Lonnie reads the inscription on the back “To Max, I’ll always love you, Liz.” She’s not impressed, but Rath says he would “do her”. There is a knock on the door and Phillip calls out “Max?” Rath dives to the other side of the bed to hide. Phillip opens the door and sees Lonnie. In shock he says “Izzy?” He asks her what happened to her, saying she looks like a rapper and, seeing the four square symbol, pleads “Tell me that’s not a tattoo.” She replies “Chill Dad, it’s henna. It’ll wash off.”! ; then tells him the school is doing a rock and roll version of Romeo and Juliet and she’s playing Juliet. Phillip is all excited that his daughter is playing the lead in a play and that she’s getting involved in school activities. He says he wishes Max would find something to get interested in, states that the therapy doesn’t seem to be helping Max, but is helping her, and wonders if they could have a joint session to work out whatever has come between them lately. She promises to think about it. Phillip leaves, happy, and Rath says “So, Max is a head case. We can use that.”

The next day, Maria comes into the UFO Center to confront Brody about the tip he gave her – a $100 bill. He’s obviously sweet on her and, unable to think of a legitimate reason, tells her he wanted to get rid of it because he doesn’t like Ben Franklin’s look. She tells him he clearly has too much money and that she is not for sale, at any price. He asks her to have lunch with him! but when she acts shocked at the idea of a date with him he clarifies saying “Maybe the next time you bring me a sandwich, you could bring one for yourself, and not charge me for it, even though I have too much money, but pay for it yourself, because that would make it officially not a date. And then stay, and eat it with me, and keep me company, while I’m dateless. What do you think?” She replies “I think you’re a little strange.” but she is warming up to his sweetness and flattered by his attention.

Rath comes up to Liz at school. She bursts out laughing and says “Oh my God, Michael, what is with your hair?” He starts hitting on her. She thinks he’s joking, laughs it off and tells him “No, it’s not gonna happen…EVER.” She starts to walk away. He grabs her arm and kisses her passionately. Shocked, she pushes him away saying “Oh my God!” As she walks away, she shudders while saying “eew”.

The at night at the UFO Center, Max is telling Michael, Isabel, Tess, Maria and Liz about Brody’s findings and saying they may be connected to the dying star. Michael and Maria are not pleased that they gave up their plans for this, thinking it’s not important. Max seems uncertain but says he thinks it could mean something, it’s been haunting him and that they should be ready for the next challenge. Rath, Lonnie and Ava are watching from the window at the top of the stairs. Rath says “Yo, he’s Zan all right. Look at him.” Lonnie concurs with “Zan with an even bigger stick up his ass. No wonder his bitch left him. I don’t no why they told all those humans about their secrets. It’s like a freaking town meeting down there.” Just then, Alex comes in and, seeing them, says he didn’t realize they were supposed to come to the meeting in costume. When he sees the others through the window, he starts to back away and runs down the stairs. Rath, Lonnie and A! va follow him down and the others look at them in shock. At first they think they are shapshifters but then Michael realizes they must be the other four, from the original eight pods. Rath asks “So you know about that?” Michael replies “Yeah, we just found out recently so, I just…didn’t know you’d look like us.” Max mentions that they didn’t know where the other four ended up and Lonnie replies New York. Liz asks where the fourth one is and they reply that they lost him recently. Ava tells them his name was Zan and Rath comments how ironic it is that, with all his powers, he gets killed in a street accident. He introduces himself to Max, as do the others to each other. Max introduces Maria, Alex and Liz. Liz and Rath acknowledge that they have already met and Rath adds “Sorry about that. I was, uh…I was just trying to get the lay of the land.” He tells Max that something is cooking that is going to effect all of them and asks if they ca! n speak in private. Max brings him into Brody’s secured room. Rath tells him “We’ve been contacted. You know, it seems some of the peeps from the hood, they wanna hook up with us and wanna have a sit down.” Max, puzzled, says “The hood?” Rath explains “Our star system…home. The ruling families of the five planets, they want to have this summit meeting. And I don’t know duke, I mean, I know it’s important, it’s got something to do with making the peace, but, you know, Zan, he was gonna go and represent our family and that’s why we need you.” Surprised, Max says “Me?” Rath continues “Yeah, with Zan dead, you’re the only king we got.” Max asks “Why did they contact you and not us?” Rath replies “We’re the ones they found. They don’t know that there’s two sets.” Cut to Michael asking Lonnie “So, why was there two sets?” Lonnie replies “Well, they made one batch, and didn’t get it qui! te right, so they made another.” Michael says “So you guys are like, defective.” and Lonnie counters with “Actually, you’re the defectives. Too human, no offense. When they sent us down here, the war was still going on. We were possibly th e only chance for survival, so they sent both sets. You know, for insurance.” Cut back to Max asking Roth if he was close to Zan. Roth replies that they were closer than brothers and he looked up to him all his life. Cut to Isabel and Lonnie staring at each other. Isabel finally breaks the silence by asking if Lonnie is short for Vilandra. Lonnie says yes and asks “Do you know about Vilandra?” Isabel says she’s heard some things and asks her what she knows. Lonnie sits down next to Isabel and tells her “She betrayed our family. Brought down the whole house of cards, got everyone killed. Sound familiar? It’s been hard keeping it to myself all these years. You have no idea.” Isabel says “Yes, I do.” Lonnie is surprised that Isabel hasn’t told Max since they seem so close. Isabel replies “I…I wanted to, but…but I didn’t even want to believe it myself. The thought of telling him…” Lonnie tells her not to worry, it will ! be their little secret. Alex comes over to offer them refreshments and Lonnie says “No three ways tonight, Opie. Maybe later.” Alex is at a loss for a come back and walks away slightly embarrassed. Isabel is unable to keep from smiling at Lonnie’s remark. Cut back to Max saying “I don’t even know what the war is about.” Rath replies “We know it’s about us, the original Royal Four. Some kind of revolution happened and they were all killed and sent to Earth to be reborn. Ever since then, the hood’s been a war zone. Now they want peace. I know you’re not Zan and I know it’s kind of screwed to lay all this stuff on you but, this meant a lot to him. He saw peace, he saw a chance to do something with his life. This is it.” Max is reluctant and says “I’m not Zan.” Rath reponds “Don’t worry. I mean, I’ll be right there with you. But without you, there is no summit and there is no peace. Millions of lives hang in the balance! , Max, so you, you gotta step up.” Cut to Max and Rath coming out of the room. Max walks over to Michael, Isabel and Tess; Rath goes over to Lonnie and Ava. Max tells them “They want me to go to New York, to a summit meeting.” Michael says “What, just you? We weren’t invited?” Max replies “I already told them no.” Rath tells Lonnie and Ava “I think it’s gonna take some work. He’s got the same brick head as Zan.” Lonnie reminds him they don’t have much time. He replies that he’s on it and she counters with “Like you were on Zan? Do not screw this up Rath. He goes to the summit or we are stuck on this wretched planet for the rest of our lives.”

The next morning they are all still at the UFO Center. Maria is incredulous that Rath kissed Liz and she never told her about it, even though she thought it was Michael at the time. Liz asks her to get over it and then apologizes. She then tells her she needs to! talk to her about something. She says “This thing kind of happened with Kyle, but it didn’t really happen and I can’t tell Max what I didn’t do. But I can’t tell you what I didn’t do either, so don’t ask me to explain it, OK?. But, the point is, I just feel really stupid being here.” Maria replies “Do you realize, that what you just said, made absolutely no sense?” They all hear Brody arriving and realize they’ve been there all night and it is now morning. Everyone but Max, Michael, Isabel and Tess finds a place to hide. Brody is angry seeing them there and demands to know what’s going on. Rath comes out of hiding and stands next to Michael. Michael introduces him as his twin brother, Bob, from New York. Brody is satisfied with the identification but is still waiting for an explanation as to why they are there. Maria comes out of hiding; Brody’s face immediately starts to beam at her presence. She says “You know how you asked about lunch?&! quot; He says yes and she continues with “Well, how do you feel about having a little breakfast?” She takes his arm and starts to lead him towards the stairs. His face is beaming even more. Michael’s is not, as he looks on with concern. At the stairs, Brody turns to Max and says “Stay as long as you like.” As they leave, Rath says to Michael “You want me to kill him for you?” and Michael sighs and replies “I’ll get back to you on that.”

At the Crashdown, Brody asks Maria if she believes in God. She remarks that it’s a little early for that conversation, replies that it’s a definite maybe and asks him if he does. He says he used to, maybe he still does but there are a lot of things that make him wonder. He asks if she believes in aliens and she replies “Why not, I’m dating one…kidding, of course.” He says he’s not, because of an experience he once had. She replies “Oh right, your abduction.” He as! ks if Max told her. She says no but admits that because he was a good looking, multi-millionaire who recently bought the UFO Center, she was curious and looked into his background on the Internet. He’s a bit chagrined that she found out he was a wacko but pleased with the “good looking” remark. He tells her he thinks it’s about to happen again, because of recent missing moments of time and bizarre dreams, just like before. He tells her if he suddenly turns up missing, it’s nothing personal, he’s just been abducted. She says “OK” and he is surprised at her cavalier attitude. She tells him that living in Roswell has taught her that anything can happen.

Back at the UFO Center, Ava is saying “He’ll never change his mind.” Lonnie says “I don’t care. He’s coming to New York, one way or another.” Ava asks “What’s that supposed to mean?” and Lonnie replies “You really wanna know?” Ava says she doesn’t want t! o be a part of it and walks away from Lonnie and Rath. Rath says she’s turning into a problem. Lonnie replies “Don’t worry. Max is coming with us. I guarantee it.” and Rath smiles.

Lonnie walks into Max’ bedroom, using the door this time. Max is startled and asks what she is doing there, telling her it’s dangerous. She tells him she had to speak to him, that she’s had something on her conscience that she wanted to tell Zan, but since he’s now dead, she’s hoping if she tells Max it will help. She tells him she wanted to apologize and he asks for what. She replies “For betraying you. Max, have you ever been so crazy in love, that you’d do just about anything?” He nods and she continues “Well back on our planet, Vilandra…me…Isabel, this person we used to be, we had it bad for a guy named Khavar; we sold you out, man. We’re the ones with blood on our hands; we’re the ones who got everybody killed. Vilandra was the, uh, the Benedict Arno! ld.” Max tells her “But you’re not Vilandra and neither is Isabel.” Lonnie replies “Not technically, no, but she’s like this…demon I carry around in side of me. We both do, Isabel and I. She told me so, that night we met.” Max says “Isabel would never betray me.” Lonnie says “Of course not, just like I would have never shafted Zan. I’m glad she’s come clean with you about this. You’re lucky to have a sister you’re so tight with, you know?. I wish Zan and I had been that tight.” Cut to Isabel walking down an alley in downtown Roswell and Max lying in wait for her at the end. He confronts her saying “You lied to me about Vilandra.” She starts to say “I don’t know…” but he interrupts her shouting “SHUT UP!” She looks at him in shock. He continues saying “She betrayed me…and Michael, and Tess and our mother? Our whole planet?” At first Isabel seems ashamed, then she gets angry sayi! ng “Who told you this? Did SHE tell you this?” Max replies “SHE cared enough to apologize to me. I had to hear it from a stranger. And yet, my own sister…?” Isabel counters with “All right, Max, fine, now you know. I’m sick of keepi ng it a secret; sick of worrying about disappointing you. The great king.” Almost in a whisper, Max says “I trusted you.” Isabel replies “I didn’t do anything. I DIDN’T DO ANYTHING! And I’m not gonna stand here and be accused of something someone else did, in another lifetime. Something completely irrelevant.” She starts to walk away and Max asks “If it’s so irrelevant, then why didn’t you tell me?” Isabel screams back “Because, I have my own life and I can’t live it when I am busy trying to prove myself to you all the time. Trying to prove I won’t betray you. It is exhausting, living with that.” Max counters saying “I never asked you to prove yourself.” Still yelling, Isabel replies “Yes you did. You treat everybody like they’re your property. I don’t belong to you, Max; I never did.” Incredulous, Max says “I feel like I don’t even know you.” Isabel replies “How could you? All you! care about is yourself; and Liz Parker of course. Maybe you’re finally getting what you deserve. Finally looking in the mirror and seeing what you really are, and you are NO king. You are a self centered, self INDULGENT, little boy.” Angry, Max steps towards Isabel and grabs her arm. Just then, Michael comes from the alley and pulls Max away from Isabel, saying “Hey, what are you doing?” Breathing heavy from the tension of the moment, Max replies “I’m going to New York. Michael says “That is an amazingly bad idea, Max.” Max replies “If you think it’s bad Michael, then I know It’s the right thing to do.” and walks away. Michael yells after him “Then fine! Fine! Go be with them!” He turns to comfort Isabel saying “Don’t worry, it’ll be OK,” She replies, “I know.”, they then turn into Lonnie and Rath and share a kiss.

In her bedroom, Liz is looking at pictures of her and Max when he knocks! on her bedroom window. Excited by his visit, she practically skips to the window and lets him in. He tells her he can’t be friends with her because he’s still hanging on to what they had. Deciding to make a clean break, he returns her last year’s Christmas present to him – a pocket knife with the inscription “Max and Liz 4-Ever”. Liz is crestfallen. He tells her he is going to the summit in New York with Rath, Lonnie and Tess. She asks him if he is going to come back. He says “I don’t know. I can’t think that far ahead.” He starts to leave and she stops him to warn him that the granilith is very powerful and it would be really dangerous if the wrong people get their hands on it. He asks how she knows anything about the granilith and she realizes she has revealed something she didn’t mean to. She tells him she can’t tell him how, but that he needs to trust her. He replies “I guess that’s the problem, Liz” and leaves. She slams down th! e window in frustration.

That night, Ava, Lonnie and Rath are waiting by the car when Max arrives with Tess. Adding it up, Ava flashes back to that night when they were with Zan. After he and Rath shake hands they continue walking. Isabel and Rath exchange a look and she drops the basketball she was holding, in front of Zan, just as they reach the curb. He stoops to pick it up and Rath pushes him into the path of an oncoming truck. For insurance, he uses his powers to increase the speed of the truck. The flash ends and Ava, feeling superfluous, says she’s not going. Rath gets angry, grabs her and demands that she get in the car. She challenges him saying “Or what? You gonna kill me?” Max wants to know what’s going on and Rath, not wanting to get Max angry, tells Ava if she wants to stay it’s OK with him. She walks off and Max stares after her, then they all get in the car and drive off.

#209 Max in the City – Synopsis

Compiled by Joan Pickering

Max and Tess are riding the elevator up to the top of the Empire State Building. Max is freaking out about the upcoming summit meeting, saying “What do I know about war and peace and politics. I’m gonna blow it. I’m gonna sit down at this meeting, and I’m gonna meet these people, and they’re gonna look at me, and they’re gonna see this kid from New Mexico who hasn’t got a clue.” At the top, they step off the elevator and walk to the edge to see the view of the city. Tess says “This is where you belong, Max. Up here, with the world at your feet. Like a king.” Max, admiring the view, has relaxed considerably. He smiles and says “I’m the King of the World.” Tess replies “Yes, you are. Just, not of this one.” They continue to admire the view as we cut to the streets below. Rath steals a sandwich off an outside café ta! ble, and complains about the quality. Lonnie says “Yo, when he gets here, if he gets here, we’re putting him in his place, because I’m sick of getting attitude from him.” Then she notices someone and says “He’s here.” They walk over to a subway entrance; Nicholas is coming up the stairs, reading a map. Lonnie arrogantly says “Took you long enough. Where the hell you been?” Disgusted, Nicholas replies “God, I hate this town.” He asks “So, where are they?” She replies that they are doing the tourist thing. Nicholas is concerned that Max and Tess are wondering the city alone but Lonnie brushes off his concerns. He warns her that “without Max, no one at the summit is gonna give you two, the time of day.” Rath counters with “We’re two of the Royal Four.” Sneering, Nicholas says “Royal Rejects is more like it.” Rath says they are the originals and the others are the rejects. Nicholas remind! s him that the others were carefully hidden away in Roswell and got custody of the granilith, whereas they were dumped in a sewer, and tells him to figure it out. Lonnie tells him he’s not getting the granilith without them and he reminds her that they’re not getting home unless he gets the granilith. Rath sees Max and Tess approaching and Lonnie tells Nicholas to go. Annoyed, he goes back down the subway stairs, complaining about the rat infested city. When Max and Tess reach them, Lonnie asks if they are through sight seeing. Excited as a kid in a candy store, Max replies “There’s a lot more to see.” Tess is ready for a rest and Lonnie suggests they go to their “crib”. Along the route, Rath pilfers food items from kiosks and shopping bags; Max and Tess look on with disapproval. They lead Max and Tess down a subway entrance and into the underbelly of the subway; the sewers. Rath and Lonnie run ahead and when Max and Tess arrive at their “crib! “, Lonnie is lounging on a couch, using her powers to play a CD, and Rath is using a hockey stick to hit a ball against a wall. The “crib” is a room filled with items taken from the trash. There are four used pods, attached to one wall. Max and Tess are astonished that anyone could live here. It is NOT “home sweet home” but Lonnie and Rath seem proud of it. Tess asks “So, why did your protector bring your pods to New York, and why, put you in the sewers?” Lonnie counters with “What is up with you and all these questions about the shapeshifter?” Tess tells her about being raised by Nasedo and, that they became close. Rath comes close to hitting Tess with the ball and Max asks him to watch were he’s hitting it. Getting antsy and irritated, Max says “I want to talk about the summit. When. Where. What kind…” Rath interrupts saying “Chill, Duke. All in good time.” Max tells him “The time is now.&quo! t; Rath hits another ball towards Max and Max catches it in his hand, then drops it. Rath takes that as a challenge and approaches him. Lonnie calls out “Boys! Don’t make me get off this couch.” Rath laughs and goes to sit next to her. Max and Tes s find a place to sit across from them. Lonnie looks at the two of them then asks “You two done the deed yet? Made the beast with two backs? Well you are in for a treat.” Rath concurs saying “Alien sex, baby. Accept no imitations” and howls. Max, uncomfortable with the conversation, brings it back to the summit. Lonnie tells him he has to meet the emissary before going to the summit. She explains that he has to take a test to prove he is the king. She cuts off further questions, saying “Enough, enough. We’ll get you to the church on time.” She and Rath start to make out on the couch and Max and Tess look on, even more uncomfortable than before.

That evening at the Crashdown, Isabel is telling Michael that it’s been two days without a word. She tells him that her parents think he is off camping but don’t understand why he’d do it during Thanksgiving. Isabel can’t believe he left without saying goodbye. Michael thinks Max took ! off because of Liz. He and Isabel get up to leave and Maria sarcastically thanks Michael for helping to close up. When they leave, she goes over to Liz and tells her that there are nasty rumors flying around school that Liz slept with Kyle, in the carnal sense of the word. Liz tells her it’s true and when Maria tells her she can’t believe she didn’t tell her, she explains that she was embarrassed. She tells her that she was feeling bad about Max, and Kyle was there for her, and one thing lead to another and it just happened. Maria still can’t believe that she wouldn’t tell her best friend something as important as losing her virginity, no matter how it happened. Cut to Liz, in the alley behind the Crashdown, throwing trash in the trash bin. Ava complains about the noise and Liz discovers her trying to sleep back there.

Back in New York, Rath and Max enter a large, empty, basement room and approach a man sitting at a small table. Max sits in the only other chair! at the table. The man gets up and passes his hand over Max’ head. A beam shoots out from Max’ head and projects a hologram of the V shaped 5 star system. Rath looks on, astonished, and Max seems stunned. The man smiles enigmatically. The hologram disappears and he sits back down. He removes a piece of paper from his briefcase and asks Max to “Sign here, your highness.” Max does and the man gives him a copy, keeps the original and then leaves. Rath approaches Max, excited, saying “So, you, you really are the king!” Max looks down at the paper and, incredulous, comments that it’s a time card from a temp agency. Rath explains that the man they saw was not the actual emissary but a human that the emissary was controlling with his mind, from afar, like a puppet. Max asks if it’s like being possessed. Rath says yes but the human doesn’t even know what’s happened; he thinks he’s been abducted. Rath decides they should celebrate that Max passed the te! st, and tells him he’s treating him to a slice of pizza.

At three the next morning, Liz calls Maria on the phone, tells her she has to speak with her in person and asks her to meet her in town. Maria is not happy about the early morning call but agrees to meet her. By the City Hall fountain, Liz tells Maria about her meeting with Future Max. She explains that Future Max told her that the world comes to an end because they get married and Tess leaves, and that he asked her to make his former self fall out of love with her. Maria realizes that that is why Liz slept with Kyle and Liz explains that nothing actually happened, it was just for show. Liz apologizes for lying to her and Maria tells her she understands and that she is relieved that they are both still virgins.

Later that day, Maria delivers Brody a Galaxy Sub, even though he didn’t order one as usual, and is surprised to find he is missing. Cut to New York that night. Brody, exits a taxi cab and w! alks off, looking around in wonder. Cut to Rath and Lonnie’s crib. Rath is using a mock up of the V shaped star system to explain about the Royal Seal of their family. The star at the bottom of the V represents home. Rath says “That’s how the emissary knew you were the real deal. You got the Royal Seal, stenciled on your brain.” He also explains that there will be human puppets being controlled by representatives of each of the other four worlds at the summit meeting. Tess asks why they don’t come themselves and Rath and Lonnie say it’s too far to travel and that no one will be coming back until it’s time to take them home. Amazed, Tess asks “We can go home?” Rath and Lonnie tell them that they can go home if Max cuts a deal during the summit meeting. The rulers of the other worlds are all fighting with Kivar, who took over their world. Tired of all the fighting, Kivar called the meeting to discuss the possibility of peace, and is willing to let ! them come home. Max is amazed by this news, saying he didn’t realize it could happen so soon. Max and Tess ask about Michael, Isabel and Ava. Lonnie tells them it’s the Royal Four, not the Royal Seven. Max says he’s not leaving Michael and Isabel behind. Lonnie approaches Max and replies “Look, Max, Max. They seem so happy, in that cute little town. Chill, chill. It’ll all be OK, you’ll see. It’ll all fall our way. Unless they bring up the granilith again.” Surprised Max says “The granilith?” Rath says it’s a “stupid religious thing” and Lonnie adds “Our protector told us it’s like the holy grail. You know, some piece of junk people on our planet worship for some reason. You ever heard of it?” Max replies “No.” Rath and Lonnie say it’s too bad because it would have made a good bargaining chip. Lonnie adds that it’s no problem, they probably won’t even bring it up, but Max looks concerned.

Hearing Ava screaming from a nightmare, Liz rushes downstairs to the back room of the Crashdown. Crying uncontrollably, Ava explains that in her dream, she saw Zan die again. Liz tries to comfort her, telling her it was just a dream, but Ava is inconsolable, saying she should have prevented it. However she will not explain what she means. Cut to Ava and Liz sitting at the counter. Ava is saying “Zan was stubborn, strong. He’d put up a wall, and you just couldn’t get through. He always tried to do everything right, to be perfect. He was like that, right up until…” Liz says “You must have loved him a lot.” Ava replies “Yeah. I’m not sure he ever really loved me back, though.” Liz asks “Why?” Ava replies “Just a feeling. I always felt like he was waiting for someone else to walk into his life.” She asks how Liz found out about Max and Liz tells her about the time she was shot and Max saved her. Stunned, Ava says “He brought! you back?” Liz replies “Yeah” and is somewhat uncomfortable from the strange look she gets from Ava.

From a pay phone, Max calls home, tells Isabel he’s still in New York, asks how everything is and how Thanksgiving went. Isabel replies “It was great. Mom cried all the way from the cranberry sauce to the peach cobbler. So did I.” Max asks “Isabel, how would you feel…about going home?” She clarifies which home he is referring to and asks “Is that even possible?” She’s hesitant, not sure she wants to leave her parents and all she knows. He tells her he needs an answer from her and Michael soon. She says “You can’t do this” and starts attacking him about leaving without even discussing it with them. He interrupts saying “I guess I was being a self indulgent, little boy again.” She has no idea what he is talking about and he says “I don’t want to rehash the entire thing, Vilandra.” She ! says “That’s not fair.” He counters with “Neither was letting me hear the real story from Lonnie.” She apologizes. He says “It’s a little late for apologizes, don’t you think? You should have said that the first time I confronted you. ” Clueless, she replies “The first what?” He tells her he has to go and hangs up. She stands there, thinking about what he told her. Cut to Isabel at the Crashdown, confronting Ava with “Why did Lonnie impersonate me?” Ava replies “I don’t know.” Isabel asks “Why don’t I believe you?” Ava offhandedly replies “That’s your problem.” Michael uses his powers to break some glasses and says “Don’t piss us off.” Not impressed, Ava rolls her eyes and says “Ooooh” Getting angrier, Isabel grabs her and says “Fine, we’ll do this the hard way.” Liz steps in saying OK, OK, wait, wait” She takes Ava aside and tells her “Look Ava, you told me that you had a secret that you couldn’t tell anyone but, if Max is in danger, you have to tell us. You lost Zan, please don’t let me lose Max. I LOVE him, you know and…I love him just as much as you did Zan. PLEASE Ava, don’t let me lose him, pl! ease.” Ava replies “Lonnie and Rath…killed Zan…and they’re probably gonna kill Max.” Liz is shocked.

On the way to the summit, Rath tells Max, “Now, you get in trouble, you look to us and we’ll help you out.” Tess says “I think he’ll handle it.” Rath derisively responds “Hey, is someone talkin’ to you, retard?” Angry, Max stops and confronts Rath saying “All right, that’s it! Let’s get something clear, right here, right now. I’m the one who passed the emissary’s test. And that means, from now on, I’m the one in charge here.” Lonnie says “Understood, Duke, you’re the king.” Max adds “And for your information, her name…is Tess.” Lonnie tells Rath to take Tess inside, she wants to speak to Max. She tells Max “I’m proud of you Max. You’re everything I loved about Zan and more. You’re the brother I never knew.” and hugs him. They follow the others inside and see two women an! d two men beside a conference table and chairs. Max recognizes one and, incredulous, says “Brody?” Brody responds “Actually my name’s Larek. Are you Zan?” Max replies that, that WAS his name, but it’s now Max Evans. Larek introduces the others as Kathana, Sero and Hanar and explains that they will speak for their respective worlds and that Max will speak for his. Nicholas walks in and challenges that last statement saying “Actually, Kivar speaks for his world and I speak for Kivar.” Dripping sarcasm, he addresses Max and says “Nice to see your genocidal girlfriend again.” He asks Tess “Killed anyone today?” Tess smugly replies “Day’s not over.” Surprised, Lonnie whispers to Max “You know him?” Max replies “Long story.” Rath tells him to be careful, Max replies that he knows, and sits at the table like the others.

At the Crashdown, Isabel is frantic, saying they have to find a wa! y to warn Max. Michael asks Ava where the summit is being held but she doesn’t know it’s exact location. Liz suggests to Isabel that she try dreamwalking Max to warn him. Isabel is not sure she can reach him from so far away but they have no other alternative.

At the summit, Larek is saying ‘We’re here in the spirit of reconciliation. We’re not here to rehash the past, point fingers and assign blame.” Angry, Hanar cuts in with “Can we get to it? We’re here to end 50 years of misery and suffering among our worlds. Kathana attacks Kivar, Kivar attacks Sero, Sero attacks me. The situation is INTOLERABLE!” Sero agrees and says they have to find a solution. They all stare at Max, who remains silent. Finally Nicholas says “And Kivar has a solution. Kivar will abdicate the throne and allow the Royal Four to return home, under the following conditions. 1. Max becomes king, only in name. All real power, and government, remains in Kivar’s hands! . 2. Max calls upon his followers to lay down their weapons and support the new government, and 3. Most importantly, Max returns the granilith to us.” Shocked, Kathana exclaims “The granilith!?” Nicholas calmly continues “No, it’s no longer on our worlds, yes, we’ve known about it for a long time, no, Kivar decided he didn’t need to tell you, and yes, we know where it is. It’s with Max.” Larek turns to Max and asks “Is this true Max?” Max replies “It’s here.” Shocked, Lonnie exclaims “What!?” Nicholas says “So there, you have it. Max comes home with the granilith, all is forgiven. Do we have a deal?” Hesitant, Max says “I…need to think about this.” Larek says “I’d be surprised if you didn’t. But be quick about it. Holding on to these bodies isn’t easy. In fact it’s chewing up huge amounts of our resources. Twenty minutes, Max, then I need an answer.” Max tells him he’ll hav! e it. Cut to Max and Tess walking down the street. Max is mulling the whole situation over. He tells her he doesn’t trust Nicholas; he can’t believe Lonnie and Rath have the same DNA as Isabel and Michael, and that Liz warned him that the granilith could be dangerous in the wrong hands. Tess asks him how she would know, saying she’s never even seen it. Max says he knows but the way she said it, she seemed so sure. He tells her he doesn’t know what to do. Being supportive, she tells him that whatever decision he makes will be the right one. She feels it, in her bones, that he was a great king in his former life. Appreciating her support, he replies “All you’ve ever done, is trust me, been there for me, whenever I needed you. I’ve never done anything to deserve that kind of loyalty.” She responds “I think in that other life, you must have been one great husband.”

In the room where Max previously met the emissary, Nicholas meets Lonnie. She! is being very seductive, asking if he missed her. He tells her yes and that he can’t wait to see more of her. She says that will have to wait until they get home. He responds “Let’s be clear, Lonnie, you don’t get home unless I get the granilith.” Less friendly, but still leaning in close, she replies “Let me be clear, Nicholas. I don’t give a damn whether or not you get the granilith, I’m going home.” He responds “Big talk for a woman with no cards to play.” She counters with “I’ve got cards. I just haven’t shown them to you yet. You know, I’m not like the others, I remember our world. I remember Kivar and I remember what it was like to be Vilandra. I want that life and I’ll do what I have to, to get back. Be on my side and you’ll benefit. Be against me and…well it would be a mad, crazy idea to be against me. Don’t worry about Max, he’s a cornball, he’ll go for the deal. He’ll go for the deal because millions of lives hang in! the balance. Besides he wants to go home and give Mommy a kiss and get fitted for his crown.” Nicholas replies “He won’t live long enough to wear it. Kivar wants him dead” Lonnie is aware of that. Nicholas adds “If he takes the deal, there will be a nice public execution to attend. If he doesn’t take the deal, Kivar still wants him dead.” Lonnie says “I can arrange that. What’s in it for me?” Nicholas replies “Passage home, but just you. The freak with the mohawk stays here.” Lonnie responds “Yeah, I can live with that. See you at the summit.” and leaves. Nicholas sighs and says “What a woman!”

At the Crashdown, Isabel is not having any success reaching Max and is very frustrated. Ava suggests that Liz give it a try. Liz asks what she is talking about. Ava responds that she doesn’t have time to explain fully but that, when Max brought her back, he changed her, and that she is different no! w. Liz is stunned by this information.

Max and Tess are returning to the summit meeting. Lonnie, meeting them outside the door, asks for a moment alone with her brother. She confronts Max saying “You lied to me. I don’t like it, but there it is. But what’s about to go down in there, is a hell of a lot bigger than you and I, Max. OK, millions of lives hang in the balance. Millions of people may die, if we don’t stop this fighting. So this is not about whether you and I go home. We are nothing, in the scheme of things. This is about the greater good. After you, your highness.” Max walks towards the door.

Isabel tells Liz to take her hand. Liz is frightened, and unsure that she will succeed. Isabel reassures her saying “I know my brother, and I know that, if there’s one voice that he will hear, no matter where he is, no matter what he’s doing, it’s yours. Take my hand, Liz.” Liz takes her hand.

At the summit, Larek asks if Max has made a decision. Max replies “Yes, I have. And the answer is no. I will not give up the granilith to you. Not to you, not to Kivar, not to anyone. It was entrusted to me.” Nicholas replies “You’re all witnesses. Kivar tried to be ! reasonable, tried to extend a hand of peace and had it slapped away. Our business is at an end here. Our offers are withdrawn.” Kathana tells Max “You made a lot of enemies here today.” Nicholas says “You ever wonder why your predecessor was killed? He made bad decisions.” Everyone leaves except Max, Tess and Larek. In a kindly manner, Larek tells Max “You don’t remember any of this, I’m sure, but our families used to be very close. You and I practically grew up together. I was there at your father’s funeral, at your coronation, your wedding. We were friends. It was so painful to watch you fall. To see you trying so hard to make a better world for your people. And then to watch you have it all taken away by a man like Kivar. I told you, you were trying to do too much too soon, that change takes time, but you wouldn’t listen. You just kept… (He sighs) What’s the point, it’s all ancient history now. It’s a shame to see history repe! at itself.” He leaves. Their arms around each other, Max and Tess follow. Cut to the streets of New York. Rath is confronting Max saying “What’s up with you, huh? You just threw away our only chance of ever getting home. Who do you think you are, making big time life decisions for Lonnie and me? You think you’re the man, is that it?” Max replies “That’s right! I am the man.” Rath relents and says “Screw Nicholas, screw ‘em all” they’ll find another way home. He suggests they go for pizza and Lonnie says she would prefer Chinese. Cut to Liz, attempting to reach Max. She appears across the street from him. In the meantime, Rath has grabbed Tess putting his hand over her mouth to keep her from screaming. Lonnie sees a window washer’s stand hanging above Max and uses her powers to release it. As it is falling towards Max, he sees Liz, but the others do not. She is screaming at him to look out but he can’t hear her. He steps towa! rds her and the stand hits the ground, where he had been standing. He jumps in alarm and realizes he was almost killed. Then he looks around; Liz is no longer there and neither are Rath, Lonnie and Tess. He starts running, searching for Tess. He finds her sitting on the floor, alone, in the room where he met the emissary. She seems stunned, not totally aware of her surroundings. He rushes to her and asks if she is all right. She says “I don’t know.” He asks what happened and she says “They tried to get inside my head. To find out where the granilith is. I didn’t want them to, so I fought back.” Caressing her to comfort her he asks “How?” She replies “I don’t know.” He asks “Where are they?” and she replies “I don’t know.” He helps her up and she says “I’m ready to go home now. Home to Roswell.” He hugs her and says “OK.”

At home, Isabel asks Max why he didn’t take the deal. ! Max replies “I was going to. I was gonna take the chance that Nicholas was telling the truth, but in the end, I realized that any deal which meant leaving you and Michael behind, was something I couldn’t do. You’re my sister Isabel. Isabel, Vilandra, whatever your name is, it doesn’t matter to me. You’re my sister and I love you, and that comes first…always.” Crying but relieved, she hugs him and says “Thank you.” Cut to Liz saying good bye and good luck to Ava. Ava is startled when Liz gives her an affectionate hug. She laughs, shyly, and says “So cornball.” She and Liz share a laugh and she leaves. Cut to Brody asking Maria “Why…why would they take me again?” Maria says “Well, maybe you’re special.” then offers to get him a Galaxy Sub. He says it sounds great because he doesn’t think they fed him. He starts to say “Don’t forget the…” and she teasingly finishes “pepperjack! Who do you think you’re! dealing with here? Come on.” She goes off to get it and he watches her, smiling enigmatically. Cut to Liz, looking in the mirror saying “I keep looking for some sort of change.” Max, standing behind her, says “You mean like…” and puts his fingers behind her head like two antennae. Liz laughs, and Max smiles, both enjoying this moment of normalcy. She tells him it’s nice to see his smile again. He thanks her for saving his life. She smiles and says it makes them even. He adds “And, I’d like to start again. Our friendship, that is. I mean…I miss it.” She responds “Yeah, I miss it too.” He starts to leave then says “There’s just one thing I have to say, one thing I have to ask, and I promise I’ll never ask it again.” She tells him to go ahead. He asks “Did you…sleep with Kyle?” She freezes, then nods almost imperceptibly. He stoically says “OK” then smiles slightly, says “I’ll see yo! u tomorrow.” and goes out her bedroom window. Liz closes her eyes, shakes her head, then glances out the window.

#210 A Roswell Christmas Carol – Synopsis

Compiled by Joan Pickering

It is nighttime in a downtown Roswell Christmas tree lot. Max is measuring a tree because he has orders from Isabel (AKA the Christmas Nazi) to pick out the perfect tree. She has supplied him with a diagram and specific parameters of height, circumference, color and density of foliage. Michael is trying to get him to hurry up because he is cold and he wants to get to the hardware store before it closes, to get Maria’s present. Max suggests that, since she expects something significant this year, perhaps he should rethink the hardware store. Their attention is drawn to t! he sound of screeching tires. They look in time to see a father throw his daughter to safety, out of the path of an oncoming car, only to be hit himself. There is a sickening crunch as he hits the windshield, rolls to the ground, and lies very still. A crowd gathers around him; a man calls out for an ambulance; a woman says “He’s still breathing.”; the little girl keeps calling for her father. Max and Michael look on, distressed. Max is torn with indecision, but chooses to walk away when Michael tells him “Let’s go.” Cut to the next morning in the Evans kitchen. Diane’s news paper headline reads “Father of Two Dies Heroically in Tragic Accident”. Diane and Phillip commiserate over the family’s loss. Phillip asks Max ‘Where’s the Christmas Nazi?” and Max replies that she is checking the lights on the house. Isabel comes in from the back door, dragging a small Christmas tree behind her, berating Max with “This is, by far, the most pathetic Christmas tree, I have ever s! een. Did you even refer to my diagram?” Max apologizes, saying something came up so he had to run out that morning to get it and the choices were limited. Isabel is disgusted with him and says, had she known he couldn’t handle it, she would have squeezed it in herself, between the Hunger Drive and Christmas dinner at the nursing home. Diane brings up the family of the deceased father and, as Isabel mentions that she and others are considering organizing a vigil, Max notices the father sitting on top of the washing machine in the laundry room. Shocked, he walks over to him. Isabel starts telling Phillip about burned out lights and, turning to Max for his input, notices that he is standing in front of the washing machine. She does not see the father and sarcastically comments “Great, he’s doing laundry now.” Max stares at the father with uncertainty, then whispers “I’m sorry.” The father looks disdainfully at Max and says “How could you let me die?”

At the Crashdown, Michael is trying to convince Maria to give him more time to get her gift, asking what difference it makes if he doesn’t have it until, say the 27th, instead of the 25th. Maria feels it makes a big difference and tells him “You give me that damn present on De! cember 25th or I’ll never speak to you again.” She then takes off to deliver Brody his lunch. Cut to the UFO Center. Brody tells her that he will be away for the next few days so she shouldn’t bother bringing his lunch. He is obviously down spirited but tells her everything’s fine when she asks. She reluctantly leaves, wishing him a Merry Christmas.

