Quick Note From Mandy

Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to give everyone a quick note and let you know that starting this afternoon, I will be on vacation. I’m taking a week off from work and may not be around as frequently as I am now until next week. Unfortunately, it looks like I will be lounging around my house the entire time but hey, at least I don’t have to “pretend” that I don’t know my office isn’t going to have a “surprise” staff meeting on Friday as a cover-up for singing Happy Birthday (off-key I might add) to me as I won’t be there at all ;)

If you email my fanforum account at all, I will not be able to respond until next Wednesday at the earliest as I can only access the account from work. For those who don’t know, my fanforum account feeds directly into my work account. I will be on AOL but not as much as normally I would so please don’t fret if you don’t get a quick and speedy response from me. That and I’m almost dreading opening my accounts on Friday ;)

I will be on a little each day to post a few stories here and there on Crashdown but I hope you’ll all understand if the site may not be updated as frequently as before.

Please feel free to email me at the address shown in my name if you have any questions :)

Take care always,