Roswell Moderator Election – The candidates

In a little less than 1 hour, the crashdown poll will open up for voting for the next Roswell 1 board moderator. The poll will remain open till 9PM Pacific time. We hope that everyone will give some serious thought to the issue of who they want to represent them in this postion. You can go to the following threads, if you want more of a feel for each of the candidates:

Candygirl: support thread
buffster: Support thread
CelestialAngel*: Support thread
JBehrAddict: Support Thread
CourtneyLynn: Support Thread

Also you can read the two debate threads where questions were answered:

Admin thread: Admin ?
Xander1600’s thread: questions

Also, all candidates were given the opportunity to write a short statement about why they should have the position, to be posted here. In the order they were received, here are those replies:


I’m buffster and I would like to be a Roswell moderator for many reasons. I feel I can keep the bashing off the boards and make the Roswell board even more enjoyable than it is already.

A little about myself. I post on various threads and respect others. I can spend close to 3 hours a weekday on the boards to make sure everything is okay. I can probably spend close to 6 hours a weekend day on the board. I know I can be a good Roswell moderator.

THat’s all if you need anything else, just PM me and let me know.


I’m pretty sure that many of you aren’t familiar with me mainly because I
don’t belong to any of the groups, such as Dreamgirls, Candygirls,
Stargazers, etc, etc. I usually lurk throughout those threads, somtimes
sharing my thoughts, but thoroughly enjoying everyone’s creativity!

I found the FanForum community, last Christmas, while searching through From that point on, I have been an avid poster on several
boards…I may not be the right person to moderate the Roswell board, but I
do know that I’ve learned several things from moderators throughout this

#1 – If you want to make your board feel like a community, then you get to
know the posters…find out what their likes/dislikes are…etc. Basically
just the general information and make them feel as though they are welcome to
the boards!

#2 – Make the posters feel special. Not too long ago, probably a month ago, I
got an electronic card thanking me for posting on one of the boards…you
just can’t even begin to know how special I felt when I got that card…it
showed me that I was wanted and welcomed on that board! Same goes with my
birthday, the same mods sent me a birthday card…they didn’t have to do
this, but they did and it made my day…little things like this can mean so
much to someone.

#3 – If you’re going to close a thread, a simple explanation is all it takes.
I notice that the reason so many people get upset about closed threads
[throughout ALL the boards] is because they don’t understand WHY their
threads are being closed.

#4 – As we all know, Roswell 1 & 2 are highly active boards. Threads are
being started constantly and sometimes these threads aren’t to others
likings. It’s important to know that this is an open-forum, and we’re here to
respect EVERYONE’S opinions. We may not agree with them, but you don’t attack
that person for their beliefs. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve read
threads where someone says something that nobody else agrees with, and people
just jump down his/her throat. If you don’t like their opinion and feel
strongly about it, then that’s when you should either a) e-mail that person
or b) private message them. These battles should not be discussed on these

Finally, here’s a little information about myself!
I’m 21 years old and live in Phoenix, Arizona. I’m currently in my 4th year
of college and will graduate next Fall with my Bachelors degree in Special
-My favorite shows are Roswell, Ed, Friends, The Real World, and ER.
-My favorite movies are Runaway Bride, Never Been Kissed and The Patriot!
-I love books by Jane Austen [especially Pride & Prejudice] and am a sucker
for teen romance books [my guilty pleasure!].

I hope that some people agree with me about what a Moderator should be and if
they like what I have to say, then by all means, vote for me, b/c that’s what
I will be. Wow, that sounds too much like a campaign slogan!

Anyhow, the bottom line is this: I want everyone to feel as though they have
the right to say what’s on their mind, within the proper guidelines of not
bashing an actor/actress/fellow posters/monderator/administrator, etc., and
feel as though their opinion counts. I want everyone to feel as though they
belong and I think with the team of Moderators already established, this task
can be done, with just one additional member…me!


Hi everyone! First of all, I love Roswell. That is probably what best suits
me to the job of Roswell moderator. I have an even temper and tend to handle
criticism well. I am an odd blend of conventional and unconventional
shipper. I am a big time dreamer, partial candygirl, with a little
cliffhanger and polarist mixed in. On the hot topic of Tess, I think the
character is a wonderful addition to the show. I believe she adds spice even
if I’m not too much of a Hussy. I can spend a lot of time moderating
(between 3 and 5 hours on weekdays and almost all day on weekends). I
believe all threads deserve a warning before they are colosed. If the thread
is not reformed, it should be closed along with an explanation. I love to
participate in role playing games (I play Liz, Mrs. Whitman, and a
fictionary evil alien named Raven). I also love to read fanfic, especially
ones with happy endings, Roswell Elementary, and stories with a future arc.
The things I hope to bring to the moderator position are a new perspective,
and a willingness to help MoonFire and Drcy the best that I can. Thank You!