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Flare: The Highflier-Brendan Fehr

Thanks to Nancy for this.

In the September issue of Flare magazine (which is Canadian), there
is a picture of Brendan Fehr with a short caption on page 165 in a section
called 21st Century Foxes. The picture is of him running in the desert, but
the picture is kind of blurry (but on purpose). The caption says:

Brendan Fehr, 22
Photographed on June 29, 2000, in Yuma, Arizona

He comes in peace, but the hype is hysterical. ROSWELL’s sexiest brooding
alien turns vampire hunter in the upcoming THE FORSAKEN (Sony Pictures).
Fan clubs and Websites abound, but this otherworldly Winnipegger stays
planted on earth. “I’m still a dork. I just happen to be in magazines more
now than before – which was never.” Best thing about his newfound fame?
“You have good stories to tell your buddies back home.” Turned down casting
meetings for STAR WARS EPISODE II because he didn’t want to be prop in a
special-effects film. Future desired roles? “Anything that’s not the guy
who gets the girl.” “