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Thanks to MyrnaLynne for this.

Latest issue of “EntertainmenTeen” has a few photos of Majandra Delfino, Katherine Heigl, and Brendan Fehr:

p. 39 “Celebrity Hair – anything goes”

“Long ‘n Lovely co-stars”

Roswell: [photo of KH in strapless black thing and MD in “I Love You Mom” t-shirt]

Katherine Heigl pulled a few long tresses back to produce a tousled look.

Majandra Delfino wore her long hair back dramatically.

p. 47 “Paparazzi – celebs in a flash [cute photo of MD and BF smiling and with their arms around each other]

ALIEN ENCOUNTER: “Roswell” co-stars Majandra Delfino and Brendan Fehr shared a big “Wanna dance?” hug at the WB All-Star party.

Thanks to Sasha for this:

Hi, just got Nov. Cosmo. There is a pic of Katie and Jason on page 308 on the Party Page. Sorry, no scanner. Thought you’d like to know!

Thanks to otrigo for this:

Did you guys see Shiri Appleby on the Amanda Show, if
you didn’t don’t worry it will come out again tomorrow
on Nick. Check for listings. She comes out after the
first commercial break. I didn’t recognize her at
first she was wearing a short curly haired wig.thanks