Teen People: Roswell Mention (Spoilerish)

Thanks to Celeste for this :)

I just wanted to pass this along. I thought it was neat that
even Teen is in on the tabasco campaign…it’s just a synopsis of
what’s going on..

From Teen People:

Here is what the paragraph says:

Alex’s death has really put a wedge between our favorite “Czechoslovakians”
and aliens. Liz (Shari Appleby)and Maria (Majandra Delfino) will find more
clues as to who might have killed Alex, convincing Max (Jason Behr) and
Michael (Brendan Fehr) that his death was anything but an accident. Now that
Tess (Emilie De Ravin) is expecting Max’s baby, the quest to get back to
their home planet has kicked into high gear. But is Tess really telling the
truth about the baby not being able to survive on Earth? With Roswell
possibly on the chopping block (send those Tabasco bottles to The WB — and to
UPN, who might pick up the show if The WB drops it), expect a) the Royal Four
to find a way home; b) Max to discover the truth about Liz not sleeping with
Kyle; and c) the truth about who killed Alex. FINALE: Monday, May 21