At the Valenti home, Jim and Kyle are watching a football game on TV. After a disappointing play, Kyle says “His mind and body are in deep conflict. When one’s heart and one’s mind are not in balance, one’s body is the first to fail.” Disconcerted, Jim replies “I’m very concerned that you’re starting to make sense to me.” Tess comes in from outside, complaining about the day she had, amongst crazy Christmas shoppers. She sits on the ottoman, directly in front of the TV. They sway back and forth, trying to watch the game around her, as she tells her tale. Therefore, they are at an angle when a touchdown occurs and t! hey both execute a sideways cheer. They are only half paying attention to Tess as she tries to find out how they celebrate Christmas, without revealing her own interest. She learns that they have a plastic Christmas tree in the garage but they haven’t bothered to bring it in these past few years. Kyle adds “We like it in the garage. I use it to dry my socks.” She brings up Christmas dinner, and they say they have Christmas dinner at the Crashdown; all you can eat for $7.95. Clearly disappointed, Tess bravely smiles and says “Great! You know, I don’t celebrate Christmas anyway.” Jim replies “Great.” then he and Kyle cheer another play, not noticing Tess’ disappointment.

At a store, Isabel discourages Michael from getting Maria an electric toothbrush for Christmas. She tells him “Think about all that you and Maria have shared, all that she means to you. Then start coming up with some ideas. OK? A Christmas gift should be personal, thoughtful, and something someo! ne would never get herself.” She tells him she has to go, rattling off a list of all the things she still has to do (rehearsal for the holiday pageant, dinner at the nursing home, wrapping presents) and complaining that she now has to add getting a Christmas tree to it. Michael hails the Christmas Nazi, as she leaves and she stops, turns and says “What did you say.” He pretends he said nothing but she knows otherwise.

That evening, Maria and her friends are going to the homes of those experiencing misfortune, to sing Christmas carols. Max is watching, as they sing in front of the home of the father that was killed. His widow and two children are somber but appreciate the thought. The father, John, appears before Max and says “What are YOU doing out here?” Max replies “I just wanted to make sure they’re all right.” John responds “They’re not all right.” Max explains “If I had exposed myself last night, there are people I would have put at risk.” John counters wit! h “But it was OK for you to heal Liz Parker?” Max asks how he knows about that and he replies that he knows everything in Max’ mind, heart and soul. Max promises to watch out for his children. John asks for how long and Max replies “Until they’re OK.” Angry, John spits out “They’ll never be OK, Max! Don’t you understand that? They lost their father last night!” Max is visibly distressed and has no reply. Cut to the Crashdown, where Max reminds Liz that they had agreed to be friends and tells her “I think I need a friend.” Cut back to Maria and her friends going to the last house on the list – a 5 year old girl with cancer. The little girl comes out when she hears the singing and calls to her daddy to come out too. Maria is shocked when she sees Brody appear behind the little girl. He too is surprised to see her. Cut back to Max and Liz on her balcony. Max is telling her about seeing John get hit by the car, and that he could have healed him but didn’t. She tells! him he can’t hold himself responsible for that man’s life, that if he had healed him he would have risked exposing Michael, Isabel and Tess. John appears on the balcony and says “Well that was the sugar coated version, Max. Now tell her what you were really thinking.” Max cringes then, with a strained voice, says “I wasn’t thinking about Michael, Isabel and Tess. I was thinking about myself, in the White Room, and being tortured. I didn’t heal that man, because I was protecting myself. Why couldn’t I trade my life for his?” Liz tries to console him, but he is distracted by John, who is singing “Amazing Grace”, while he walks along the top of the balcony railing. Liz does not see John and is confused by his behavior. Scared, he tells her that John is haunting him – that he actually sees him. As he says “I have to do something.”, John falls backward off the railing. Max runs to him, reaching out to catch him, but nothing is there. John appears back on the balcony, s! aying “You need to restore the balance, Max.” Max says to Liz “I need to restore the balance.”

The next day, Maria meets Brody outside his home. She learns that Brody’s daughter, Sydney, has inoperable bone marrow cancer. He tells her she’s with him for a few days, for Christmas. He apologizes for not mentioning her before but explains it’s hard to talk about. She tells him “If there’s anything I can do, anything at all…” He tells her she did enough just coming by the night before and compliments her singing voice. Sydney comes out, dressed as a princess, to tell Brody she’s having trouble with her crown. He explains that she is participating in the holiday pageant that day. Maria introduces herself to Sydney. She is quite taken with her and watches admiringly, as Brody helps Sydney with her crown.

At his apartment, Michael explains to Isabel how a dirty, old, car bumper, he got for Maria’s Jetta, meets all her criteria: He PERSONALLY knows how upset she i! s about how much they screwed up her car, it was THOUGHTFUL of him to go to the junkyard to get it, and, it’s something she’d NEVER get herself. Isabel sighs, then says she’s going to adjust her schedule to take him shopping and rectify this situation. Perturbed, Michael replies that he is not going to obsess over this present and make everyone else around him miserable. Miffed, Isabel replies “What are you saying? That I get obsessed and make everyone around me miserable?” Michael replies “I didn’t say that.” Ranting, and pacing the room, Isabel says “You know, is it too much to ask, that ONE day a year, I can be like a NORMAL human being, with a NORMAL life, and have a MERRY CHRISTMAS!?” Michael replies under his breath “No, Mein Fuhrer.” Isabel whirls around saying “WHAT?” Michael pretends he said nothing but cringes waiting for the ax to fall. Isabel smiles knowingly, then as she prepares to leave, asks if she can leave some of her presents there, while she conti! nues shopping. He says sure and breathes a sigh of relief when she leaves.

At the grocery store, Jim tells Kyle to “go long” and tosses frozen dinner boxes to him, backing up into Amy’s cart in the process. They are VERY pleased to see each other. She not ices Tess and says “Oh my God, this must be the famous Tess; my daughter Maria has told me so much about you!” Smiling, Tess replies “I deny everything!” Amy praises Jim for living the Christmas spirit, by opening up his home to Tess. She tells him “This must be a very special year for all of you. You have a new member of your family!” It’s obvious that Jim hadn’t thought of it that way before, but he readily agrees with Amy. As Amy collects her turkey, she says “Remember Jim, if you ever want to stop by, there’ll always be a DeLuca Christmas pie waiting.” Jim replies “Thanks, Amy.” Tess has been observing their flirting with interest.

At the park, Maria is telling Liz about Brody and Sydney. She’s been crying all day and tells Liz that she wants to BE with them, because Brody is such a good man, and Sydney needs a mother: Liz realizes that Maria is talking about marriage and reins her in by reminding her that she’s only 17 and that she can’t just step in and be! come someone’s mother. Maria realizes she’s acting crazy and Liz tells her she just cares too much but she should leave them alone and let Brody and Sydney have this time together. Maria replies “It’s so wrong. It’s Christmas. Christmas is supposed to have happy endings and miracles. Liz notices Max and gets an idea. Then hugs Maria to comfort her. Cut to Isabel, who is addressing an audience, welcoming them to Roswell’s 23rd Annual Holiday Pageant. She points out that they may know her as the Director of the Pageant, or as the President of the Hunger Drive or even as the Christmas Nazi. She looks pointedly at her parents, Max and Michael as she says the last. She then introduces the children, who all come out in various holiday costumes. Brody applauds enthusiastically as Sydney comes out. Liz runs up to Max and whispers in his ear. He looks up at Sydney on stage, then glances at Brody, then back at Sydney. John comes up behind Max and Liz and says “Looks like w! e have a plan.”

At Michael’s apartment, Max is telling Michael, Isabel and Tess about Sydney. Michael, repairing the bumper for Maria’s Jetta, angrily bangs on it as he reminds Max that healing Sydney will leave a silver hand print, which will act as a calling card to the FBI. Max disagrees, saying Nasedo destroyed all records so no one will make a connection. He realizes that he’s asking a big favor, that there are a million reasons not to do this, and only one reason to do it – he needs to. Isabel and Tess say they are behind him. Michael accepts that he is the “odd man out” and adds “We are here for a reason, Max. So, call me a selfish jerk, but I don’t think we should risk everything just so you can feel a little bit better about yourself for Christmas. It’s three against one, I’m voted down anyways.” Max tries to placate him but Michael interrupts with “You made your decision before you walked through that door. I know you did, I could hear it in your voice. ! So, why don’t you just go do what you’re gonna do, and make sure you don’t screw up.

That evening, at the Valenti home, Kyle and Jim are watching TV as Tess makes final preparations for their dinner. The home is very festive with all the Christmas decorations she has put up. She asks Kyle to get two more chairs for the dining room and is shocked to learn that there are no others. Jim tells her they usually eat in front of the TV so they had no need for more chairs. Upset, Tess responds “I have been cooking for 20 hours, while you two have been sitting back on the couch like two beached whales, not even noticing or caring that I am living here. OK, I am here! HELLO! Hello? So, since I’m LIVING here, I should have a DAMN chair to SIT in!” Jim and Kyle are shocked and chagrined by her outburst. Jim quietly says to Kyle “We could bring my desk chair over.” Kyle quietly responds “Good idea.” Tess asks where Amy will sit. This is the first Jim and Kyle are hearing ! that Tess invited Amy to dinner. Looking frightened, Jim asks when she’s coming. The doorbell rings and he goes into panic mode as he tries to sweep away the mess he and Kyle have made in the living room, and straighten up his own appearance, all the while yelling at Tess for inviting someone over without telling him first. He takes a deep breath, opens the door and greets Amy with a big smile. She’s all smiles too, thanks him for the note, inviting her over, says “I miss you too.” and steps into the house.

Meanwhile, Max enters Brody’s home and sees John sitting in a living room chair. He tells Max he’s too late, Sydney was rushed to the hospital, and adds “Boy, do you have a dilemma.” Cut to Max knocking on Michael’s door. He tells Michael he’s going to the Phoenix hospital. He realizes it’s a little more dangerous and thought he should know. Michael responds “I’m going with you. I just want to keep you from getting us all killed.” Cut back to the Valenti hom! e. The four of them are all laughing and enjoying the evening immensely. Amy and Jim start reminiscing about their past, as Tess is bringing in the food from the kitchen. Kyle is especially pleased that Tess has prepared his favorite dish – 3 cheese potato gratin, with bacon on the bottom. He follows her into the kitchen and asks if she needs help carving the turkey. She smiles, says “I got it.”, and waves her hand over the turkey, creating perfect slices. He thanks her for putting the whole thing together, saying “This is the best Christmas dinner we’ve had in a long time. I mean two guys living alone, we just never really had the Christmas spirit.” They both notice how much Jim is enjoying Amy’s company and Tess says “Well, it looks like he’s got the spirit now!” Kyle smiles and says “That’s a really great gift that you gave him. To both of us, I mean.” Tess replies “This is a great gift to me too.” and proceeds to carry the turkey into the dining room, where it is! well received. Kyle watches her and smiles appreciatively.

At the hospital, as they are approaching the door to the children’s ward, Michael arranges a signal with Max – “three knocks means we’re screwed.” Max goes into the room and kneels by Sydney’s bed. She awakens and asks “Who are you?” He gently tells her it’s OK, he’s just a dream and she should go back to sleep. She closes her eyes and he passes his hands over her body. Then he places his hand on her stomach. He breathes in sharply from the strain of the healing. We see flashes of her past – Brody holding her as a baby, running happily about her home as a toddler, etc. Weakened, Max stands up, then pauses when he sees the little boy in the next bed. John appears beside him and smiles, knowingly. Cut to the other side of the door, where Michael is standing guard and a nurse is becoming suspicious. Michael knocks three times. Max hears, but goes to the little boy anyway. The nurse approaches Michael a! nd says “Excuse me, I’m supposed to check this ward.” Michael responds “I’ll save you the trouble. Someone just checked it.” Cut back to the ward. Max is healing each child in the ward. One child awakens and asks “Are you an angel?” Max is getting weaker and weaker, his vision is impaired and he is stumbling from one bed to another. Cut to outside the door. The nurse has notified security and they are approaching. Michael goes into the room and locks the door behind him. He discovers that Max has collapsed and runs to him. Security is trying to break down the door. Michael looks to the heavens and says “If there’s a God, please help us now.” Cut to security and the nurse bursting through the door to discover the children all awake and playing on their beds. The window is open.

The next day, in the Evans kitchen, they are all watching a news broadcast as one of the mother’s of the healed children is interviewed. She tells everyone that her son was cured of h! is cancer. Max is very pensive. Diane calls it a “miracle” and Phillip reminds her that all the children were undergoing experimental treatment. Diane thinks the imprint of the hand on the children should be enough to convince anyone that God was involved, eve n Max, who she hopes will join them for the midnight service.

At Michael’s apartment, he is polishing the bumper (which now looks new), when Maria comes in. He quickly covers it. She tells him she heard about what he did for Sydney and the other children. He tells her it was Max, not him. She says “This whole thing with Sydney has made me realize how stupid I’ve been about this gift thing. I don’t need a gift.” He tells her he already got her one and she gets as excited as a child. She notices the smell from the polishing solvent and pulls off the cover. He tells her it’s not dry yet. She asks if it’s a Jetta bumper and he says “Not yet, but it’s gonna be.” She looks at him sweetly and says “Michael, that is so thoughtful!” He is pleased that she appreciates his effort, kisses her on the cheek and says “Merry Christmas.” She says “Thank you, Michael. Thank you.” Then she playfully swats him on the arm and says “So, do you want to exchange gifts now?” She po! ints to the wrapped presents Isabel left behind and asks if one is for her. Michael now realizes she expects more than the bumper as a gift, so he lies and says “Yes. I’ll go and get it.” He walks over to the gifts, not knowing how he is going to get out of this. He tells her not to look, as he picks through the boxes. He notices a note from Isabel attached to one that reads “Michael, just in case, Love, The Christmas Nazi.” Michael smiles, removes the note and sees a tag that says “To Maria Merry Christmas Love From Michael”. He hands her the gift and all excited she says “What is it? What is it?” Sitting in a chair, under his breath he replies “That’s a good question.” Not sure what’s inside will please her, he reminds her that he was in Phoenix saving lives, so he was strapped for time and then silently prays to God. She is astonished to find real pearl earrings. He is too. Sitting in his lap, she says “Oh my God, this must have cost you a fortune!” He replies! “I’m sure they will.” She tells him “These are the most beautiful earrings I’ve ever seen. But I don’t need this gift. This year, my gift is you.” and kisses him. Hopeful, he replies “So you don’t want the earrings then?” Dashing his hopes she replies “Oh no, I’ll keep the earrings.” and hugs him. He breathes a sigh of relief and shakes his head.

That evening, Max taps on Liz’ bedroom window. He thanks her for telling him about Sydney. She asks if he’s still haunted and he replies “I don’t think so.” She asks why he healed all the children. He replies “How could I not? How could I not use my gift?” She gently responds “As beautiful as that is Max, you can’t keep doing it. I know it seems like there’s no reason for those kids to have cancer, or for a father to get killed saving his child, or for any of it, but maybe there is. Maybe there is someone, or something out there that’s planning all of this. And maybe you have to respect it. You’re not God, Max. ! You’re the one who told me that. Will you come to midnight service?” He replies “I’d like to, but I don’t believe in God.” Her disappointment shows. He wishes her a Merry Christmas as he leaves. She shuts the window and resignedly says “Merry Christmas, Max.” Cut to Max and John walking outside John’s home. John assures Max that his family will be OK, because his wife is pretty remarkable. Max vows to be there for them if they ever need him. He tells Max he should go be with his loved ones now. He walks through the closed door of his home, then disappears. Cut to Max at home alone, using his powers to fix a burned out Christmas light. Michael comes in. Max is surprised he is going to the midnight service saying “You don’t believe in anything.” Michael says he’s hedging his bets, since his prayers were answered twice in the past two days. He asks Max about his powers. Max replies that they are starting to return. Michael tells him he’s pissed that he didn’t hav! e the ability to help the kids in the hospital that Max couldn’t get to. He brings him to Brody’s house so Max can see Sydney and Brody snuggled together by the Christmas tree in their living room. Cut to the midnight service, being held outside; the choir is singing Christmas carols. Jim, Tess and Kyle are sitting together holding candles. Amy, Maria and Michael are in the row behind them. Jim and Amy smile at one another. Maria is wearing her new earrings and Isabel, a couple of rows ahead, notices and motions to Michael that he “owes” her. Diane and Phillip smile when they see Max approach. He kisses Diane then moves further down the row to sit next to Liz. She smiles at him and teasingly says “I thought you didn’t believe in God?” He takes her hand in his and replies “I believe in you.” It gently begins to snow.

#211 To Serve and Protect – Synopsis

Compiled by Joan Pickering

It’s evening. Max and Isabel are watching TV in their kitchen, channel surfing because there is nothing but “crap” on. Isabel decides it’s late enough for people to be sleeping and that some recreational dreamwalking would be more interesting. Max does not approve, saying it’s not a very nice thing to do and asks her to “Stay away from Liz please.” Cut to Isabel dreamwalking Liz’s dream. Liz is in the Crashdown after closing. She is barefoot and her uniform is slightly more seductive – sleeveless, lower cut. A handsome young man, named Brad, comes in, picks her up and lays her on top of the counter. She seductively says “Would you like fries with that?” Cut to her standing again; she and Brad are kissing passionately while Max watches with his arms folded. Looking at Brad Liz says “I’m with Brad now.” Max replies “Brad doesn’t even exist. Besides, you want someone who can do this.” Max snaps his fingers and ! white rose petals fall from the ceiling, all around them. Brad disappears and we cut to Max and Liz kissing passionately. They stop and Liz breathlessly says “Oh my!” before they begin to kiss again. Cut to Isabel exasperated, saying “Oh, even her romantic dreams are boring!” She decides to see if Kyle can be more entertaining. He is sitting shirtless, in a Lotus position, on a mountaintop. Buddha is advising him “With every inhale, find the center of your self. With every exhale, release the ties that bind your energy.” Kyle breathes deeply and exhales, repeatedly. Suddenly we hear the beeping sound that Liz heard from the orb in Sexual Healing. Buddha excuses himself to answer his cell phone. Responding to the caller, Buddha says “Prepare the ship. Standby to beam us aboard.” He hangs up and says “Our enemies have arrived, Kyle. We must leave Earth and face the dark legion.” Frightened, Kyle responds “No, ! no, no, no, no. I’m here for inner peace, not that science fiction crap!” Buddha replies “Max Evans changed you when he saved your life; you know that. You’re an alien now, Kyle. Dude, like, except your destiny.” Kyle yells back “No I’m not!” Isabel is enjoying this exchange. Suddenly Kyle realizes his right hand has reptilian skin and starts to scream. Isabel’s consciousness is thrown into another dream, of someone she doesn’t know. She’s in the woods. A man is dragging a body bag with a squirming, kicking body inside. There is a brief, unclear flash of a young blonde woman screaming – her terror is palpable. Isabel breaks from the connection, upset and unsure of what she just experienced.

The next day an old friend and colleague, Dan, visits Sheriff Valenti in his office. After exchanging heartfelt pleasantries, Dan tells “Jimbo” that, on behalf of the State Police Board, he is there investigating the Hubble shooting. Jim is surprised and concerned, because he thought it was settled that it was a clean shoot, an open and shut case.

At the Crashdown, Kyle watches as Tess smothers her strawberries and whipped cream covered pancakes with Tobasco sauce. He remarks that liking things very sweet, mixed with very spicy is a “very alien thing”. She concurs. He asks if he can try it and when she says he won’t like it he replies that he hopes he doesn’t. He is very upset to realize he doesn’t hate it, in fact, he almost likes it. He tells her he’s not ready for this, for the change, for becoming an “alien freakazoid”. Tess replies that they prefer the term “hybrid”. Kyle continues to freak out saying “Seriously, I never bargained for this. One minute I’m a normal guy with my whole life ahead of me; the next thing I know, Max Evans transmorgrifies me into something not of this Earth.” Implying he’s ungrateful, Tess replies “Well, I suppose he could have let you die. Is that what you wanted?” Kyle explains that if he had died, he would have been reincar! nated into his next stage in life, as another person or animal. Teasingly, Tess suggests he could have come back as a gopher. Kyle tells her they are getting off the point; he’s asking for her help. Tess replies that since she has no idea what is going to happen to him, she doesn’t know how she can help. Jokingly, she says for all she knows he could develop superpowers and start flying around Roswell in a cape. Ignoring the sarcasm, Kyle seems intrigued at the possibility of superpowers. Kyle asks for another sampling of her Tobasco covered pancakes. Tess pulls her plate away and firmly says “No!”

Back at the Sheriff’s Station, Isabel and Max are telling Jim about her dreamwalking experience. Jim asks how she can be sure it was real, as opposed to someone’s nightmare. Isabel tells him that this felt more real than other dreams and Max reminds him that it may be the same as when Tess was kidnapped by Whitaker and cried out to Isabel. He thinks they should look into it. Dan walks into the office to remind Jim that they are going to Senior Chow’s for lunch. He says hi to Max and Isabel, hoping for an introduction, but none is forthcoming so he leaves. Max asks who he was and Jim tells them. Max is concerned that the Hubble situation is being brought up again but Jim assures him it will blow over. He also tells them he will do what he can about Isabel’s vision, but reminds them it will be difficult to find her when they don’t even know who they are looking for. Cut to Senior Chow’s, where Jim is telling Dan “…when I ordered him to put his weapon down, he re! fused. He brought the gun up, I felt my life was in imminent danger, so I fired.” Dan remarks that that was what the report said. He asks Jim who the kids in his office were. Jim tries to dismiss it as just two kids reporting a stolen bike but, when pressed, reveals their names. Dan comments that a witness saw Hubble drive off with Max Evans the day he died and ignores Jim’s request for the name of the witness. Jim denies that Max was with Hubble and Dan says “OK, Jim, that’s all I need to hear.”

At the Crashdown, Liz, delivering an order, tells the customer “OK, we have the Saturn Rings and a Galaxy Sub, hold the Max.” Maria overhears Liz’ slip and asks what’s wrong. Liz confesses that she has become obsessed with Max, thinking about him all day, dreaming about him at night, carrying his picture with her wherever she goes. Maria tries to calm her down saying it’s understandable because she loves him but Liz thinks it has reached scary levels. Maria replies “OK, OK, you’re a, you’re a…Maxaholic. I’m here for you. What can I do?” Liz asks her to get her a life. Just then, Maria’s cousin Sean walks in. He is young, good looking and cocky. Shocked to see him, Maria asks if he was released from prison or did he escape. He says he was released for good behavior, which Maria finds hard to believe. She is very disappointed to hear that her mother is letting him stay with them. He is pleased to see Liz “all grown up.”

That evening, Max is perturbed to find Grant watching TV in the Evans’ kitchen, waiting for Isabel to get ready. Max goes to her room to find her frantically trying on every item in her closet. Max comments on her frazzled state and she admits that she can’t stop thinking about the girl in her vision. It was as if she was dreamwalking Isabel, but when Max asks, she says she doesn’t think she’s an alien. He suggests this may not be the best time for her to go out on a date with Grant but she says she has canceled too many dates in the past month and has no more excuses. Kidding, Max replies “Tell him the truth. You’ve been battling evil aliens, for control of the planet, and it’s hard to fit him in.” Isabel is not amused, says she wants a normal date, with a normal guy, and asks him to tell Grant she’ll be there in 5 minutes.

At the Valenti home, Tess comes up behind Kyle, who is sitting in the darkened living room, staring at his right hand, looking for changes. He tentatively reaches out with his hand, towards the TV and Tess uses the opportunity to play a joke on him. Unbeknownst to him, she picks up the remote and turns on the TV. Kyle jumps, thinking he turned it on with his new powers. He reaches out again, calling out channel numbers and Tess uses the remote to bring the “requested” channel up. He finishes with “unscrambled porn” and she hesitates, then finds a sexy channel. He jumps up, looks at his hand and says “I have become…” He turns towards Tess and finishes “an idiot.” She laughs, says “Oh, but a cute one.”, tosses him the remote and leaves the room.

At the movies, Grant massages Isabel’s neck, when he notices it seems sore to her, then puts his arm around her shoulder. She rests her head on his shoulder and drifts off to sleep. This time she sees the young blonde woman heading towards her silver car and being grabbed from behind, small vials of drugs, the squirming, kicking body bag being dragged and the woman screaming. Isabel jolts awake, screaming herself, which is disconcerting to the other movie-goers, since they are attending a comedy. Worried, Grant asks if she is OK. Isabel apologizes and assures him she’s fine, but she is obviously shaken by the incident. Cut to Max and Isabel visiting Jim at home. Isabel is frantic, telling Jim she NEEDS to find her before she dies. She knows it’s real, that’s it’s actually happening and not a dream. Jim mentions that there are no missing person reports so he needs more information. Isabel tells him she saw her silver car but doesn’t know the model; maybe a Honda or! Toyota. Jim says it’s not a lot to go on without the plate number but he will check abandoned car reports. Isabel thanks him for his efforts and apologizes for barging in on him at home. He calms her down and assures her he doesn’t mind; she heads out. Max says “I know how all this must look.” Jim replies “I believe her. I do! I just…I don’t know how realistic it is to think that I’m gonna be able to find this girl with this evidence.” Max responds “I know.” and leaves. Jim calls in and tells Deputy Hanson he’s coming in. He stops at the Crashdown for take-out and meets a friend, Judith Foster, who comments on how well Kyle is doing on his wrestling team, just like his father did years before. He asks how she remembers back that far and she admits she had a crush on him. He mentions she also had a boyfriend and she points out he’s now her husband. Jim asks how her daughter is doing and she says she’s fine, she thinks. Jim asks what ! may be wrong and she tells him Melissa was driving to Santa Fe to visit a friend and never called to say she arrived, like she usually does. Jim suddenly remembers that Melissa has a silver car and Judith says “Yeah, a Toyota. Why?” Cut to Jim and Judith at the station. Jim is organizing his deputies into a search. Distraught, Judith gives a description of what Melissa had with her to Hanson. Jim gets a picture of Melissa from Judith and shows it to Isabel and Max, who are waiting in his office. Isabel says she isn’t positive it’s the same girl, because she never saw her clearly, but the hair is the right color and she feels it’s her, saying “It has to be.” Jim says he hopes she’s wrong because he’s known the Foster’s for years. Max says he doesn’t recognize her and Jim says she goes to Goddard High. Studying the picture, Isabel says “The terror – I felt it so clearly in the last dream. We have to get her back. I NEED to.

At the Crashdown, Maria delivers Sean’s order to him saying “In case I haven’t told you this, you dine and dash here, you die!” He searches all his pockets to come up with payment for the order, sans tip. As he eats his burger, she sits with him to tell him the rules he needs to follow while staying with them – 1. Toilet seat stays down, 2. Underwear off the floor, 3. Milk to be drunk out of a glass not the carton and, the most important, 4. Leave Liz alone! She tells him that she saw the way he looked at her and it’s not going to happen, she is waaay off limits to him. He is amused by her instructions, says he hears her and asks “What do you want from me?” She replies “I’ll give you the list by the end of the day.” and walks away. Liz, delivering food to a customer, exchanges glances with Sean.

At home, Isabel lies down for a nap. She immediately has flashes of the girl in the woods and this time she sees the face of the kidnapper – it’s Grant! Max wakens her saying she was crying in her dream and asks what happened. Isabel is very upset, saying “It can’t be.” and tells Max about Grant. Cut to Isabel and Max in Jim’s office. Jim says he will take care of it. Cut to Jim meeting up with a judge on a golf course. The judge reminds him that Grant Sorenson filed a complaint against Jim after he “searched his room without a warrant, shoving a gun in his face.” He brusquely tells Jim “You hurry and get me probably cause, then you’ll get your warrant. Otherwise, you’re ruining my handicap.” Cut to Jim and a deputy at Grant’s campsite. He tells the deputy to search Grant’s car for a large vinyl bag, 7’ X 3’. Grant comes up to him as he heads for Grant’s tent, asking what he’s doing. Jim asks if he knows Melissa Foster and Grant an! grily replies “What is this, every time somebody disappears I become your number 1 suspect?” Jim asks “What were you doing last Friday night?” Grant replies that he was picking up equipment in Carlsbad and asks if the Sheriff has a warrant. Jim ignores the question and looks in his tent. He finds a large vinyl bag, about 7’ X 3’ and pulls it out. He asks what’s inside and Grant replies equipment. Jim tells him to open it and Grant says “I can’t do that.” Jim tells him he will, if Grant won’t, and screams at Grant to “BACK OFF” when Grant tries to talk him out of it. Jim opens the bag and finds equipment. Grant hurriedly closes the bag, explaining that it is photo sensitive equipment he uses to get readings in the caverns. He angrily reminds Jim that he did not have a warrant. Cut to Jim returning to his office to find Dan waiting for him. He wants to know what’s going on and where he’s been for the last 4 hours. When Dan men! tions Sorenson, Jim says “You always know more than you let on, don’t you Dan. I should have remembered that the day you walked through my door.” Dan replies “What I know right now is, you disappear for days on end and you spend a lot of time lately with teenage kids. That’s awfully strange behavior.” Jim realizes Dan is not there for the Hubble case. Dan tells him the State Police Board has him on their watch list and that his own men are talking and they want to know what’s happening with their sheriff. They get into a screaming match (about who owes who an explanation) that is interrupted when Hanson brings in Melissa Foster.

That night, Jim meets Max and Isabel in an alley and tells them “The girl said her car gave out, half way to Santa Fe. The next day she had it towed. No kidnappers, no needles, no bags and no desert.” Isabel is distressed by this news and Jim assures her it’s all right, “Melissa’s safe, her family’s happy, nobody got hurt.” Max asks “What about you?” Jim replies “I’ll have some awkward questions to answer, but I’m sure it will blow over.” Isabel apologizes to him, saying “I don’t know how I could have been so wrong.” Jim tells her “You didn’t do anything wrong. You have gifts the rest of us don’t, and I trust those gifts. And if anything like this ever happens again, I want you to come to me. All right? Now, don’t worry about me. I’ll be fine.” Cut to Jim’s office where the judge is yelling at him for conducting the illegal search and Dan tells him Sorenson is filing a $50 million civil suit against th! e city. The judge tells him “I’m half tempted to have you thrown in your own jail on a contempt citation.” Jim apologizes saying he had a hunch and he had to follow it. The judge counters with “A hunch? You told me you had a witness.” Dan says “You told Judith Foster you had two witnesses. You TERRIFIED that family. I spent all day trying to calm them down.” Jim says “There are two witnesses but I promised them anonymity. I can’t break that promise.” Dan wants to know if this has to do with Max and Isabel Evans. Jim says no and the judge demands to know who the witnesses are. Jim refuses to say and the judge advises him to get a lawyer.

In Isabel’s bedroom, Max says he doesn’t understand how this could happen; she’s never been wrong before. In an accusatory tone he says “Valenti might be losing his job because of us. Have you thought about that?” Upset, Isabel replies “Of course I have, but what was I supposed to do? Just let her die?” Max counters with “There is no missing girl! All right. Your dreams were wrong. YOU were wrong.” Isabel says “Don’t you think I know that!” She then explains that maybe she needed them to be true because “after everything we’ve been through, after all the pain we’ve caused, I just…I just wanted what we are, what I am, to do something good for a change.” Max switches to a consolatory tone and says “Isabel, you are my sister. You yell at me, you second guess me and you piss me off. You also saved my life. I don’t care what we’ve been through, I still believe in you…I always will.” He tells her to get so! me sleep and leaves.

At the Crashdown, Kyle is telling Liz “Tess is openly mocking me now. This morning I woke up with little antennae coming out of my head.” Sean comes in and Maria cuts him down for calling her “M” instead of Maria. Kyle wants to know who he is and Michael replies “Maria’s loser cousin, Sean.” Sean says to Michael “Can I get some fries, tough guy?” and Michael says “No.” Maria adds that they are closed. Liz is watching Sean and Kyle tries to get her attention back by saying they are both obsessed people but they will get through it because they have each other. Liz isn’t paying attention and tells Sean she could whip him up some fries. He’s pleased by her offer but declines, saying he’ll get something at home. Maria calls after him that it’s not his home, reminding him that he’s just passing through. When he leaves she turns to Liz and says “You’re not actually thinking…” Liz says “No…of course not.&q! uot; Not believing her, Maria says “All I try to do is help. Does anyone listen?” Liz turns to Kyle and asks what he was saying. He replies “Nothing. I was just talking to myself.” Turning to Maria he asks “Hey, you got any cousins for me?”

While sleeping, Isabel gets another message from the girl. This time there is more detail of where she is. Isabel thrashes around on the bed and calls out for Max. Max comes to her, tries to waken her. While having visions of a needle and drugs, Isabel is screaming “Don’t do this! You don’t have to do this! PLEASE!” Finally she awakens. Shaking, she hugs Max saying “Oh my God” Clearly she is terrified by what she saw. Cut to Jim’s office. Dan comes in and tells him that Judith Foster has filed a grievance with the State Police Board, requesting an investigation into his actions. Jim says “I wonder who put that idea into her head?” Dan tells him there are a lot of questions here and it’s time for him to start thinking about his answers. Jim tells him to talk to his lawyer. The phone rings. Max tells Jim that it isn’t over. It’s not Melissa but another girl. She’s in Frazier woods, in the clearing outside the abandoned pump house! . He tells him they have to go now. Jim pretends he’s talking to one of his deputies and that he’ll meet him near the Crashdown. Dan is still suspicious saying “Your deputies always call you on your private line?” He reminds Jim that his father lost his career when he “got some fool notion into his head, ignored the law and his friends, and ended up handing over his badge.” Jim asks “Is that a threat?” Dan replies “If that phone call was from those kids, consider it a warning.”

In Frazier woods, at the area Isabel saw in her vision, looking around with flashlights they discover breathing tubes, which lead to oxygen tanks. They reverse direction and follow the tubes to a shallow grave. As they are unburying the girl we see they are being observed by a sniper, wearing a ski mask, by the trees. He’s aiming a high powered rifle with a night scope at them. The crosshairs of the scope are trained on Jim, then Isabel, then Max. They uncover the girl to discover a plexiglass box covering her head. As they are trying to remove it, a shot rings out, just missing them. Max jumps out and initiates the force field. Jim comes up beside him as Isabel continues to try to remove the box. Another shot rings out and the bullet hits the force field, pushes against it but is repelled. Two more shots are fired, with the bullets being repelled, but the force of the bullets is putting a strain on Max. He calls out to Isabel to hurry. Jim tells him he can see ! the shooter, so as soon as Isabel removes the box, Max drops the field and Jim fires. The sniper is hit but gets back up and takes off. Dan appears and, gun drawn, tells them to freeze. Jim calls out to identify himself. Dan asks who he’s shooting at and Jim tells him the kidnapper, and that they found the missing girl. Dan puts his coat over the shivering girl. Cut to Laurie on an ambulance gurney saying “I never saw his face. I was coming down to visit my grandparents in Roswell when he came up behind me on the street.” Jim tells her he’ll have someone watch over her round the clock until her parents arrive. He assures her she’s safe now. She asks “How did you know to find me out here?” He glances at Isabel and replies “Someone heard you cry out for help.” The paramedics take her towards the ambulance and Dan comes up to Jim. He wants to know how he found her and what Max and Isabel are doing there. Jim says they were just along fo! r the ride and Dan says “That alone is enough to get you suspended.” Jim says “I’ll take the suspension. You leave the kids out of it.” Hanson brings the bullets they found, over to Jim, pointing out that there are no lacerations or other marks indicating impact on them. Dan says that’s impossible, takes the bullets and says he’ll take care of them. He looks at Jim who says “I’m as baffled as you are.” Dan replies “No, no you’re not. You’re a good cop, Jimbo, but you don’t lie very well. Now, whatever you’re covering up, I’m gonna find it out. You can count on it.” Cut to Isabel standing by the ambulance with Laurie. Laurie asks who she is and Isabel says “Isabel” Laurie says “You saved my life. Thank you.” Isabel takes her hand and gets a flash of blue cells. The paramedics put Laurie in the ambulance. Isabel tells Max “There’s something about her Max.” He asks “What do you mean?”! She replies “It’s like I know her.” They watch as the ambulance drives off with Laurie.

#212 We Are Family – Synopsis

Compiled by Joan Pickering

The same evening that the kidnapped girl – Laurie Dupree – was found, Jim, Max and Isabel return to the Sheriff’s Station to be debriefed on their involvement. Max and Isabel are being questioned by Deputy Hansen; Jim by Dan Lubetkin and Judge Lewis. Their stories do not match. When they are finished, Judge Lewis tells Jim that there will be a hearing of the City Council, to discuss it. In the meantime, Jim is to be suspended and sent home. He hands over his badge to Judge Lewis.

The next morning, at the hospital, a nurse attending to Laurie, injects something green into her IV and places the syringe in her pocket. Laurie awakens and the nurse tells her, people from the Sheriff’s office would like to talk to her. Still weak from her ordeal, Laurie seems disinclined so the nurse says it can wait. She leaves to get Laurie some juice. In the hallway, Tess, dressed as a candy-striper, comes up to Michael, who is holding flowers, and tells him that according to her x-rays and blood work, Laurie is human. Michael asks why Isabel got a flash from touching Laurie, if she’s human. Tess replies “I don’t know. Look we got the info Max wanted. Let’s just get out of here. This polyester number is not working for me.” Michael ignores her and heads for Laurie’s room. When they get there, they find it empty.

FBI Agent Suzanne Duff, visits Jim at home. She walks in likes she owns the place, helping herself to a cup of coffee, looking in his fridge for half and half. She tells him Laurie Dupree is missing again, she’s been assigned to the case and Judge Lewis has agreed to let him assist her, although he will still be suspended. Jim isn’t thrilled at the prospect of being her “gofer”. Duff tells him “You know, I appreciate honesty, so I’m gonna be straight. This is my second case. My first was an interstate kidnapping, that went off without a hitch. I like to catch criminals and I want to make Assistant Director by the time I’m 35. That means busting my butt and asking for help, when I need it. So?” Jim replies, “That’s honesty!” She responds “And here’s some more – You make a horrendous cup of coffee.” He smiles and says “Wait till you taste what we make down at the station. Come on, we have a girl to find.”

At school, Alex comes up to Maria speaking Swedish. She is all excited that he has just returned from his one month visit to Sweden as an exchange student. Liz joins them and tries out the Swedish she learned on the web. They want to hear all about his trip and Maria asks if the Viking guys are hot. He tells her she can judge for herself when she sees his slides. The paper reported that Sheriff Valenti was suspended and the girls start discussing Laurie’s kidnapping, to Alex’ confusion. Maria notices Max approaching, looking forlorn, and suggests to Liz that he needs her. Liz goes to talk to Max and Maria promises to fill Alex in on all that he’s missed. Liz asks Max how he and Isabel are doing and he tells her they are fine, he’s worried about Sheriff Valenti. Kyle walks by and ignores Max’ attempt to speak to him.

