Campaign Newsletter – Sign Up Today!

Thanks to the CC for sending this to me:

Hey Roswell Fans!

We would like to inform everyone that the Campaign Crew has a new mailing
list. By joining this list, Roswell fans can get all the latest information
about campaigns and everything that fans need to know about supporting our
favorite show.

Through this list, we can also distribute daily tips for promoting the show.
This is going to be so much fun! We need to continue to spread the word
about Roswell. February sweeps is right around the corner, and we want to
make sure that season 3 is a reality. There’s one condition though… we need
everyone’s participation to keep Roswell’s ratings alive. So come on over and
join our new list by sending your name and email address to
Also, any comments or submissions can be made to

Discuss the newsletter with other fans at

And as always, please spread the word about this to as many other Roswell
sites, boards, clubs and groups that you can!

Thanks for your help!

~The Campaign Crew