Ain’t It Cool News – Roswell

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Hey, everyone. “Moriarty” here with some Rumblings From The Lab.
I have partied much too hard. I am tripping over my own fingers as I try to type this. Bleary eyes, computer screen so far away, can’t keep my face up off the keyboard. All this formatting is worth it, though. Here comes HERCULES THE STRONG with his look back at the small screen in the year 2000, the year that the best of TV actually surpassed the best that movies could muster. Oooooooooops…
Now is the winter of our discontent, as we endure this wasteland between November and February sweeps. New episodes of our favorite series are hard to come by, and �Temptation Island,� �The Mole,� �Pop Stars� and �Survivor II� are not yet here to console us.

The good news is we are afforded time to pause, reflect, and name the best of Y2K TV.

1. Buffy the Vampire Slayer

2. The West Wing

3. The Gilmore Girls

4. Survivor

5. Big Brother

6. ER

7. Saturday Night Live

8. Angel

9. Norm

10. Roswell

By ramping up its plotting, humor and sci-fi elements, �Roswell� has emerged as the year�s most improved show. They have also added a great deal more weight to the show�s central romance by establishing that Max and Liz are more than just starcrossed: in an alternate timeline, their love has already led to aliens conquering Earth! Praise to screenwriter Ron D. Moore, vet of both �Deep Space Nine� and �Star Trek: First Contact,� whose efforts may be responsible for shoring up this season�s storytelling. Praise also to series creator Jason Katims, whose own scripts always seem to precipitate first-rate episodes. Praise thirdly to Majandra Delfino, a hugely talented actress who knows her way around a punch line, and can be relied upon to bring amusingly earthly perspective to the cosmic goings-on.

BEST OF 2000:
�A Roswell Christmas Carol� (Dec. 18). Don�t let the stupid title fool you; this one, scripted by Katims, was brilliant. As alien teen Max Evans looks on, a father is killed pushing his small daughter out of the way of a speeding auto. Because of the huge crowd that gathers, Max is prevented from using his healing powers to resurrect the man. Wracked with guilt, he finds himself haunted by the dead man�s omniscient ghost, and ends up risking his life (to say nothing of the future of the planet) to make amends. Plus, there�s loads of funny stuff surrounding Max�s alien sister Isabel and her status as the local �Christmas Nazi.