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“Out of this world charity” (article about FF Party)

This article about the Fan Forum party was written by Jellocat. The following is an excerpt from the article:

Out of this world charity benefits children with cancer

Who would’ve thought that the sci-fi TV show “Roswell” would bring charity and fandom together?

The show, which focuses on three teen-age aliens attempting to live and survive in our all-too human world, attracts charitable acts of kindness by fans. In turn, producers and stars of the show go above and beyond the call of normal duty.

The idea of charity arose from last year’s Christmas episode, which deals with the character of alien Max Evans healing a group of children with cancer. The Pediatric Cancer Foundation (PCF) here on Earth fit the cause and monies raised at a recent “Roswell” gathering at the Sheraton Hotel in Universal City in Los Angeles netted the organization $14,201.00.

Even more impressive are the totals for the year, including donations by fans in lieu of thank you notes to the United Paramount Network to the tune of $16,400.00. (UPN picked up the WB’s cancelled show). Other charitable projects fans worked on even include finding corporate sponsors to help send a child to Los Angeles for a visit to the “Roswell” set to meet the actors.

The recent party, hosted by internet Website Fan Forum, a collection of message boards dedicated to various TV shows, actors, actresses and bands, gave fans a chance to bid on items from the show including autographed prints, clothing worn by the actors, scripts, books and ther “Roswellian” paraphernalia.

This article goes into much more detail about the party, some of the party organizers, the founder and administrators of Fan Forum, some of the Fan Forum sites, and the cast and producers of Roswell. For the entire article (along with a few pictures), please visit!