Kyle visits his father at the Station, during his lunch break. He is very upset that they can’t tell Judge Lewis the truth. Jim replies “As you kids say ‘It sucks, big’.” Duff comes in looking for a report and Jim introduces her to Kyle. Kyle leaves for class and Duff goes over the latest info on Laurie – they have a shoe print from the crime scene and fibers from the duct tape on her mouth. Jim tells her that Laurie’s “last address was the Pinecrest Psychiatric Hospital, Brownsfield, Tx, paranoid schizophrenic, no parents or guardians on record and she ran away from there one week before the kidnapping. Her doctors are faxing her records.” Duff abruptly says “cc those to me” and leaves. Jim gets a message on his pager: “Frazier Woods, something you have to see. M.” Cut to Michael and Jim at Laurie’s shallow grave. Jim is placing a fist sized green blob, that he found in the grave, in an evidence bag. He says “What the! hell is this? This wasn’t here last night.” He asks Michael if he was sure he wasn’t followed and tells him that the FBI is involved and he can’t go poking around the crime scene because that’s how trouble starts.

That night at the Crashdown, Liz is trying to close up but Max seems reluctant to leave. He finally admits that he doesn’t want to go home because there is someone dangerous in town and she realizes he wants to protect her. Sean knocks on the locked door and, when she opens it, tries to convince her to let him in for some chili orbit rings or asteroid pie. She tells him that the kitchen is closed and they sold the last of the pie. He leaves and she tells Max that she needs to go upstairs to study but “there are two pieces of asteroid pie, left in the fridge; you can stay as long as you like.” Cut to Jim, at home, putting his jacket away in his closet, when Laurie, in her hospital gown, jumps out, and says “Stop looking for me! Please”

Liz has invited Isabel and Maria to come over to watch Alex’ slides. They are all on her balcony, shivering from the cold, waiting for him to set things up. Isabel thanks Liz for the invitation, saying she really needed it. Maria is serving Swedish appetizers to get them in the mood. Cut to Jim saying “Laurie, you need to see a doctor.” Laurie is extremely distraught and anxious. She replies “No, no, no. They get into hospitals.” Jim, trying to calm her, says “Don’t be afraid. A lot of people want to help you.” She freaks at the mention of others saying “No! No! No one can know I’m here. Just you. You found me. If you were working for them, you wouldn’t have saved me. Can I trust you?” Jim replies “Yes, you can trust me. Are you talking about the person who did this to you? Was there more than one?” Laurie shakes her head in frustration and spits out “EVERYONE keeps asking me about the MAN who took me.! Is he tall or short, or fat or thin? But it wasn’t a MAN, it was a THEM! They’re not from here.” Jim’s phone rings; he answers and it’s Duff reporting that she has set up some interviews with construction workers who were in the area of the crime scene at the time of the kidnapping. She wants Jim to come right away and he cannot get out of it without giving away that Laurie is with him so he agrees. Laurie is upset that he’s leaving so he says “Listen, if you can trust me, than you can trust the people that I say are OK, right?” Cut to Liz’ balcony. She answers her ringing phone, then tells Isabel the Sheriff wants to speak to her. Isabel listens, then says she’ll be right there. She tells the others she needs to help the Sheriff with something and apologizes to Alex for leaving. Alex is very understanding and agrees to her suggestion that they do it again sometime. She tells him “Well I think your trip really agreed with you. You look great.&! quot; In a laid back, casual manner, Alex replies “Thanks. Yeah, I feel great. See you around.” Isabel seems intrigued by this new, more confident Alex. Alex asks Liz for an extension cord and she goes downstairs to get one. She encounters Sean in the back room, who is eating some crackers. She asks what he’s doing there and he replies “I was hungry.” While she looks for the extension cord he asks her if she’d like to go to the car show with him. Before she can reply, Alex comes down saying he needs Windex to clean the lens. He politely acknowledges Sean, who replies “Alice.” Alex sarcastically replies “That’s funny. I haven’t heard that since they put you away.” He goes into the kitchen for the Windex. Liz thanks Sean for the invitation but says she doesn’t think she can go. He asks if it’s because of the guy she was with before and she replies “Max, um, yeah. It’s just that we’re semi involved. And it’s not that i! t’s romantic right now, but it has been in the past. I just don’t know about the future. We’re friends. You know, we’re friends plus.” Referring to the crackers, Sean thanks her for “dinner” and leaves. Alex, who has returned to the balcony, calls down for Liz to hurry up. Then the lights go out and he swears in Swedish.

Kyle and Tess are getting snack foods at a convenience store, when they overhear two women – a townswoman and the cashier – discussing the Sheriff. The townswoman says “Two minors in the Sheriff’s patrol car, and I heard one missed taking a bullet by inches.” The clerk replies “It’s crazy behavior, plain and simple.” The townswoman responds “Well his Dad was a loon and that type thing’s hereditary.” Kyle and Tess are distressed at the tone of the conversation. The townswoman continues “And am I the only one wondering why he’s escorting children through a deserted wood in the middle of the night?” The cashier replies “Well, have you seen the Evans girl? Looks like a super model. Trouble written all over her!” Amy overhears this as she is approaching the register and says “Well Nancy Ann, you’d be the expert on statutory rape. I mean, you must have done a ton of research when you found out your husband was sleep! ing with the baby sitter. Right?” Shocked by Amy’s input, the townswoman deserts her friend; Kyle and Tess look on in amazement as Amy continues “Well, one thing you obviously know nothing about, is Jim Valenti. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be talking such trash!” Nancy Ann has no reply.

At the Valenti home Isabel suggests Laurie stop biting her nails, as they are bleeding. Laurie says “No, I have to get them out. THEY put them under there.” She walks over to a table with laundry on it and starts putting on sweat pants and a sweat shirt over her hospital gown, muttering “I’m so cold”. She says “That’s what they do to me.” Isabel asks “What did they do to you?” Laurie replies “Put needles in me. Put stuff inside.” She shows Isabel her arm and says “See?” Isabel says “I don’t see anything.”, which distresses Laurie. She tells Isabel “It’s THERE!. I’m NOT crazy. They put me in a mental hospital. But I don’t belong there.” There’s a knock on the door. Isabel tells Laurie to go into the bedroom, until she tells her it’s safe. Max and Michael are at the door. Jim had contacted them; Isabel tells them Laurie is there. She knocks on the bedroom door and Laurie opens it! a crack and peers out. Isabel says “You remember Max, he was there that night. This is our friend Michael.” Laurie totally freaks out when she sees Michael, screaming “You stay away from me! You’re DEAD! You’re DEAD!” She slams and locks the door. Then heads for the window. Michael uses his powers to force the door open but Laurie has already escaped out the window. Cut to Laurie running through backyards and banging on doors, screaming for someone to help her. Michael and Max give chase; Isabel calls Jim on his cell phone. As Isabel is telling him about Laurie running off, Duff gets a call about a disturbance in Jim’s neighborhood. Michael catches Laurie and tries to calm her down, saying “Don’t worry, I’m not gonna hurt you.” Laurie goes ballistic, kneeing him in the groin. She runs into the street, in front of a car, which is unable to stop in time. She hits the windshield and rolls off the hood onto the street. The driver rush! es to her and she pleads with him to help her, saying “The aliens are coming” over and over. Isabel, Max and Michael watch helplessly as a crowd gathers around them. Sirens announce the approach of Jim, Duff and deputies. When Laurie sees Jim she screams at Duff “At his house! The aliens came to his house! The aliens are at his house! He held me there so they can come get me. He said I’d be safe. That I could trust him.” Duff looks at Jim and he says “She doesn’t know what she’s talking about.” Laurie says she was hiding in his house and starts describing it. Although she’s paranoid and rambling, Duff knows she’s got the details right and asks Jim “Is this true?” Jim does not reply and she tells him “Our arrangement is over Sheriff.”

Back at the station, Duff asks Jim “How did you find her?” and he replies, “I didn’t; she came to me.” Duff wonders aloud why he didn’t contact his office or her. He does not respond. She turns on a tape recorder and asks “What’s your relationship with the kids in this town, Sheriff?” He tells her “You had your chance to ask questions when my lawyer was here.” She turns off the recorder and says “You hindered an investigation; you will lose your job!” Tortured that he cannot reveal the truth, he replies “Agent Duff, I understand why you’re coming down like this. And, if I were in your shoes, I would do the same. But don’t beat yourself up for trusting me. It may not look like it now, but I AM one of the good guys.”

The next night, Alex and Liz are on her balcony looking at his slides. When they get to one with his arms around a very attractive young lady, Liz says “OK, spill!” He replies “That’s Leanna. Me and her have a long distance thing going.” He asks her if there is anything going on between her and Sean, saying he saw a “twinkle”. She says that’s gross and there was definitely no twinkle. She tells him his “playing it cool with Isabel” the night before has peaked Isabel’s interest. He replies “Yeah, well, you want to know what? Isabel is great but lusting after her is something the old Alex Whitman would do.” He clicks to a slide of a mountain and proudly says “The new Alex Whitman snowboarded on that very mountain. Almost broke his wrist!” Liz replies “Do I know you!?” He understands because sometimes he looks in the mirror and doesn’t recognize himself. An absolutely amazing slide of the northe! rn lights comes up. Liz is mesmerized as Alex explains “Basically what it is, as you’re looking up there, and you’re actually seeing electrons, from the sun, colliding with our atmosphere, in EVERY color you could POSSIBLY imagine. It really makes you realize what a big world is out there. All these possibilities, all these new experiences. It’s all just there, waiting for us. You’ve really got to travel, Liz. It’s the most amazing thing.” Tears are coursing down her face, and there is sadness in her voice, as she says “Yeah, some day.” Alex realizes he’s hit a chord and replies “Right. When there’s not so much going on.”

At school the next day, Max asks Kyle “Can we talk?” Kyle says “No” and tries to walk away but Max pursues him saying “Look, I’m sorry about what’s happening.” Kyle responds “There’s gonna be a hearing. They might take away his job!” Max tells him that his father has evidence, in his office, that he found at the burial site, and it’s alien. Kyle realizes that if it’s found they may be found out, but he doesn’t care. Max gets his attention by saying “Your father could be nailed for withholding evidence.” Kyle says “So take care of it.” Max explains that they are suspicious of him but they won’t be suspicious if Kyle goes to his father’s office. He says “Kyle, we need your help.” Cut to Max meeting Liz in the janitor’s closet, at her request. Liz asks him if he ever wanted to travel to Sweden, or any other country. He replies “Sure, but the closest I’m gonna get right now, is the granilith ! chamber. Why?” She replies “Watching Alex, this week…I just realized that it’s our right to see the world. To live our dreams…” Max interrupts with “Liz, that can’t happen.” She asks “WHY?” He replies “Because it doesn’t work that way for us. You know that.” She says that he, and the others, are getting cheated on a lot of things and it’s not fair. Max replies “Liz, you should get to see Sweden. We…I, hold you back.” She disagrees but he continues with “Everyone we touch gets hurt in some way or another. Five years from now, I don’t want you to open your eyes and realize that you missed out. You’re a part of the group; you always will be. But, you need to be allowed to…to grow.” Tearing up, she hugs him and forlornly says “Why can’t you come with me?” Still holding her, and with tears in his voice, he replies “Because I can’t. But I’ll be watching you Liz Parker. Wherever you go. ! And I’ll be here when you get back.”

That night, Kyle goes into his father’s office, looks through the drawers, finds a package of Chewing Tobacco in one drawer and opens it. Inside is the green blob. Just then Duff comes in, turns on the light and, surprised to see him, asks what he is doing there. He pockets the package, without her noticing and tells her his father left his report card there and he came in to pick it up. Seeing a blank piece of paper on the desk, he grabs it saying “Here it is, right in front of me.” Not believing him, she asks to see it. He hands her the piece of paper and waits for the ax to fall. He’s surprised when she hands it back saying “I didn’t like trigonometry either.” As he leaves the office he looks at the paper and sees a report card (with a D in trig, a C- in Basic Science, a C in College English, an A in Phys Ed, a B in U.S. History and a B in Metal Shop). When he reaches the hallway, the “ink” on the paper dissolves, and he sees Tess s! tanding there. Upset, he says to her “What are you doing here?” She replies “Well, you know, I figured you might need a little help.” He warns her “Don’t EVER use your mind freeze.” She corrects him saying “Warp!” He continues with “Whatever; your creepy powers, on me again. All right?” Pointing to his head he says “Off limits!” Feeling he is ungrateful, she sarcastically replies “You know, a simple ‘Thanks for saving my butt’ would be quite sufficient!” He grabs her arm and leads her out of the station.

Jim is sitting in the darkened, empty council chambers. In a voice over, Judge Lewis is saying “A town’s reputation is made by those entrusted to enforce it’s laws and maintain order. Sheriff Valenti has shown, of late, that he can do neither. Therefore, it is the recommendation of the council, that he be removed from office, effective immediately. All those in favor?” There is a chorus of “Ayes”. Judge Lewis continues “Opposed?” There is no response. Judge Lewis says “So be it.” There is a resounding sound of a gavel. Cut to Kyle, Tess, Michael and Liz waiting in the Crashdown, after hours, as Max and Isabel walk in. Max apologizes for being late and seeing their downcast looks, asks “What’s wrong?” Liz tells them “They fired Sheriff Valenti.” Max and Isabel are both distressed at the news. Kyle removes the green blob from his pocket, now in a plastic ziplock bag. Addressing Max he says “In the! past year, my dad and I’ve been put through an amazing amount of your crap. You and your Martian friends move in, take over, and obliterate any shred of normalcy. Our lives are no longer ours. Now promise me you’re gonna stay away from my family. Promise me this is the last time we are gonna have to put our lives on the line for you.” Max replies “I can’t.” Kyle hands the bag to Max and, as Max reaches for it, Kyle deliberately lets it drop to the ground and walks out. The others are stunned and speechless.

In Max’ bedroom, Michael is holding the bag containing the green blob, asking how they’ll figure out what it is. Max and Isabel are not paying attention, they are brooding about Jim because “he gave up everything” for them. Michael flippantly replies “He gave up a crappy job with low pay and long hours.” He adds “We were born into this cause, Valenti chose it. Let’s what he did, be worth something.” Max remembers he has an old microscope in the closet and, pulling it out says “We know what our cells look like. If this stuff isn’t from here, and it’s from out there, there should be some similarities. Using a cotton swab, they remove some of the green blob, place it on a slide and examine it under the microscope. The blue crystal like forms are pulsating. They look just like the ones Isabel saw when she touched Laurie’s hand, the night they found her.

The next day, Amy visits Jim, who is hibernating, feeling sorry for himself. Not taking no for an answer, she convinces him to spend the day with her. Cut to the Crashdown. Liz delivers Sean’s burger to him. He tells her “You look like road kill.” She tells him she’s having a bad day and he asks her to sit down with him. She declines and starts to leave. He stops her saying “You need to write what’s bothering you in mustard.” Bewildered, she replies “Excuse me?” He convinces her to sit and explains “It’s my Aunt Amy’s trick. You squirt it right there on that beautiful ground beef patty. Chow down…problems gone!” She asks if he did it while in juvie and he says it was a little more difficult with the packets. He encourages her to try it out on his burger and she writes out the word “Grow”, then takes a bite. He asks “Better?” As best she can, with a mouth full of food, she laughs and says “A litt! le bit.” then returns to work. Sean smiles, as if he feels he scored some points. Cut to Amy and Jim in the Jetta saying goodnight. He thanks her for adopting him as her charity case. She assures him it had nothing to do with charity and tells him “I came to your house today because I wanted to spend the day with a really good man.” He is really touched by her statement. He leans towards her and they kiss. She adds “And a really good kisser.” They kiss again, a little more passionately.

The next morning, Kyle is preparing his lunch and Tess tells him there is meatloaf in the bottom drawer. She then tells him “Well, my stuff’s packed. I’ll be gone after school.” Shocked, Kyle says “What?” Tess replies “Last night, when you said we’d moved in and taken over your life, I realized you were talking about me. I’m sorry I overstayed my welcome.” His voice cracking with emotion, Kyle begs “Tess, don’t leave.” She replies “No, it’s OK. You know, you have the right to protect your family.” Kyle responds “You’re a part of the family I was trying to protect. As far as I can see, you’re the only good thing about having an alien in my life.” Tess is touched by his sentiment and says “Kyle…you’re definitely my favorite human.” He replies “Yeah, well, you’re my favorite Martian.”, then laughs.

Michael and Isabel break into the basement of the Pinecrest Psychiatric Hospital, to investigate Laurie. Michael finds an empty file folder with her name on it in the file cabinet. Isabel finds some of her belongings in a plastic trash size bag, with a tag marked Laurie Dupree 11/15/97. Inside they find some photographs. One is of a young man, in farmer’s overalls, who looks exactly like Michael. At the bottom of the photo is “Grandpa 1935”. Gasping, Isabel says “My God, that looks just like you.” Incredulous, Michael replies “That IS me!”

#213 Disturbing Behavior – Synopsis

Compiled by Joan Pickering

It’s evening. Michael and Maria are on the roof of a market, with binoculars trained on the Sheriff’s Station. Michael has shown Maria the picture of Grandpa Dupree. Maria points out that Michael probably got his DNA from him, which makes Laurie a relative. Michael replies “That figures. I finally find a family member and she’s a complete whack job.” Cut to the inside of the Sheriff’s Station. Agent Duff has been trying for two days to persuade Laurie to tell her who kidnapped her. She tells Laurie that they are returning her to Pinecrest, where she will be safe, and gently asks her to please tell her who kidnapped her. Laurie calmly says “They’re aliens.” Then she freaks, first cowering and then running around the room, attacking Agent Duff, screaming “They’re back! They’re back! They’re close…they’re coming here! Let me out of here NOW! Let me OUT!” Deputies rush in and wrestle her to the table, where, unseen by them, she takes a pen and slips it inside the ace bandage on her wrist. Cut back to Michael and Maria, who see Laurie, on a gurney, being placed in an ambulance. Cut to the inside of the ambulance. While the attendant is writing in his log, Laurie maneuvers the pen out of the bandage and uses it to release the leather restraints on her wrists. Cut to Michael and Maria, following the ambulance in the Jetta. Maria tells Michael that if she’s willing to chase down “some crazy girl in the middle of the night” with him, it means they are dating again. His input, as to whether or not they are dating, is irrelevant. Cut back to the ambulance. Once free, Laurie grabs something heavy and hits the attendant on the head, knocking him out. She then goes to the front of the ambulance, grabs the wheel from the driver, causing the ambulance to go off the road, careen down a ravine and roll over. Michael and Maria rush to their aid. They open the back of the ambulance and Laurie tumbles out. Seeing Michael, Laurie screams and starts to run off. Shots are fired from the kidnapper, who was following the Jetta. They scramble to the Jetta and Michael tells Laurie “Hey, now you can come with us or you can stay here and get killed.” Laurie nods and Michael uses his powers to set the kidnapper’s car on fire. Laurie looks on in shock and the kidnapper ducks from the explosion. They drive off as the kidnapper shoots and hits the side mirror.

The next morning, at home, Isabel and Max are watching a news report of the accident, and talking on the phone to Michael, who has stopped about 30 miles west of Dexter, a rural area. Isabel asks how Laurie is and Michael replies “She’s completely crazy. She tried to jump out of the car 3 times while it was moving. So, I had to use my powers to lock her in. She’s basically like a caged animal.” True enough, Laurie is bouncing off the walls inside the car, grabbing at anything she can get her hands on and banging on the windows and dashboard. Meanwhile Maria is taking a financial inventory of the damage done to the inside and outside of the Jetta. The news report posts a picture of Laurie, and Isabel tells Michael they cannot bring her back to Roswell. Max says “We can use any information she has about the crystals. Try to get her talking.” Michael sarcastically replies “Oh yeah, she’s a real conversationalist!” and hangs up.

In the Valenti living room, Jim has set up a woodworking station, and is busily sawing away with a table saw, sawdust flying everywhere. Kyle and Tess walk in and are shocked by what they see. Jim explains that he now has plenty of time to work on things he hadn’t had a chance to get to before. Kyle picks up some papers lying near the workstation; they are papers regarding the legal suit Grant Sorenson is filing against Jim. Kyle is obviously concerned about how the lawsuit is effecting his father’s behavior.

In his bedroom, Max is examining the green blob under the microscope. Isabel asks “Are you getting anywhere?” Max says he thinks they’re dealing with some kind of alien bacteria. He’s obviously tired and frustrated so Isabel suggests that he consult with Liz, the science wiz. Max responds “I’m trying to keep Liz out of this right now.” Cut to Isabel telling Liz and Alex at the Crashdown that Michael and Maria will be gone for a couple of days with Laurie, so they need to cover for them. Sean interrupts, saying that Amy is flipping out over Maria’s absence and wants to see Liz. She leaves with Sean.

Maria is lying on the hood of the Jetta, which is now stopped along the side of a road. Michael is trying to convince Laurie to tell him if she has family, and to trust him. She ignores him. This has obviously been going on for awhile and, frustrated, Michael slams the horn of the car. Maria jumps out of her skin and rolls off the hood. She says “That’s it! Let’s go, I’m hungry.” She suggests they go to this really awful cafe, that even the cops avoid. The Roadside Café “Is strictly for us hard-core greasy spoon aficionados”.

Agent Duff stops Isabel leaving the Crashdown and introduces herself. Cut to the Sheriff’s Station. Duff tells Isabel that Sheriff Valenti will not tell her how he knew Laurie Dupree was missing, nor how he was able to find her buried underground. The only link she can find is Isabel and Max. She asks “Isabel, what is the big secret and why can’t I be let in on it?” Isabel replies “I’ve already answered these questions for Deputy Hanson.” Duff responds “But you lied to him.” She reminds her that she’s not some local deputy, she’s with the FBI and if she lies to her, she’s in deep trouble. Deputy Hanson and Grant enter the room. Grant is delivering something he found in the woods, a mile from the crime scene. He unveils the rifle.

At the Roadside Café, Laurie says she needs to go to the bathroom. Michael wants Maria to accompany her, to keep her from bolting. Maria doesn’t want to go anywhere near that skanky restroom. She tells Laurie that she’s not her Mommy and she’s not going to hold her hand while she goes potty. That they’ve got to establish a little trust. She trusts them, and they trust her. She reminds her that they helped her escape from the evil aliens who want to bury her in the woods and asks if there is anyone else, out there in the big bad world that’s going to do that for her. She tells her that after she answers “nature’s call in that toxic waste, dump of a restroom”, she can either rejoin them at the table, with a different attitude, or hoof it to the Mexican border. “It’s about 150 miles that-a-way.” Laurie takes off for the restroom and Michael asks “You think that’s gonna work?” Maria replies “Not a chance. But it doesn’t matter. The Mexican border is that-a-way.” and she points in the opposite direction from where she told Laurie.

At the DeLuca home, Liz is telling Amy that she’s sure Maria is fine. Very distraught, and speaking with restrained control, Amy says that Maria called and told her she went camping but Amy wants to know why all the things she would need for camping in the middle of February are still at home. After “musing on it”, Amy’s theory is “She didn’t go camping. She lied to her mother, just like she lied to me the other four times she took off for days on end. Each time leaving out on the open road, another piece of her innocence – and my Jetta. Liz, I consider you a friend, and an extended member of this family, and I value the friendship you have with my daughter very much. But if you don’t tell me everything you know, about where the hell she is, I’m going to become very violent with you.” Liz admits that Maria is with Michael. This does not calm Amy down. Liz quickly adds “But they’re just getting away. You know? They’re taking in the scenery.” Not helping Sean interjects “Yeah, of a cheap motor inn.” Liz tells him to shut up and Amy tells Liz to give her her cell phone. Puzzled, Liz complies. Amy tells her “She shut her phone off, but I’m sure she’ll be turning it on, to call you again. And when she does, I’ll be here with you to receive that call. You can sit down. You’re not going anywhere until I get my daughter back.”

Laurie is walking down a deserted dirt road when she sees Michael and Maria, in the Jetta. She starts to run off into the brush but then gives up and sits on a log. Michael asks “Are you OK?” Laurie does not reply. Maria pulls Michael aside and tells him “OK, you want to get through to her? You want to make a connection here? This is what you’ve gotta do – you gotta tell her the truth.” Michael scoffs and replies “Forget it.” Maria responds “Look, you want to know why you look like Grandpa 1935? She has the key. So you have two choices, all right – you can let her in on the whole alien conspiracy thing, and hope that it shakes something lose from the dusty corners of her brain, or you can…no, you know what, that’s not gonna work so, look, you have that one option, all right.” Michael wants to know what his other option was. Maria tells him he’s not capable of it but he demands that she tell him. She looks him straight in the eye and says “Form an emotional bond with Laurie.” He rolls his eyes and shakes his head. Maria says “Fine! You don’t like that answer, then go show here the secret alien handshake.” Michael replies “OK, fine. What kind of pyschobabble, Oprah crap do I gotta tell her.” She tells him she can’t give him the words, they have to come from his heart. “Just go over there, and tell her, in your words, that she can trust you. And make sure that she feels that you’re being completely, emotionally honest.” She asks if he thinks he can handle it and he replies “I’m not completely emotionally retarded. I have feelings.” Maria responds: “All right, then walk ‘em over there and give ‘em a work out.” He goes over to Laurie and doesn’t know what to say. Cut to Jim, using a lathe to shape the wood. Kyle comes up to him and asks if he should be concerned by his behavior. He asks him what he’s making and Jim says he’s making a baseball bat. He always wanted to give Kyle a handmade bat, back when he was in Little League. He says “I’m in kind of a dark place here, Kyle. It’s just gonna take me awhile to work my way out of it. OK? Kyle replies “All right. Tess and I…we’re still here. We’re just trying to make ends meet, keep our heads above water.” He pulls out the lawsuit papers and, handing them to Jim, says “Well, if this lawsuit doesn’t go away, then we’ll be in that dark place with you.” Cut back to Michael sitting next to Laurie. Finally finding the words, he tells her “Look Laurie, I know a lot of people think you’re pretty crazy, but the truth is, knowing everything you’ve been through, you seem pretty normal to me. I just want you to know that, whatever you are to me, a sister, a cousin, whatever, you’re the only family I’ve ever known, and I just found you, I don’t…I don’t want to let you go. I know you’re scared to death of me, but if you could find some way to trust me. I mean, I’ve got all kinds of faults. And, this one over here, you know, she can list them off for you later on, but the one thing I am is loyal. I will not turn my back on you. That’s all I’ve got to say.” Tearing up, Laurie says “You’re not my Grandpa, are you.” Puzzled, Michael replies “No, but I’d like to meet him.” Laurie says “Tucson. Grandpa’s in Tucson, AZ.”

That evening, Max is asleep at his desk. The green blob, in a glass, starts to glow and move. An empty glass falls to the floor and Max awakens to find the green blob spread out across his hand. Scared to death, Max tries to move his hand but can’t. He looks for something to use to remove the green blob but then it slithers away, on it’s own. Max snatches his hand away, looks to see that it is OK, then, as it reforms itself into a glowing blob, he grabs a glass container, puts it over it and holds it down.

Liz’ cell phone rings and, to Maria’s surprise, Amy answers. Amy demands to know where she is and Maria admits they are on their way to Arizona, because they are being “free spirits”. Amy thinks they are on their way to Sedona for drugs and sex. She asks “Do you think I wasn’t 17 once? Do you think I didn’t do crazy, stupid things with a really bad boy, when I was your age?” Maria replies “Yes, I know you did Mom – Dad!” Amy demands to speak to Michael. Maria tries to hand him the phone and, still driving, he keeps batting away her hand and whispering “No! Get…, are you crazy?” Maria forces him to take the phone and Michael politely says “Hey, Mrs. DeLuca.” Amy sternly says “Michael, I want you to listen to me, very, very carefully. On this glorious, rebellious, lost weekend of yours…you will take care of my daughter. You will protect her and be kind to her and she will have fun. You will not get matching tattoos, and you will not allow her to pierce any part of her body that cannot be shown in polite company. And Michael, if you have sex with my daughter, I will hunt you down and kill you, like the mangy dog you are. OK?” He replies “OK” Amy says “Call me if you need bail money.” and hangs up the phone. Michael hands the phone back to Maria and she asks what her mother said. Michael replies “She wants you to have fun.” Cut to Sean saying they should call the police, because Guerin is a shady character. Liz says “Look who’s talking.” and Sean replies “I’m not shady, I’m misunderstood.” He starts a pillow fight with Liz and Amy, at her wits end, says she’s going out for a drink. When she opens the door, Max is there asking for Liz. Amy asks if he has any plans to take her across state lines. Puzzled, he replies “No” so she lets him in and leaves. He walks in on Sean on top of Liz on the couch, and Liz, giggling and telling him to get off. He tells her he needs help with his science homework, so she gets her coat and leaves with him.

Jim goes to Grant’s campsite to apologize and plead with him to drop the lawsuit. When Grant ignores him he says “You could do me the courtesy of turning around.” Suddenly Grant growls like an animal and attacks him. Jim overpowers him and as he is hitting him, Grant reverts to his normal self and seems surprised that Jim is hitting him. Cut to Jim going to see Duff, in his old office. He tells her that she needs to put Grant under surveillance, that he’s the one she’s looking for. She shows him the gun that Grant, found and turned in, and asks, if he is the kidnapper, why would he be helping her solve the case? Jim says “I went to Sorenson, to try to settle our differences, OK? When I approached him, he didn’t recognize me; it was like he’d never seen me before. Suddenly he lunged at me and one minute later, he’s his old self again. Now, I don’t know, maybe…maybe he’s guilty AND he’s innocent.” Duff asks “A split personality?” Jim replies “Grant Sorenson, may have turned in the rifle, but I’m telling you, the person who jumped me earlier today, is the one who fired it!” Duff says “Well, that’s an interesting theory, Sheriff. But the problem is, right now, you appear to be the one with a split personality.”

Using the more sophisticated equipment at the UFO Center, Max and Liz are examining the crystals of the green blob. Liz says it looks like they are alien versions of waterborne parasites found in the blood cells of certain species of fish. Max says “Parasites? That implies they need something to feed on. Like an arm.” Liz replies “Maybe, but you said they didn’t affect you.” Max responds “No, I got the feeling I didn’t taste good, or something.” Since they also didn’t react when Sheriff Valenti picked them up, Liz suggest they are not interested in terrestrial organisms. Max points out that they formed on Laurie’s gravesite, so Liz thinks that could imply that there may be something unique about Laurie OR her gravesite. She reaches for the phone and calls Isabel. Cut to Isabel meeting Grant at the Crashdown. He wants to know why she asked him to meet, because he thought it was over between them. She says things got really complicated and she’d like to go back to the beginning, as if they were meeting for the first time. She introduces herself and playing along he does the same. She flirts with him and asks what he does, saying how fascinating it sounds and wanting to hear all about his current project. He tells her he’s doing a survey in Frazier Woods and, she says “Really? Tell me, what’s so special about Frazier Woods?”

The next morning, Michael, Maria and Laurie arrive at Grandpa’s home in Tucson. It’s a castle-like mansion and Maria comments that Grandpa has done well for himself. Laurie is nervous, saying she hasn’t seen her grandfather for a long time. Michael takes her hand, as moral support, and they approach the electric gate. They ring the bell and a gargoyle, hiding a camera, turns to focus on them. A voice asks them “Can I help you?”. Michael says they are there to see Charles Dupree, and identifies himself, Maria and Laurie. The gate opens and they approach the front door. The maid opens the door and is shocked and mesmerized by Michael. A man in horseback riding gear, approaches from down the hall, saying “Laurie! Is it really you Laurie?” He stops in his tracks when he sees Michael. Laurie says “Where’s Grandpa?” Still looking at Michael he says with dread “Oh my God!” A woman descends the grand staircase reminding “Bobby” about a function later that afternoon. She gets to the bottom of the staircase, sees Michael, and stops in mid-sentence, her mouth dropping open in shock. Laurie says “Aunt Mary, I want to see my grandfather, right now!” Bobby scoffs and replies “He’s dead Laurie. He’s been dead for seven years. You were at his funeral, for God sakes.” Cut to all of them in the living room. Bobby and Mary are standing by the bar, whispering about Michael. Bobby says it’s spooky and Mary says it’s typical, that Daddy always did have a wandering eye and he must have “wandered off the marital reservation and left us all a little surprise.” They rejoin the others and Mary calls for Carmen, the maid, to draw a bath for Laurie. She suggests that Laurie go up to her old room and freshen up. Laurie is reluctant but Michael assures her saying “It’s OK, I’m not going anywhere.” Bobby asks Michael what he wants and he tells them that their niece has been through a traumatic experience – being kidnapped and buried alive – and he thinks the kidnapper is still after her. They are skeptical of his story. Michael asks them why Laurie’s medical records don’t list them as her next of kin. They ask what records and indicate they haven’t seen Laurie in years and had no idea she was at the Pinecrest Psychiatric Hospital. They are not surprised, however, asking if the “aliens chased her there”. Mary sarcastically says “You know aliens are chasing our family Mr Guerin. Don’t stay too long; they might get you too.”

At the UFO Center, Isabel tells Max and Liz what she learned about Grant’s numerous experiments. She says they all have a common thread – the water table. The Woods are unusual because the water is so close to the surface. Liz suggests that the parasites may be in the water table. She brings up a map of the water table for the county, on the computer. She discovers that a stream under Pohlman Ranch flows to the burial site in Frazier Woods. Max speculates that the parasites may have been on their ship. Liz thinks somebody kidnapped and buried Laurie so the alien parasites could get to her, but to do what? She asks “And how does he know about these parasites? Is he human or is he alien? Are these things dangerous to normal people in Roswell?” Isabel asks “Where do we go from here, Max?” He says “I have absolutely no idea.” Liz says “We need help. I wish you guys could just, phone home.” Brody comes in and is surprised to see them. Max apologizes, saying they were using the equipment for a school assignment and hopes Brody doesn’t mind. Brody says it’s OK and excuses himself. Isabel gets an idea wondering if the connection Larek made with Brody at the Summit could be done in reverse.

Duff visits Jim at home. She is surprised to see the woodworking equipment in the living room and Jim sitting on the floor in the corner, holding a half finished bat. She tells him the rifle, the oxygen tanks and the plastic box around Laurie’s head were all stolen from different areas and that Grant’s work schedule had him in all those areas at the time of the thefts. Jim says “Chalk up another one for the woodworking detective.” Duff tells him that if he helps her close this case, she’ll make it her business to get him his job back. Jim responds “I guess the bats can wait.”

Michael and Maria are standing by the pool at the Dupree mansion. Michael is worried because they haven’t seen Laurie in 3 hours. Bobby approaches with two thugs behind him. He hands Michael a paper bag and says the $50,000 inside is for him but it’s all he’s going to get. He may look like their father but they will fight any paternity and inheritance claims he may make. He tells the thugs to throw them off the premises. Michael protests, saying he’s not interested in an inheritance, he’s only concerned about Laurie’s safety. Bobby scoffs at Michael’s concerns, saying he’ll keep a lookout for “the aliens.” When the gate closes behind them, Maria asks “Now what?” Michael replies “I don’t know, but I promised Laurie I’d protect her and that’s exactly what I’m gonna do.”

At the UFO Center, Brody tells Isabel that he’s been put under hypnosis before and it didn’t help him remember his abduction experience. Isabel tells him she’s psychic. Brody is skeptical but the others convince him to give it a try. She tells him to close his eyes, clear his mind and relax. She touches his hand and there is a flash of light. She gets slammed against one wall and Brody is slammed against another. Max rushes to Isabel and Liz to Brody. Isabel is fine but Brody isn’t. Larek speaks through Brody, saying that they shouldn’t have done this because the subject had not been prepared properly. Brody’s heart has stopped so they have very little time to speak. They quickly explain about the parasite. Larek tells them that the Gandarium have escaped from their ship. He says “Earth has become infected. You’re no longer safe there. Get off the planet now!” He stops speaking and Brody collapses. Max is about to use his powers to revive him but Isabel says “No”, so he starts CPR. Brody comes to and asks what happened. They tell him he fainted. They help him up and huddle around him in concern. Isabel keeps apologizing and Max keeps asking if he is all right, as the camera pulls back to show one of the dead aliens from the Center’s exhibit.

#214 How the Other Half Lives – Synopsis

Compiled by Joan Pickering

It’s evening. The kidnapper, still wearing his ski mask, breaks in and ransacks, Michael’s apartment. He stops when he finds pictures of Laurie and her grandfather’s mansion. Cut to Michael watching the mansion through binoculars. Maria, to Michael’s annoyance, is calling Liz to bemoan the fact that she got tree sap on her mother’s cashmere sweater. The lights on the house go out and Michael grabs the phone, and Maria, and heads for the house. They sneak past the guard. Cut to Agent Duff and Jim Valenti pulling Grant over and asking him to step out of his car. This time they have a search warrant. While Jim searches his car, Duff asks Grant about the car rental receipts she has from New Castle, WY in July, Ft Collins, CO in Aug. and Las Cruces, NM in Sept. She asks him why he was in those cities and he replies for research. Jim finds some gloves in his bag and asks if they are his. Grant says no and tells Duff that, he doesn’t know why, but Valenti has been persecuting him since he arrived in town and now he’s planting things in his truck. Duff notices some scratches on his neck and asks where he got them. He has no idea. Cut back to Michael and Maria, who are now in the mansion and heading for Laurie’s bedroom. When they open her door, she is lying on the bed in a fetal position, hugging her pillows and surrounded by lit candles and lit flashlights. She is rocking herself and seems scared but unharmed. Michael kneels by her bed and says “Hey. I just wanted to make sure you’re OK. We’re gonna help you.” and she replies “My aunt and uncle need me to be crazy.” Just then, her aunt and uncle arrive, with the guard, and demand that they leave, telling the guard to make sure they drive away this time. Michael takes Laurie’s hand, for reassurance, before he and Maria depart with the guard. Her aunt and uncle leave as well, closing her door behind them. Laurie begins to cry.

