Roswell/Dido News in Singapore

Thanks to Dark Ilk for this:

Just a note to let you know that in Singapore’s #540 edition of 8Days,
there’s reference to Dido/Roswell, Wallflowers’ Breach album (“Babybird”
in ARCC) and Collective Soul’s Blender album (“Run” in ID; “Turn Around”
in TSAP). Here’s the full review of Didio’s “No Angel” album with the
reference to Roswell.

Album Of The Week: No Angel by Dido (Arista/BMG)

English lass, Dido (say Dai-doh) may have rode into Stateside
consciousness as the gloriously sampled princess on Eminem’s ‘Stan’ (her
‘Thank You’ is featured in the song’s haunting rainy interlude), but
back home, she’s on her very own fast track. no angel, her debut
’99 release (it took its time getting here), washes down with lightly
brooding lyrics and even more bouyant melodies. Pulling off both
stoically beat-ed choruses like ‘Don’t Think Of Me’, and placid love
musings like ‘My Lover’s Gone’, Dido’s real art is in fronting simple
effective lines against cleverly constructed backing arrangements.
Whipping up a quiet trip-pop storm that’s a canny culmination of
Sinead-meets-McLachlan by way of Beverly Craven and any number of Lilith
Fair maidens, this mix is still 100 percent Dido. And 101 percent
excellent. [Dido Trivia: Dido’s ‘Here With Me’ is the theme song for the
teen sci-fi series, Roswell.