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TV Gal — This season’s bad hair days

By Amy Amatangelo

I’m growing out my bangs. This means that I’ve had approximately six weeks of bad hair days.

But my bad hair days are nothing compared to some of the hairstyles we’ve seen on television this season. Let’s break it down:

The Bad

Phoebe on Friends and Maria on Roswell: It turns out that we don’t want girls with extensions in their hair.

The Ugly

Michael on Roswell: Reader zabel wrote me and said, “It’s so bad that it’s distracting.” I couldn’t agree more. I actually scream at the TV, “In the name of all things right and holy, comb back your hair!”

What do you think of the hairstyles this season? Write me at and let me know.

Quotes of the Week

“New gel?” Maria to Michael on Roswell.