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Book Liz’s Alien Photo

Edited by Tina

Did you ever think about what the old photo Liz showed tourists in the café “really“ shows? The one with the alien?

I thumbed through the first Roswell High book, The Outsider recently and I thought it quite interesting to find out more about it, which I definitely couldn’t remember from my last reading session.

As you know, the Pilot of Roswell is based on the first book of the series by Melinda Metz and Laura J. Burns, while it already sets its own direction. On the first few pages Liz is waiting tables on the tourists we know as Larry and Jennifer in the TV adaption.

“So, did any of your relatives ever tell you any stories about, you know, the UFO crash?” the guy asked Liz in the books, saw her moment coming and pulled out a worn black-and-white photo and layed it in front of the Crashdown Café guests. “A friend of my grandmother’s took this picture at the crash site – before the government cleaned it up.”

The guy reached for the photo with the idea to put the photo on his Roswell Incident website, but Book Liz immediately snatched the photo away. “You’d be dead by the end of the week,” she explained to the tourists and that the Air Force still doesn’t want the truth to be exposed.

The two tourists are hanging on Liz’ every word as she gives them the speech.

Book Liz is saving all her tips in the “Hasta la Vista Fund” for the time she finally leaves the town.

She receives some great tips from the tourists at the Crashdown Café since she is offering them literally a “Whoa“ moment by showing them a photo of an alien and that’s what the Sci-fi enthusiasts secretly hope for to see in the infamous city. At least this is a story they can tell when they are back from their trip and Liz gives them a good one.

Book Maria is pretty impressed by the tips Liz made and she said to her “Maybe I should get my own picture of a baby doll someone left out in the sun too long.” Maria also jokes that she doesn’t know if she could do the whole ‘you’d be dead by the end of the week’ thing without cracking up. Liz practiced that in front of the mirror.

What do you think? Could the picture used in the TV adaption be a doll that melted in the New Mexico sun?

Please make contact and let us know, if you discovered something fun while reading Roswell High, follow up books or the tv series.

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