Soap Opera Weekly: Roswell-Hit Or Miss?

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An article for on Roswell in Soap Opera Weekly.——Issue 24, June 12, 2001

Is the show Hit or Miss?

Hit…An out-of-this-world Roswell

Not one ROSWELL fan could have seen it coming. We’re not refering to the show’s life-saving move to UPN, but the May 21 episode’s jaw-dropping revelation that “innocent” human/alien hybrid Tess was a cold-minded killer. The show’s creator and exacutive producer, Jason Katims, wrote this truly fantastic season (not series) finale.

Just when the sci-fi soap was becoming down-to-earth–with a romantic prom and Liz’s obsessive investigation into Alex’s mysterious death–the four hybrid teens were forced to begin the process that would return them to their homeworld. During their 24 pre-flight hours, Michael (a better-than-ever Brendan Fehr) finally opened upin every way to his girlfriend, Maria; Isabe’s last glance at her bedroom spoke volumes about her enormous regret; Max’s iron resolved crumbled in his tears over losing Liz for good; and Tess had a touching farewell with he “Dad,” Jim, and “brother,” Kyle.

Then the truth exploded. As Tess’ mental hold on Alex weakened, he painfully recalled a scene viewers never saw or suspected: his mindlessly helping Tess dispose of Alex’s body after she mind-warped poor Alex–a threat to her devious plans–one time too many. This shocker-and-a-half brought Liz, Maria and Kyle to their friends’ take-off point, where the seething Max sent Tess (prgnant with his child) home alone, and declared his next goal was to save his son. September can’t land fast enough.