Teen People-Legends Of The Fall-Roswell


Just like the little engine that could, Roswell comes back, fueled by higher ratings on a new night and 4,000 or so bottles of Tabasco sauce mailed in to The WB as proof of fans’ devotion (We’d like to think that the 22,000 e-mails sent via Teen People Online helped on the renewal front too.) That loyalty will be rewarded right away. In the first episode, “(the aliens) realize they’re not alone in Roswell,” says executive producer Jason Katims, who hints that an established character (but probably no one pictured here) will be in danger. So the game plan’s that evolved–“to hit the sci-fi harder than the romance,” as Nick Wechslar puts it–won’t change this fall. As for the Liz-Max-Tess (Shiri Appleby, Jason Behr, Emilie De Ravin) triangle of destiny versue desire, don’t expect easy answers. “(Liz and Max) are going to have to work through it,” predicts Shiri, “without knowing if they can make it.” Look for four new characters too: one teen, two twentysomethings, and one adult. Some will be human, some “Czechoslovakian.” We don’t know the exact ratio, but according to Jason, “If the first season was the exploration of Max’s human side, the next will be the discovery of his alien side,”
The WB, Mondays at 9 p.m.