Early the next morning, Max, Isabel, and Liz are at the Crashdown, before it opens, telling Tess what they learned from Larek the night before, about the gandarium. Brody walks in but when Max addresses him, he lets him know that it’s actually Larek. Once again, due to the strain on Brody’s heart, Larek only has a few minutes so he gets right to the point. He tells them “The gandarium are a genetically engineered life form, designed to bridge the DNA and RNA re-sequencing, during 3rd stage amino acid synthesis.” They have no idea what he means so he clarifies “Let’s say you want to create an alien/human hybrid. First you get some alien cells, then you get some human cells. Normally they don’t mix very well; you need something to help bridge the differences. That’s were the gandarium come in. In a controlled environment, like on your ship, they’re harmless. But released into an ecosystem, the gandarium will perform the only role they know – infect human cells.” Isabel and Tess point out that they seem to be focusing on one human so he explains “Not every human is a candidate for hybridization. The genetic structure has to have…well, you would call it, a flaw. It’s very rare on Earth; fewer than 1 in 50 million people have it.” Liz deduces that Laurie must have this defective gene. Max asks what will happen if Laurie is infected. Larek says “Once they’ve infected her, the gandarium will mutate into a universal virus. She’ll infect anyone she comes into contact with, human or otherwise. They, in turn, will infect everyone they come in contact with. Eventually, she and every infected person on the planet will die.” They are all distressed at this information. Max asks “How do we destroy them.” Larek replies “Once they’ve infected the host, it’s all over.” They are pretty sure that Laurie has not yet been infected, or they wouldn’t still be after her, so Larek thinks they have a chance to beat it. He tells them that the gandarium are hive-like; kill the Queen and the hive will die. Larek leaves and Max says they should go to Frazier Woods to find the crystals and then figure out a way to destroy them. He tells Isabel, Tess and Liz to collect digging equipment and meet him there. He will get Kyle and Alex.

Maria and Michael are at City Hall. Maria wants to check the deed of the Dupree mansion. Michael thinks it’s a waste of time but Maria’s suspicions are proven right – Laurie is the rightful heir of the mansion, not her aunt and uncle, and that’s why they “want her to be crazy”. Armed with this “leverage” Michael and Maria return to the mansion. When Maria lets them know she has this information, they let her and Michael in.

In Frazier Woods, as they are digging away, Alex asks Kyle “Is this the 6th or 7th hole we’ve dug today?” Kyle confesses to Alex that he “always wondered what the hell you people were doing sophomore year.” Alex replies “A lot of secret meetings, a lot of lying to authorities, sometimes narrowly escaping gun fire.” At Kyle’s shocked look he admits the last one was on rare occasions only. Kyle asks what’s in it for the humans. Alex says he’s not sure and Kyle responds “See, I guess what I have a problem with is that suddenly I’m a member of this club I never wanted to join. And as it turns out, this club has a striking resemblance to a chain gang.” Just then, Alex’ shovel breaks through to an underground cave, which contains the crystals. He wants to go find the others and tell Max but Kyle wants to investigate. Not to be outdone by Kyle, Alex agrees and they throw their backpacks in and enter the cave. There are crystals everywhere and Kyle says “What do you suppose alien crystals are going for on E-bay?” Alex is uneasy being down there and suggests they leave, but they are no longer able to – the crystals have blocked the opening.

A little later in the day, and now raining, Liz and Tess and Max and Isabel return from their mutually unsuccessful explorations. They meet at the spot where Kyle and Alex were digging and notice the crystal protruding from the hole. Liz gets a call on her cell phone. It’s Kyle, calling from the cave beneath them. Max, Isabel and Tess try to use their powers to move/destroy the crystal blocking the entrance, but are unsuccessful. Kyle is concerned, because there is not that much air down there. Liz says they will get back to them and to “breathe shallow.” Max suggests that Isabel go back to the UFO Center to get some equipment. In the meantime, Max, Tess and Liz decide to try digging another hole.

At the mansion, Maria is sitting on the pool side patio, talking to Laurie’s Aunt Meredith. Meredith tells her that they have power of attorney over Laurie, because she is certifiable so Maria’s knowledge of the deed means nothing. But Maria has been busy, collecting more information, and has found Meredith’s checkbook register. She confronts her about the $1,000,000 check she wrote to Pinecrest Psychiatric Institute, to get them to say Laurie was crazy. Cut to Laurie’s bedroom, where Michael is taking credit for Maria’s idea about checking the deed. Laurie is impressed with his ingenuity. Michael absentmindedly scratches his eyebrow and Laurie points out that Grandpa Dupree had the same habit, as well as wearing a ring on the same finger. Michael asks “What was he like?” Laurie replies “A lot like you. Hard to read, lived in his own head.” He was the only one in the family she felt safe with. She asks Michael if he would “like to meet him” and then brings him to their bomb shelter in back, where Grandpa spent much of his time. His things are still there. She sniffs his shirt, which still has the scent of Indian River pipe tobacco. Michael flips through his journal and finds drawings of big eyed aliens. Michael comments on them and Laurie says “Grandpa said they took him. He wouldn’t talk about it. He’d just come down here, to the bomb shelter and read for hours. It was his sanctuary. The older he got, the more he wanted to know what really happened to him, so he started talking. Aunt Meredith and Uncle Bobby used it, to put him away.” As Laurie is talking, Michael continues to flip through the journal, past drawings of spaceships and such. He stops at a page where the text is written in a spiral, just as Laurie finishes, and he says “It drove him crazy.” Laurie responds “That’s what I got from Grandpa. That and some bad blood.” Michael asks “Bad blood?” and Laurie explains “A bad chromosome actually. It’s what they call a recessive genetic defect.” In realization, and under his breath, Michael says “That’s why they want you.” Laurie finds some of her grandmother’s artifacts and Michael learns that her name was Ada Jane and that she too has passed away, without Laurie meeting her. Being reflective, Laurie says “We can’t fight who we are, Michael. You’re Grandpa’s legacy and I’m crazy.” Michael gently takes her arms in his hands and turns her to look her straight in the eye. He says “You are not crazy. What happened to you was real. You have the right to live your life. Bobby and Meredith have tried to take that away from you, but it’s yours. Just like this house is yours. Now look, I’m not what you would call an optimist. Life sucks, people suck, that’s reality. But you’re special. You’re a good person, and you deserve better than to be locked up in an institution because it’s more convenient for your aunt and uncle. This is your life, and this is your house.

That evening, at the UFO Center, Isabel finds the equipment they need and starts to collect it. The kidnapper, comes up behind her and places a chloroform soaked cloth over her mouth and nose. She struggles at first and then collapses. The kidnapper removes his ski mask – it’s Grant. Cut to Grant driving down the road, with Isabel in the passenger seat, unconscious. He stares at her like he doesn’t understand what’s happening. Then, in an agitated state, he says “Things I know. 2 X 2 is 4, gato is Spanish for cat, my middle name is Ellis.” He continues reeling off things he is sure of to be true. Isabel stirs and then comes to. She looks at him and he says “I’m not doing so good Isabel. That agent, from the FBI…” Isabel interrupts with “Agent Duff?” He barks back “I know her name! OK? I KNOW things!” Calming down, but still agitated, he continues “She said I went to Wyoming. She asked if I stole a gun there. I don’t remember! When I try to remember, it just gets worse. You’re the only one I trust Isabel. You have to help me.” Isabel wants to help, but is also concerned by his agitated state. She suggests they pull over. He ignores her and says “How did I get shot?” Isabel replies “That WAS you.” He continues “Why am I driving to Tucson? I don’t know!” He pleads with Isabel, once again, to help him and then continues to reel off things he knows. Isabel looks on with concern, then asks “When did this all start happening?” He thinks it began last summer, when he was digging out by Pohlman Ranch and found some crystals. Isabel tells him that his body has been taken over by the gandarium but he doesn’t understand what she’s taking about. He screams out “I don’t know what that means! OK? I’m losing it here. Why is this happening to me? I’m a good person.” Isabel agrees that he is a good person and he is somewhat comforted by that. Then he starts to shake, like he’s fighting a compulsion to do something. He tells her “I’m suppose to kill you, but I don’t want to. There’s a cell phone in my coat pocket. Grab the phone Isabel, now.” She does and he pulls over and screams at her to get out of the car. She doesn’t want to but knows she must, so she reluctantly gets out, apologizing to him. He drives off, leaving her standing in the rain. She uses the cell phone to call Jim. She’s rambling, but manages to tell him that Grant is the kidnapper, is possessed by the gandarium, and is on his way to Tucson. He is concerned for her safety but she tells him she can handle herself, and that he needs to get to Laurie’s the quickest way possible. They lose their connection before he can get any additional info.

Max, Tess and Liz are still digging, in the pouring rain, using the cars’ headlights to see by. Alex and Kyle are singing “American Pie”, to keep up moral. At the same time, Kyle puts some of the crystal in an empty bottle, lights a match, puts it in the bottle, puts the lid back on the bottle and says “Die, sucker, die.” When the match burns out, the crystal starts to go crazy, bouncing off the sides of the glass bottle. Kyle and Alex look on in amazement. When the crystal dies, they call Liz on the cell phone. She deduces that the crystal died from suffocation when the match burned up all the oxygen in the bottle, therefore, the gandarium cannot live without oxygen. Cut to Michael and Maria, lounging in luxurious robes, by the pool side, watching Laurie swimming in the heated pool. Maria comments on how happy Laurie now seems and asks what he said to her. He tells her he just listened to her, then asks Maria what he should call Laurie – granddaughter, DNA clone? Maria suggests sister. Michael wistfully replies “I have a sister. That is so weird.” Maria fills Michael in on Meredith and Bobby’s “evil” plan to trick Laurie out of her inheritance. Michael replies that they are “shallow, shallow people.” The maid approaches and Michael tells her “Carmen, I think it’s kind of a Braveheart night and tell the kitchen we will be ready to dine about seven.” Carmen delivers a cell phone to him, on a tray, and tells him he has a phone call. It’s Max. We cut back and forth between Michael and Maria living the good life, luxuriating by the pool and Max and company digging in the pouring rain. Max tells Michael about being able to stop the gandarium by depriving them of oxygen. Michael tells him there are no gandarium were they are. Max asks “So Laurie is safe?” Michael replies “She is under my constant watch. I’m not even sleeping. How are things with you?” Max despondently replies “Tired. It’s been a long couple of days.” Michael cuts in “Yeah, tell me about it.” Max continues “It’s been raining pretty hard here; morale’s a little low.” Carmen delivers a portable video player, so Maria and Michael can watch Braveheart by the pool. Michael tells Max “Uh, Maxwell, I’ve gotta take another patrol around the perimeter.” They disconnect and Michael calls after Carmen to bring them some more iced tea.

Jim goes to the Sheriff’s Station to see Agent Duff. He tells her that Grant is on his way to Laurie’s and that they need to take a plane to beat him there. She wants to know how he knows this and he replies “Listen, we work together or we don’t. You gotta trust me, we have to get to Tucson now.” She agrees and starts to call the Arizona field office for back up. He stops her and says “Agent Duff, there’s something that you need to know. Before this is over you may see some things that you won’t be able to explain. As a matter of fact, you won’t want to. You told me once, you appreciated honesty. Well here it is. If you tell the Bureau what we’re about to do…you kill your career.” She says “What are you talking about?” He replies “You gotta trust me. You gotta follow my lead and be VERY selective with what you put in your final report.” He picks up the phone’s receiver and says “Now get us a plane.”

Michael, Maria and Laurie are having dinner in the luxurious Dupree mansion dining room. Laurie says “This is the first time I’ve felt at home at this dinner table since my Grandfather died.” Maria comments on how delicious everything is. Michael agrees, but remarks that the chicken is rather small. Walking in at that moment, Meredith disdainfully corrects him, saying “It’s not chicken, it’s squab, stuffed with foie gras and black truffles, in a pinot noir glaze.” Bobby is appalled that they are using the good crystal to drink their root beers. Meredith tells them that, although it is the staff’s night off, she has asked them to prepare them a seven course meal, in the hopes it will keep them from snooping around among her personal belongings. She and Bobby are going out for the evening. They leave and Maria rings the dinner bell for more service, at the same time calling out for Carmen. There is no response from Carmen so Maria tells Michael to see what’s the matter. He goes out to the kitchen and sees that Carmen’s throat has been cut. Michael goes back to the dinning room, calmly walks over to Maria, takes her arm, lifting her from her chair and says “Get up.” Walking her over to Laurie he says “Take her some place safe right now.” Maria and Laurie immediately panic and Laurie whimpers “Oh my God. They’re here?” Michael tries to calm her down then tells Maria once again to take her. Maria is reluctant to leave, asking what he is going to do. He firmly replies “Just go!” They take off, Michael walks back into the hallway and slowly walks towards the front foyer. He hears a noise behind him and retraces his steps. He stops at the end of the hallway and looks around. Grant shoots him from the front foyer and he goes down. Cut to Isabel hitching a ride from a stranger and asking for a ride to Tucson. Cut to Maria and Laurie going to the bomb shelter and having difficulty closing the door behind them because it is heavy and stiff from lack of use. Cut to Jim and Duff coming into the kitchen, guns drawn, and finding Carmen’s dead body, then going to the hallway and finding Michael bleeding from his gun shot wound in the shoulder. Michael tells Jim “They’re back there. Back there, go!” Cut to the bomb shelter. Maria and Laurie are still struggling with the door when Grant comes upon them. He pushes his way in, grabs Laurie and puts his gun to her head. Jim and Duff arrive and Jim says “Sorenson, you don’t want to do this.” Duff says “Put the gun down and step away from the girl.” Laurie pleads to them “Don’t let him put me back in the ground!” Duff repeats “Put the gun down NOW!” Grant, struggling with the compulsion to do Laurie harm, plaintively says “I wanna, but I can’t! You have to stop me!” Jim says “Listen to me. We’re gonna help you. I promise. Just put the gun down.” Grant screams and grabs his head, releasing Laurie in the process. She falls to the ground and quickly crawls to Jim and Duff. Jim says “Good, now just drop the gun and everything will be all right.” Grant is losing what little control he still has left and shouts back “NO, NO, NO. You have to kill me!” Jim tries to calm him down by saying “Grant, I’m gonna help you. I promise, you can trust me.” He lowers his gun and says “Look, I’m gonna walk over there, see?” Grant loses all control and raises his gun to fire. Duff fires first and Grant goes down. He falls onto a cot in the shelter. They tentatively approach him and are startled when the gandarium crystals burst out of his chest. The Queen, which looks like a flying jelly fish, emerges from the crystals and hovers over the body. They all stand there mesmerized by it. Michael arrives at the shelter and screams for them to get out now. He shuts the door behind them. Then he uses his powers to suck all the oxygen out of the room. Like the crystal in the bottle, the Queen starts bouncing off the walls. Jim asks “What did you do?” Wincing from the pain in his shoulder, Michael explains “Max said they need oxygen to live, so I just sucked all the air out of the room.” Through the door’s window, they watch as it makes a line drive straight for them, splattering itself against the window. Laurie asks “So, it’s over?” Jim replies “I guess that depends on what happens to the rest of the crystals.” Cut to Alex and Kyle lying on the floor of the cave, contemplating their end. It’s not how Kyle pictured it but Alex thinks it was a hell of a ride, saying “I mean, think about it. We not only met aliens, but they killed us. How many people can say that?” Kyle replies “You’re getting delirious, is that it?” Alex responds “Take a step away from you life, Kyle. I mean, you are part of this amazing thing, this amazing knowledge that you have that 6 billion people on this planet don’t. You really want to step out of this cave if it meant you were gonna be another dumb jock?” Kyle replies “You know what, I wouldn’t.” The crystals start to drip on them and Kyle panics, thinking they are attacking. Alex calms him down by explaining that they aren’t attacking, they’re dying. The crystals blocking the entrance drip away and they escape the cave, to the cheers of Max, Liz and Tess. Liz asks what happened. Kyle replies “I’ll tell you what must have happened. Since Alex and I figured out how to kill the Queen, and Max told Michael, Michael must have killed the Queen. So the all crystals died, and they fell on us, cuz they’re dead, which means we must have saved the world!” They all cheer and hug each other. Alex says “Which means our job is done and I need to take a shower.” Liz says “Let’s go home.”

Isabel enters the bomb shelter. Grant is still lying on the cot. She picks up a blanket and covers him with it. She stoops down next to the cot, her back to the wall, and half whispers “Oh God, I’m sorry. I’m just gonna sit here for a while. OK? Just sit here so you’re not alone.” Cut to Jim and Duff, in his dining room, sharing some scotch. Duff says “So it looks like I have two options. Tell the truth about everything I’ve seen or write a false report and commit a felony.” Jim says “Not very attractive options.” Duff agrees. Jim says “I always took a very LEGAL approach to my job. If I couldn’t put in a report, or swear to it in a court of law, in my mind it never happened.” Duff asks “Just walk away?” Jim replies “That would be my advice. Sometimes it’s better just to walk away with your victories.” Cut to Michael and Maria in the Dupree kitchen. Maria is holding Michael’s head in her hands as she gently kisses him on the forehead, nose and lips, while softly saying “My brave, handsome, hero.” Michael winces and says “Wounded hero. I’ve got to get back to Roswell and let Max work on this shoulder.” Maria replies, “Whenever you’re ready spaceboy.” Michael wonders about asking Laurie to move in with him, but then realizes that being in close proximity to him would put her in danger from enemy aliens, and she needs a respite from all that right now. He asks Maria “What’s gonna happen to her? We can’t leave her here with these freaks.” Maria replies Well that’s something that we can handle. All we need is a lawyer.” She gently kisses him again and we cut to the next day in the Dupree living room, as they watch a lawyer give papers to Bobby and Meredith, for their signatures. Then we cut to Michael’s apartment. He places a framed picture of Laurie on a shelf. Maria comes up to him and they hug each other.

#215 Viva Las Vegas – Synopsis

Compiled by Joan Pickering

Maria is standing in front of a chalkboard, speaking to the viewers, giving them a “review”. She turns to the chalkboard and draws a large circle. “This is their planet; off in the middle of the universe somewhere.” She draws a smaller circle. “This is our planet, Earth.” Interspersed with her comments, are clips from previous episodes showing the people and events she is mentioning. “All right, the aliens. Max, Michael, or Spaceboy, as I like to call him, Isabel and Tess. They landed here in 1947; they gestated in these really gross pods for forty years; and then they, uh, they sort of hatched. Now, there’s only a few of us humans, who know about them. Liz, Alex, Kyle, Kyle’s Dad, and me (with short hair in her waitress uniform). I hate that picture. (newer, long hair version) Better! All right, what you need to know about them. They have special powers, of course; they eat Tabasco sauce by the crate and trying to have a relationship with them is like suicide. I mean it’s like typical bad relationship stuff, but even weirder. For instance, there was this one time when Future Max, told Liz that she needed to break up with the Present Max or else the world would end. So she did, but she ended up missing out on all this romantic stuff they would have done, like eventually eloping and getting married in Las Vegas. Oh, speaking of Las Vegas…

Max and Michael are running like their life depends upon it, down empty school corridors. They turn a corner and stop to look back. Michael is sweating, out of breath and on the verge of panic. Max is much calmer. He says “I think we lost them.” Michael says “Are you sure?” Max replies “Not really.” Michael asks “Where’s Isabel?” Max sternly replies “She’s GONE, Michael! Now pull it together, or we’re gonna be next.” Michael asks “What do they want from us?” Max, ignoring Michael, says “We need a plan. We can’t fly by the seat of our pants anymore.” Michael, panicking, says “They’ve got to want SOMETHING! Maybe we can talk to them.” Still ignoring Michael’s questions and suggestion, but this time looking directly at Michael, Max replies “It’s time we step it up. FACE the demon. No more hiding!” Michael, scared to death, says “What are you talking about?” He hears a noise and turns to look. There are people approaching, wearing ski masks and carrying flashlights and laser sighting rifles. Michael calls out “Max!” and turns back to see he is all alone. The enemy has him cornered against the lockers. He cries out “No, please!” but is cut down by a swath of bullets. Cut to Michael jolting awake from his nightmare, checking his chest for bullet wounds. He gets up and opens the refrigerator. He starts to reach for something and stops when he realizes his hand is shaking. He hits the refrigerator with both hands, in anger and frustration, then rests his head, trying to catch his breath and calm down. He goes to a shelf in his apartment and pulls down the bag of money he received from the Duprees. Cut to Michael coming through Max’ bedroom window, carrying a duffel bag. Max jolts awake and says “What’s going on?” Michael replies “We are leaving, is what’s going on. You and me, we’re getting out of town for a couple of days.” Anxious, Max asks “What? Why, what’s wrong?” Michael, agitated and pacing the room, replies “I need a road trip; I gotta clear out the cobwebs.” Concerned with Michael’s state, Max says “What the hell are you talking about?” Michael snaps back, “I’m talking about getting out of this two bit town for a couple of days and having some fun! Is there something wrong with that!” Somewhat taken aback, Max replies “No, there’s nothing wrong with it.” Michael continues to pace and Max says “Do you want to tell me what’s really going on?” Still agitated, Michael replies “Nightmares, Maxwell. I can’t shake ‘em. I’ve had them every night for two weeks. I mean, my brain needs a vacation, or, I swear to God, I am gonna lose it on someone, or something, and it’s not gonna be pretty!” Max can see that Michael truly does need a vacation so he agrees. Michael wants to leave right now but Max convinces him that they have to create a cover story, so they are not missed, and it will have to be after school that day. He asks Michael where they are going and Michael replies “You’re gonna love it. It’s a place without rules, without responsibilities, a place where we can forget our troubles. It’s a city of dreams.” It’s not clear to Max so he asks “Which would be…?” Michael replies “Vegas. We’re going to Vegas, baby!”

Arriving at school, Max is trying to convince Michael that he does not have to spend the whole $50,000, that he should save some of it to build his future on. Michael feels the money is tainted and he doesn’t want to build his future on tainted money. He says it’s haunting him and he wants to get rid of it. Max tries to tell Michael to be reasonable but Michael jumps down his throat, saying “Hey, I’m not gonna be reasonable. This isn’t a reasonable day in my life!” so Max backs off. Michael tells him to get busy on their cover story and they will meet in the lounge after 5th period. They separate and Isabel, who overheard the last part, follows Max and asks “Where are you going after 5th period?” Max tells her they are going to Vegas, because Michael needs a break. Peeved, Isabel replies “And I don’t!? Do I really have to give you a list of things I have had to deal with lately?” Surprised by her outburst, Max replies “No!” Isabel continues “Then I’m sure I don’t have to stand her and convince you that if anyone needs a break, it is your loving sister who has asked for so little, but given so much!” Defeated, Max replies “No.” Isabel continues “And I’m sure whatever plan you come up with will work just as easily for three as it will for two. Right?” Max agrees. Pleased, Isabel goes off, saying she will meet them in the lounge later.

In Spanish class, Michael is reading a book on casino gambling, while repeating Spanish phrases, along with the rest of the class. Kyle, sitting next to him, gets his attention and asks what he’s reading. Michael tells him he and Max are going to Vegas. Kyle wants to join but Michael says it’s for aliens only and assumes he understands. Kyle asks him to place a bet for him. He also asks to see Michael’s book. The teacher catches him with it and gives him detention. After class, Kyle catches up with Tess in the hallway and says even though she held out on him, he’ll cover for her with his dad, if she places a bet for him. She has no idea what he is talking about and asks if someone stepped on his head in gym. He deduces that their “Martians only field trip to Vegas” must be a surprise, organized by Max and Michael. Maria overhears this last part and corners Michael. At first he tells her she can’t come, because he doesn’t want her cramping his style. She convinces him he needs her, because no one knows how to spend money like she does. He agrees, on the condition that she understands this is not a romantic get-away for them. He also doesn’t want her telling anyone else. They are to keep this “low profile”. Cut to Maria telling Liz about the trip, in the science lab, and trying to convince her to come too, as a gal pal, since Michael will be off “doing some dumb guy thing”. Vegas is not Liz’ idea of fun. Also, because this is where she and Max would have gotten married, if she and Future Max hadn’t changed their destinies, she never wants to go to Vegas. Maria reminds her that it never actually happened and that she has to let go of it and create her own memories. Alex comes in and Maria asks him, if given a choice, would he rather a) dissect pig babies or b) take an all expense paid trip to Vegas. Alex replies “When do we leave?” Maria tells him “Today, after 5th period.” Maria makes a final attempt to convince Liz, by singing “Viva Las Vegas”.

Tess catches up to Michael and says she hopes he doesn’t mind but she invited Kyle on their trip to Vegas because he has been such a stand up guy and did save the world from the crystals. Michael interrupts with “OUR trip?” and Tess says “Yeah, and I just wanted to let you know, too, that when I first moved to town, I felt like a complete outsider. You know, no friends, barely any family, but you really helped me feel welcome.” Bubbling with enthusiasm, she tells him how thoughtful it was of him to plan this trip and how much it means to her, especially since she’s never been before. She asks again if it’s OK for Kyle to go. Not wanting to burst her bubble, Michael reluctantly agrees. Cut back to Liz in the science lab, working on her experiment. She notices the clock on the wall says 2:50 and starts singing “Viva Las Vegas”. Cut to Michael getting his duffel bag from his locker, as the 5th period bell rings. He goes to the lounge and finds Maria, Isabel, Tess, Kyle, Alex and a chauffeur holding a “GUERIN PARTY” sign. He says to Maria “This is low profile?” Max joins them. He has arranged for their names to be added to the list of students attending the debate team’s trip to Santa Fe, as their cover story. Their oratory topic is “Space travel – wave of the future or misbegotten dream?” They are about to leave when Liz rushes up to them and asks if she can join them. Michael warns her “No lecturing, no moralizing, no whining about spending the money on the homeless. This weekend is about fun and debauchery. You got it?” Liz replies “Yes. I know how to have fun.” Rolling his eyes, Michael responds “Right!” and they all leave.

Maria has reserved the Presidential Suite at their hotel. Even Michael is impressed. They all go off in different directions, checking out the amenities. Michael calls them all back into the front room and tells them to “Line up, IDs out!” As they comply he says “This town has some restrictions about having fun. I’m gonna fix that. You are no longer high school students from Roswell, NM. You are, of age party machines.” He waves his hand over their IDs, then asks them to read off their “aliases”. Kyle: Harvey Wallbanger; Tess: Pina Colada; Alex: Tom Collins; Isabel: Brandy Alexander; Maria: Margarita Salt; Liz: Shirley Temple; and Max: Rob Roy. He calls himself Dr. Love. He then hands them each $3,000 and lays down some rules. The money must be spent there and is not to be hoarded. The most important rule is that he and “Rob Roy” run alone; if they see them at a table, they are to go to another one. He sends them off to “clobber the house.” As the others rush out, Max (obviously pleased that she is there) stops Liz and tells her “I was kind of surprised to see you down for this kind of trip.” She replies “I could say the same thing to you.” He responds “I’m only here for Michael.” Lowering his voice so Michael will not overhear he says “He’s kind of going through something. I just want to keep an eye on him.” Liz replies “Oh, so this isn’t a vacation for you.” Max laughs and says “This is the last place I’d ever want to take a vacation.” Liz agrees, saying she is just there for Maria. Michael interrupts them, sending “Shirley” on her way. He asks “Robby” to “pick his poison – blackjack, craps, roulette.” Without much enthusiasm, Max replies “Yeah, whatever you want.” Michael says that’s not the spirit he’s looking for but says not to worry, Dr Love will show him the way, as he leads him out of the suite.

In the casino, the girls are trying to decide what to do first. Ending a call on her cell phone, Maria says she just made an appointment for a salt scrub at a spa and takes off. The others decide to try their luck at the tables. Isabel walks right by the guard with no problem but Liz and Tess are challenged by him. He doesn’t buy their “IDs”. Liz caves and admits they are only 17. He suggests they try the hotel’s video arcade. Tess is none too pleased with Liz. Cut to a blackjack table, where Kyle explains the intricacies of the game to Isabel. She loses her first hand and decides that figuring out the “math” of the game isn’t what she wants to do on her vacation, so she takes off. Alex tells Kyle that an “all or nothing strategy has the best chance of beating the house” and promptly loses his entire $3,000 in one hand. Maria comes to his rescue. She found a flyer at the spa, posted by a booking agent looking for singers. She offers to give Alex her $3,000 stake, if he’ll be her accompanist at the audition. Cut to Michael explaining the game of craps to Max. He tells him he’ll love the game because “it’s fast, it’s loud, it’s everything livin’ in Roswell isn’t.” Michael receives the dice as a new roller and rolls a six, setting the point. He announces that he will roll a six “the hard way” (two threes) and does, impressing the other players. Maria runs up to him to tell him about the audition. He reminds her that he told her not to bother him and Max at the tables. She is very disappointed that he doesn’t understand how important this audition is to her. That it’s been her dream to sing in a Vegas supper club. She walks away, stunned that her pleas for him to come watch have gone ignored, as Michael continues to focus on the game, and continues to win. Cut to Isabel at the slot machines. She’s extremely bored and welcomes the interruption of a pretty young woman in a bridal gown who sits next to her, bemoaning the fact that her maid of honor got food poisoning, just before the ceremony, and that someone spilled red wine on her dress. A waitress brings club soda to get out the stain and Isabel offers to help. Out of the bride’s sight, Isabel uses her powers to remove the stain. Traci is ecstatic, calling Isabel her “good luck charm”, and introduces herself. Isabel introduces herself as Brandy. Traci’s groom to be, Glen, and his best man, Dave, come over. Traci introduces “Brandy” and explains how she helped. Dave suggests that maybe Brandy would be willing to fill in as maid of honor. Attracted to Dave, who is very good looking, “Brandy” agrees. Cut to the booking agent’s office, where the unmannerly agent, who is eating his lunch, tells Maria “OK Blondie, you’re up.” Alex begins to play the piano and Maria sings “I’ve Got The World On A String”, flirting with the agent during the song. When she finishes, he flatters her saying “Honey, you’ve got some set of pipes! I was truly moved.” She thanks him and he responds “No, no, no…thank YOU. Now, take off your clothes.” Maria’s jaw drops and Alex rushes to her defense saying “Hey, who do you think you are! You treat her like a lady!” Surprised by their reaction, he replies “I’ll treat her like a stripping lady, because that’s what she’s auditioning for.” Alex and Maria recheck the flyer and realize their mistake; they missed the “BYOG-string” part. Cut back to Michael and Max. A cheering crowd has formed as Michael keeps making the throws he calls. Getting nervous, Max, under his breath, admonishes Michael saying “You’re cheating!” Michael whispers back “Want to say that a little louder? I don’t think the pit boss heard you!” The pit boss is examining the dice, like they may be loaded. Still whispering, Max says “This isn’t right, using your powers like this.” Michael sarcastically replies “Thanks for the sermon, Dad.” Max reminds him that’s not why they came and Michael replies “No. We came here to have fun, which is exactly what I’m doing. Why don’t you just sit back and stop acting like a little Sally and let me roll these dice.” The pit boss gives the croupier a new set of dice and Michael announces to the crowd “Folks, this is the fourth set they’ve given me, but [shrugging] when you’ve got the hot hand, you’ve got the hot hand.” He rolls another winner and the crowd cheers. The pit boss calls over the bouncer. Max notices and says “Michael, he knows.” Michael replies “He doesn’t know anything. What’s he going to say, I’m using my mysterious alien powers?” Michael rolls another winner and the pit boss closes the table. Michael confronts him and the pit boss says “You’re done. My advice is, take your winnings and move on down the strip.” Max readily agrees but Michael says “The hell we will. I’m here to gamble. There’s another table over here.” The pit boss says “Listen punk…” Michael angrily replies “Punk!?” and punches him in the face. The guards grab Michael and Max jumps into the fray, trying to help, so they grab him too.

Liz is playing a pinball machine in the video arcade, near a poster for an Elvis chapel. Tess decides it’s because they are so small that they didn’t fool the guard so they should try again, while she uses her mind warp on him. Liz isn’t interested and says “Tess, I’m fine here in the arcade.” Tess laments, “Great! I’m stuck in the party capital of the world with Liz Parker” At Liz’ glaring look, Tess continues “Or, if we’re feeling dangerous, we could always challenge a couple of 8 year old boys to foosball; or go to the ice capades.” With a pang, Liz notices the Elvis Chapel sign, and lashes back “You know, for your information, I didn’t want to come to Vegas in the first place. I knew that this was going to be the most miserable trip of my life. I KNEW it! But I didn’t listen to my instincts. And by the way…Tess…I don’t enjoy being stuck here with you either.” Tess replies “Fine!” and leaves. Cut to Traci and Glen leaving the Presidential Suite, throwing the bridal bouquet to “Brandy”, who is standing by a three-tiered cake holding the bouquet when Maria and Alex walk in, wondering what’s going on. Isabel explains, introduces Dave and offers them some cake. The phone rings and Maria answers with a mouthful of cake. It’s Michael. In a lamentable tone she says “Do you want to know where I was tonight? I was auditioning to be a STRIPPER! Little innocent me.” Michael responds “You get the job?” The camera pulls back to show that he is in jail. Maria continues “Do you not even care!? This wouldn’t have happened had you been with me!” Getting impatient, Michael asks “Is there someone else there that I can talk to?” Maria snaps back “WE are talking!” Michael replies “Look I can’t. I’m in jail with Max. What you need to do is shut your trap, get down here, and bail us out.” Maria responds “Wait a minute. If you’re in jail, than that means this is your only phone call.” Michael concurs and Maria summarily hangs up on him.

Alex is back at the blackjack table with Kyle, asking him how he handles the conflict of Buddhism and gambling. Maria interrupts saying they need to bail Max and Michael out of jail. Kyle is reluctant to leave, because he’s winning, so Maria tells the dealer he’s a member of Gambler’s Anonymous. It’s against casino policy to cater to gambling addicts, so the dealer refuses to deal to him. Cut to Isabel and Dave slow dancing in the Presidential Suite. Dave wonders how she can afford such a luxurious suite and she replies “It’s a friend’s.” He asks “Is your friend a Kennedy or something?” She laughs lightly and replies “More like a prince.” He tells her what a great day it has been, with the wedding and spending time with her. They kiss. He tells her he’d like to go back to his hotel room, where it’s more private. She says she’ll have to think about it and they kiss again, more passionately. When they break she says “OK, I’ve thought about it. Let’s go.”

In the jail cell, Max is hanging on the bars, despondently saying “Are we having fun yet?” Michael, on a bench, replies “No thanks to you.” Max snaps back “Hey, this isn’t MY fault! If you hadn’t been showing off…” Michael responds “Here we go…another lecture!” Max angrily asks “What is with you!?” Michael lashes back “What’s with me!? Not you man. DEFINITELY not you!” Confused Max replies “What the hell is that supposed to mean? The only reason I came on this trip was for you.” Michael sarcastically responds “Oh yeah, out of the goodness of your big, fat, bleeding heart, you skipped out on 6th period, and you went to Vegas for poor, screwed up Michael! Yeah, big hand, Max!” He applauds. Disgusted Max sits down saying “Whatever! You’re talking to yourself now, Michael. I’m done.” Talking to an imaginary person, Michael says “Gee, Michael, why’d you want to go to Vegas with Max in the first place? It sounds like a really stupid idea. No, no, see, you don’t get it. Max and I, we’re guys, and sometimes guys just like to go out and tear it up for no good reason. But Michael, Max is NO fun, he’s a straight arrow, he’s a responsible guy!” Max interrupts with “I’m here aren’t I?” Michael looks at Max and disdainfully says “This is a private conversation.” then turns back to the imaginary person and continues with “As I was saying Michael, it’s like this, Max and I, we use to be tight. We grew up together. And it’s no big deal that we can go out and have fun for a couple of days. We use to be friends.” Max jumps up shouting “Oh give me a break! This isn’t about friendship. This is about your…your irresponsible, reckless behavior…” Michael interrupts, shouting back “Hey, I’ve been going through some heavy stuff the last couple of weeks! In case you missed it, I got shot!” Max counters with “I KNOW; I HEALED YOU!” Michael responds “You put your hand over my shoulder, and you did your little trick, like a robot. You’re a machine, Max. You wouldn’t know the first thing it takes to HEAL me. To REALLY heal me. Max is silenced by this last attack. Cut to Max angrily bursting into the Presidential Suite. He picks up the phone and calls the airlines, inquiring about the next flight out. Maria tries to convince Michael to talk him out of leaving but Michael is indifferent to her pleas. Max starts to leave and Maria stops him saying “Please don’t go. I’m blowing the rest of Michael’s cash on a beautiful, expensive dinner. I’m even taking care of what everyone’s wearing…” Michael interrupts with “He’s not invited anymore.” Max replies to Maria “Thanks, but I’m just gonna go home.” and leaves. Michael says “Finally my vacation can begin.”

Max finds Liz at the video arcade. He comments on how good she is at the pinball game and she replies “Oh, well, yeah, after 6 hours and a thousand quarters, you sort of get a rhythm going.” He tells her he’s leaving and she asks if everything is OK. He says “Yeah, it’s just…Vegas. Kinda makes my skin crawl.” She nods in agreement and, pointing to the Elvis Chapel sign, says “And who would ever want to get married in an Elvis Chapel? Right?” He laughs and says “Not me! Not in this life time.” Liz is disappointed, but covers by agreeing with him. There’s an awkward moment and then he says he has a plane to catch and leaves. Outside the hotel a bride and groom get out of the taxi Max is about to take. He stops and stares at them as the groom picks up the bride to carry her over the threshold. As Max is staring at them, they become Max and Liz, also dressed as a bride and groom, but Liz’ dress is different. They are extremely happy and share a romantic kiss before the vision turns back to the actual couple. Cut to the dinner Maria planned at a supper club. They are all dressed in their finery and Alex takes a picture. Maria tells Michael that he “cleans up nice.” He decides the lobster they had for dinner wasn’t enough and asks Maria for some money to grab a cheeseburger at a fast food place. When he leaves, Maria asks Liz why she even tries. She’s worried because she plans on being a “worldly woman” and Michael is trapped in a world of “armpit farts and PlayStation”. Michael surprises her, and everyone else, by going on stage and introducing Margarita Salt as this evening’s vocalist, telling them “You’re gonna love listening to this performer and, even though she’ll never believe me, I love listening to her too.” Maria is thrilled, as she approaches the stage to welcoming applause. She sings “I’ve Got It Bad And That Ain’t Good”, a sultry lounge song, impressing the audience. Michael watches from back stage. Tess tells Kyle they are going to dance and leads him to the dance floor. Alex steps back to take a picture and Isabel, who just arrived, joins him. She tells him that Dave was exactly what she was looking for in this town – a good looking smartass that she could chew up and spit back out – but when he went for some ice, she went to find a cab. She doesn’t know what she really wants and thinks she must be the biggest freak on the planet. Alex assures her that when she’s ready, she’ll find someone and make him the happiest man ever. Pleased by his remarks, she asks him to dance and he accepts. Liz is watching all the happy couples on the dance floor, when Max suddenly appears, holding his hand out, inviting her to dance. She asks why he decided to stay and he tells her about the vision. She says “That’s weird” and he agrees, saying “It’s like this…this memory flash, of something that really happened. But then…” Liz is about to respond when Maria’s song ends and everyone starts applauding. Michael joins Maria on stage. She thanks him and they kiss. Cut to the 8 of them returning to the Presidential Suite. They are all laughing and enjoying themselves; Liz and Max are holding hands. They all stop short when they see Jim Valenti sitting in the suite, holding the “Guerin Party” sign from the limousine service. The party is obviously OVER. Jim calmly says “At 3:30 yesterday afternoon, Vice Principal McClure contacted me. Apparently my son didn’t show up for detention. News to me! So I called some of Kyle’s friends. Nobody knew where he was. So I made a few other inquiries. Without alarming any of your parents, I deduced that you were ALL missing. [his voice starts to rise] By 4:30, I was in a PANIC! That maybe it was a mass kidnapping! Or, or an INVASION! I KNEW you guys had to be in some kind of trouble, because, there was NO WAY that you’d just take off without TELLING me!” They are all chastened by his words, knowing he’s right. Max says “We just took a little vacation.” Michael adds “It was like Spring break.” Jim calmly continues “So you skipped school? Missing class is excusable if it involves saving a planet; yours, mine, any other. [voice rising] It is NOT acceptable if it is done in the name of underage gambling. Is that CLEAR? [silent nods from all] Each one of your parents is gonna hear from me later today. I expect you back in Roswell this afternoon. KYLE, get in the car!” Kyle replies “I was up $1600.” Jim screams “NOW!” and Kyle jumps to action. Jim follows him out the door and Michael says “I’m glad I’m an orphan.” Tess replies “Yeah, me too.” From the hallway, Jim shouts “TESS! Don’t make me come BACK in there!” Tess sheepishly obeys. Maria and Liz go to their rooms. Max asks Michael “Are you tired?” and leads him outside. They get some coffee and as he pays for it Michael says “That’s the last of it.” Max tells him “You were right. I do act like a machine sometimes.” Michael replies “Forget it. I probably said too much.” Max responds “No, it’s all right. It’s something I needed to hear. You needed a friend and you got a chaperone. I’m sorry. I guess, I feel so responsible for you, and Isabel…and even Tess. Sometimes I let that get in the way of letting you all know how much…how much you mean to mean. But without you, I’d…I’d be lost Michael.” Michael replies “Who ever sent us down here was smart. You know why? Because they sent us together, and as long as we stick together, we’re gonna make it.” They head back to the room discussing what they should do till it’s time to leave. Michael suggests they watch Braveheart and Max asks how many times he can watch that movie. Michael says “I’m still trying to get an accurate body count.” Two pretty young ladies walk by and they both turn to check them out.

