AICN: Hope For Tabasco Fans?

Thanks to Christina and LBrown2293 for this :)


Hope For Tabasco-Loving ROSWELL Fans?

El Cosmico here, quite possibly yanking your chain, but, what the hell, I love Roswell, it’s probably the show I look forward to the most every week, and if I can spread a little hope for it, why not.

So, the folks over at Sci-Fi Wire posted this article today:

This article refers in turn to this one, a fine and lengthy entry in the Watch With Wanda section of E! Online. Worth reading for anyone with even a passing interest in the show:

As you can tell from reading these, there is still a lot of support for these shows, and if the WB is too foolish to understand their value, well, maybe UPN, the red-headed stepchild of networks, will surprise us all and take advantage of a great opportunity.

It’s almost unfathomable that I would find myself regularly watching UPN, but if they can snag not only Buffy, but Roswell too, well, I’d have no choice! I mean, the value of getting tons of folks to watch their commercial promos for their other fare is definitely on the high side. Especially considering that I honestly can’t think of a show of theirs, except for Voyager and Smackdown. Neither of which has inspired a following in anyone I know.

Okay, I’ve said enough and I’ve got other stuff to do now. Just know that there’s a glimmer of hope, and that there’s hope for a happy fun show called Roswell. Maybe.

-El Cosmico