More Various “Sightings” Of Cast Members

I apologize for how far back some of this information goes–I’m just now getting to some of the mail from the middle of February to post

Thanks to Maya for this:

One Last Flight
86 min.
A boy (Miko Hughes) and his grandfather (James Karen), a former pilot, form a special bond through their love of aviation, but their relationship is threatened when the old man’s health becomes an issue. Kate: Kathleen Lloyd. Joe: Gregory Itzin. Written and directed by Richard Stanley. A.k.a. �Fly Boy.�

Cast: Miko Hughes, Kathleen Lloyd, Gregory Itzin, Joshua Boyd, Brittany Alyse Smith, James Karen
Rating: PG
Content: Violence, Strong Language
Category: Movie, Drama
Director: Richard Stanley
Release Year: 1999

Show times
Date Time Channel
Friday, 9 8:00 AM 79 HBO
Monday, 19 6:00 AM 79 HBO

Thanks to AlienKitty for this:

I was at my boyfriends house like a month ago and we were watching Bill and Ted’s bogus journey, the one where they die and have to fight the evil robot bill and ted. And through the whole movie I am like, wow death looks sort of familier.

Later in the movie they show a normal family and guess who is the dad, William Sadler with some funky hair. Then it hits me, death is Jim Valenti. its hard to notice with the face paint and hair cap, but its him,the smile gives it away, it is the same sort of wacko smile he had when he had his obsession with making wooden bats by hand. During the hitaus if people need a quick fix of the sherif in a role totally unlike the one he plays on roswell, they should head out to the local video store and pick up the movie.

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Hey guys! I just wanted to let you know that the actor who played T. Grier in
the episode “Harvest,” has a role in the movie “The Watcher” with Keanu

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I was watching ‘Malcolm in the Middle’ and the Casino manager was the Native
American Deputy from the first season.

Thanks to Ocean for this:

I was watching celebrity homes on E! this morning and they showed Julie
Benz and her husbands (???) home! Its beautiful :)

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I saw this initially a few weeks ago, but I thought my mind was playing tricks on me — so I didn’t want to report it and be wrong. Anyways I have seen it again this morning on TV and had to share. Ortho ( you know that Mattress company) well they have a commercial going on for their President’s Day Sale here in Southern CA and in the beginning of the commericial there is this guy facing the camera, hanging up his robe, in some maroon PJ’s — it’s Nacedo!!! It was neat to recognize him. I have never seen him in anything except Roswell, so I will always think of him as Nacedo when I see him! Thought you would want to know!!

Thanks to Kim for this:

Shiri Appleby will be on Animal Planet, she’ll be shadowing a veterinarian
for Teen People. It’s on March 8th at 4:30 pm EST.

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Check out the movie “The Thirteenth Floor”, its really good and stars Shiri
Appleby. She plays a 1930’s dancer in the simulation program. She has a
pretty good role.

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I’m sorry, but I don’t know when this aired, but several weeks ago, I was home with the kids and flipping through channels when I saw Brendan Fehr on an episode of The New Addams Family. He was wearing leather, had tatooes and was riding a motorcycle. I laughed my butt off when I saw him. He still had the spikey hair look too.

Thanks to Dindin84 for this:

mercury rising was on last night (2-18) where miko hughes plays an autistic savant
and bill sadler is in tonight’s hard to kill.