#216 Heart of Mine – Synopsis

Compiled by Joan Pickering

We open with Maria standing in front of the chalkboard, addressing the audience. She tells us that just because we haven’t seen an episode in quite a while, it doesn’t mean that life in Roswell has stopped. During the hiatus, Tess has helped Max recover memories from his past life, causing him to become distant with Liz. And Liz has become closer to Sean. But it’s the Prom that makes this “a really disastrous time in Roswell”. Cut to Liz in an evening dress doing sashay turns down a dimly lit bowling alley lane. At first it is completely silent; then Liz’ voice over is heard. “It’s April 27th, I’m Liz Parker, and I think I’ve figured out why I haven’t written in this journal for nearly a year.” Cut to Liz sitting on her balcony in casual clothes, writing in her journal. “It’s just ironic that I would figure something out really deep, from like the least deep guy in America.” Cut to Liz and Sean, sitting at a restaurant booth, sharing French fries. Sean is waxing philosophic about polar bears, Liz is listening like she cares about what he has to say. Cut to them sitting outside the Crashdown in his VW Bug. He asks “Do you want to go bowling?” She points out that it’s after hours and he replies that he can manage to get them in. She laughingly says “Yeah but it’s a week night so I probably shouldn’t, you know, commit a felony.” He laughs and says “Yeah, that’s cool. Maybe some other time.” Liz tells him that despite what people say, she thinks he’s a nice guy. He tells her that she’s special. She seems at a loss for what to say so she thanks him then says “Goodnight”. He responds “Goodnight” then leans over and kisses her. She returns his kiss, then pulls away, feeling guilty.

The next day at school, in the girl’s restroom, Liz tells Maria “One minute I was letting him down easy and the next minute he was kissing me. What was I suppose to do?” Laughing, Maria replies “I don’t know. A swift kick to the huevos comes to mind.” Liz continues, “You know what the most annoying part of all of this is? I can’t stop thinking what Max would think . I mean why? Right? We’re not even together. God, I have spent two years of my life involved in this THING with Max and I don’t even have a date for the prom. And now I feel guilty. Why should I feel guilty?” Maria replies “You shouldn’t feel guilty, it was a non-kiss. It’s not like you would kiss Sean back.” The look on Liz’ face tells her otherwise. Grossed out, Maria says “Ewww. I’m gonna be sick.” and leaves. Cut to Max and Michael entering school. Michael asks “So you actually remember our planet?” Max replies “Yes” and Michael asks “What are the chicks like?” Max responds “If you are not gonna take this seriously…” Michael interrupts with “I seriously want to know what the chicks are like.” Max tells him “It’s not that literal. They’re just these images. In one way I have this really clear feeling about everything and in another way everything seems so ephemeral. You know, um…” Michael interrupts with “Transient, fleeting, impermanent. I know what ephemeral means Maxwell. It’s my life.” Max continues, “Michael, I remember everyone. You, Isabel. (He sees Tess, laughing, in a conversation with Kyle.) For some reason Tess is the clearest.” Cut to Isabel in the school library, overhearing a young man awkwardly asking a girl he knows, to the prom. She smiles, and seems both happy and sad, when the girl says yes. Cut to Michael and Maria, standing in front of the sign for the Junior/Senior Prom. Michael says “Just kill me now. I don’t do proms, I don’t believe in them.” He tells her they are bogus, unnatural. She says “You know what I find to be really unnatural? That you’re half alien warrior and half Grandpa Dupree, but I make do.” Michael replies “I knew you were gonna make this thing into a whole issue.” Exasperated, Maria says “Oh my God! This is potentially one of the five greatest nights of my life. And if you’re not gonna do your part in providing that for me, then…[sniffs to prevent tears from starting] I’m just gonna…I’m gonna seek other options. That’s what I’m gonna do.” Michael replies “So what are you saying? That we’re seeing other people?” Maria responds “Oh my God, you are so annoying!” Michael snaps back “Fine! Then we’re seeing other people.” Maria comes back with “Fine!” then looks on in disbelieve as Michael walks away.

Kyle is sitting in the school lobby, reading “The Buddha Advises on Relationships”. Malamud, a jock, sits next to him and asks “Still reading this Hinduism crap?” Kyle sarcastically replies “It’s Buddhism, and if you’re asking about my spiritual journey, I’m touched.” Malamud responds “Well, no, actually I was wondering if it’s gonna help you get into Tess Harding’s pants.” Distrusting him, Kyle says “Right.” and Malumud replies “No, I’m serious, man. How long are you gonna let that blonde little hottie live under your roof before you’re gonna make your move?” Kyle thinks about what he said. Cut to Liz, working on her homework at a table outside school. Max comes up to her and says “There’s something I’ve been wanting to tell you.” Their attention is distracted by an ecstatic girl throwing herself into the arms of her boyfriend. Liz smiles sardonically, glances at Max, and says “The Prom.”. Max sighs “Yeah.” Liz adds “It seems like Michael and Maria aren’t going.” Max smiles and says “I think that one might be a little too early to call.” Liz despondently replies “It’s really weird. You know, a year ago I was so certain that the four of us would go together. I always pictured that moment. You know, walking in through those double doors together. [looking up at Max and smiling] I even bought a dress.” Max is pleasantly surprised by this information. As he sits at the table, he smiles and says “You did?” Liz replies “Yeah. Well, you know, it was around that time last year, when we first kissed, and everything just seemed so…” Max finishes her thought with “Simpler.” Liz agrees, pauses in thought then says “Max, I know that we’re not seeing each other and I accept that. I do. But, um, this is my PROM. You know, It really means a lot to me. I’ve put all this thought into it.” Max thoughtfully responds “Well, you know, WE can go.” Pleased, Liz replies hopefully “We can?” Warming to the idea Max says “Yeah! [continues somewhat sadly] I mean, OK, fine, we’re not together. But we’re also not with anyone else.” Liz agrees and adds that it doesn’t have to change anything, they can just go to have a good time. Max replies “I would love that.” Liz smiles and says “Me too.” then reminds Max that he had something to tell her. Max looks around, then conspiratorially replies “Right. I’m starting to remember things…about my planet, my life…my other life.” Surprised and impressed, Liz says “Wow!” Max warms to her reaction and says “Yeah! Yeah…it’s weird, like…for the first time I can remember things. You know, like what it smelled like [Liz nods encouragement for him to continue], what it felt like to be there.” Liz says “Yeah, th…that’s great” but under her smile is an underlying look of concern. Max replies “Yeah, I’ve been dying to tell you.” Liz responds “Yeah, yeah, that must be really exciting. Wow. So, um, do you remember, like, actual people? You know, like Michael and Isabel?” Max replies “Yeah. More like their energy than what anyone actually looks like.” Liz distractedly responds “Right.” then asks the question really on her mind “What about Tess?” Max replies “Yeah. I remember her too.” Liz forces a smile to come to her face and halfheartedly says “That’s great.”

The next day, Liz misses her bus to school and Sean offers her a ride. She’s reluctant, at first, so he apologizes for the other night saying “I totally misread my cards. I thought I caught a vibe.” She tells him he didn’t. He convinces her to accept the ride because there won’t be another bus for half an hour. He stops 10 blocks from the school and she asks why. He responds that he has to stay 1,000 feet from the school, as a condition of his probation. She rolls her eyes, not totally surprised. As she’s about to get out, he stops her to apologize again, then adds “But, I just want to say that when…when we kissed, it was the first time that I ever felt… at home in this town.” She tells him she’s going to the Prom with Max and he replies “Oh, well you should have just told me you guys were back together. I mean, I don’t feed off another man’s taco platter.” She says they are not back together, they are just going to the Prom together. Sean replies “Right. Hey, my hat’s off to the guy.” Liz asks “What is that supposed to mean?” Sean replies “Nothing, it’s just, um, a nice operation he’s got going.” Liz counters with “An operation?” Sean explains “Yeah, I mean, you know, he’s free to play the field, and yet he’s keeping you off the market.” Liz firmly replies “That’s not what’s happening, Sean. You have no idea who Max is, OK? Because if you knew him, you would know that he is above and beyond THAT way of thinking. HE is an incredibly, incredibly honorable guy.” Sean nods, unconvinced.

In the school, Maria approaches Michael at his locker and says “So, missed your shift last night.” Michael replies “Alien business.” He does not give her his full attention as she says “Well, we’re both off tonight so I’m willing to let you take me to dinner and a movie so you can make up for your asinine comments yesterday, which um, by the way, I think is very big of me.” He replies “I can’t make it tonight.” Incredulous, Maria says “Can’t make it?” Without looking at her he replies “No, I got plans.” and walks away, as Maria looks on in disbelief. Cut to the school library. Isabel and Alex are studying together. She glances at him, contemplating how to bring up a topic of conversation. She opens with “So, I think Billy Saroyan’s gonna ask me to the Prom.” Alex, still concentrating on his schoolwork, disconnectedly replies “Billy, huh? Are you sure? Because I heard he was taking Amy Green.” Slightly miffed, Isabel says “Well, the POINT is, I would have said no.” Alex raises an eyebrow, nods, says “Oh” then turns back to his books. Isabel asks “What about you, Alex? Anyone special?” Alex replies “Not right now.” Isabel responds “Really? Maybe someone special from your past? Who’s ready now, and before she wasn’t?” She has his full attention now. He sweetly and gently replies “Isabel, it would be my dream to take you to the Prom, but then we’d wake up the next morning, and you’d be on to the next thing and I’d be right back where I was before Sweden…you know, obsessed, pathetic and love sick. So I think, AMAZINGLY, my answer’s no, I’m not gonna take you to the Prom.” Isabel is clearly disappointed by his reply.

Kyle knocks on Tess’ open bedroom door. Tess, sitting on the bed in her PJs doing her homework, looks up and says “Oh, Kyle, hey. What’s up?” Nervous, he replies “Last year I went to the Prom with Trudy McIntyre…” Tess interrupts with “Oh, Trudy, she’s cute.” Kyle continues “Yeah, and so, we went, and everything was OK, but I didn’t really KNOW her, uh, so we didn’t really have much to talk about, much to say to each other. And so I realized that, I feel like I really KNOW you, which is unusual for me with girls, and uh, anyway, I just…” Really flustered at this point, he blurts out “Feel free to say no, or laugh, or be outraged, or whatever, but…would you want to go to the Prom? You know, with me?” She thinks for a brief moment and then replies “You know, I’d really like that Kyle” Taken totally by surprise he says “Oh!”.. She smiles and says “Thank you.”

Using a credit card, Maria breaks into Michael’s apartment. Liz cannot believe she agreed to accompany her. She feels they will regret it and Maria says only if they don’t find any evidence. Liz asks “Of what?” Maria replies “That he’s seeing someone else.” Liz points out this all just came up yesterday, so how could he already have another girlfriend. Maria, her voice quivering from emotion, replies “That’s exactly my point, Liz. He obviously already had this bimbo on the side and was just looking for an excuse to break up with me, you know.” Liz thinks she is overreacting. Maria finds a writing pad and uses the side of a pencil to outline the indentation. The words “Juanita 360 Glenwood Rd 8PM” are outlined. Heartbroken, she holds up the pad for Liz to see who, shocked, says “Oh.” Maria adds “Bastard!” Cut to Maria watching the living room window of 360 Glenwood Rd through binoculars. Incredulous, Liz says “I cannot believe that Michael is seeing another woman; I just won’t.” Maria, like a drill sergeant, says “Snap out of it, sister! [pointing to window] Juanita! Home wrecker!” Despondent Liz continues “I can’t believe what is going on with you and Michael and me and Max.” Whining, Maria replies “Liz what are you talking about? You and Max are going to the Prom!” Liz responds “I don’t know. I just feel Max and I are going in two different directions, like…it’s like we are not able to just separate.” Maria sees a pretty girl appear in the window, then Michael appears and Maria drops so she won’t be seen. Liz, seemingly oblivious to what is going on in the living room, continues “It makes you realize, like how easy things change. [Maria is stricken when Michael goes to the girl, puts his arms around her and she smiles.] Because people meet other people. I could meet another guy, or Max could meet another girl…” Despondent, Maria interrupts, “Or Michael could meet another woman.” Cut to Max and Tess, facing each other, sitting cross-legged on his bed. The lights are dim and candles are lit. Tess says “OK, just think about everything that you remember. What did it look like, feel like, smell like?” She pauses then says “You’re not concentrating.” Protesting, he replies “Yes, I am!” She shakes her head and says “Something’s getting in your way. What’s going on with you?” Max confesses “Actually, there is something I should probably tell you. Liz and I are going to the Prom.” Unaffected by this information, Tess replies “So?” At Max’ surprised look from her non-reaction so she explains “Max, I don’t care about that stuff. That’s NOT what’s important here. THIS is what’s important and we can do it. Let’s try again.” Cut to Maria driving up to Max’s house. Speaking out loud she repeats “I’m, OK…I’m OK.” Losing it, she hits the steering wheel repeatedly and cries in frustration “WHY!? WHY, WHY!!? Why? I just don’t understand…I wish…I wish that I hadn’t seen that, I wish that I hadn’t figured it out, I wish that I wasn’t so smart.” Liz tries to calm her down saying “We don’t know for sure that anything happened. You know we could be reading into this whole thing.” Maria turns to Liz and says “That’s why you have to go and ask Max.” Liz is reluctant but Maria begs her to do it. Cut to Tess and Max. They both have their eyes closed. Tess says “I see you. You’re swimming on your back. The water’s much…thicker, than the water here on Earth. Heavier. It’s not quite liquid, but not quite solid. [she takes his hands in hers] As you swim through it, the water forms around your body, and it feels like you’re swimming in…” Max completes her thought with “Jello.” His eyes open; hers do too. Incredulous he says “I remember! I REMEMBER it. I remember the water.” Excited he says “Oh my God! You did it! You made me remember!” Liz arrives at his bedroom window, just in time to see him put his arms around Tess in gratitude.

Liz runs into Sean outside the Crashdown. Sean says he’s going to figure something out for her, she says she’s not interested. He says “It might fix your problem.” She replies “Who’s says that I have a problem?” He responds “Well look at you. You look like you’re about to puke at the very least.” Liz lashes back “Hey, do you know what? I do not NEED this right now, OK? I do NOT want to hear anymore of your stupid, INANE comments. I do NOT want to hear anymore of your little theories on life and I do NOT want to write my FRIGGIN’ NAME in MUSTARD! OK? MY LIFE IS FALLING APART!!” Taking this all in he asks “Do you want to go somewhere?” Her anger spent, Liz replies “Yes.” Cut to the bowling alley, where Sean is giving her step by step instructions as she throws the ball down the alley. It ends up in the gutter anyway and she turns and says “I suck.” He replies “No, that was…that was definitely an improvement.” She smiles, until he asks if she wants to split a beer, so he immediately changes the subject. He asks “So, can I tell you my theory?” She replies “Can I stop you?” Sean says “You and I are really different people. But the thing is, that if we’re so different, then why do I feel so much, every time I look at you? It’s not completely one sided is it? This town…everybody’s always looking at me like, there’s Sean, just got back from juvie. What’s Crazy Sean gonna do next? And that’s when I figured out about you. You’re not that different. I mean, this whole arrangement you have with Max. It’s like you’re not together, but you’re not apart. I mean, I bet you can’t even talk to me, without wondering what Max is gonna think about it. But meanwhile, you’re not getting what you need from him, are you? You’re suffocating Liz. We both are. Liz takes all this in but does not reply. She gets up and bowls a strike. Excited she says “Oh my God! How was that?” Sean compliments her and tells her she’s a real prospect. She smiles and thanks him. He starts to take his bowling shoes off and she asks what he’s doing. He tells her he’s going “lane walking” and explains that because of the many coats of oil on the lanes, sliding down them in stocking feet is a lot of fun – freeing, like you could slide forever. It was something he did when he worked there. He asks her if she’d like to join him but she declines. Cut back to Tess and Max. Tess says “What else do you remember?” Max replies “Three moons, burnt orange, no clouds. Very surreal, like a… like a painting.” Tess prods “What else?” Frustrated, Max says “I need a break.” and gets up to pace the room. Tess says “It takes time. You know, everything’s blurry at first, but eventually the images just get clearer and clearer.” Max asks “How clear are your memories?” Tess says “Most are still blurry, but a few…a few are clearer and more real to me than anything here in this world.” Max asks “Do you remember me?” Tess replies “Yeah.” Max asks “What was I like?” Tess replies “I remember when you used to reach over, and touch me in the middle of the night. And when you used to hold me.”

Alex is practicing on his guitar when someone startles him by knocking on his bedroom window. He approaches it with trepidation, having no idea who it could be. He quickly pulls up the blinds, relieved to see Isabel standing there. He lets her in. Cut to them sitting on the window seat. Isabel tells him that she learned last semester that she only needed to take one more class to graduate, so she took it. She also tells him he is now the only one who knows she’s graduating. He asks if she’s going to college. She’s not sure about that but what she is sure of is that since she is graduating, this is her last chance to go to the Prom and she does not want to miss it. Begging, she says “Alex please don’t make me just sit here.” Alex responds “Isabel Evans, go to the Prom with me?” Elated she hugs him.

The night of the Prom, the Crashdown is holding a pre-prom gathering. As Maria does last minute touches on Liz’ hair, she asks her if Michael, in the back cooking, is “looking”. Liz tells her to concentrate on what she’s doing, as Maria curses Michael and hopes he’s “lonely tonight”. Kyle and Tess come in. She goes to a booth and he offers to get her “a beverage”. Liz goes to check on her hair and Kyle sits next to Maria. They both notice their parents sitting together in a booth. Kyle says “I caught ‘em making out on the couch.” Maria counters “Dude, I caught them making out in the pantry closet in the kitchen. It’s just so embarrassing.” Kyle replies “I know but there’s just nothing we can do about it. It’s just raging hormones. And they’re are chaperones ” Maria switches subjects and says “Hey, so are you and Tess, uh…you know?” Kyle replies “I don’t know, actually. She’s hot, but I feel really resistant for some reason that I can’t quite put my finger on.” Kidding, Maria says “Maybe you’re just gay.” Serious, Kyle shakes his head and replies “No. No.” Max enters the Crashdown just as Liz steps out from the back room. Their eyes meet across the room and they approach each other. Max tells her she looks beautiful and she tells him he looks very nice too. She asks if it’s OK if Maria tags along with them, since she is alone. He says sure. Amy gathers them all together, including Michael, to get a group picture. She asks Sean to take it so she and Jim can be in it too. They are all smiling and happy. As Sean is taking the picture, Liz’ voice over says “And there we were. All together. With everything we had all been through, over the last two years. The battles we’d fought, the relationships that were formed, the feelings for each other, stronger than any feelings we’d ever known could exist. And some how, in this moment, I had this really strong, really upsetting feeling, that this was the last time we’d all be standing together.

At the Prom, Alex and Isabel have their picture taken and then head for the dance floor. Admiring Isabel, in her red gown, Alex says “You know I gotta say, objectively speaking, you are incredibly beautiful this evening.” Isabel responds “You don’t have to say that.” Alex says “I know I don’t” Isabel says “Alex, thank you. This means so much to me, and I know you didn’t want to come, so thank you.” Alex replies “Well, you just got to promise not to be any more beguiling, otherwise I’ll be right back where I was.” Isabel laughs and Alex adds “I’m serious.” They continue to the dance floor. Kyle leaves Tess at a table to get her some punch. Malamud approaches him and, looking at Tess says “I envy you Valenti. Look at that compact little body.” Kyle sends him a warning “All right.” Malamud ignores it and says “I bet she’s a fire cracker in the sack.” Kyle tensely says “I wouldn’t know.” Oblivious, Malamud continues “Yeah well, you will soon. What do you say you throw her to me for a couple of hours, after you’re done with her.” Furious, Kyle grabs him and says “Don’t you EVER talk about my sister like that!” Malamud looks at him with fright and confusion and replies “What?” Kyle realizes what he said and, stunned, walks away. Cut to Max and Liz heading for the dance floor. As they are dancing, Liz tells Max that she feels really weird, because she saw him with Tess. He’s not sure what she means so she explains about coming by his house and seeing them together. He says “We were just trying to find out things about where we came from, that’s all.” Liz replies “I know, I know, you keep saying that, but you keep on leaving out this really pertinent fact – that you were married to her. I feel like my whole life, for the past year, has been waiting for some really bad news. ‘Oh, you know, by the way Liz, I remember Tess, and I love her.’ It’s really paralyzing.” Max responds “I know it’s not easy.” Liz interrupts saying “No, Max. It can be. It can be really, really easy. You know, if we both just stop pretending.” Troubled Max says “What do you mean?” Close to tears, Liz replies “You know, maybe we’re both just holding on to something that’ll never be. Max, maybe we should just let go. I’ve been in so much pain. This WHOLE year. It’s like I’m suffocating.” Max softly says “Liz?” but doesn’t have anything else to say. Liz shakes her head, then notices Maria standing alone and tells Max she is going, to be with her. Cut to Kyle bringing Tess to the janitor’s closet. He’s nervous and fidgety; he has something to tell her, which makes her nervous. He says “Tess, uh, you…you’re beautiful.” Tess tries to stop him but he continues “And the thing is, you’re not just some girl. I care about you.” Once again she tries to stop him but he continues “I think of you as family. As a sister. I don’t think it could be a romantic thing.” Tess replies “I understand. You know, I’m disappointed, but I understand.” but there is a look of relief on her face when they hug. Cut to the dance floor where Maria and Liz are dancing with total abandon, being carried away by the music. Liz shows no sign of her former depression, when she was talking to Max. Max watches them for a moment then walks away. Suddenly Maria notices Michael walk in, all dressed up in a suit, looking very dashing, and she stops dancing. Liz stops too, and tells her to go to him. Maria is reluctant but Liz insists. Maria asks Michael “What are you doing here?” He replies “I came here to dance.” She counters with “Well you should have brought Juanita?” Puzzled, he asks “How do you know about her?” Maria replies “I followed you to your love pod.” Michael informs her that Juanita was his dance teacher. He adds “I can’t dance, and I knew this was a big deal for you, so I was taking dancing lessons.” Pleased and embarrassed Maria says “Oh my God.” Michael interjects “Wait, did you think Juanita was some chick I was boffing, or…?” Maria repeats “Oh my God.” Michael demands “How the hell did you find out about her in the first place?” Shaking her head in disbelief, Maria says “Oh my God, I’m like the stupidest person alive.” Surprised at this admission, Michael nods and says “OK.” then adds “Juanita declared me unteachable, but if you want to risk personal injury…” Maria smiles at him with immeasurable pleasure and they walk onto the dance floor. Cut to Max, sitting in the lobby alone, holding his boutonniere, looking like he just lost his best friend. Tess and Kyle are returning from the janitor’s closet. She tells Kyle that she’ll meet him inside in a minute, and then goes over to Max. She says “You look sad.” His voice choking with emotion, he replies “I think it’s really over.” She responds “You mean with Liz?” He says “Yeah. I mean, I realized, I guess on some level, that things were headed in that direction. I think it’s really, actually over.” Cut to Alex and Isabel dancing. Isabel, looking lovingly at Alex says “Alex, I’m going to do something I said I wouldn’t do.” Knowing what she’s about to do, he halfheartedly says “Don’t” She kisses him lightly on the lips and he teasingly says “I asked you not to do that.” They kiss again, more passionately. Cut to Liz, sitting at a table, alone, looking like she just lost her best friend, watching them. She looks around the room, as if looking for someone, then gets up to search. Cut back to Max and Tess. Max says “I remembered something else. I don’t know how to feel about it.” Tess asks “What do you remember?” Max looks at Tess and replies “Our first kiss.” A slight, almost imperceptible tremor of pleasure runs over Tess. Max continues “It was at a party; late at night. And you…” Tess puts her hand on Max’ shoulder and finishes his thought “I leaned in.” Tess leans in, whispering, as she continues, “and whispered in your ear.” Max puts his hand on her cheek. Tess continues “and then you touched my cheek.” Max whispers “And then we just…” They kiss, lightly at first, then more passionately. Cut to Liz, finding who she was looking for. Devastated, at seeing them kiss, she is frozen in shock, then heads for the door. Tossing her corsage in the trash as she passes it, she literally runs out the door and up the stairs. Tess and Max are oblivious, as they continue to kiss. Cut to the bowling alley. Sean is there, bowling. He is pleasantly surprised to see Liz and asks why she is there. She replies “I guess it’s kind of an addictive sport.” Cut to them lane walking. Liz is slipping, sliding, giggling, and enjoying herself. As her voice over is heard, we alternately see the other couples enjoying themselves. “We try to live responsible, logical lives, but we can’t tell our hearts what to feel [Alex and Isabel]. Sometimes our hearts lead us to places we never thought we wanted to go [Max and Tess], and sometimes our hearts can be the sweetest gentlest things we have [Michael and Maria]. Sometimes our hearts can make us feel miserable, angry, excited and confused, all at once [Liz and Sean]. But at least my heart is open. And I’m writing again [cut to Liz writing in her journal on her balcony]. And feeling…and breathing.”

#217 Cry Your Name – Synopsis

Compiled by Joan Pickering

Standing before the chalkboard, Maria reminds us that the Prom was a disaster for Max and Liz and Kyle and Tess, but that things worked out pretty well for Alex and Isabel. And, with a little help from her and Liz, things might get even better. Cut to Alex, in his bedroom, on the phone with Isabel, with Maria and Liz giving him pointers on what to say. Isabel asks “So, what are you doing tonight?” and the girls mime that he should say he’s busy. Maria holds up his Robert Frost book and indicates that he should tell Isabel he has to study for an English test. Alex reluctantly follows their advice. When it looks like he’s weakening, Liz does a Mr Atlas pose and whispers “Stay strong!” Isabel, disappointed that she couldn’t convince Alex to come be with her, ends the conversation by telling him she will be at the Crashdown until closing, if he changes his mind. When Alex hangs up, he falls back on the bed and bemoans “This blows!” adding that Isabel is probably, at that very moment, on her bed, thinking of him. The girls tell him they are proud of him for staying strong and it will all work out in the end because now Isabel is chasing him, not the other way around. It is obvious that Alex is enjoying this turn of events. Maria tries to change the subject to Max kissing Tess and Liz says it’s time for them to go to work. On their way out, they let the Chinese food delivery guy in. Alex comes to pay for the food. He cheerfully tells the guy “It’s about time!” The delivery guy apologizes for being late, saying he got lost. Alex hands him his credit card, then notices that his food is cold. As the guy apologizes once again, Alex’ demeanor changes dramatically. Sounding extremely depressed, he says “I’m…I’m so sick of this. [shaking his head] I’m…always the same thing. Always cold…always the same thing. I’m just so sick of everything.” The delivery guy does not know what to make of Alex’ attitude change and behavior. He hesitantly asks Alex to sign the credit card slip. As Alex is signing, he rhetorically asks “Why does life have to be so wrong? Why does everything have to be a lie?” The delivery guy responds “I don’t know dude.” and makes a hasty retreat. Cut to Alex in his bedroom. He takes the framed picture of himself and Leana off a shelf and stares at it.

That evening Jim drives up to an accident scene. Deputy Hanson tells him a sedan doing 70 collided with a semi. Jim asks if there were any fatalities and Hanson replies “Yeah, one.” Jim asks “Anyone I know?” Hanson is unable to respond and Jim rushes to the sedan. Using a flashlight he looks in the overturned vehicle. He is devastated by what he sees. Cut to Maria dropping some dishes at the Crashdown. Max and Michael are debating the merits of two movies – The Matrix and Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. Michael thinks “Crappy Tiger” is a chick flick with Kung Fu. Max replies “First of all, Crap…Crouching Tiger, is actually about something – love, honor, duty.” Michael counters “Matrix is about something – illusion, reality, gun fire!” Incredulous, Max replies “You simply can’t prefer Keanu Reeves to Michelle Yeoh. You can’t. I won’t let you!” While they are having their debate, Liz is tallying receipts and Isabel, Tess and Kyle are looking at pictures from the Prom. Maria brings the broken dishes into the back room, just as Jim comes in through the back door. Seeing the look on his face, she asks “What?” Cut to the other’s hearing her scream “NO!” then see her running in from the back. Maria runs right to Liz, hugging her and crying. Jim comes in from the back. They all stand and look at him with apprehension. With sadness, he announces “There’s been an accident. Alex is dead.” They are all stunned.

Jim and the kids are outside the city morgue when the coroner’s van pulls up. Jim distracts the attendants so Max can go into the back of the van, where Alex lies in a body bag. Max closes the door and Isabel gives a blow by blow of what she thinks is going on inside, so she can calm herself by predicting a happy ending. With trepidation, Max unzips the bag. His hand shakes as he reaches towards Alex. Cut to Isabel saying that when Max brings Alex back to life, he will “sit up suddenly, and Max will jump back and the whole wagon will shake a little.” They all stare at the van, which is not moving. Isabel continues, as if saying the words will make it happen “The whole…whole wagon will shake, and…and they’ll come running back here with big goofy grins on their faces. And we’ll have to come up with some kind of cover story for Hanson and everybody…” Max exits the van and slowly walks back to them. The look on his face tells them what they don’t want to know. Jim, who has joined them again says “I think you should all go home now.” The attendants remove Alex from the van and Maria exclaims “Oh my God!” and starts to cry. Michael puts his arm around her and says “Come on, I’ll take you home.” Max, in a daze, looks down at his hand, which is covered in Alex’ blood. Isabel runs off crying. Tess tells Max to go to her. Max steps towards Liz and starts to speak but she cuts him off and stoically says “Yeah, go after her Max.”

Alex comes into the Crashdown, comes up behind Isabel, sitting in a booth, and says “Psst”. Isabel, turns, sees him, jumps up excited, gives him a bear hug and says “Oh my God! Oh Alex. Oh my God, I thought you were dead!” He tries to reassure her saying “Ho, ho, no, no no. Now listen, that was just…that was just a BIG misunderstanding.” They break and sit at the booth. Alex asks “So, how are you doing?” Isabel, beaming, says “Fine. Fine now.” Alex replies “Good. So, have you made any decision about college yet?” Isabel says she has decided to stay and graduate with everyone else. Alex is glad because he’d miss her if she was gone. Isabel responds “Yeah, I’d miss you too.” She’s holding his hands in hers like she never wants to let go. She adds “I just…I just don’t want to be away from you anymore.” Alex is pleased by her comments and tells her not to worry, he’s not going anywhere; but he does have to go to band practice. He says he’s running late, so he has to jet. Then adds “But I’m gonna see you tonight, right?” Isabel laughs and enthusiastically replies “Yeah!” They kiss and he leaves. Cut to Isabel in bed with her mother waking her. She realizes it was all a dream and starts to cry. Her mother holds her in her arms. Cut to Maria on the couch in her mother’s arms. Michael is cleaning up, replacing empty tissue boxes with full ones. The phone rings and Michael answers it. It’s Sean. He starts being flip about Michael being there and Michael stops him in his tracks by telling him Alex is dead. Sean is in Albuquerque for a few days, regarding a court matter, so he asks Michael to take care of his family while he’s gone. Cut to the Parker home. Nancy answers the ringing phone, thinking it’s Sean again but it’s Max. Nancy acknowledges that he must be broken up about Alex, and Max says he’s more concerned about Liz because she was even closer to him. He asks how Liz is doing and Nancy says she thinks she’s in denial. He asks if he can speak with her and Nancy admits that she’s not at home and she doesn’t know where she is. She thinks Liz needs some space right now. As Max asks Nancy to tell Liz he called, we cut to Liz at the junk yard, looking for Alex’ smashed up car. She finds it and looks inside, touching the blood stained seat. Then she finds the picture of Alex and Leana that he was holding earlier. It is out of the frame and Alex’s head has been cut off with scissors.

At the hospital, Jim and Hanson interview the driver of the semi. He says “Last thing I remembered was hitting my brakes and trying to turn away.” Jim interjects “You turned to the left or the right?” The driver replies “Right. He was coming at me from the left.” Hanson adds “Skid marks say he turned to the right.” The driver responds “’course they do! Why would I lie about…?” Jim asks “How many beers did you have at the Bison Pub?” The driver realizes this is an interrogation, not an interview and gets defensive. He replies “I had one beer, 3 hours before I got on the road.” Jim says “You said you were going 65.” The driver counters “I SAID I was going 55, and I don’t like the sound of these questions.” Hanson responds “Just doing our job.” The driver replies “That’s BULL. You’re trying to pin this on me, when the truth is, that boy DELIBERATELY swerved into MY lane for NO reason.”

In the Evans kitchen, Diane says to Isabel “Nobody knew where he was going.” Isabel, distraught and crying, replies “But he wanted to stay home! If I hadn’t called him, and…put the idea into his head…he would have NEVER gotten in the car, would have NEVER GOTTEN IN THE CAR!” Trying to calm her, Diane says “Isabel, it was an accident. Honey, it’s tragic, and it’s painful, and it’s something that none of us are ever going to forget, but it’s NOT your fault.” Isabel replies “I can’t stop thinking…I can’t stop thinking that the people I love and care about – they end up hurt or dead.” Diane, feeling her daughter’s pain, says “Oh Honey, I wish…I wish I had some kind of special powers, or something, to make all of this go away for you.” Isabel, knowing the irony of that statement, replies stoically “Special powers don’t help.” She then tells her mother that she has to get out of there and that there’s something she has to tell her.

At school, Liz is walking around in a daze. Maria comes up to her and they hug as Maria tells her she is not doing too well. Liz replies “Just try and get through the day, OK? Just keep moving forward. Keep breathing.” Maria nods and says “OK. How about you? How are you?” Liz too quickly replies “I am fine.” Not believing her, Maria says “Come on, it’s me, you don’t have to put up a front.” Liz pulls out the picture she found and shows it to Maria” Michael, who has been staying by Maria’s side, says “Isn’t that…” Liz interrupts saying “Yeah, it’s Alex and Leana in Sweden. I found it in the wreck.” Maria is appalled and says “Oh my God! Oh my God!” She starts to get weak in the knees and Michael grabs her before she falls, saying “It’s all right, it’s OK.” to calm her. Liz says “Look at the way it’s been cut up! Someone cut off…” Maria doesn’t let her finish. She exclaims “I think I’m gonna be sick! I can’t believe you went there!” Liz is trying to convince her of the importance of this evidence and says “Maria, this MEANS something! Why is Alex’ head missing?” Maria, grossed out and not wanting to hear anymore shouts “STOP IT! STOP IT!!” Wanting to get her point across Liz says “It MEANS something” one more time and walks away. Michael tries to comfort Maria as she looks on in disbelief.

In an office at the school, Jim interviews Jerry, the delivery guy. Jerry is saying “I don’t know. He just got really depressed. It was weird, you know? I mean I deliver a lot of cold food and usually people just get pissed off. You know, they don’t act like it’s the end of the world.” Jim asks “Is that how he acted? Like it was the end of the world?” Jerry sighs and says “Yeah.” Jim asks “Did he say anything specific that you remember?” Jerry replies “’Life is wrong. Everything about life is a lie. Why does it have to be that way?’ Stuff like that.” Jim thanks him and he leaves. Hanson comes in and hands Jim a file saying “I talked to his teachers. None of them saw anything unusual in his behavior at the time, but looking back, they think they saw some warning signs. Moody, sometimes confident, even cocky, other times sullen, quiet and unfocused.” Jim replies “Sounds like every teenager I ever met.” Hanson responds “Listen, I know you don’t want to talk about this theory…” Jim interrupts “Don’t go there!” Hanson continues “Jim, there’s a pattern here.” Jim replies “No, there’s not!” Hanson relents and says “I hope you’re right.”

