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Jonathan Frakes on ET this past weekend

Thanks to Veronica for this :) I happened to see the bit with Jonathan Frakes on the set this weekend when it aired.

Jonathan Frakes appeared on Entertaintment
Tonight this weekend. He was briefly interviewed about
resuming work on Roswell. He first appeared in an
office talking with some people, they were obviously
shooting a scene. Then he was inside the Crashdown

“ET was on the set as shooting resumed on UPN’s
Roswell. Star Trek’s Jonathan Frakes directed and
described the mood as somber. “What I personally felt
when we finally started shooting yesterday was some
sense of relief that we were actually doing what we
do. The normalcy….And I heard over and over again
that this is good for our kids too. To get them back
into school, get back into some pattern, so that we
don’t dwell on the horrific tragedy of it.”