Just Another Mandy Update And Special Thank Yous

Hi Everyone :)

Just a few things…

First off, I didn’t get a chance to mention this before and I apologize to all involved. Thanks to Tish, Tiff, Ryan, Erin (my little ALieN ISaBeL), Teresa, Sue, Sherry, Bella, Kaelie, all the basket winners, Barry, Irene, Connie, Jayme, Andrea, Kristy, Kayla for the very cool scrapbook of their adventures at the Crashdown Party in July. I enjoyed reading everyone’s stories and looking at the pictures and the scrapbook now sits on my desk to look at. Special thanks goes to Tish for sending me the Roswell CD she made as well as sending me a copy of the scrapbook.

Also, thank you to everyone who continues sending stuff into the crashdown account. I appreciate it a lot and hope that everyone continues to send stuff in about the show or the actors.

I know a lot of people are asking about the birthday wishes—they are being worked on and I hopefully will be able to post them in the next week. I apologize for the delay :( If you still want to send in a birthday wish before I upload the final product, just send me an email about what the site means to you and how it has affected you over the last year and what it has done for you. Please specify what name you want credited (either your first name, your fanforum name, both or anything else you want me to use when posting the messages.) Email addresses will not be posted and will only be seen by me (which I will not give out to anyone else either).

If you’ve already sent in wishes, I already have yours added to the bday page which will be uploaded for viewing soon.

Second, another thing I’ve been asked is the interviews from last July. I can post three of the four remaining that I haven’t yet. The only interview you won’t see is Brendan’s unfortunately due to a inconsistency with the interview. I will try to get to posting those as soon as I can.

Also, I know this has been a long time already but with the season-end feedback that almost 400 people sent in, I finally found the results when packing up some stuff in my room. I just need to get the quotes and scenes done and I can post the results from that survey that was done a long time ago. I’ll have a new one that I will tell everyone about as soon as I finish the results to this old survey. If anyone missed out on giving me the results to the survey, you can still take part but the only requirement I have for the survey is

The survey is ONLY based on the episodes from the first season so I can’t accept any answers from this current season. The new poll will cover this season

If you’re still interested, just send me the answers to the following questions.

1. What are your ten favorite episodes of the season? (1 being your top favorite and onward)
2. What were your ten favorite moments of the season? (Please mention the episode the moment is from)
3. What are your favorite lines/quotes from the season? (ust please tell me who says the quote and what episode it is from)
4. What was your least favorite things about the season?
4. Who is your overall favorite character (male or female) from this season?
5. Who is your favorite couple on the show?
6. Who is your favorite female character?
7. Who is your favorite male character?
8. Please rate the season on a whole (On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the best and 1 being the worst)