In the football field, the students have erected a memorial for Alex, and are bringing flowers and mementos to place in front of it. Max and Tess are sitting, very close together, on a mat under the bleachers. Max is distraught. He tells Tess “There was so much…blood. I wasn’t prepared for that.” Tess, trying to comfort him says “You had to try.” Max, doubting himself, close to tears, continues “I didn’t want to…touch him. And then his skin was so cold.” He starts to cry. Tess puts her hand on his arm in comfort. Isabel, Michael and Maria join them and Max quickly tries to compose himself. Michael says “School’s brought in the official grief counselor. She’s got all our names, so be on the lookout.” Maria, pointing to the students gathered around the memorial, laments “Do you see these people? Who are they? They don’t even know Alex, they weren’t even his friends, and they are sitting there praying and crying, and putting on this show as if they GAVE a damn about Alex when he was alive. God! It makes me so angry!” Michael puts his arm around her to calm her down. Kyle approaches and tentatively tells Michael and Max that Mr Whitman would like them to be pall bearers at the funeral. They both agree. Cut to Jerry, holding court on the football field, telling his story; embellishing it for affect “So, finally, I left. He was losing it. I mean you could totally see it in his eyes…I mean, he was on his way out of this life.” Liz comes up behind him and angrily says “Is that a fact?” She gives his audience the evil eye and they all abandon Jerry. He is taken aback, not sure how to respond. Liz tells him she wants to ask him some questions. Cut back to the group under the bleachers. Although she realizes it’s a bad time, Isabel announces that she’s graduating early and leaving in June to start college in the fall in San Francisco. Max asks “When did all this happen?” Isabel replies “I’ve been thinking about it for a while. I talked to Mom this morning and she’s fine with it, so….” Concerned, Max says “Look, Isabel, this isn’t the time to be making snap judgments about things.” Isabel interrupts “This is MY life Max.” Max snaps back “Nobody is disputing that!” Maria despondently asks “Do we have to talk about this right now?” Michael adds “Maria’s right. This isn’t a decision we have to make today.” Isabel, looking directly at Max counters “This isn’t a decision WE have to make at all. It’s MY decision; I’ve made it. I’m LEAVING Roswell!” She walks off and we cut to Liz interrogating Jerry. Liz asks “And then what did he say?” Jerry, nervously pacing, responds “I don’t know. I mean, life isn’t right or life is wrong, something like that.” Liz says “Yeah, and then what did you say?” Jerry replies “Well I said ‘Whatever, Dude’.” Liz sarcastically replies “Whatever Dude!? That’s your reaction to a man who’s devastated and on his way out of this life? Isn’t that how you described him to your fan club?” Jerry apologizes for sounding like that and Liz tells him if he remembers anything else, he can find her at the Crashdown.

That evening, at Jim’s home, Liz shows him the photo. She can tell that it means something to him but he’s reluctant to say anything to her, before he is sure. She insists saying “I WANT some answers. I KNOW what happened to Alex was NOT an accident. I KNOW IT with every fiber in my being, and I’m gonna find out the truth, so cut the CRAP and tell me what the PHOTO means to you.” Jim relents saying “OK. You’re not gonna like what I’m about to say. It’s beginning to look more and more likely, that Alex might have deliberately turned his car into the oncoming traffic.” Stunned, Liz replies ‘Wh…Why would he do that?” Jim responds “The last couple of weeks, people have noticed changes in Alex’ behavior. Moodiness, lack of focus, his grades started to slip…” Distraught and incredulous over what she is hearing, Liz interrupts “Oh PLEASE!” Jim continues “Liz, I INTERVIEWED the truck driver, I…I WENT to the accident scene, I SAW the school reports…” Getting angry, Liz interrupts “You are saying that Alex killed himself over BAD grades!” Jim counters “We may never know exactly why Alex did what he did, but [showing her the photo] look at this! This is part of the puzzle isn’t it? I mean LOOK at it. He deliberately defaced his own image. Liz, believe me, it tears me up to even have to say this…” Liz doesn’t let him finish. She grabs the photo, says “Thank you for your time” without meaning it, and storms out the door. When she gets to the sidewalk, she starts dry retching. Cut to Max, trying on his black suit. Liz knocks on his bedroom window. She says “I don’t want to be alone. Can I…can I stay here tonight?” Max says “Sure” and lets her in. Cut to Liz, agitated and pacing around the room. Max, contemplating something she told him says “That’s crazy.” Liz, her voice raised from her agitation, replies “Yes, I know. That is what I SAID!” Agreeing, Max responds “Alex would never do something like that.” Liz adds “No! Of course not. It’s ridiculous! And you know what’s gonna happen? Hanson is gonna go and he’s gonna put that in his report and it’s gonna be in the newspaper for EVERY single person to read. ALL of his friends, his FAMILY…” Max, concerned by this prospect says “No.” Liz continues “Alex Whitman’s death was declared a suicide yesterday by the Roswell SHERIFF’S Department.” Max replies “We won’t let that happen. I’ll…I’ll talk to Valenti. He’s just jumping to conclusions.” Liz continues to rant “Just the FACT that his parents have to go THROUGH this…this…this NIGHTMARE. They do not need to think that their SON…” Liz runs out of steam and sits on her haunches by his bed, trying to hold back the tears. Max stoops down and softly says “Liz, I’ll handle it.” Relieved, Liz thanks him, then is embarrassed when her stomach grumbles. He smiles and asks how long it’s been since she ate. She’s not sure so he asks “How does frozen macaroni and cheese sound?” She nods.

At the DeLuca’s, Amy is sitting on a chair in the living room and Michael brings her a mug. She politely says “Oh, no more Tea, thank you, Michael.” He hands it to her saying “It’s not tea. Hot buttered rum. [sits on the couch] Help you sleep.” At her surprised look he adds “My foster dad taught me to mix drinks before I could ride a bike. He called it job training. If all else fails, I could always tend bar.” Amy sympathetically replies “Oh, what a charming man. Uh, is Maria still asleep?” Michael replies “Yeah. She keeps kicking off the covers though.” Amy responds “Um, she always does that. You know, I think this is the most time you’ve ever spent in my house.” “Michael replies “Yeah. I…I could leave if you want. I…It’s just nice to be around people.” Amy clarifies “No, no, that’s not what I meant at all! Uh, what I’m trying to say is that you’ve really been great for my family, and it’s a wonderful thing to see my daughter loved, and [tears can be heard in her voice] I would like to see a lot more of that, and as far as I’m concerned, you’ll always be welcome in this house.” Michael is touched and says “Thank you.” Clarifying again, Amy adds “Welcome on the couch.” Michael smiles knowingly and says “Right.”

At the Crashdown, Isabel says to Alex “You’re not really here, are you?” Alex replies “No. You’re talking in your sleep.” Isabel says “God, I wish I could really talk to you Alex.” Alex replies “I’m the next best thing. What do you want to say?” Isabel answers “That I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. I never should have called you.” Alex interjects “I called you, remember.” Isabel continues “I never should have brought you into any of this.” Alex asks “Any of what” Isabel replies “Me. My life.” She takes his hand in hers. Alex asks “Do you think being with you had something to do with what happened?” Tears can be heard in her voice as she replies “Yes, I do. I don’t know how but… [She rests her head on his hand, while still holding it.] God, if you hadn’t been involved with me…” Alex, lifting her chin with his other hand, interjects “Hey, if I was really here, I’d tell you, you were full of crap; you know that.” Isabel replies “Yeah, but it wouldn’t make me feel any better.” Alex says “I better go.” Isabel anxiously asks “Why?” Alex replies “I’m not making things any better for you.” Begging, tears flowing, Isabel says “No, please. Please don’t go!” Alex softly replies “I’m already gone. This is just a dream…that you’ll eventually wake up from.” Isabel asks “Will I see you again?” Alex replies “That depends on you. But I have a feeling…I wouldn’t want me to be here.” He gently kisses her, then gets up and walks towards the door. Isabel calls after him “I love you Alex.” He turns and replies “I think we both know that I loved you too.” then walks out. Cut to Isabel, in her bedroom, crying in her sleep. Cut to the kitchen. While finishing the macaroni and cheese, Max and Liz are smiling, reminiscing about Alex’ antics in school. Max says “Remember the time he electrified Mr Hoffman’s desk?” Liz replies “Yeah, you know, he almost got suspended for that.” Max responds “Never happen…the teacher’s LOVED him. That guy could get away with ANYTHING. At the Prom, I overheard Mr Hoffman telling Senora Villa the whole…chair thing…thought it was a riot.” Liz’ demeanor changes immediately, at the mention of the Prom. She says “Yeah, about the Prom…I saw you kiss Tess. It’s OK…you’re moving on.” Max starts to say “Liz…” but she interrupts “No! We’ve discussed this. YOU’RE moving on and I am moving on. That’s a decision we’ve made. I just wanted you to know that I saw you and that I’m OK with it. OK?” Max replies “OK.” Liz responds “OK. [starts to gather her things] Thank you very much for the macaroni and cheese and, um…thank you for listening.” She starts to leave then turns and says “Just always be my friend. Will you do that Max?” Max replies “You know I will.”

The next day, at the funeral, Maria is singing Amazing Grace, with tears in her voice. Max, Michael, Kyle, and Jim are among the pall bearers, carrying the casket to the gravesite. Isabel breaks down as she lays a rose on the casket. Riding in the limo, away from the cemetery, Liz sees Max confront Jim about his suspicions. Cut to Jim saying “If this is about what I said to Liz the other night, I don’t have any apologies to make.” Max yells at him “How can you say that to us! How can you even think…” Jim replies “This is difficult for everybody, Max!” Pointing his finger in Jim’s face Max shouts back “Alex Whitman did NOT kill himself! OK?” Jim starts to walk away and Max follows, still yelling. “It didn’t happen! And you better not let Hanson, or anyone else, put that in some file!” Jim reaches his pick-up truck, takes the file from it and hands it to Max, telling him to read it; which he does.

Everyone gathers at the Whitman home. Liz heads out to the pool to talk to Mr Whitman. He tells her “I hope you know how much Alex loved you and Maria. He just thought the world of you two.” Liz thanks him then asks if he would mind if she went into Alex’ room for a while. He replies “I haven’t been able to bring myself to go in there just yet. But, sure, go ahead.” She hugs him and says thanks. Cut to Liz, sitting in his room, strumming his guitar, talking out loud to Alex. “I really need your help. I know something’s wrong. I know what they’re saying about you isn’t true. But I don’t know where to go from here. I really wish you could give me some advice. Point me in a direction.” Suddenly she notices the Robert Frost book and goes to it. There are concert tickets being used as place markers. She opens the book to the place marked and reads from the poem [Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening] on that page “The woods are lovely, dark and deep, but I have promises to keep. And miles to go before I sleep, and miles to go before I sleep.” She looks at the concert tickets, smiles and whispers “Thank you.” Cut to Max and Jim coming in the front door. Tess comes up to Max and tells him to come with her because Liz says it’s urgent. Cut to Liz, holding court in Alex’ room, pacing back and forth. She says “Everything I’m about to say is gonna come as a shock to most of you, but something happened, and you need to know what’s going on. Valenti and Hanson are about to declare Alex’ death a suicide.” There are shocked looks all around and Liz assures them “No, it’s not true, OK? It’s not true.” Maria pipes up “How can they say that. Of course it’s not true.” Max shocks Liz by hesitantly saying “Well… I’m not so sure.” Liz turns to him and says “What!? Max, come on, we talked about this. You said…” Max replies “I know. But, I’ve read the file. Valenti showed me…” Liz interrupts and sarcastically says “Oh, Valenti SHOWED you the file!” Max responds “I don’t want to believe it either. But, I saw…” He pauses, drops his head, unable to look Liz in the eye, then reluctantly continues “The evidence is pretty convincing.” Michael remarks “I can’t believe it’s suicide.” Liz agrees, saying “It WASN’T a suicide, and I can prove it!” She picks up the concert tickets and continues “Five minutes ago I found these here, in Alex’ room. They are concert tickets to Beth Orton. Alex bought them on the day he died, probably for him and Isabel. The concert is tonight.” No one responds so she continues “Don’t you get it!? You DON’T buy CONCERT tickets on the day you KILL yourself. You DON’T make PLANS for the FUTURE, when you are NOT planning on HAVING a future.” Marie agrees, saying “She’s right. There’s no way. There’s NO way.” Tess isn’t so sure, saying “I don’t know. You know, a couple of CONCERT tickets. It’s pretty slim evidence.” Maria argues “You don’t know what the hell, you’re talking about.” Michael interjects “Hey, hey” to prevent an argument from starting, then adds “There’s nothing to be gained with this argument, one way or another. We know Alex; we know what kind of guy he is, and we know he’d never kill himself. So, as far as all the people in this room are concerned, it was an accident; nothing more.” Liz shocks everyone even more by saying “It wasn’t an accident. He was murdered!” Concerned, Max replies “Will you listen to yourself. Who could possibly want to murder Alex?” Liz responds “I don’t know yet. Maybe someone with a grudge against him, or…maybe an alien.” Max stands, ready to challenge this accusation. He says, firmly, “That is NOT what happened here.” Liz angrily responds “Won’t you just THINK about it, for a minute?” Michael and Isabel are obviously uncomfortable with the way the conversation is headed. Liz continues “If there is anything any of us should’ve learned, over the last year and a half, it’s that NOTHING is ever what it seems.” Isabel explodes “What is THAT! That’s not EVIDENCE! That’s not proof we had ANYTHING to do with it!” Tess warns Isabel and Liz to keep their voices down. Liz goes up to Isabel and says “You cannot deny the fact that a key member of this conspiracy just died under very suspicious circumstances.” Kyle chimes in “I’m with Liz. There’s something not right about this.” Max defensively shouts “It was a traffic accident! There’s nothing other worldly about that! Michael asks “What possible reason would an alien have to kill Alex?” Liz replies “Isabel, for one. We know that there’s an alien named Kivar, who wants to bring Isabel back to your world. [Looking at Isabel] If Kivar discovered that you and Alex…” Isabel starts screaming NO! NO! YOU’RE JUST MAKING THIS UP!” Max, siding with Isabel tells Liz “You don’t know what the hell you’re talking about! You don’t know anything about Kivar, or our world!” Liz confronts him, and belligerently says “You don’t want to think that Alex was killed by an alien, because that would mean YOU are responsible.” That was the last straw for Max. Without responding to Liz, he tells the others “Let’s go.” Isabel and Tess immediately follow him out. Michael leaves Maria’s side and trails after them. Liz turns to Maria and Kyle and says with conviction “I know what I know, and I’m gonna FIND out the TRUTH. I OWE that to my friend.” then walks out. Kyle says “Well, I guess it’s us vs them.”

That evening, at the Crashdown, Liz sorts through pictures of the Prom, trying to find clues. While she goes through the pictures we see flashbacks – Alex doing the strip tease dance for Isabel’s birthday, Liz telling Alex about the aliens, Alex emerging from the crystal cave, various moments of times spent together, etc. Looking at the picture Sean took of them all, the night of the Prom, Liz’ stoicism crumbles and she breaks down sobbing. A knock on the door interrupts her flood of tears. It’s Jerry. He has new evidence. Alex’ credit card receipt was kicked back because of the way he signed it. Liz looks at the signature line and sees “11100100100111011001”. Jerry asks “Does that mean anything to you?” Liz replies in a daze “It means, I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep.”

#218 It’s Too Late and It’s Too Bad – Synopsis

Compiled by Joan Pickering

In Alex’ bedroom, Maria has pictures of Alex spread out all over his bed, and is explaining to Mr Whitman that she is doing a two page spread on Alex for the school yearbook. Mr Whitman thanks Maria and Liz for there continued friendship to Alex. Liz, sitting at Alex’ desk, using his computer, picks up a floral arrangement condolence card from the Olsen’s, Alex’ host family in Sweden, and asks Mr Whitman about it. Mr Whitman acknowledges that he and Gloria totally forgot to contact them; he assumes the school did it for them, because the school guidance counselor had arranged the trip. Mr Whitman leaves the girls to work on the collage, but to Maria’s consternation, Liz is more interested in checking things on Alex’ computer, saying that Alex put his entire life on that computer so there must be some clues to help them figure out what happened. Maria doesn’t want anything to do with it, saying that snooping through his things is immoral. Liz counters that Alex being murdered is what is immoral. Maria asks if Max knows what she’s doing and Liz replies “I’m just looking for the truth. I don’t think that Max is interested in that right now.” Maria laments “God, I hate this! It’s like this chasm has formed between everybody since…” Liz finishes “Since I said aliens were responsible for Alex’ death.” Maria replies “Yes. Look, I just…I really don’t think we should do this without them knowing. It’s just gonna make things worse. As it is, Michael and I haven’t even talked to each other in days.” Liz comments that there is a locked file in Alex’s computer. She finds it suspicious because it is the only one that is locked. She asks Maria if she has any idea what his password may be. Maria, who had permission to access his e-mail says to try using “I The Stud”. It works and they are both shocked by what they see when it opens. Scrolling across the screen are three columns of the words “Leanna is not Leanna”, repeated over and over and over again.

At school, Liz is asking a computer nerd what he knows about the binary code on the credit card receipt. He tells her that without an application to associate it with, the numbers mean nothing. Tess and Max, walking in the hall, agree to meet at Tess’ place later, to study. She takes off and he stops to talk to Liz. She scowls at him and asks “What’s up?” Max, trying to placate her says “Liz, I just want to talk this through. I don’t want this to turn into a war between us; between everyone.” Looking less severe, Liz agrees. Max continues “Look, the other day at the wake, you were upset about Alex. I understand how you might have said…some of the things, you said.” Her anger starting to surface again, Liz says “Um hmm” Max plods along “I’m willing to forget about it; wipe the slate clean.” Liz, very calmly, replies “Max, maybe it wasn’t right, for me to say what I said just then, and maybe I could have said it a little bit calmer, but I don’t REGRET it. It’s true!” Concerned, Max responds “Liz, the way you are going about doing this isn’t safe. Talking to people at school; asking questions. Whenever we decided to do something, we always decided as a group.” Liz asks him earnestly “Do you believe me? About Alex?” Max hesitates then replies “No.” Liz responds “Well then, we can’t act as a group right now Max.” and walks away.

In the music room, Maria has set up Alex’ equipment and has a camera on a tripod to take pictures. Liz is talking a mile a minute, going over the evidence, while Maria is busy taking pictures. Liz says “Look, whatever happened to Alex, happened while he was in Sweden. You know that Leanna is not Leanna document? It was created on January 16th, while Alex was still there. Leanna is not Leanna. Well you think about it in alien terms, it could mean that she’s a shapeshifter or a Skin, or some other type of alien that we don’t even know about yet.” Maria reminds her that in human terms it could mean they got in a fight or he caught her flirting with some other guy. Liz says she played around with the sequence of ones and zeros from the credit card receipt. There were 20 all together. There were 17 letters in Leanna is not Leanna and three spaces in between the words – equaling 20. She thinks there’s a connection. Michael comes into the room, interrupting their conversation, asking to talk to Maria, so Liz leaves. He asks “So what’s Liz accusing us of now?” Maria replies “You know what, if you’re here to trash talk, I’m gonna have to take a rain check, because that is the only way I’m gonna get through a simple school day without losing it. All right?” Michael responds “Well, you gotta tell her to get off this Alex thing.” Concerned, Maria asks “What if she’s right, though, you know? What if…” Interrupting, Michael forcefully responds “All the more reason for her NOT to get involved! It’s dangerous. It’s not for Liz to look into, or you!” Maria laments the division this is causing in the group. Michael sarcastically responds “Well then maybe Liz shouldn’t have blamed us for killing Alex.” Maria counters “That is NOT what she said, Michael.” She sighs deeply and returns to taking pictures. Michael sees Alex’s guitars all lined up and asks what she’s doing. She explains about the collage. She realizes the picture she’s taking is “lame”. He agrees but offers to help her anyway. She accepts, saying she needs a ride to the photo shop, and laments about all the other stuff she has to do before her deadline.

On a deserted road, Max comments to Michael, Isabel and Tess about Liz’ obsession, and that she keeps talking about it to everyone. Isabel asks “Has anyone thought about the possibility that Liz is right? I’m the last person who wants to even remotely consider it, but, it’s us! Stranger things have happened.” Max refuses to consider it and shuts down Isabel’s attempts to convince him. Isabel tells him she got a letter from the college in San Francisco and she’s on their wait list. Max is not happy about this information and says they’ll discuss it later. As they walk back to the jeep, Tess puts her arm around his waist. Cut to Tess and Max studying in her room. Max is rubbing her bare feet. Tess brings up the kiss they shared at the Prom. She didn’t think it appropriate to mention it while everyone was grieving about Alex but now she thinks they should discuss where they are in their relationship. Max replies “You and me together…it scares me. Right or wrong, I feel like, if I follow that road, I can never go back.” Tess realizes that Max is scared to go home. Max asks “What IS home? Is home really up there? I just feel like this whole idea about where we come from…I want to believe it, and I want to understand it, more and more, but it just feels like this dream…this dream that I can never really quite touch, or see, or feel. And Earth just seem so much more…real.

That night, Liz visits Sean, while he is attempting to fix the garbage disposal. He tells her he’s sorry about Alex and she thanks him for the flowers he sent her. She asks him what he used, to break into the bowling alley, and asks if a Swiss army knife could be used. He asks what she’s up to and she admits that she wants to break into the school. He reminds her that he has to stay 1,000 feet away from the school, so therefore, he cannot help her. She says she’s not asking him to, she just wants advice. Cut to the two of them breaking into the guidance counselor’s office. Sean thinks she’s doing this to change a grade, and she lets him believe it. She goes into the office while he patrols the hallway. She finds Alex’ file and makes photocopies. Sean interrupts her, saying it’s time to go. She hides the copies in her pants and laments that she didn’t have enough time to finish. He says “One rule about breaking and entering – never stay in the same place for more than 5 minutes.” They are stopped in their tracks by a security guard shining a flashlight in their faces and shouting “Hold it right there, you two!”

Michael comes up to Max while he’s walking through the park. He brings up Isabel and college. Max says “She can’t go!” Michael offers to talk to her, since things are so tense between them. Max agrees. Concerned, Michael asks if everything is all right, because he snapped at Isabel when she brought up Alex. Max asks “Do YOU think we had something to do with it?’ In a friendly way, Michael replies “I have no idea. I just wouldn’t want our leader to be forming opinions based on what he WANTS to be true, instead of what really IS true.” Max responds “The idea that Alex might have died, just because we’re here…I can’t bear it! All those times you had run off, chasing some clue to find out where we’d come from, why we’re here, where we belong. I always thought you were chasing something that wasn’t out there. Because in my heart, I believed that we belonged here, you know? That we were human. Lately I’ve been thinking that you might have been right all along.” Michael replies “Lately I’ve been thinking I might have been wrong all along.” They each walk off in opposite directions. Cut back to the school. Deputy Hanson separates them and asks Sean what he’s doing. Sean flippantly replies “What do you think, man? She’s hot; I was tryin’ to get into her pants.” Hanson asks “By breaking into the school?” Sean replies “Chicks dig an adrenaline rush. But not this one. She’s a buzz kill, Deputy.” Hanson calls him a “real zero.” He tells Liz that, because of her good reputation, he’s letting her off with a strong warning. She watches with concern as he takes Sean into custody. Cut to Max at Valenti’s. Jim is telling Max about Liz and Sean breaking into the school and comments on how out of character that is for her. He figures Max knows what this is about and adds “Listen, I am more than happy, Max, to be left in the dark. In fact, sometimes I think I would prefer that. But you guys are usually a lot more careful than this.” Max says he’ll take care of it.

At home, Liz calls the Olsen’s and gets an answering machine message in Swedish. She leaves another, of several messages, saying she’s a friend of Alex and needs to speak with them right away and asks them to call collect if necessary.

At school the next day, Michael joins Isabel at a table outside. She’s looking over college materials, which gives him an opening to bring up the subject. She enthusiastically tells him about the dorm she has picked out and he bursts her bubble by saying “Nice, but you can’t go.” She says “Excuse me!” and he reminds her that they have to stay in Roswell, together. Dismissing his remarks, she replies “I’ve made up my mind.” Michael asks her what happens if they need her back in a hurry and also, where she thinks she’s getting the money for all this. She flippantly replies “So I’ll change dollar bills into hundreds!” Incredulous, he remarks “You can do that!?” She looks at him like he’s an idiot and then says “I just need a change!” Michael replies “Look, when Alex died, none of us could have known how much it would affect us. You running away isn’t gonna help you get over it any quicker.” Isabel says “I’m just trying to have a life.” Michael replies “Yeah, and I’m suggesting that you don’t make a huge decision right now; not when your emotions are still running high.” Isabel counters “Isn’t that when you make ALL of your decisions?” Out of arguments, Michael says “This is final!” Isabel reminds him it’s not his decision to make and he replies “No, but I’m speaking for Max.” Furious, Isabel responds “You know what? You tell Max that if he has something to say to me, that he BEST find the time to say it HIMSELF!” and she stomps off. Cut to Maria presenting her idea for the collage to the yearbook advisor and the rest of the staff. The advisor was expecting her project to be finished – camera ready to send to the print shop. Maria apologizes and begs for more time. The advisor reminds her that she can’t hold up the yearbook and then asks why Liz isn’t there. Cut to Liz calling the Swedish Embassy to ask about a building, in a picture of Leanna and Alex. She wants to know where the building is, so she can figure out where the picture was taken. He says he’ll do what he can if she can send him a copy. As she hangs up, Max comes up and angrily asks “What the hell were you and Sean DeLuca doing here last night?” She dismissively replies “Max, not now! I have to find a place that will scan this.” and walks off. Max follows her and asks “Why? Who were you just talking to?” She replies “The Swedish Embassy in Washington.” Flabbergasted, Max responds “This HAS to stop! I’ll consider the possibility that Alex was killed by an alien if you’ll consider the possibility that he killed himself.” Liz responds “NO! He didn’t!” Max, grabbing her arm, stops her, and angrily says “And what if he DID!? Then you are doing NOTHING but raising people’s suspicions about us! You have NOTHING to lose here, and we have EVERYTHING to lose!” With hate in her eyes and in her voice, she says “Let GO of me!” Max realizes he’s still holding her arm and let’s go, his hand shaking slightly. He looks at her like he doesn’t know her and then walks off. She seems stunned by their altercation.

That night, Tess comes up to Max, sitting despondently in the park. She asks if he’s OK but he doesn’t respond. She says “I want to show you something.” Cut to the Roswell Observatory. Using the large, Observatory telescope she points out a wobbling star. With wonder in his voice, he asks “Is that our Planet?” She replies “No, it’s called Barnard’s star. You can see that star from our planet too. Our world’s out there, Max. It’s not close, and sometimes it seems like a dream to me too, but it’s real, and I know that you know that too. THAT’S reality Max. THIS…this is the dream.” Max asks “If that’s the truth then when do we wake up?” Tess replies “That’s up to you.”

Maria visits Liz to ask why she missed the yearbook meeting. Liz distractedly apologizes, explaining that she’s closing in on “this Leanna girl”. Her room is covered with index cards and notes about Alex’ trip. She points them out as she says, without catching a breath, “They went on a cross-country tour together; I’ve got everything mapped out. But this is where things don’t add up. Alex’ itinerary says that they were headed for the Baltic Islands, and the date on the photo matches the schedule, but there is no building that looks like THIS in the Baltic Islands or…OR in any of the other cities that Alex visited, for that matter. I mean, maybe she took him to…I don’t even know where…to like another country, or another planet!” All of Maria’s pent-up frustration explodes and she says “STOP IT and listen to me! All right? I NEED my best friend right now! Because our other best friend just died! And I feel lost, and scared, and just COMPLETELY wrecked! And I know that we’re supposed to go to school, and go to work, and finish this yearbook tribute, but I just can’t…I don’t have a HANDLE on things. I feel like everything is just flipping by me. And I don’t even…I don’t even know if I’m alive right now. So PLEASE, just stop focusing on this THING that isn’t even there…and just be sad, with the rest of us. OK? PLEASE!” Liz, crushed, says “So, you don’t believe me either.” Maria, at a loss, says “I’m…no, I’m sorry, I guess I don’t, Liz” She goes over to the desk to collect some things and Liz says “Leave the Sweden stuff. I need it.” Frustrated, Maria replies “God! You know, you’re doing this for Alex but you don’t care who’s life you screw up in the way!” Liz replies “That’s not true.” Maria asks “Oh it’s not? How about Sean? Have you even thought about him for a second, since he ruined his probation for you?” The look on Liz’ face says she hasn’t. Maria is aghast and says “God, I don’t even know you anymore!” and walks out.

The next day, Liz visits Sean. He’s still trying to fix the disposal. She thanks him for taking the heat, adding that it was very heroic of him, and apologizes for not calling. He lets her know that Jim and Amy arranged for him to do community service, until he’s senile, to keep it off his record. Frustrated by the disposal, he declares it “a piece of crap” and stops fixing it to get them both a soda from the fridge. Liz politely declines hers and says she should go. Sean fictitiously asks “Armored truck heist?” She smiles and replies “No, not exactly.” Sean asks “How about some company then?” Liz awkwardly replies “Oh, I…I don’t think I’d be very good company right now.” He says he’s easily entertained but she explains that she’s in the middle of something really huge, that she needs to focus on, so she should probably do it alone. He replies “So, let me get this straight. I can’t date you. I can’t hang out with you. Is there anything I CAN do with you?” Liz gently replies “Uh uh. Not yet. I’m sorry.” She starts to walk towards the door, then stops, turns back, kisses him, then leaves.

Michael answers a knock on his door, and when he sees Maria standing there, realizes immediately that he totally forgot about the print shop. Maria, distraught, says she called him at four, to learn that his phone was disconnected. He explains that he forgot to pay his phone bill. Close to tears, she rails at him “I was worried about you, I thought something happened to you!” He’s all apologies, assuring her he’s fine, saying they can go right now, it’s not too late. She keeps saying no, sits on the couch and says “I can’t count on you.” Surprised he says “Yes you can! I’ll take care of this. I mean, I’m right here for you!” Holding back the tears, Maria replies “But you won’t always be.” Even more surprised, Michael asks “What?” Maria responds with tears in her voice “One day you’re gonna leave me! You’re gonna get on a spaceship, and go away. And you being the perfect boyfriend right now, is really not helping me.” She gets up, starts to leave, turns and says “I can’t lose anyone else, Michael. My heart can’t handle it.” then walks out. Michael is dumbfounded.

In her bedroom, Liz dials her phone and when a man answers she excitedly says “Hi, Mr Olsen? Hi, this is Liz Parker, calling from the United States. I’m calling about Alex Whitman.” He tells her he is not Mr Olsen and that the Olsen’s do not live there. Liz, referring to the records she copied at school, reads the number she called. He verifies that it is the same number but not the one she wants, and asks her to please stop calling. Liz looks at the condolence card from the Olsen’s that came with the floral arrangement and sees the name of the floral shop that delivered them. Cut to Liz interrogating the florist. She asks him to check the sales receipt for a billing address or phone number. He tells her international orders are always paid by credit card. She asks for the credit card number, which of course he cannot give out, so he gives her a disdainful look and says “NO!” No amount of cajoling or explaining how important it is that she reach them will make him budge. Cut to Liz at the bank withdrawing $2,053.78. The teller says “Let me guess – first car?” Liz replies “Uh, a trip to Europe.”

At school, Max sees Isabel sitting in the lobby reading her college materials. Saying he has great news, he sits next to her and explains that he has figured out a way to make it work, handing her a catalog from Santa Fe State University. He starts extolling the virtues of the university, adding that they could probably talk Mom and Dad into giving her a car, so she’d be mobile. Isabel is not interested in Santa Fe State and says so, handing the catalog back. Irritated, Max replies “Isabel, you’ve been indulged in this for too long.” Indignant, Isabel replies “Indulged? In planning my future?” She picks up a recommendation from Mrs Seymour of the homeless shelter and starts to read “Isabel Evans has really enjoyed growing up in Roswell, and as much as she loves her hometown, and shows that love through hours of community service, I believe Roswell is just too small to contain the potential of a woman like Isabel Evans.” She explains that she has dozens of recommendations just like that one and asks rhetorically “Do you know why?” then answers her own question “Because as far as the outside world is concerned, Max, I’m a bright, and talented, upstanding member of the community of planet Earth. I’ve played the role to perfection. Now it is MY turn.” Max pleads “Don’t make me the bad guy in all this!” Isabel retorts “You ARE the bad guy in all of this. How could you send Michael to come and talk to me? It’s like the alien Mafia!” Max sternly responds “You can’t go.” Dripping contempt, Isabel replies “I have news for you, little brother. I’m going! I’m going to college in San Francisco! EVERY teacher in West Roswell High knows it. Mom and Dad are THRILLED about it. So, either jump on the bandwagon or get out of my way!” She stomps off and Max follows, overtakes her and blocks her path. He sternly and menacingly tells her “Isabel, if I have to, I will do EVERYTHING in my power to keep you here. I will tell our parents you have a drug problem; I will notify your teachers that you have cheated on every test for the last three years. If you ever leave Roswell, without my consent, I will physically drag you back. And for the last time, the answer is NO. Period!” “Devastated Isabel says “You’re killing me.” Max replies “You let it get this far.” Anger returning, Isabel says “Fine!”, crumples up a recommendation in her fist, uses her powers to turn it to ash, opens her hand and lets the ashes fall to the floor saying “This Isabel Evans is dead!” Standing inches from his face she menacingly says “You want to be the leader? See how it works without any followers!” and stomps off. A jock, seeing her angrily pass by calls out “Oohh, Isabel Evans, you are so hot when you’re pissed!” Several feet away, and with her back to him, Isabel throws up her hand, using her powers to throw him to the floor, and propel him back, to slam into the lockers next to Max. Isabel, who never missed a step, keeps walking down the hall, as Max helps him up, and others look puzzled by what just happened.

It’s now Amy’s turn to call the disposal “a piece of crap” as she tries to fix it. Michael comes into the kitchen and offers to help. Amy politely declines, saying the DeLuca women are self-sufficient. He asks “Why don’t you just get a new one?” Amy fictitiously replies “Me and this garbage disposal have had a pretty good relationship.” Michael asks “Yeah, but what if it broke down for good? What if, like in his own way, he wanted out permanently?” Sensing they are no longer talking about garbage disposals, Amy replies “Do you think he’s thinking of leaving?” Michael responds “Well maybe he realizes he can’t be around for ever, and to just stay, and be here, and crush garbage until he leaves, will give people a false sense of security.” Amy replies “Look Michael, we’re both getting what we need out of this situation, and, sure, the disposal won’t always be around, but, what if…? Maybe tomorrow isn’t something to really worry about.” Michael contemplates this, nods and replies “Maybe.” Amy asks him to hand her a hammer and she goes under the sink with it to bang on the disposal. While she is under there, Michael uses his powers to fix the disposal. Amy hears the water draining, jumps up and excitedly says “Oh my God, oh my God! Did you see that!? I fixed it!” Michael smiles and congratulates her.

Driving down the road, Max sees Liz sitting on a fence with several pieces of luggage at her feet. He drives over the median strip, stops in front of her and asks “Liz, where are you going?” Liz replies “Sweden.” Incredulous, Max says “Are you kidding me!?” Get in the car!” Liz defiantly says “No!” Max jumps out of the Jeep and confronts her saying “What did you tell your parents?” She replies “I’m gonna call them from the airport. I’m gonna tell them my girlfriend in Florida had a crisis and she needed me.” He counters “They’re call your aunt and your aunt will say you’re not there!” Liz replies calmly, “Well, then I’ll think of something else.” Her cab pulls up and the cabbie asks “You the airport?” Max responds “No!” Liz contradicts saying “Actually I am.” She gets off the fence and, standing inches from her face, Max begs “Liz, don’t get in that cab!” She hands one of her bags to the cabbie and picks up another. Max grabs the bag from her hands, puts it in the Jeep, and says “Liz, get in my car!” Liz counters “What are you gonna do? You gonna throw me in it?” Max replies “You HAVE to listen to me!” Liz removes her bag from the Jeep and turns on him angrily, saying “Don’t EVEN play that KING card on me! I’m NOT Isabel! You can’t BOSS me around.” Once again, standing inches from her face, Max says “If this is about being pissed with me, fine! Punish me all you want! But what about everyone else? What you’re doing puts them at risk.” Liz counters “What I’m doing may save their lives!” She heads for the cab and Max angrily says “You have a responsibility to Michael, Isabel and Tess NOT to get in that cab!” Liz counters “And I have a responsibility to ALEX to find out what really happened.” Max warns her “Liz, if you go, our friendship is over!” Liz resignedly responds “I guess it’s a price I have to pay.” She gets in the cab and angrily adds “Somebody killed Alex and covered up his death! Why don’t you see that Max? WAKE UP!” Max despondently watches the cab drive off.

That evening, Maria comes into her kitchen and sees Michael sitting at the table with the collage materials spread out. She asks “What’s this?” and he asks her to sit down. He tells her “We’ve been through some rough stuff lately. The thing is, you’re right. I can’t really imagine it happening, but I am gonna leave someday. It could be a year, or 2 or 50, but I’m gonna leave. [she tries to hold back the tears] It sucks; it’s the choice we made to be together. [she nods] But there is one thing that I can promise you, and that is, that I can give you now.” Tears flowing, she picks up his hand and kisses it. She wipes away her tears and tries to compose herself. Michael picks up some pictures and says “Now, I was thinking, um, this could go with that!” Maria laughs in appreciation.

Max is standing outside the Observatory, looking at the stars. Tess comes up and says she figured she would find him there. Still looking at the stars he says “My whole life I’ve wanted to be this…person. This normal person. Human. My whole life I’ve been thinking that this alien side of me was…this bad thing. This thing that made me a freak…this monster. [choking up] I realize that I haven’t just been hiding from the government and the law all this time…I’ve been hiding from myself. I don’t know what’s going on anymore. I thought I knew, but I don’t. I’ve lost everyone.” Tess takes his hand and says “I’ll be here for eternity.” He slowly leans down and gives her a gentle kiss on the lips, then says “I’m ready to wake up now.” He gently kisses her again. Cut to the airport. Liz gets out of the cab and heads inside. Cut to inside the Observatory. This time their kisses are more passionate. Cut to Liz getting her ticket stamped and rushing for the plane. Cut back to the Observatory. Things are really heating up. Tess has her shirt off and helps Max remove his. They continue to kiss passionately as we cut to Liz on the tarmac, rushing for her plane. Her cell phone rings and she strains to hear the caller over the roar of the engines. It’s Mr Stockman, from the Embassy. He tells her he found out which building is in the picture, but it was torn down in 1994. Looking at the picture and speaking out loud to herself, Liz says “He never went to Sweden.” She continues to stand in the middle of the tarmac, looking at the picture as we cut back to the Observatory. Max and Tess are rolling on the floor together, using her long coat as a mat. She ends up on top of him and he unlatches her bra, as the camera pulls back and we view Barnard’s star.

#219 Baby It’s You – Synopsis

Compiled by Joan Pickering

Maria does her usual “previously on” schtick. She says she doesn’t think Max will interfere with Liz’ investigation because he is preoccupied with Tess. She ends by saying “It was just ONE kiss; a moment of weakness. I DOUBT it went ANY farther than that.” Cut to the observatory, where the rising sun awakens Max and Tess, whose state of undress tells us it went “farther than that.” They smile at each other and say “Hey”. Tess snuggles up against Max’ chest and Max’ smile changes to a look of concern. Cut to Max accompanying Tess into the Valenti living room. Kyle, sleeping on the couch, awakens at their entrance and watches them from under his blanket. Tess whispers “I guess I’ll see you in school.” Max whispers back “Yeah” and they kiss. Max forces a slight smile and Tess asks “Is everything OK?” Max replies “Yeah…yeah, great.” Jim comes in, turns on the light and demands of Tess “Where the hell have you…” He notices Max is with her and surprised says “Max!” Seeing Max’ look of guilt, Jim sighs and tells Tess “Go to your room.” Tess immediately obeys, saying “Yes Sir.” Max begins to explain by saying “Sheriff…” Jim cuts him off by sternly saying “Go home Max. We’ll talk about this later.” Chastened, Max agrees and leaves. Cut to Tess, in her bedroom, looking at herself in the mirror. She has her hands on her stomach. She looks down, then back up at herself in the mirror. In wonder she says “Oh my God!”

