Auction for America Update (Roswell items)

Thanks to Melissa for sending this in!

I don’t know if you heard about this already or not, but I thought you might want to post the details of this since the money from these items are going towards the Sept. 11th fund. I thought it was really great to find out how much people are helping out with this!

Here are 2 items that ended Sunday. This was the final totals for them.

Roswell Season 3 Script Signed By Entire Cast = $1,550.00

Adam Rodriguez Signed Roswell Cast Photo = $44.00

These next 4 items are still open in case anyone still wants to bid on them. Remember it goes towards the Sept. 11th Fund! They all end on Nov. 1st.

FOX Roswell Autographed Jacket = currently $600.00
FOX Roswell Autographed T-Shirt = currently $510.00
FOX Roswell Crashdown Cafe Waitress Uniform Autographed & Cast Worn = currently $1,125.00
FOX Roswell Halter Top Autographed & Screen Worn = Currently $255.00