More J-14 Magazine Information

Thanks to Christy for this:

Hey I just realized there is more Roswell stuff in the March 2001 issue of
J-14 Magazine. Here it is:

Page 38-Under the heading Trend Alert:Singing Actresses!
There are two pictures:One of Majandra Delfino and one of Minnie Driver

Article: It’s been a long Hollywood tradition for singers to crossover as
actors. Case in point:Monica,Mandy,and Britney are all taking a
stab at acting. Now,actresses like Roswell’s Majandra Delfino and
Minnie Driver are taking a cue from their singing counter-parts and
stepping into the music studio. Once part of a band with the
children of ’70’s-era disco kings,the Bee Gees,Majandra is
planning on reviving her singing career. Though neither her music
website (tentatively titled majandramusic.net) nor her album are
ready,her music producer promises that the record is “sounding

Minnie who has been writing songs since she was just 14,has a
couple of low-key singing gigs lined up herself. Why keep it on
the down low? “Seriously,I’m doing it quietly and slowly because
people are so resistant to actors singing,” responds Minnie. We
like her philosophy:Just let her voice speak for itself.

Page 52-A pin-up picture of Jason Behr.

Quote:”At age five,I had done theater. I don’t know the name of the
play,but I do know I played a sunflower. My finest moment as an
actor was donning that sunflower outfit. It must all be downhill
from here.”

Page 78-Hot Words from Hot Stars:Celebs speak out fan websites devoted
to them!

There is a picture of Brendan Fehr as the backround picture.

Heading:Brendan Fehr (Roswell)

Quote:”Some people spend a lot of time on the sites. It’s cool that people
enjoy me and they take an interest. It’s fun to see what people
are doing and saying and talking about.”

Page 89-This is a J-14 Celebrity board game. There is a space with a
picture of Majandra’s Head and a question/answer thing.

What it says on the board game space:On Roswell where do Liz and Maria
work? The Smackdown-move ahead
one The Crashdown-move ahead two

(Of course we know the answer is…The Crashdown)

Page 96-Heading is Denim Decoded:How To Find The Right Jeans For Your
Body! Below are pictures of celebs. There is one of Majandra and
one of Shiri next to it.

The words below Majandra’s picture: Majandra Delfino’s no alien to
fashion in her exaggerated flares.

The words below Shiri’s picture: Shiri Appleby’s comfy cute in classic
blues and running shoes.

Page 104-Reader’s picks

Under Television:Hottest TV stars Jason Behr is at #5. In last issue’s he
was #4. Under Best TV shows: Roswell is at #7. It was also at #7 last issue.

Page 108-Heading:Stars go on a tour for a cure.There is a picture of Shiri
and Miko Hughes who plays Nikolas on our favorite show Roswell.
On the picture it says:Shiri got chummy with Roswell’s new alien Miko. Heres
the part where the article mainly focuses on them:

Surrounded by pizza,burgers and icecream,kids lined up at autograph
booths to meet stars from shows like Roswell,Buffy,7th Heaven,Popular and
Dawson’s Creek. Roswell alien-lover Shiri Appleby greeted fans with new
alien co-star Miko Hughes. “I’m here just to hang out with the kids all
day,” she told J-14. “I’m just as star-crazy as everyone else is.”

Thats all! But that sure was a lot! I hope you enjoyed reading this! Im
defiently sending J-14 an e-mail or letter thanking them for putting Roswell
in their magazine. I think you should too. Here is the address:

P.O Box 1665
Englewood Cliffs,NJ 07632

E-mail them @ mailbag@j14.com

E-mail them I strongly suggest it they’ve had Roswell in their magazine
before too