Liz knocks on Maria’s bedroom window. Maria isn’t too happy about being awakened at dawn. Liz insists that she need to talk to her so she lets her in. Cut to the two of them looking at Alex’ pictures of his trip to Sweden. Liz calmly explains about the building Alex and Leanna are standing in front of, being torn down in 1994. Which means either Alex, or the building, must have been superimposed into the picture. Maria is creeped out by this information, but curious. She asks “So who’s Leanna then?” Liz thinks she could be some girl that Alex never met who was also superimposed into the pictures. Maria thinks she may be an alien killer. They both briefly contemplate this possibility, then Maria asks, if he wasn’t in Sweden, then where was he and Liz says that’s what they have to find out. With a pleading tone she adds “I can’t do this by myself. I really need your help.” Maria nods.

Isabel is in the Evans kitchen, doing stretching exercises before her jog. Max comes in and tries to make light conversation about her jogging progress but she ignores him. In an apologetic tone, he tells her he realizes that she’s still mad, but he really needs to talk to someone. In a huff, Isabel stops her exercises, pulls a chair from the table, slams it down in front of Max, sits and glares at him. Max sighs, then plods ahead, having difficulty choosing his words, saying it’s not easy to say – especially to his sister, she probably knows that he and Tess have been getting kind of close, and that last night, they – well things…something came up between them, something happened. Incredulous Isabel declares “You slept with her!?” Chastened, Max softly says, “Yeah”. In a flat tone Isabel says “Wow” then adds with disdain “Congratulations, Max. You lost your virginity.” and she unenthusiastically applauds him. Max is disappointed in her lack of support. Isabel sarcastically replies “Oh gee, I’m sorry. Were you looking for some sort of comfort or sympathy, before you went off and washed her dried sweat from your body? Or, HEY, did you guys DO IT in the shower?” Max responds “Forget it” and starts to walk away. Isabel retorts “His MAJESTY will now RETIRE to his room!” Max angrily replies “We didn’t PLAN it, all right? It just happened! [softening his tone] I’m feeling a little weird about it right now, and…I was just hoping…” Still angry Isabel cuts him off with “You were wrong! I don’t care about your morning after anxieties, or your delicate feelings, because MY feelings sure as hell don’t matter to YOU!” and she stomps off.

Tess is waiting for Max by the school entrance. Max comes down the stairs, almost in a daze. Tess goes up to him, smiling, and says “Listen, I wanted to talk to you about something.” A look of concern crosses his face, and when Michael interrupts them, Max becomes overly enthusiastic about his presence. All smiles, and hyper, he says “HEY, MICHAEL…HEY.” Michael gives him a strange look and cautiously replies “Hey?” Still nervous, but toning it down, Max says “Tess and I were actually JUST talking.” Still confused, Michael responds “All right, later.” and walks away. Max replies “Great!” Michael throws back a puzzled “Fantastic.” Max continues to watch Michael leave, with a look of utter disappointment on his face. Tess, noticing, says “We can talk about it tonight.” Max, relieved, asks “Are you sure?” Tess replies “Yeah. There’s no rush.” They both look at Michael, who glances back at them, as he joins Isabel and Kyle, and they all stare at Max and Tess. Tess, noticing, says “Max, if it’s better for you to keep all this between the two of us right now…” Max automatically says “No” then with more conviction No, it’s not.” He reaches down and takes her hand in his, intertwining their fingers. Tess is all smiles as they approach Michael, Isabel and Kyle. Max looks less sure, but he holds his head high, as they pass the trio.

Isabel, sitting alone on the bleachers at the football field, staring at Alex’ memorial, is joined by Kyle, carrying two drinks. He asks how she feels about the whole Max-Tess development. She tells him she’s not speaking with her brother, so if there’s something he wants to know, he’ll have to ask Max. Taking one of the drinks she says “God I hate this place. To think I have to just sit here and ROT for the rest of my life!” Kyle says as aliens, they are pathetic, boring and brooding and adds “If I had one tenth your power…” Isabel asks “What would you do?” Kyle replies “I’d have FUN!” Isabel laughs and Kyle continues “You know, FUN? Enjoy myself. Get away from this whole doom and gloom thing you guys wallow in; especially YOU lately.” Isabel tells him to shut up but then contemplates what he said and asks “What’s your idea of fun?” Cut to Isabel’s bedroom. Isabel is sitting on her bed. Kyle pulls a Playboy magazine from his backpack with the Playmate of the Year on the cover. With disgust, Isabel says “I’m not touching THAT!” Kyle says Jodie Ann Patterson likes FUNNY guys, to convince Isabel to go through with it. Isabel reluctantly agrees and Kyle kneels by her bed and puts his hand over Jodie Ann’s picture. Isabel places her hand over his and we cut to Jodie Ann’s “dream”. She is riding an exercycle, drinking from a bottle of water. Isabel and Kyle are riding side by side exercycles, behind her. Kyle suggests that Isabel make Jodi spill her drink on her top. Isabel, exasperated, sighs and says “I’m gonna have to read Backlash like TWICE after THIS! Why don’t you just go talk to her?” Kyle is incredulous; he didn’t realize he could do that. He gets off his exercycle, walks over to Jodie Ann and says hey. She looks at him with disdain and says “This is a private gym.” He sees a slice of chocolate cake floating nearby, pulls off a bite size piece and feeds it to her. She moans with delight, takes his hand and licks every last bit from his fingers. She asks “Who ARE you?” In a euphoric state, Kyle replies “I’m the towel boy. The showers are this way”, pointing towards them. Isabel breaks the connection in disgust. Kyle screams “NO!” Isabel yells back “This may come as a surprise to you, but I really don’t need to SEE that!” Kyle wails “Then brink a book! Let’s go BACK!” Isabel replies “No dice!” Kyle sighs, defeated, and says “All right, well that was good for me, what can we do for you?” Isabel reminds him that she hates her brother, he suggests they blow him up, and she replies that he has a sick little mind. Kyle smiles, laughs and says “Isabel, Buddha teaches us that some of us are born with stones, and some of us are born with jewels, but the most fulfilled of us are those who are born with stones, and turn them into jewels.” Confused Isabel says “What the hell are you talking about?” Kyle asks if she wants to get even with Max or not and she says yes. Kyle replies “OK, then bring your powers to the party. I’ll drive.” Isabel enthusiastically agrees.

That evening, using her home computer, Maria checks out e-mails she received from Alex while he was in Sweden. Cut to Maria at the home of Derek , the computer nerd Liz had asked for help from, on the binary code. Maria wants him to discover the origination of the e-mails. Since it’s been encrypted, he points out it would be illegal, but he agrees to do it. Cut to Max and Tess sitting on a park bench near a stream. There is an awkward silence between them that Tess breaks by saying “You seem quiet.” He, unconvincingly, replies “I’m not.” Tess responds, “Max, this just isn’t the time to feel you pulling away from me.” He awkwardly put his arm around her shoulder and replies “It’s just…what happened between us…it has all these…implications.” He asks “What did you want to say to me before?” She’s reluctant, saying it’s not a good time but he assures her it is. She hedges, saying something sort of came up and he replies “Came up?” She continues “I’m not sure exactly how to say this…” Max laughs nervously and Tess says “I’m pregnant.” The smile disappears from Max’ face and is replaced by a look of deep concern.

Liz visits Tess at the Valenti home. Tess thinks she came because of her and Max but Liz says no, she’s there to talk to Tess about her mind control powers. Coming in, Max interrupts them before Liz can ask specific questions. He is not happy to see Liz there, and asks why. Liz says she and Tess were just talking and she should just go. Max, blocking the doorway, asks “Talking about what?” Tess and Liz both try to brush it off as nothing, but Max insists, so Liz admits she was asking Tess about her mind control powers. Dripping sarcasm and venom, Max replies “Oh, so TESS killed Alex. Is THAT your theory?” Liz says “No.” Tess tries to help, saying “Max, she didn’t say that” Max interrupts, saying to Liz “THAT’S what you’re thinking, so why don’t you just ASK it!” Surprised by his attack, Liz replies “Max, of course that’s NOT what I’m THINKING!” Ignoring Liz, Max turns to Tess and asks “Tess, did you kill Alex?” Tess, exasperated replies “Max!” Max presses “What were you doing the night that he died?” Liz interjects “Will you STOP it!” Max continues “Go ahead! What were you doing!?” Kyle, coming into the room, interrupts with “She was with me. We were watching Gladiator on video.” Max says to Liz “An alibi. From one of your own.” Hurt by his accusations, Liz asks “Can I go now?” Max flippantly replies “Yeah” and steps away from the doorway. Liz slams the door on her way out. Kyle goes up to Max and asks “Is everything OK?” Max gruffly replies “Fine!” and turns away as Tess assures Kyle that everything is fine.

Maria finds Liz despondently lying on her lounge chair, on her balcony. She excitedly explains how she realized she could discover where Alex was, by determining where the e-mails he sent her came from, and, with Derek’s help, she did. The e-mails were sent from a dorm room at the University of New Mexico in Las Cruces. Cut to the next day. Liz and Maria are in Maria’s kitchen, heading for the door carrying luggage. Maria opens the door to find Michael on the other side. He sees the luggage and wants to know where they’re going. Liz makes up a story about visiting Alex’ grandmother in Santa Fe. Michael says he wants to speak with Maria so Liz says she’ll wait for her in the car. Michael closes the door and says “Where are you going?” Maria replies “Santa Fe.” Not buying it, Michael responds “Maria, WHERE are you going?” Maria is reluctant to answer so Michael calmly continues “Liz doesn’t want us to know, because she and Max are at war. So here’s the thing. I’m not gonna tell Max, but I need to know. Because if wherever you’re going turns out to be dangerous, I’m, sure as hell, gonna be there to protect you. So, WHERE are you going?” Maria replies “We’re going to Las Cruces, to the University. And if Liz found out that I told you, I will lose her as a friend.” Michael responds “First sign of danger – you contact me!” Maria smiles and nods. Michael adds “Promise?” Maria nods again. “Michael says “Absolutely promise?” and Maria says “Yes.” Michael leans down and kisses her on the cheek. She leaves and Michael follows, closing the door behind him.

While in line to pick up their yearbooks, Max comments to Michael that Liz and Maria are not in school. Michael says he noticed, Max asks if he knows where they are, Michael says no and Max complains “As if I don’t have enough to deal with all ready!”. They get their yearbooks and immediately check out their pictures. Max’ picture has been replaced with a green alien with big black eyes. Stunned, Max says “Look at this!” Without looking, Michael says “Mine sucks too.” Max looks around and sees Isabel and Kyle smiling at him. Cut to the outdoor basketball court. Max and Michael are shooting baskets as Michael asks what else Max has to deal with. Max says just stuff and Michael tries to pin him down so Max admits it’s about Tess and adds “The thing is, the other night, things between us kind of…advanced.” Michael asks “How far did they advance?” Max replies “I would say they advanced just about as far as possible.” Stunned, Michael asks “You and Tess actually had…” Max finishes his thought with “Hot alien sex. Yes.” Curious, Michael asks “How was it?” Max replies “Well, it’s probably a lot like human sex, except the point of culmination.” Michael asks “The point of WHAT?” Max replies “You kinda feel like you’re floating. And there’s this hot electric energy, that courses through your body.” Michael asks “And how long does that last?” Max replies “About an hour.” Michael is impressed. Max adds “The thing is, there’s been a complication.” They head for a bench and sit down. Michael asks “What, alien herpes?” Max replies “No, nothing like that.” Michael responds “Well, clearly you didn’t have any performance problems, and other than getting Tess pregnant, which you’re too smart to do, what else could there be?” The look on Max’ face tells Michael he wasn’t that smart. Michael continues “You got Tess pregnant? Holy crap!” “Max replies “And she says it’s growing fast. Nasedo said alien pregnancies take about a month.” Anxiety growing, Michael asks “What’s inside her? I mean, is it human? Is it alien?” Max retorts “Well we can’t exactly go get a sonogram.” Shocked, Michael says ‘You’re actually gonna go through with this?” Max’ anguish showing he replies “I don’t know if I have any choice here. This is out of my hands. I can’t tell Tess what to do!” Michael reminds him he is the King and Max replies “Which makes her the Queen!” Michael responds “Maxwell, if this thing comes out green, with four fingers and three eyes, that puts a major crimp in our hide in plain site strategy”. Max asks “So what are you suggesting?” Michael replies “I’m suggesting you point out to Tess how this could screw up all of our lives…forever. She’s got to know – this affects all of us!” Max contemplates what Michael has said.

That night, at the dorm room, Maria and Liz are discouraged to find it totally empty. They are interrupted by a student walking by who stops to ask what they are doing. They tell him they are looking for their friend who was in this room. He asks if they are looking for Ray and they say yes, to get more information. He tells them “He was here for a couple of months; hardly said a word; very weird guy.” Maria asks if he said why he was there; why he came in the middle of a semester. The student replies that Ray never left the room, only opened his door when they delivered his Thai food, for breakfast, lunch and dinner, he only saw him out of the room once at 4:00 in the morning coming out of the Litvack building and Ray never even acknowledged his presence. He found it pretty creepy. Liz asks “So what’s IN the Litvack building?” The student replies that the University has this incredible, supercomputer.

In the pod chamber, Max removes a bag from a hiding place. He and Tess sit on some rocks. Tess asks “What are we doing here?” Opening the bag, Max takes out the book she gave them, opens it and, looking at the hieroglyphics, says “This book…if we knew how to read it, it would probably have all the answers for us.’ Tess asks “What answers are we looking for?” Max replies “I guess answers about what exactly we’re getting ourselves into. Tess, this is my child too and I fully accept that. But I also want you to know that this is your decision. I will respect whatever YOU decide…” Tess interrupts with “Max, I’m HAVING this baby.” Obviously disappointed in her decision, Max replies “Okay” then slowly gets up and walks to the middle of the chamber. Tess says to his back “Thanks for the support.” Without turning he replies “I said I would stand by you.” Tess sarcastically responds “Don’t sound so excited about it.” Irritated Max glances back at her and replies “Hey, my entire life changed overnight. I think I’m entitled to get a little freaked!” Tess counters “And I’m NOT? Don’t you think I’m a little flipped out by this whole…” Max interrupts with “That’s not what I meant…” He is unable to finish because Tess doubles over in pain and calls out “Max!” He rushes to hear and anxiously asks “What is it?” In pain she replies “The BABY!” Max pulls her shirt back to reveal her stomach. A little hand, with four fingers and a thumb, glowing red, appears on her stomach. Max places his palm against the glowing red hand. The strain of the energy exerted registers on his face. He pulls his hand away and the little glowing hand fades away. Max, breathing heavy from the strain, says with wonder in his voice “I…saw the baby. [he smiles] It’s a boy!” Still smiling, he looks up at her and cups her head in his hands.

Walking across the campus, Maria and Liz come upon an outdoor concert by Nelly Furtado. Excited, Maria begs Liz to stay for just one song. Liz agrees and they are both enjoying the performance immensely. Suddenly, Liz notices a young woman with long blonde hair, among the crowd, who looks just like Leanna. She points her out to Maria, who at first doesn’t think it could be her, until she looks at the photograph and compares the two. Liz wants to go talk to her but Maria thinks it’s getting too dangerous and that they should call Michael. Leanna notices them looking at her and starts to leave. Liz doesn’t want to lose her so she takes after her and Maria follows. Leanna crosses the street and a bus stops in front of her, blocking Maria and Liz’ view. They rush across the street, causing cars to screech to a halt all around them. The bus pulls away just as they get to the other side and Leanna is no where to be seen. A hand grabs Liz’ shoulder and spins her around. It’s Michael, who says “I want to know everything!”

At school the next day, Isabel and Max are in a classroom and Kyle is in the corridor by the fire alarm. He pulls the alarm and we cut to the classroom, where Mr Seligman tells the class that it’s a fire drill and they know what to do, proceed in an orderly fashion, etc. Isabel waves her hand, as if using her powers, as she leaves the room. Max gets up to leave but his feet are “glued” to the floor. Kyle and Isabel watch from the doorway. Kyle is impressed with Isabel, saying it’s a classic. Isabel doesn’t seem that happy with her handywork. Mr Seligman is getting perturbed that Max is not leaving with the rest of the class. Max and Isabel just stare at each other.

At the Litvack Computer Sciences building, Liz finds a professor willing to help her. He tells her their computers’ greatest potential is in the field of cryptography. In theory, a quantum computer can break just about any code. Sitting at one of the computers, the professor says “OK, now where getting somewhere. He was definitely trying to decode something; something major.” The professor says he’s not sure how deep he can penetrate but Liz encourages him to try and find out what he was decoding.

In the Valenti living room, Tess and Max are sitting on the couch. Max is going through the classified ads, marking apartments for rent. Tess asks what he’s doing and he replies “I’ve been thinking. If we’re gonna have a baby, maybe we should get a place of our own.” Pleased, Tess replies “you mean that? Really?” Max responds “I don’t know how practical it would be. I don’t even know if you want to.” Tess replies “I want to start planning our future. I just wonder if that future is gonna be in Roswell.” Max asks “You want to go somewhere else?” Tess replies “I always thought the ultimate plan was to go home. Our real home.” Max responds “It is. Someday. But we don’t know when that’s gonna be. I think we have enough to deal with in the here and now. Don’t you?” Tess agrees. Cut back to Liz and the professor. As they are watching the computer screen, Maria and Michael knock on the window to get Liz’ attention. She excuses herself and goes to the door. Maria is holding a school catalog with Leanna’s picture from the track team. Her real name is Jennifer Coleman. Liz tells them she’s onto something too and will meet them in the Quad later. Michael thinks the situation isn’t safe and they should go back to Roswell. Liz has no intention of leaving and starts to shut the door on him. He grabs her wrist and says it’s not an option, she’s going back with him. She reminds him that he can’t tell her what to do. As they are arguing, the Professor calls out to Liz that he found Ray’s source material. Liz goes to the professor and Michael and Maria follow. On the computer screen are the hieroglyphics from the book. The professor thinks it’s Native American but Michael knows it’s alien. Michael asks “Where the hell did this come from?” Liz replies “This is what Alex was working on while he was here.” Michael asks “What was he doing?” He learns that Alex was trying to translate it into English and asks “Was he able to do it?” The professor says the data was deleted then adds “The last day he was here, he created this huge text file. He e-mailed it to another address:” Liz realizes he mailed it to Leanna. Cut back to Max and Tess. Max is in her bedroom trying to read the book. Tess is in the kitchen getting soft drinks. Max throws down the book in frustration. He picks up the newspaper from her bed, and smiles when he sees that she has drawn a heart with an arrow through it and written MAX underneath. Suddenly he hears a crash and Tess crying out. Cut to Tess on the kitchen floor, holding her stomach and in obvious pain. Max rushes to her and asks “Tess, what is it?” She replies “The baby. Something’s wrong.” He puts his hand on her stomach and gets a vision of the baby, like a sonogram. The strain registers on his face. Suddenly he falls back, with a sharp intake of breath, as if in fear. Tess anxiously asks “Max, what’s wrong with him?” Shaken, and trying to catch his breath, he replies “He’s sick. It’s the atmosphere. This planet is poisoning him!” Tess looks on in horror as he adds “Our son is dying.”

Liz, Maria and Michael go to Leanna/Jennifer’s dorm room. Her roommate says she left unexpectedly because her mother is ill. Maria pretends she is there for some physics notes Jennifer promised her and distracts the roommate while Liz and Michael go into the room and quickly collect mail and papers from Jennifer’s desk, etc.; then they all leave. Outside the dorm, they look through what they grabbed and discover a bill for a payment for property outside Las Cruces. Cut to them driving to the property. When they arrive they discover a building that should be condemned. Maria asks why anyone would rent the place and Liz replies because they have something to hide. They search the place and discover a computer in a room off the kitchen. When Liz and Maria walk into the room it sets off a security device – a glowing, red, pyramid shaped object that starts to beep, faster and faster, like it’s ready to explode. Michael uses his powers to propel it out the window, just before it does explode. Breathing a sigh of relief, Liz thanks Michael, then turns her attention to the computer. On it she finds the translation of the book. Looking around the room, Michael finds a small box. He opens it and finds the crystal rod Future Max used to activate the granilith. Maria asks what he found and he replies “I don’t know.” Liz prints out the translation. Maria says “All the answers, Michael. Even if Leanna has them, so do we.” Cut back to Max and Tess. She is lying on her bed and Max is wiping down her perspiring face with a wet face cloth. She wakes and takes a glass of water from Max as he tells her she slept for a few hours. He asks if she’s warm enough and she says she’s OK. She asks how it’s going with the book. He despondently tells her he can’t figure it out and feels he has let her down. She tells him “You’re the one person I know I can count on in this world. I have faith in you Max. I always have.” He smiles at her kind words and kisses her on the forehead. He tells her “When that happened before – when you fell – I guess I suddenly realized that I could lose you. All this time I thought of you as this person that just would always wait for me – forever. I’ve been taking you for granted. I’m sorry about that.”

Kyle comes up to Isabel at the Crashdown and says “I’m a guy and I know what freaks guys out. Max wakes up tomorrow – one testicle!” Isabel grins and says “No thanks.” Kyle doesn’t understand and Isabel responds “This just isn’t making me feel any better.” Kyle asks if they can dreamwalk Jodie Ann again, so Isabel says she’s going. Kyle asks “But what about getting back at Max?” Isabel replies “I’m over Max.” Kyle responds “You know, Buddha teaches…” Irritated Isabel whips around and says “Kyle, if you quote that fat, bald man to me one more time, YOU’RE gonna wake up, one of these mornings [points to his crotch] – ZAP!” Kyle blanches.

That evening, at home, Max is putting out the trash. The can is overflowing and the trash keeps landing on the ground. After picking it up a couple of times, Max’ frustration takes over and he starts kicking the cans and throwing the trash all around. He then sits on the ground against the wall and starts to cry. Isabel, who has witnessed the episode comes up to him and says “Max?” Still crying he says “Tess is pregnant.” Surprised, Isabel says “What?” He replies “She’s pregnant and the baby’s dying because it can’t live in this atmosphere.” Stunned, Isabel stoops down next to him. Max continues “And…I don’t know what to do because I…I’m so scared. And I don’t know what to tell Mom and Dad because I…it’s like what would I even tell them. They don’t even know who I really am. I feel so irresponsible, and stupid and…I know this is supposed to happen, because it’s our destiny. [holding his head in his hands] Oh my God, what am I gonna do?” Isabel stands up, holds out her hand to Max and says “Max, come with me.” He looks up at her like a little lost boy, wipes at his tears, and takes her hand. She takes him to a stream at a park and they stand on the bridge over the stream. She asks him if he remembers what happened to his guinea pig “Bigfoot”. He replies that the neighbor’s dog got into his cage and killed him. She asks if he remembers what happened the next day and he says no. She waves her hand, it begins to snow and he remembers. With wonder, she says “It was the first time we had ever seen it. It snowed for two days. Biggest storm to hit Roswell in a century. It was a disaster for everyone but us.” Max adds “We built snowmen” Isabel chimes in “We made angels” and they both laugh, remembering pelting Michael with snowballs. Isabel says “It was magic.” Max replies “Just like this.” Isabel says “Max, I had no idea what you’d been going through. My problems are really nothing compared to this, so I’m sorry.” Max replies “No they’re not. Your problems aren’t nothing. They’re important. Your LIFE is important. I’m sorry for not realizing that.” Isabel says “We’ll figure something out. We’ll figure something out for you and Tess and your…do you know if it’s a boy or a girl?” Max replies “A boy.” Thrilled, Isabel responds “Wow. You’re having a son.” Feeling better, Max smiles and says “Yeah, a son. A son!” Isabel hugs him and Michael drives up on his motorcycle. Commenting on the snow he says “A little public, isn’t it?” Isabel replies “It’s a freak storm, you know, who cares?” Michael responds “Not me, I got bigger things to talk about. Maxwell there’s two things I need to tell you. First is, I’ve been lying to you about Maria, Liz and the whole investigation. Instead of stopping ‘em, I’ve been helping ‘em. Second thing is, it was worth it.” He hands Max the translation and Isabel the rod. Max asks “What’s this?” Michael replies “It’s everything we’ve been looking for. It’s a translation to the book. You know THE book.” Shocked, Isabel says “You’re kidding!” Michael replies “Not even a little.” Isabel asks ‘Well what does it say?” Max, who has been perusing it, replies with wonder in his voice “It’s the way home. We can go home.”

#220 Off The Menu – Synopsis

Compiled by Joan Pickering

Maria reminds us that Brody is the owner of the UFO Center, Max’ boss, and, an alien abductee and human vessel for Larek. She ends by saying that something happened a couple weeks ago (before, the Prom, before Max started remembering his former life with Tess, before Liz got closer to Sean, before Alex died) that she didn’t think important at the time but now thinks contains the key to everything.

It’s nighttime. Max is whistling while he works in the UFO Center. He goes to Brody’s office to help reorganize the crop circle files, as Brody had requested. Brody is all smiles but acting strangely, evasive, like he’s hiding something, not letting him in the office, telling him he can go home, even though Max still has 3 hours to his shift. He finally tells him to go fix the weather balloon. Not quite sure what to make of it all, Max goes off and we cut to Brody, in his office, putting on a virtual reality helmet. He tells the computer to run “abduction simulation 1.5”. The simulation recreates his apartment on Nov 25, 2000. He tries to remember what happened during the 3 days he was “gone” and tells the computer to run “abduction simulation 1.6”. The simulation recreates the summit meeting room in New York City. It looks familiar to him but he doesn’t understand why it looks more like a warehouse than something alien. He remembers there were other humans there and tells the computer to add 3 males and 3 females. None of them have distinctive features. As he tries to remember what they discussed, the computer warns him that the memory disk is full. He tells the computer to override and continue simulation. His simulated self sits in one of the simulated chairs and he remembers that a boy – Nicholas (who’s face appears on one of the simulated male bodies) – was sitting to his left. Then he remembers, to his right, at the end of the table was “Oh my God, Max!” Max’ face appears on the simulated body and, at the same time, Brody receives an electrical shock from the virtual reality equipment. The surge causes a blackout throughout the neighborhood, and knocks him unconscious. Cut to Max, using a flashlight to find the fuse box. Cut to Brody, no longer unconscious, getting a gun from a file cabinet. Cut back to Max looking at the fuses as Tess comes up behind him and tells him it’s not a fuse, the lights are out all over town. She’s carrying a box and, smiling, says it’s for him. Puzzled, he asks “What is it?” Teasing, she replies “You have to open it to find out!” He asks “What’s the occasion?” Disappointed in his lack of enthusiasm, she replies “Does there have to be an occasion, Max? It’s just a gift! You know, I saw a black sweater on sale – V neck – and I thought of you. If you don’t want it, I can just give it to Kyle.” She starts to walk away with the box and Max stops her, says “I’m sorry”, takes the box and says “Thank you. This was very thoughtful.” She smiles and he goes back to the fuse box to turn on the emergency power. The lights come on and Brody, with a burn on his face, joins them. He’s acting strangely again but this time there are no smiles. He says to Max “Why did you lie to me?” Max asks him what’s wrong and Brody continues “You’re an alien, aren’t you?” Max guardedly replies “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Brody responds “YES, you do! New York City. We were ALL there.” Pointing to Max, Tess and himself he continues “You, and you, and me. We were there with the other aliens.” Max half whispers “Larek?” Brody says “There! That’s an ALIEN name! That makes YOU an alien!” He reaches behind his back and pulls the gun from his waistband as he continues “How else could you know that?” Max and Tess tense at the sight of the gun. Slowly Max raises his hand out in front of him and calmly says “Brody…just put the gun down. I am NOT an alien and neither is Tess.” Brody aims the gun at him and Max instinctively puts up the green force field, milliseconds before Brody shoots. The bullet ricochets off the force field and hits the wall behind Brody, breaking a glass frame. Brody asks, sarcastically, “So how do you explain that!” Cut to the three of them watching a video of Max putting up the force field, on the security system, which was on back-up power. Brody takes out the CD ROM and Max asks him what he wants. Brody replies “I want you to tell me who I really am! Am I Brody or am I Larek? WHAT AM I?” Cut to Amy, Maria and Sean getting out of the Jetta in front of the UFO Center. Maria is grumbling about delivering “George W is an Alien” T-shirts during the blackout and Amy reminds her that her entrepreneurial spirit puts food on the table and gas in the Jetta. The T-shirts are hot off the presses and she wants them on the market right now. They are coming down the stairs when they see Brody holding a gun against Max and Tess. Amy decides the T-shirts can wait and the three try to high tail it back up the stairs, but Brody stops them in their tracks, telling them “Nobody’s going anywhere.”

“Sheriff” Hanson visits Jim, to ask his advice about the blackout. Since the entire town is dark, and the DWP is stumped, Hanson thinks it’s a FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency ) situation. Feeling that Hanson is overreacting, Jim tells him to call Ralph, the electrician that wired the station last spring. Hanson replies “Thank you Sheriff.” and Jim reminds him that he’s not the Sheriff any longer.

Back at the UFO Center, Brody is ranting to Max and Tess “I have memories of things I’m not supposed to know, but I DO know them! I KNOW that your Max Evans, and I ALSO know your ZAN! NONE of it makes any sense! All I KNOW is that YOU’VE been LYING to me! And now I want the truth or THIS [holding CD ROM] is going to the FBI. Off to the side Sean whispers to Amy and Maria “What the hell is this guy talking about?” Amy replies “Too much time in the UFO Center!” Brody shouts at them “Stop talking over there!” and approaches, pointing the gun at them. Max follows him, trying to calm Brody down, and says he can help. Brody replies “Well you better! I want these aliens out of my head!” Amy interjects “Maybe it would be better if we left you aliens alone.” Brody grabs some duct tape and tells Max to tie them up. Max reluctantly does as Brody asked, starting with Sean. Maria reminds Brody that they are close friends. He tells her he’s not close to anyone right now. Her cell phone rings. He points his gun at Maria and Amy says defiantly “Don’t point that gun at my daughter!” He tells Maria not to answer the phone. She convinces him that if she doesn’t answer it, whoever is calling will become suspicious because she ALWAYS answers her phone. He holds the phone while she says hello. It’s Liz, calling from the Crashdown, to chat about what happened in Biology class. Maria tells her she’s a “little tied up right now” so she won’t be able to come in for her shift. Concerned, Liz asks “What’s the matter? Is everything OK?” Maria replies “Yeah. I’ve been thinking about the menu lately, and you know the Galaxy Sub with Pepperjack? It’s not selling all that well, so maybe we should take it OFF the menu.” Puzzled, Liz repeats “OFF the menu?” Getting suspicious, Brody disconnects the call saying “That’s enough!” and Liz looks startled by the disconnection. Brody asks Maria what that was all about and Maria innocently replies that it was just “shop talk”. Cut to the Crashdown. Liz and Isabel are sitting at a table with candles for light. Michael brings two plates with cheeseburgers and fries, one for him and one for Isabel, and pulls a chair up to join them. Mystified, Liz says “That was weird.” Michael asks “What was?” Liz replies “Maria just hung up on me!” Michael nonchalantly responds “Happens to me all the time.” Disgusted, Isabel remarks “This burger isn’t cooked! [holding up a cheese slice] The CHEESE isn’t even melted!” She starts to use her powers to cook the burger and Michael tells her not to because it will “taste like crap”, that even though it isn’t cooked all the way, it still has the taste of the grill. Isabel prefers NOT to risk food poisoning and proceeds to cook the burger with her powers. Cut back to the UFO Center. Everyone is tied up, including Max and Tess, who are sitting off to the side. Tess whispers to Max that she’s going to use her mind warp on Brody so they can just walk out of there. She attempts to do so but gets nothing but a bunch of confusing images. Brody senses what she’s doing and says condescendingly “Don’t try your mind games on me.” Tess joltingly breaks away from the mind warp, breathing heavy. Max whispers “Tess!” She whispers back “His mind…is too crowded; I can’t get in.” Brody walks over to them and disdainfully asks “You really want to help me Max? Or Zan? Or WHATEVER your name is? Tell me WHY I have all this information in my head.” He’s holding the pentagon device in his hand and says “Tell me WHY I know that this thing is called a Trithium Amplification Generator, and when I turn it like this…” He turns it and a pulse generates from it, knocking Max and Tess to the floor, but passing through Brody, Maria, Amy and Sean with no affect. Max and Tess are in obvious pain. Brody continues “…you can’t use your powers anymore. HOW do I KNOW that! Huh?” Breathing heavy from the exertion, Max replies “I don’t know what you’re talking about. I really don’t.” Brody turns away in frustration. Max tries to free himself from his bonds and is unable to. He anxiously whispers to Tess “He’s right. My powers aren’t working!” Maria whispers to Amy to not worry because she sent a coded message to Liz and any minute now 50 cops will be busting down the door. Sean asks what coded message and she explains “The Galaxy Sub, with Pepperjack? It’s what Brody always orders.” Sean asks “And?” Maria replies “Liz is my best friend. We have our own language. She’ll understand. Trust me.” Cut to Liz asking Isabel “Galaxy Sub with pepperjack. Does that mean anything to you?” Isabel replies “I don’t really listen to Maria when she’s talking. I’m probably the wrong person to ask.” Liz looks at Michael, who adds “I don’t really listen either.” He takes off his apron and says he’s leaving. Liz points out that their shift isn’t over for four hours. He reminds her there’s a blackout, they have no customers, and he doesn’t expect they’ll get any. He suggests to Isabel that they go get Max. Isabel declares that her alien power cooked burger tastes awful and leaves with him. Cut to the front of the UFO Center. The doors are locked, so Michael uses his powers to open them. Brody hears the doors opening and heads towards the stairs. Maria tells Amy “See I told you the calvary was on the way.” Coming down the stairs Michael says “I think Vegas loosened him up.” Isabel replies “Michael, the guy irons his jeans!” They see Brody aiming the gun at them. Michael shouts for Isabel to get down and tries to send an energy surge towards Brody, but it doesn’t work. Brody shoots, Michael ducks, and the bullet hits a light above them. Michael screams at Isabel “Go, go, go!” and they run back up the stairs, as Brody keeps firing. Cut to Liz hearing the shots in the Crashdown. Cut to Michael and Isabel running out the front door, scared to death, gasping for breath. Incredulous, Isabel asks “Why didn’t your powers work?” Michael replies “I don’t know.” Isabel remarks “Oh God! Max is down there!” Worried, Michael responds “So is Maria!” Liz rushes over to them and asks what’s going on. Isabel says “We gotta get Valenti.”

Back in the UFO Center, Amy moves Maria over to Sean and tells her to stay behind her. Brody walks over to Max and Tess. He points the gun at Max and says “You disappoint me.” He pulls the trigger and Max and Tess cringe, expecting a bullet; the gun is empty. He continues “If you try to contact your alien friends again, you’ll only make it worse for them [indicating Amy, Maria and Sean]. He reloads and walks over to Maria’s ringing phone. Amy laments “My God, he IS crazy!” Brody answers the phone. Jim asks if it’s Brody and Brody says “I don’t know, it might be Larek.” Jim asks him what his demands are. Brody doesn’t have any so Sean suggests burgers and fries. Brody agrees and tells Jim to bring an order of six burgers and six fries. He adds “And when it’s delivered, I don’t want to see any cops. And no aliens either; I can tell.” He hangs up. Cut to Brody putting a barricade up, of alien paraphanalia from the Center, by the staircase, talking to himself “Nobody comes in and nobody goes out. We’ll all just stay here together; like one big happy family.” He walks over to Max and Tess and reaches behind Tess to get another alien doll, facetiously saying “Excuse me Luv, I just need to borrow your cousin for awhile.” He walks away, then stops, realizing something, turns and says “That’s it!” All smiles he walks back to them saying “Dimaras Rock! I couldn’t remember before, but the name just came to me. Dimaras! After the third moon. That’s were you two first met! You MUST remember. Dimaras Rock; it juts out, over the water. Ahh, I can see it so clearly!” Max has no idea what he is talking about but Tess has her eyes closed, as if remembering along with Brody. Brody sighs contentedly, then continues “The moon hanging over the horizon, and the color of the water – crimson red!. I was there with you, before you were King. We were swimming, and you looked up and saw her [indicating Tess], on a rock. You said she was the most beautiful girl you’d ever seen.” Max and Tess look at each other. Max seems disconcerted. Brody continues “But of course you were too afraid to go and talk to her. [laughs, remembering] I offered to make the approach, on your behalf, but you told me not to. Back then you were always so nervous and quiet. But lucky for you, I was neither shy nor obedient. So I went and met her, and introduced you two the same night.” Remembering, Tess adds softly “At a party.” Surprised, Max looks at Tess, then turns to Brody and placatingly says “That’s a nice story.” Agitated, Brody replies “It’s not a STORY, it’s the TRUTH. Don’t you remember? Please! Zan, I HAVE to know that what’s in my head is REAL!” Max replies “I’m sorry, Brody, but none of that is real; none of that ever happened.” Tess looks like she is about to say something, but holds back. Insisting, Brody says “But you do LOVE her! I KNOW you do! I was there when you met!” Max replies “Your wrong! We are NOT in love. We NEVER have been.” Tess seems crushed by his remarks. So does Brody.

