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confession from the editor

Not all stars let themselves get bogged down 24/7. You may find comfort in knowing there are plentyof actors who are well-aware of the advantages of keeping it simple. . . . Then there’s Jason Behr. Daniel Davis notes in “Roswell Goes to the Movies” that the biggest star of the series will not be working this summer. And judging from how he described a prefect day in his interview with tm last year (“to get up in the afternoon, grab a bowl of Cocoa Pebbels and watch ‘Thundercats’ and ‘Robotech’ on the Cartoon Network for four or five hours”), we can guess how he might pass those dog days of summer when he gets a break from filming his series.Perhaps we should all take our cue from Mr. Behr and take a breather. After all, we have the rest of our lives to drive ourselves crazy.

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Emilie de Ravin

When Emilie de Ravin first appeared on “Roswell,” audiences hated her. But that was a good thing, because they were supposed to-her character Tess’s debut meant big trouble for the show’s core couple, Max and Liz (Jason Behr and Shiri Aplleby). “It was especially difficult because I’m not a well known actress,” says the 19-year-old Australian. “People didn’t know my personality as Emilie. So they were like, ‘Is she really like that?'” In a word-no. In fact, the super-friendly and quick-to-laugh de Ravin is the antithesis of her manipulative alter ego. Not that she can’t easily persuade-and wow-a producer or two. Just three days after moving to Los Angeles from Down Under, in fact, she snagged her “Roswell” audition, and two callbacks later, the actress was on her way to the Paramount lot to begin filming. Currently single-“Men,” she deadpans, “yech”-de Ravin admits that adjusting to life in Hollywood has been challenging. “It’s not an easy plac to find friends, but I found som!
e good ones. It’s really importa

nt to have a couple of people whom you can reallt trust and talk to about anything.” By Jeffrey Epstein

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Roswell Goes to the Movies

You already know what they’re doing on the small screen. Now find out what big-screen adventures lie ahead for the cast of “Roswell.” by Daniel Davis

*there are pics of each of the cast, sorry, don’t have a scanner for the pics and all, but the pics are from their S2 promo*

Jason Behr
Jason has already made Pleasantville with Tobey Maguire and the indie Rites of Passage, but he hasn’t signed on to any film projects since making it big as a guy from another galaxy.

Shiri Appleby
Shiri is starring opposite Shane West in A Time for Dancing (see p. 72 for her memoirs from the film) the page is wrong cuz p.72 is Mila Kunis, it’s actually on p. 60)

Katherine Heigl
She was one of the beauties chased by a psycho in Valentine. Next Katherine will play a college freshman’s possible dream girl in 100 Girls.

Majandra Delfino
Majandra will star in the horror flick Sticks & Stones, in which the attendees of a college party are knocked off one by one.

Brendan Fehr
Brendan has his first starring role in a feature film in this spring’s vampire thriller, The Forsaken. He’s also made the indie Kill Me Later, in which he plays the wheelman for a bank robber, but it has not been determined when it’ll come out.

Colin Hanks
Colin has a supporting part opposite Kirsten Dunst and Ben Foster in this spring’s romantic comedy Get Over It. Later this year he’ll star in another comedy set in a high school, Orange County.

Nick Wechsler
Nich already has the indie flick Ckicks, Man under his belt, but there’s no film work on his schedule right now.

Emilie de Ravin
Though she has no movies in the works, Emilie can be spotted on another series, “Beastmaster,” in which she has a recurring role role as a vampy forest spirit (for more info on Emilie turn to p. 20 again, it’s really on p. 17).

William Sadler
Of the entire cast, William has the most film creadits (Disturbing Behavior and The Green Mile), but for now he’s focusing on playing a small-town sheriff with big-time troubles.

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picture of brendan with co-stars on the movie, forsaken
The Forsaken
SATRS: Kerr Smith, Brendan Fehr, Johnathon Schaech
STORY: While transporting an old Mercedes-Benz across the country, a lonely driver (Kerr) picks up a hitchhiker (Brendan) he thinks may ease his boredom during the long haul. Instead of sharing life stories, though, they hatch a plan to catch a nasty vampire (Johnathon). Guess it beats singing “99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall”
SELLING POINT: Vampire movies are rarely done well, with the exception of Interview with a Vampire, which starred Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt. In fact, The Forsaken may turn out to be laughable, but who wouldn’t plunk down a few bills to see The WB double-billing of Kerr from “Dawson’s Creek”) and Brendan (from “Roswell”)?

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Shiri’s Movie Memoirs

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Shiri’s sagittarius of the month