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This is in the September 2000 issue of Request Magazine, a free music magazine found at Sam Goody stores.

On Further Review

No Angel

It’s downright bizarre that Eminem, the gun-toting, alpha male of hip-hop’s
he-man woman-hater’s cliub, would be partly responsible for the new interest
in a young, English, woman soft-rocker who released one of the most
auspicious and woefully overlooked debuts of 1999. Dido Armstrong, part-time
member of her brother Rollo’s trip-hop dance band Faithless, dropped No Angel
last year to breathless critical praise but indifferent public attention.
This summer’s release of Eminem’s best track to date, “Stan,” which
juxtaposes a sample of Dido’s blissfully gentle “Thank You” against the
rapper’s chilling tale of an obsessed fan, is resurrecting interest in the
angelically cynical No Angel. Add the use of Dido’s slinky shrug “Here With
Me” as the theme song to the WB’s spacey television series Roswell, and lo
and behold, her extraordinary album is crawling back up the Soundscan charts.
Like Everything But he Girl’s Tracey Thorn, and even Dusty Springfield,
Dido’s dusky vocals — balanced by clean, fragile acoustic arrangement and
body-swaying, Bristol-style backbeats — evoke sea, sand, stars, and the
pleasures and sorrows of nightfall. Dido rarely takes a lyrical phrase for
granted. No Alanis Morrisette-stoked tantrums for this artist. Dido’s battles
are waged with forceful whisper, not a roar. The stunning romantic sigh
“Thank You,” which catches the same melancholy and mesmerizing wave as
Sting’s “Why Should I Cry for You?,” is one of the prettiest contemporary
love songs written in years. The ear-catching vocal hook is on Eminem’s disc,
but the song’s lyrical grace and the way the chord changes follow Dido’s
rising spirits can only be appreciated in full view on No Angel. 95 (scale of
1 – 100)

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Don’t Be a Geek

‘No Angel’

You’ve heard her hit single ‘Here With Me’ on The WB’s hit show ‘Roswell’ and
sampled on Eminem’s latest CD. Who is she? She’s England’s Dido and she’s
infecting the States with her sultry voice and her warm blend of acoutstics
with driving beats. Be the first to have it.

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IT all started at London’s Dorchester Hotel in 1997, where Arista honcho
Clive Davis requested a few songs from a woman named Dido Armstrong, who lent
her voice to a demo by her brother’s band.
It’s reputed that Davis was so moved by her voice that he actually sang back
in that informal session.

Davis gave her an album deal that resulted in “No Angel,” Dido’s slow-burn
scorcher released 15 months ago with little fanfare. But it has been steadily
building a fan base ever since.

Who’s in Dido’s corner besides Davis?

How about the creators of the TV series “Roswell,” who tapped her “Here With
Me” as the show’s theme song?

Also add hip-hop bad boy Eminem, who intertwined her tender love song
“Thankyou” into his much-talked-about stalker song, “Stan,” which appears on
his hit disc “The Marshall Mathers LP.”

Dido, a 28-year-old, one-time literary agent, is unfazed by her success. She
revealed to The Post her life has changed little (except she now has a
cleaning service spiff up her London flat).

After a summer when she opened for fellow Brit Sting and played her first
major-venue headlining tour, Dido is set to solo Monday at Roseland Ballroom
and she’ll appear on “The Late Show With David Letterman” that night.