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EntertainmentNewsDaily: Jason Behr (Minor Spoilers)

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Jason Behr Rings in the Holidays on `Roswell.’
Ian Spelling

God rest ye merry gentlebeings, it’s time for an otherworldly holiday episode on “Roswell.”

“It’s called `A Roswell Christmas Carol,”’ says Jason Behr, who stars as the alien leader Max Evans on the resurgent sci-fi series. “Max witnesses a horrible accident, and is forced to decide very quickly whether or not he should save this man (former soap-opera star John Littlefield) without anyone seeing him.

“His decision not to save the man starts to get the best of him,” the actor continues, “and his conscience and the ghost of the man he let die come to haunt him. Basically, it’s about the fact that his power to heal is this huge onus unto itself.

“If there is a master plan, is Max disturbing it? Or is Max a part of that master plan? Either way, is he taking it upon himself to play God? So his guilt over his decision drives him to question his own ethics.”

The episode, which WB will air on Dec. 18, represents a bit of a throwback to the first season of “Roswell.” Last year’s shows were paced leisurely and touched on personal issues more often than has been the case in such full-throttle second-season entries as “Skin & Bones,” “Harvest,” “Wipe Out!” and the recent “Dupes” duo, which blasted through stories about the Skins, Congresswoman Whitaker, Nasedo and Courtney.

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