Jim, using the telescope on Liz’ balcony, watches Hanson approach the UFO Center doors and try to open them,. Jim calls Hanson on his cell phone and says “Step away from the door!” Hanson replies “Sheriff? Where are you.” Jim waves until Hanson spots him. He tells Jim that Ralph traced the surge that caused the blackout to the UFO Center, so he’s there to check it out. Jim tells him to join them on the balcony. Michael says “This could be alien related. You shouldn’t invite him into it.” Jim replies “It’s safer to have him up here than going in there with his guns, stirring things up.” Cut to Jim explaining to Hanson that the UFO Center is a former fall-out shelter, so it has only one set of doors that automatically lock when the power goes out, and he thinks there may be people trapped down there. Hanson asks if he needs help. Jim says yes, but with the blackout, someone has to take care of traffic control. Hanson agrees he needs to take care of that, and leaves. Cut to the Crashdown kitchen. Michael is cooking burgers on the grill. They are taking too long so, against Michael’s protests, Isabel uses her powers to speed things up. Liz asks “What about the fries?” and Michael uses his powers to heat the oil. Cut to the front counter, where Jim is attaching a tiny camera to Liz’ coat; there is a laptop computer next to him, picking up the signal from the camera. He says “I’ll be able to see whatever you see, and I’ll be…” Liz interrupts, replying as if they have gone over this a hundred times “watching the WHOLE time.” Jim continues “All I want you to do is deliver the food. Let me get a good look at the layout of the room, what’s going on down there, who’s positioned where, that kind of thing. Then…” Liz interrupts and in unison they both say “I want you to get…” Liz continues “right out! You TOLD me. [laughs] Sheriff, Sheriff, I’m OK. I can do this! I WANT to do this.” Isabel brings them the food. Cut to the UFO Center. Liz arrives with the food, Brody buzzes her in, and she has to maneuver around the barricade. Brody hands her money for the food and, surprised, she says there’s no charge. He insists on paying for the food and says he thinks he remembers that he’s rich. Liz asks if there is anything else she can get him and he says no, thanks her for the food and tells her she can go. He starts to eat one of the burgers and stops her by asking “Is there a new cook at the Crashdown?” He adds “These burgers – they taste different.” Liz explains “Oh, oh, well see, there’s no power over there either, so we had to use this little butane grill.” Suspicious, Brody asks “So how did you cook the fries?” Liz replies “The same way.” Brody doesn’t buy it and screams “NO! No you didn’t. You used ALIEN power to cook this food! [waving the gun at her] You’re one of them!” He pushes her over to the others. Max tries to stand up, saying “Brody, let her go! Larek!” Brody pushes him back down. He continues to push Liz forward and as he passes Sean, Sean sticks his foot out and trips Brody. Brody falls and drops his gun. Sean jumps up and tries to kick the gun away but Brody gets to it first, jumps up, grabs Sean, puts the gun against his chest and says “THAT was a STUPID thing to do!” Sean replies “She’s not an alien. She’s just an innocent girl. Leave her alone.” Maria’s phone rings so Brody leaves Sean to answer it. He screams “What?” into the phone and Jim asks if he got the food and if everything is OK. Ranting and pacing Brody says everything is far from OK. While he is distracted by Jim, Sean tells Liz to reach into his pocket. She pulls out a knife and cuts his bonds. Sean takes the knife and heads for Brody. Brody screams at Jim “You’ll be lucky if anyone comes out of here alive, ever!” He hangs up. Max sees Sean approaching Brody with a knife and calls out “Sean, NO!” Brody turns and he and Sean have a scuffle that ends with them both rolling on the floor. Brody gets up with the knife in his hand and the others look on in horror, as Sean rolls over, bleeding from his wound. At first Brody is shocked by what he has done but when we cut to Amy, Maria and Liz (their bonds removed) tending to Sean, Brody is ranting at no one in particular “You SEE! You come after me, THAT’S what you GET, THAT’S what you GET!” He kicks some boxes in frustration and walks away. Liz uses the opportunity to go over to Max and ask him to heal Sean. Max says he can’t and Liz says “Why? It’s your fault he got stabbed. HEAL him!” Max indicates the Trithium Amplification Generator, which is still on, and explains that it blocks his powers. He adds “Brody’s a good man. This isn’t his fault. Sean might have killed him.” Liz counters “But it’s OK for Sean to get stabbed?” Max responds indignantly, “Of course not!” Liz goes back to Sean, who is still lying on the floor, his head in Amy’s lap, and asks him if he’s OK. He nods.

Back on the balcony, Jim, Michael and Isabel are watching what’s going on at the UFO Center on the laptop computer. Jim wishes he could get a better look at Sean’s wound and declares that they have to get in there. They are startled by Hanson’s appearance on the balcony ladder. He asks them what they are doing, and says he was directing traffic and started wondering why Jim warned him off going into the UFO Center. He notices the laptop and asks why Jim is using the Sheriff’s Dept surveillance equipment, unless this is more serious than he indicated. Jim says “Deputy…” Hanson interrupts “I’m not the deputy anymore, remember? I’m the sheriff! Now tell me what’s going on Jim! Why’d you warn me off? Are the people stuck down there being held against their will?” Jim replies “OK. Now, don’t jump to conclusions. There’s no reason to believe that this is a…” Hanson interrupts “A hostage situation?” Jim retorts “Hanson, even if it IS a hostage situation, what are you gonna do? You gonna march in there with guns blazing and risk killing innocent people? Come on!” Hanson replies “I gotta do something.” and leaves.

At the UFO Center, Tess notices Max watching Liz and says “You’re still in love with her, aren’t you?” Max replies “It’s hard to describe what I feel for Liz.” Tess responds “I know; it’s what you and I use to have. You know, everything Brody said is true. I KNOW it is.” Cut to Sean asking Liz “When this is all over, you want to grab dinner?” Maria asks “How can you be wounded and on the make at the same time?” Liz asks him “Are you serious?” Sean replies “I’m bleeding here. Does it get much more serious than that?” Liz says she’ll have to think about it. Maria asks her “Hey, aren’t you involved with someone? [indicating Max] Cut to Max saying “We have to do something, before more people get hurt.” Tess rolls her eyes and replies “Way to change the subject!” Max says he’s going to talk to Brody and Tess asks him what he’s going to tell him. Max replies “The truth.”

Kyle joins Jim, Michael and Isabel on the balcony. He tells them he heard on the police scanner that they called sharp shooters in from the state police and that they are getting ready to storm the UFO Center. Jim is concerned that they will shoot anything that moves. Kyle asks what’s going on and Jim, turning back to the computer, says “I think we’re about to find out.” The camera is picking up a panel that controls the fall-out shelter’s lock down mechanism. Isabel asks if it still works. Jim doesn’t know but says if it does, it will help to keep the calvary out long enough to end this before anyone gets killed. There should be a way of accessing it from the outside of the building but he needs the blueprints. He sends Kyle to the 3rd floor of the library, in the back. When Kyle points out that the library is closed, Jim tells him to kick in a window. We cut to the UFO Center as Max walks over to Brody. He calmly states “Everything you’ve been saying tonight is true. I am an alien. I’m the King of another planet. Tess is my wife.” Brody says “So these memories I have are real?” Amy whispers to Maria “Reverse psychology – it’s the oldest trick in the book.” Max replies to Brody “Yes. All of them.” Confused, Brody responds “But if I’m Larek, an alien, and, you’re Zan, also an alien, what are we doing here?” Max replies “Surviving. Biding our time until we return.” Brody asks “So, we’re going back, to our home planet, some day?” Max replies “Yes. You, me, Tess.” Brody asks “And the others?” Max replies “All of us.” Brody takes all this in and responds “It’s incredible.” Max says “Now I think it’s time you put down the gun.” Brody starts to agree when he suddenly notices that Liz is pointing the camera at him. He flips out, storms over to Liz, screaming that she’s wearing a camera, and pointing the gun at her says “I’m gonna kill you!” Liz stares at him, terrified. Cut to Brody with his arm around Liz and holding the gun against her. Max screams at him “You want to kill someone, then kill me! This is my fault.” Brody puts the gun against Max’ chest and cocks it. Max tenses. Brody says “Don’t tempt me.” Sirens sound and they all turn in the direction of the stairs. Brody says “Cops! Get in the office, all of you! GO! MOVE NOW!” They all scramble for the office, Amy and Maria helping Sean.

Outside the UFO Center, Hanson is directing the operation, requesting sharp shooters be positioned on both sides of the exit, and that a battering ram be brought in. Cut to the balcony, where they are concerned that the hostages are in trouble, because they have lost the video feedback. Cut to Brody’s office where Maria is stressing that “they always put you in the back room before they shoot you.” Amy tries to assure her that they will all get out of this. Max notices the virtual reality helmet and picks it up. He says “It looks like it short circuited or overloaded or something.” Liz adds “If Brody was wearing this when it short circuited…” Max finishes her thought “a powerful jolt of electricity might have been sent right to his brain.” Tess adds “That must be how he’s accessing Larek’s memories.” Maria asks them to explain. Max says “Humans only use a small percentage of their brains at any given time. Aliens, when they use humans as vessels, tap into this unutilized portion. The shock may have, somehow, given Brody access to a part of his brain only Larek uses.” Tess adds “And all of Larek’s memories.” Liz says “So, if this was caused by some sort of injury…” Max finishes her thought “That means I can heal him.” Tess reminds him “But you can’t – the pentagon.” Max says “I’ve got to get him to turn it off.” Maria offers to talk to him.

On the balcony, Kyle arrives with the blueprints. Jim finds the other control panel in the back alleyway. Michael and Isabel volunteer to take care of it. Jim explains “Inside of the control panel is a lever that activates a set of steel doors, but it hasn’t been activated in years.” Isabel assures him they can take care of it. He tells them to be quick about it, they are running out of time. Cut to the street where the police are removing a battering ram from the trunk of a patrol car. There is so much activity that Michael and Isabel are able to walk by on there way to the alley, without being noticed. Cut to inside the UFO Center. Maria is reminding Brody that she delivers his lunch to him almost everyday. He says he bets he enjoys that and she says he does and she enjoys it too. He’s frustrated because there is so much in his head right now and he can’t figure out who he is. Maria replies “Your Brody Davis. Your smart, your funny, your sensitive. And, you’d actually make a damn good boyfriend, for someone.” He says he sounds pretty good and she assures him that he is. She adds that his daughter is lucky to have him as her father. He is surprised to hear he has a daughter. Maria is saddened that he doesn’t remember Sydney. Frustrated, Brody exclaims “It’s like my WHOLE life has been stolen from me! Maria goes to the bulletin board, takes down a picture of Brody and Sydney and gives it to him. Distressed, and close to tears, he shakes his head and says “I don’t remember her.” Cut to Michael and Isabel getting to the panel. The lever doesn’t work. Cut to the office. Sean is trying to figure out the security system to unlock the office door. Amy is frantic that Brody is going to kill her daughter and insists they have to get out of there right now. Max tries to placate her and she turns on him, saying “Oh, I have had ENOUGH out of you for one day, Max Evans, OK? My nephew is going to get us out of here so I can save my precious daughter.” Turning her anger to Sean she walks over to him saying “And WHAT is taking you so long!?” She slaps him on the shoulder, adding “Are you a criminal or not!?” Sean retorts “I’m TRYING!” Cut to Brody being anxious about the police coming. Maria tells him he needs to focus and convinces him that he has to turn off the Trithium Amplification Generator, so Max can heal him. Cut to the police using the battering ram to break the glass on the front doors. Cut to Michael using his powers to turn the wheel that lowers the steel doors. Cut to the staircase, where the steel door is lowering. Cut to Hanson running towards the staircase and being stopped by the steel door. He notices the bullet holes in the wall, from when Brody shot at Michael and Isabel. With determination, he says “We gotta get in there!” Cut to Brody coming into the office to get Max, but leaving the others inside. Cut to the police using a blow torch on the steel door. Cut to Brody turning off the Generator. Max places his hands on each side of Brody’s head. He sees visions of Brody’s past, the whirlwind galaxy, Dimaras Rock and the crimson red water, and Max and Tess, seemingly nude, kissing passionately. Max breaks abruptly from the healing, seeming troubled. Brody notices the gun in his hand and, incredulous, asks “What’s this?” Max replies “You were abducted.” He takes the gun from Brody and removes the clip, then adds “But now you’re back.” Brody asks “Why are the lights off?” Max hears the blow torch cutting through the steel door. He says “We don’t have a lot of time.” and directs Maria and Brody back to the office. Amy and Liz hug Maria the minute she walks through the door. Max says “Everything’s fine. This was all just a big misunderstanding. Nothing happened out here, right?” Sean replies “My ass! This guy needs to be put away.” Liz goes to talk to Sean. Maria pulls Amy aside and tries to convince her that Brody’s daughter needs him, so she shouldn’t say anything to the police. Amy says “That man is a danger to his family, his neighbors, his WHOLE community, and I am NOT gonna be part of a cover-up!” Sean tells Liz “Give me one reason why I wouldn’t tell the cops.” Liz replies “Because I’ll go out with you.” Sean smiles and says “OK, so I fell down the stairs.” Liz hands him a George W is an Alien T-shirt, to cover the blood on his shirt. Cut to the police cutting through the door. Cut to Amy saying “I refuse to lie about what happened here tonight!” Tess uses her mind warp to erase Amy’s memories. Amy asks “Do you think they are ever gonna get this power back on? I’ve got other T-shirt deliveries to make.” Tess tells Max what she did. Cut to the police breaking through and scrambling around the barricade. Coming out of the office, Amy thanks God that Hanson has arrived, Sean adds that he thought they would be trapped there for days. Hanson asks about the bullet holes and the barricade. Max replies “We were just doing some remodeling.” Brody chimes in “We ARE!? Well, the place is a mess!” Jim, Michael and Isabel arrive. Amy is pleased to see Jim. Brody holds up the CD-ROM and asks ‘Where did this come from?” Max grabs it from him and calls out to Michael that he downloaded the music he wanted from Napster. Max and Tess leave with Michael and Isabel, Amy leaves with Jim, Brody asks “Who wants a cup of tea? and Maria and Liz join him. Sean is left standing with Hanson, who is staring at his T-shirt. Sean says “I can get you one.”

The next day at the Crashdown, Maria returns the picture of Brody and Sydney to Brody. He doesn’t remember giving it to her. He tells her he’s been feeling out of sorts because of the “missing time” aspect. She says she understands. He tells her this time he has vague memories of the experience; the details are hazy but he remembers how it felt – like she was there helping him. He wishes he knew where they took him and she tells him she’s glad that he’s back.

That evening, Max climbs through Tess’ open bedroom window. She stirs awake and asks “Max, what is it?” He sits on her bed and tells her that when he healed Brody he saw flashes. Amazed, he tells her “I remember you.” A tear of joy courses down her cheek and he softly wipes it away as he caresses her face.

#221 The Departure – Synopsis

Compiled by Joan Pickering

Maria starts to fill us in. She reluctantly admits that Max and Tess are together. She tells us that Liz was right, Alex was murdered by an alien, who’s still out there. Michael cuts in to tell us “what’s really going on”. He tells us that Tess is pregnant by Max, the baby is sick, so they need to find a way home. Which, fortunately HE did [flashes of – the book symbols on the computer and Michael holding the crystal rod].

It’s daytime. Max, Michael, Isabel and Tess surround the granilith. Max is holding the crystal rod. He gravely tells them it’s the key and when they insert it, the granilith will transport them home. It will take 24 hours to prepare itself and they must be aboard when it’s ready or they won’t be able to go. It’s capable of only one mission and when they use it, it’s gone. It’s their only way home. He asks “Is everyone ready?” Isabel shakes her head and replies “This is happening too fast.” He responds that they have no other choice. Michael is concerned about leaving Leanna out there; she may kill Liz, Kyle, Jim and Maria. Max says he will take care of Leanna. Tess holds her stomach, and gets Max’ attention. He looks at her, then inserts the rod into the granilith. The granilith swallows the rod whole, starts to turn and hum, lights come on and the whirlwind symbol appears on the chamber wall, as a countdown clock. Max solemnly says “Everyone say your good-byes.”

On the Crashdown patio, Maria and Liz are enjoying a conversation with Kyle and Sean. Maria is teasing Sean about wearing an earring. She then asks Kyle to stop drumming his fingers on the table. It’s been driving her crazy because he’s been doing it for an hour. Kyle didn’t even realize it. When Max and Michael appear, Kyle and Sean decide it’s time to go. Michael sits at the table across from Maria. Max goes up to Liz and asks if they can talk upstairs. When she doesn’t respond right away, he adds a beseeching “Please”, so she gets up and they go inside. Michael has such a serious look on his face that Maria is afraid someone else has died. He assures it isn’t anything like that. She asks “Well then, what is it?” and he responds “I have to see you tonight.” Cut to Max and Liz in her bedroom. He sadly tells her “You were right, about Alex. He was killed by an alien. I prayed that that wasn’t the case, but it was. We’re responsible.” Liz, shaking her head, replies “I never blamed you, Max. I never blamed any of you.” He cuts in “I know; I know you didn’t” Liz continues “I NEVER wanted to lose you.” Max replies “Me either.” He tells her he needs all the information she has on Leanna. She asks why and he says he has to take care of the situation. She asks how. The look on his face tells her he intends to kill Leanna. She tells him she’s coming with him, he says no, and she counters that she started this, and intends to see it through to the end. She finishes by saying “She killed Alex!”

In the Evans kitchen, Phillip, Diane and Isabel are at the table eating Chinese. Diane is going on and on about the information she got from the satellite TV salesperson. Phillip is going on and on about there being no Chinese mustard for his shrimp. Isabel interrupts them, starts to say something, then changes her mind and offers to look for the Chinese mustard in the fridge. When she gets there she starts to cry.

In the Valenti home, Tess is lying on her bed while Jim wrings out a face cloth he dipped in a bowl of water and gently wipes down her face. She thanks him, saying it helps. He tells her “Listen, I just wanted you to know that if anything goes wrong, if you are not able to go home, that you have a home here. That your child has a home here too. I mean, you’re a…you’re both a part of this family now. We’ll figure out what’s wrong with the baby. We’ll find a way.” Tess smiles and says “Thank you.” He goes to get more warm water and she stops him in his tracks by adding “Dad”. He turns and she says “I just wanted to see what that sounded like.” Pleased, he asks “How’d it sound.” She smiles and sweetly replies “A little too weird.” Maintaining his smile he responds “Yeah.” and goes to get the water.

That night, Max and Liz arrive at Leanna’s dorm, find the venting system and crawl inside to the vent opening off her room. Leanna is on her couch, trying to thread a needle, to sew a button on a blouse. Liz asks him what he’s going to do. Max spots the heater and replies “I’m gonna send a bolt of energy through that heater. It will explode; a fire will start, fast; too fast for her to react.: Concerned Liz asks “What about the other dorm rooms, the other students?” Max tries to placate her fears by replying “I can contain the fire with my powers long enough for everyone else to get out of the building. Not swayed, Liz says “Max, this isn’t like you. It’s not planned out.” Max replies “Liz, I have to do this, now .” As they are talking, Leanna pricks her finger with the needle. Liz says “Max, this doesn’t feel right.” Max suggests that she wait in the Jeep. She repeats that it doesn’t feel right and crawls back out. Max starts to heat up the heater. Liz gets outside and realizes what doesn’t feel right. She flashes to Leanna trying to thread the needle and pricking her finger. She rushes back calling out to Max. Realizing she won’t be able to get back to him in time, she goes to Leanna’s door instead and bangs on it, opens the door, runs in screaming for her to get out. As she ushers Leanna to the door, Liz grabs the tissue Leanna used to stop the bleeding. In the hallway, she tells Leanna it was all a mistake and takes off. Max, seeing her, stops what he’s doing and joins her outside. Puzzled, he asks “What the hell is going on?” Liz excitedly explains “That girl’s NOT an alien, she can’t be the killer.”

Isabel visits Alex’ grave. Sitting alone she despondently says “How can I leave now? I haven’t even lived yet.” Alex’ image appears at her shoulder and says “I know how scary it is, to have to leave; to leave this world. But as it turns out, it’s not so bad. Your heart is your heart, your soul is your soul. That doesn’t change.” Isabel replies “Why should I listen to you? You’re not even real. You’re just a figment of my imagination.” Alex responds “Well then you should REALLY listen, ‘cause it’s coming from within you. Go home.” Isabel asks “Home to what? I was a terrible person where I come from. I betrayed my own family. What is home anyway? Half of me is from there, half of me is from here. What makes one half more important than the other?” Alex tells her that’s what she has to figure out. She agrees, then tells him that at the Prom, when they danced, it was one of the best nights of her life. He holds out his hand, she takes it and they began to dance. Cut to Isabel at the graveside, dancing by herself.

Driving back to Roswell, Max pulls off to the side of the road. Liz ask why they are stopping and Max replies “Liz, there is something I need to tell you. It’s about Tess and me.” Liz resignedly responds “You’re together now, I know.” Max continues “It’s more than that. Our…relationship has, uh… We spent the night together.” Liz is shocked. Crestfallen she replies “Oh!” Max continues “Liz, Tess is pregnant.” Liz’ eyes widen even further. She’s at a loss for words. Cut to the pod chamber where the countdown shows 9 hours down, 15 hours to go. Cut to the school lab, where Liz is examining the blood from Leanna’s tissue under a microscope. She explains “If I were an alien and I was having trouble threading a needle, I probably would have used my powers. But I probably wouldn’t need a needle to begin with. I probably would have just zapped my blouse the way Isabel did it.” She declares Leanna’s blood to be human and tells Max to check for himself. Max asks if it’s not Leanna than who. Liz says she doesn’t know and she thinks Leanna was set up. She declares that they have to start over and they must find him or her before they kill again. Max despondently replies “I can’t do that. I don’t have time.” Liz asks him what he’s talking about. Max starts to bring up Tess’ child and Liz cuts him off, waving her arms like she doesn’t want to hear about that, saying “Yeah, well, that’s your personal life…” Max cuts in “He can’t survive here! He’s dying!” Liz is stunned but doesn’t reply. Max adds “We’re leaving.” Shocked, Liz spins around and says “Where?” Max replies “We’re going back.” Close to tears she points upward and says “Back?” Max approaches her; she composes herself and asks “When is this happening?” Max softly replies “Tomorrow. Just after dawn.” Liz shakes her head and says “You can’t leave before this is resolved.” Max replies “The way the granilith works…” Liz cuts him off saying she doesn’t want to hear about the granilith and that they can’t just leave them with a killer out there. He says they have no other choice. Her hurt turning to anger she lashes out “Not anymore, but you DID and then you got Tess PREGNANT!” Max tries to calm her down but fails. She continues “I TRUSTED you! I gave you EVERYTHING! I jumped off BRIDGES for you! I broke LAWS for you! I risked getting SHOT for you! I TRUSTED you! And you go off with…GOD! With TESS! GOD, I SAVED myself for you!” Confused, Max interjects “SAVED yourself? You slept with KYLE!” Stoically Liz says “Take me home.” Max is nonplused by this exchange.

Maria arrives at Michael’s apartment to find it filled with lit candles, and the table set for dinner. Surprised she asks “Michael?” He tells her he has prepared an Italian dinner for her, because he knows she likes it, and is using Scooby plates, because Scooby is her favorite. She’s touched but puzzled. He tells her to sit and they head for the couch. With deepest sincerity, he says “There’s a lot about you Maria. There’s a lot about you, but I think what means the most to me is that you’re open. You know, I can look into your eyes and I can see you. I can see what you’re thinking, I can see what you’re feeling. How much I mean to you sometimes, how much I piss you off sometimes, but I can always see you. ” Touched by his sentiment, Maria replies “I see you too.” Michael responds “No, no you don’t see me.” He pauses thinking about a way to explain, then continues “You know when Max and Liz would kiss and Liz would get the flashes and when we would kiss you didn’t? [she nods, remembering] I know how much that hurt you.” Maria assures him “That doesn’t matter to me anymore, Michael.” Michael continues “The reason you didn’t get the flashes is because I didn’t let you get them. [his voice starts to crack with emotion] I didn’t let you see me. I’ve never let anyone see me before, because there are things inside of me that I don’t want people to see. [No longer able to hold back the tears, they start to course down his cheek] There’s things inside of me that I’m not so proud of. But I’ve thought about it and I want you to see me. Take my hands.” She puts her hands in his, they look into each other’s eyes and she gets flashes from his past – young Michael running by the Pohlman Ranch sign, covered in the fluid from the pod; young Michael staring in fright as Hank whips off his belt; young Michael running from the trailer; a red whirlpool of stars; young Michael, Max and Isabel walking hand-in-hand in the desert; Maria comforting him in her bed [from Independence Day]; a burst of starlight and then Maria, smiling sweetly, surrounded by the starlight. Tears are streaming down Maria’s face when they break from the connection. Crying softly, and overflowing with compassion, she simply says “Michael.” He starts to say “There’s something I have to…” She puts her finger to his lips, says “No.” leans forward and gently kisses him. They continue to kiss, gradually getting more passionate. As she gently pushes him back on the couch, the camera pans to the forgotten dinner.

Kyle knocks on Tess’ open bedroom door. She is lying on her bed. He is holding a bouquet of flowers and asks “Is this a good time?” She says yes and he comes in and sits on her bed. He says he knows about the baby and her leaving, says “Congratulations” and hands her the flowers. Pleased, she thanks him and smells the flowers. He asks “Are you feeling OK?” She replies “Not so good. But I’ll be all right.” He starts to say “Well, I just wanted to say that it’s meant a lot to me that you…” He stops in mid-sentence when he thinks he sees Alex in the mirror on the wall across from the doorway. He quickly turns towards the doorway but no one is there. Puzzled, Tess asks if he is OK. Disconcerted, Kyle tries to shake if off and replies “Yeah, yeah, it’s nothing. Anyway, I just, um, I don’t usually talk about this, but, uh, my mom left when I was six and with you being here, it’s felt like family again. That’s all, I don’t want to get all weepy or anything.” She sits up, holds out her arms and says “Kyle, Kyle I…I feel the same way.” They hug. She’s hugging him so tight he starts to gently protest. Suddenly he sees Alex in the mirror again. This time Alex speaks, in a robot, monotone way – “You are the Royal Four. You’re created from the genetic materials of your alien predecessors and human subjects.” Kyle whips around and sees Alex standing in the doorway. Alex continues “You are given human form so you…” Tess interrupts, calling out “KYLE…KYLE. You OK? KYLE!!” Kyle breaks from his reverie, turns to Tess and says “He was here. Alex was here.” Confused, Tess asks “What are you talking about?’ Kyle excitedly states “Alex was in THIS room, the day he died! I can’t believe I didn’t even remember it! Why, I must have blocked it out.” Shaking her head and looking concerned, Tess replies “Kyle, he wasn’t!” With conviction, Kyle responds “No, he was! Alex was HERE! I have to tell my father.” He gets up to leave the room. Tess, smiling and cajoling, calls him back. He turns, Tess performs her mind warp on him, then sweetly asks “What were you saying?” Kyle responds “That I’m gonna really miss you.” They hug again. Kyle drums his fingers on her shoulder.

The countdown clock shows 14 hours down,10 to go. Parked outside the Crashdown, Max fingers the pendant with the whirlwind galaxy symbol that they found at Atherton’s. He wistfully says to Liz “I always thought when we graduated, I would give you my ring. Looks like I won’t graduate. So, this is something from…[voice choking with emotion] from where I’ll be.” He hands Liz the pendant. Taking it, Liz despondently replies ” I can’t believe that this is what I have of you. I can’t believe that after everything…” Liz sighs. Max asks “Liz, you never slept with Kyle, did you?” Liz almost imperceptibly shakes her head no. Max looks pained. Choked with emotion, he says “I wish…I wish this all could have been different. I wish that so much.” Liz nods. He leans forward and kisses her. She kisses back but the kiss is more bittersweet than passionate. They break from the kiss. Tears coursing down her face, her voice choked with emotion, Liz says “I guess this… this is goodbye. Just tell me one thing. Do you love her?” Max replies “Not like I love you.” He wipes a tear from her cheek. She gets out of the Jeep, goes to the Crashdown doors, turns and looks back. Max forces a half smile on his face and nods. She goes into the Crashdown and Max breaks down, crying.

At Michael’s apartment, the camera pans over the lit candles and comes to Michael and Maria, under the covers of his bed, undressed. Maria says “I think we just took a huge step in human alien relations.” then laughs. She takes his hand in hers and says “I love you Michael.” Michael pensively replies “I love you too. But I have to leave. Max, Isabel, and Tess and I are going home.” Maria nods and says “Yeah, I know. Like eventually, right?” Michael replies “We’re leaving in a few hours.” Seeing her stricken look he rushes to explain “We have to. I have no choice.” Understanding, Maria sadly nods. Michael continues “I don’t want to leave you. But we both knew that some day this would happen.” Maria asks “How much time do we have?” Michael replies “About an hour.” Maria snuggles up to him and he puts his arms around her.

Max finds Isabel sitting on her bed, sobbing uncontrollably. He sits down next to her. Choking out the words she asks “What if I said I wanted to stay?” Max calmly, and with heartfelt sincerity, replies “When we came out of the pods, and we lost Michael, it was just the two of us in the desert. I knew that I wasn’t alone. That I had my sister. To me, Earth isn’t home, and whatever’s out there isn’t home. You’re my home.”

There is a knock at the DeLuca home door. Sean opens it to find Liz and says “Parker, it’s three in the morning.” She steps in and kisses him. Cut to the two of them [fully clothed] on the fold out couch. Liz on top of Sean; they are kissing passionately. They roll over and Sean starts to get on top, when she breaks away. He asks if she’s all right and she shakes her head and responds “No, I’m not. I’m not all right.” The anguish registering on her face, she continues “Max Evans broke my heart. I’m sorry Sean. I’m really sorry.” He softly says “It’s OK. It’s OK.” and gently hugs her in comfort.

In Isabel’s bedroom, Max and Isabel are sitting side by side on her bed. Max is saying “Mom, Dad, we know that in some way, you always knew that we were different.” He forces a nervous half smile. Isabel adds “We want you to know that we love you so much. We’re orphans; we could have ended up anywhere, with anyone, but we got you. What is it that they say…? There but for the grace of God.” She starts to cry but plods on “I’m sorry…I’m sorry to leave you, but we have to go. I…I wish we didn’t. I wish I could be your girl forever but, um…” Max continues “You were great parents to us. We will always, always love you. [desperately trying to hold back the tears] Thank you. For everything. And goodbye.” Max gets up and removes the tape from the video camera. He sits back down next to Isabel and gently says “It’s time.” Isabel nods. They get up and walk to the door. Isabel takes one last look at her room before walking through the doorway and closing the door behind her.

Max walks into Tess’ bedroom and impatiently says “Let’s go.” Tess asks him “Max, are you sure you want to do this?” He replies “Yes.” She says “Right, right”. He kisses her and Tess gets a flash of Max kissing Liz. Surprised, she breaks away and says “You kissed Liz.” He doesn’t have a response so she continues “Don’t worry. You won’t remember her where we’re going.” and walks out of the room. Cut to Jim, Max, Michael, Isabel and Tess standing on the side of the road by the Jeep, just a few feet from a tunnel. Michael uses an energy surge to send the Jeep over a cliff. It bursts into flames before hitting the ground. They all watch sadly, as a piece of their past is destroyed. Isabel walks over to Jim and hands him the tape, saying “This is for our parents. Will you give it to them as soon as you’re sure we’re gone?” He replies “I will.” She hugs him affectionately. She breaks away, says “Thank you” and walks away; Michael joins her. Jim walks over to Tess; she hugs him tightly. When she starts to cry, she breaks away. Max goes to Jim and says “Look, I need you to protect Liz, Maria and Kyle.” Jim replies “With my life. It’s been an honor to know you Max. It’s been an honor!” He hugs Max. When they break Max replies “Same here.” The Royal Four walk down the road and through the tunnel.

Liz is lying on Maria’s bed. Maria joins her, despondently saying “I can’t believe this is happening. I just can’t believe it’s possible!” Liz sighs “I know.” From the kitchen they can hear Amy saying “Larek! He says his name is Larek and he’s an ALIEN! Who’s Larek?” Concerned Maria and Liz rush out to the kitchen to find Amy frantically pacing around ranting about Larek pointing a gun at her daughter. Maria asks “Mom…Mom, what’s wrong?” Amy breaks from her reverie and asks what Maria is doing up in the middle of the night and why Liz is still there. They notice that Amy is drumming her fingers on the stove. Liz flashes to Kyle drumming his fingers on the table at the Crashdown, Alex drumming his fingers on his guitar, while talking on the phone with Isabel [the day he died], and Tess mind warping Amy at the UFO Center. She turns to Maria and says “It’s Tess!” Maria says “What?” Liz explains “Tess mind warped Alex…and Kyle! We’ve gotta go, now.” Cut to Kyle in his bedroom saying “No, there’s no way I’ve been mind warped; I’d remember it!” Maria points out that that’s the point of being mind warped, so you won’t remember it. They encourage him to look around the room and see if anything triggers a memory. They notice that he is drumming his fingers again. Standing by the mirror, holding a glass, he suddenly drops it. It shatters against the dresser as we see, in the mirror, Alex arguing with Tess. He’s at his wits end, on the edge of losing it as he says “You did this to me! You sent me to Las Cruces!” We see that Kyle overheard this conversation when he walked in on them. Tess replies “Alex, Alex, let me fix your mind. You’re not thinking straight!” Shaking his head, Alex continues “You mind warped me for two months while I decoded that silly book for you and now there’s nothing left for you to mind warp! You DESTROYED my mind!” Tess has a hold of his wrists and he is weakly struggling against her hold. She releases him as he starts crying saying “How could you do this to me?!” Tess notices Kyle and frantic says “Kyle, get out!” Kyle asks “What’s going on?” Tess snaps at him “Kyle, GO!” as Alex responds “I have nothing. I might as well be dead!” Kyle says “Alex, calm down.” Tess chimes in “He’s right! Calm down! OK? Calm down!” She starts to mind warp Alex again as Alex screams at her “No! You can’t mind warp me! You can’t mind warp me! Stop it! No, DOOOON’T!” He falls to the floor, either unconscious or dead. Cut to Kyle dragging a duffel bag down the front steps to a car. He throws the bag in the front seat of the car and we see it is actually Alex. Tess thanks him. He offers to go with her but she says “No. Go in the house, I’ll take care of everything from here.” Kyle breaks from his reverie, turns and in consternation says, as Maria and Liz look on in amazement “I carried his body! She made me think it was luggage! She killed him! TESS killed Alex!”

At dawn, Maria, Liz and Kyle are driving in the Jetta to the pod chamber. Cut to Max, Michael, Isabel and Tess arriving at the pod chamber and opening the secret entrance. Cut to Maria, Liz and Kyle arriving just after the entrance is closed. Cut to inside the pod chamber. The Royal Four surround the granilith. The countdown clock shows 10 minutes left. Max puts out his hand and the granilith reacts to his presence. Cut to outside the chamber, Liz starts banging on the rock and shouting “Hey guys! OPEN UP!” Maria and Kyle join in. Cut to inside the chamber. Michael is staring at the granilith with apprehension. He turns to Max and says “Max, I can’t go.” Max and Isabel stare at him in shock. Michael continues “Ever since we came out of the pods, I’ve been on some quest to figure out where I belong. I finally found home. The weird thing is, it’s here. It’s on Earth.” Max replies “You of all people.” He walks over to Michael, hugs him and says “Take care of yourself, Michael. I love you.” Michael replies “You’re a great brother.” They break and Max says “Take care of the others.” Michael turns to Isabel. She’s on the verge of tears. Max says to her “I would understand.” Tears streaming down her face, Isabel replies “What you said before. You’re my home too.” She turns to Michael and they hug. Feeling left out and getting impatient, Tess remarks “Well whoever is coming, we have to go. Now.” Michael leaves the chamber. Cut to outside, where Maria is startled to see the chamber door slide open. When Michael steps out, she says to him “Tess killed Alex!” Shocked, he says “What!?” and immediately goes back inside; Maria, Liz and Kyle trail behind him. Cut to the granilith. Max is activating it again. They all rush in and Liz calls out “Max, stop! It was Tess! Tess killed Alex! She mind warped Alex and sent him to Las Cruces to decode the book. When he broke out of the mind warp, she killed him.” Kyle adds “It’s true. I was there. I witnessed it.” Shocked, Max yells at Kyle “Why didn’t you ever say anything?!” Kyle replies “Because she mind warped me!” He angrily approaches Tess saying “You lived in my HOME! You were like my SISTER!” With controlled anger, Max turns to Tess, who frightened, takes a step back. Still looking at Tess, Max asks the others “How long?” Michael looks at the clock and says “Three minutes.” Max responds “Everyone out!” Michael starts to protest and Max cuts him off saying “NOW!” They all leave except Max and Tess. Seething he asks her “Did you kill Alex?” He slowly, continuously approaches her as she, frightened, slowly, continuously steps back. She replies “I didn’t want to. I wish I hadn’t, but I did.” He asks “Why?!” She replies “Look Max, the clocks ticking. We don’t really have time…” He cuts her off screaming “TELL ME WHY!” She replies “He would have told you what I did and I couldn’t let that happen.” Incredulous Max asks “So you just…you just killed him?” Tess replies “I didn’t MEAN to! His brain was just so weakened by the mind warp and… Look, none of this matters now.” Max interrupts with “Life matters, Tess! My life, your life, his.” Getting angry, Tess replies “What matters is getting home! But you could never understand that, could you? I might have been able to teach you, but that stupid BITCH had you wrapped around her…” Max cuts her off with “Don’t you EVER call her that!” Tess counters “SEE! Look how fast you RUN to her defense! Why could you never feel that about me? I’m your WIFE, Max! I’m carrying your child.” Max replies “This was all some kind of plan to get pregnant and go home, wasn’t it? Home to WHAT Tess? To Kivar? To our enemies?” Tess responds “They’re not MY enemies, Max.” Max states “You made a deal with them. With Kivar.” Tess replies “No, Nasedo made a deal, forty years ago!” Max asks “What was the deal?” Tess doesn’t respond so Max shouts “TELL ME!” Tess replies “To return home with your child. And deliver the three of you to Kivar.” Max asks “And what would happen to us once you delivered us?” Tess doesn’t reply but the look on her face tells him what he doesn’t want to know. Incredulous he asks “How did I ever fall in love with someone like you? How could I ever MARRY you?” Disdainfully, Tess replies “You were different! You were a KING! Now you’re just a boy!” Max raises his hand, as if to kill her, but stops inches from her face. She says “If you kill me, Max, you kill our son!” There is less than a minute on the clock. Max closes his hand and Says “Go!” She seems upset that it’s ended this way. Max steps back and says “This isn’t over, Tess.” Tess raises her hand and places it on the granilith. She is sucked inside. The chamber starts to tremble and break up. Max runs outside to meet the others. They all run from the entrance and off the rock formation. From a safe distance they watch as a molten like substance spews from the rock formation. Inside the granilith is spinning, getting ready for take off. The granilith shoots out of the rock formation and into the sky. Max holds Liz protectively, during the blast, as does Michael with Maria. They all watch in amazement as, due to it’s speed, it disappears from sight almost immediately. Liz looks up at Max who says to her “I’ve been really wrong about a lot, but I was right about one thing. To get you into my life, to be around you, to love you.” She hugs him. Maria says to Michael “You opened the door and you came out. Why?” He doesn’t respond but the look on his face tells her so she continues “You stayed for me.” and she hugs him. Isabel asks Max “What happens now, Max?” Max responds “I have to save my son.”